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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2010 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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it's time for the e.u. to go back to the drawing board before it's too late that interview is next. i'm talking to no good steve a member of the european parliament he thinks that the entire constructs of the european union is broken. thank you very much for talking to our team now first of all how do you characterize the relationship with the u.k. and they meant well it may not be really obvious to many people but in the you know in the shared about seventy five percent of the vegetation that a person in the u.k. lives under or even in hungary oids tobacco or literary of the store deal of travel in the e.u. so it's a very powerful legislative relationship which extraordinarily the people of europe and people of britain are totally unaware of i want to create
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a much more valid us an accountability between e.u. legislation which overrides national legislation and the people who are religious late fall but unfortunately that in britain the british media is totally. oblivious to what goes on in brussels and when i asked my friends in the british media why don't you cover what's going on in brussels it says it's like watching paint dry so if they want excitement gods and circuses where they go to the house of commons but politics is not entertainment duties considered business of how to govern the various interests. and it is very sad really that. this relationship between the govern and the governors is so orpik in europe to think it's possible at this stage to then take
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that power and give it back to the individual countries but i think that'll happen in time because the construct which has been created the european union is getting increasingly are unmanageable. for example we have created a falling minister for the whole of europe who speaks with one voice for the whole of europe but there's also going to be a foreign minister for twenty seven member states so how can you have one voice is is william hague not to utter a word as a british foreign minister stumps of course not believe he'd will set out his own stall his own policies and his own agenda and so will the polish quality restore the left we had all of the estonian or the little union. and the hungry and salt so what are they to do are they going to be caught and let cathy ashton the i representative speak on that we are. they would not have views and there'd be
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a cacophony of be a tower of babel and the outside world would think hey what are these guys doing or would respond to so what's the point of it is it just bureaucracy on top of their ocracy the point of a piece of they're trying to create a country where the people who create in the country for have no more particular desire to have a country called europe created so the elites want a country called europe created and their t.v. on ahead with it but the people are not carrying the people and one day there could be such a train wreck. over this whole issue and when you say turn that what you mean. it will stop functioning and then there will be a slow or realisation. but it stopped working and then really stopped working and the crisis comes like we have recently the financial crisis we saw
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there was no european response it was the germans barely out the greeks or somebody else having him to bail out somebody else but he was not an e.u. thinking and now we are told it's the chinese coming to bail out the greeks and save the euro zone west europe in all of this so there you are we are supposed to have created of this economic bloc a trading block. a very powerful bloc well when there is a crisis it is individual member states who have to pick up the pieces and slowly beginning to dawn on their leads to run all this that this is not working is what we're saying now the beginning of the end of the year is saying i don't know. it will be damaging either way because if the eurozone collapses it will damage our economy too because we trade with europe. our currency is not that strong. but if
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the european union's construct come apart. then we need to be ready to pick up the pieces and run as we can in a more flexible fashion the regulation or burgling of our economy through legislation believed to find out what is what we should keep and what we should. it could it could be possible because. the russell center is incapable of dealing with these problems so to go back to the vision said to be at an angle or merkel it would be a sucker see it would be david cameron need to be the spanish prime minister etc etc who will have to deal with the current crisis certainly not somebody in the commission in brussels or in the hopes that you're involved with the e.u. as international development fund how efficient is the distribution of what must be a sizeable amount of money we are focusing all the time on public television that
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is wrought what we have to do is to do wealth creation if you're focusing on something called polity alleviation which means nothing to getting and out if you think about wealth creation reaction. creating a self-sustaining because china for example has taken three hundred million people out by creating wealth out of the power to trap india's going along nicely too but there are pockets of this happening in africa. there yes. bigger all for the price free enterprise and so on and that's what we should be focusing on how to create wealth not how to really be a party creating we're. in there because the u.k. lots of money to belong to the european union including fines that are pays for things like not displaying the e.u. flag on projects which have received funding where does that money go the european
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union budget is about one hundred and six hundred seven billion a lot of the money that the member states contribution goes to keeping a very inefficient agricultural sector going in europe about forty percent of it goes to that cultural budget to subsidize. the unmentionable no i don't think but i mean we have a subsidy rich. allows greek tobacco farber's to grow tobacco and we have another unit that collected ten bones it. yes. what's the solution then to that that seems to me an efficient distribution of money. accountability i mean the parliament has for the last i think eleven years refused to side of the. commission's accounts because every year
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about four billion get lost. we don't know it made oh really you don't always read and for a company that's absolutely unacceptable if you did a company would have the entire board resigning so we say we are not signing these accounts off every year the member states give another tranche of money to the commission because we don't receive taxes going to set rest taxes and collect the money and give it to the commission every sort of loose about five percent of the budget somewhere and there are a lot of what you just said these are cards are great for parliament since we are lots i mean these are. all taking is our best. if you ask me what works well. even the single market mechanisms are not working very well. because if there was a single market why are different parts of europe in different. rates of growth why
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east germany booming and. in great difficulty it is a single market. which are just a comparative advantage and therefore you don't see that in the united states all you don't see that in india that. size is decaying and dying and in bad crop and growing you don't say oh california is doing really well but probably days down the drain. but in europe you say that so even the single market doesn't work well. that trying to construct is incapable of meeting the challenges of the twenty first century it was a construct constructed after the war churchill's empires of the mind in a single european space. it was constructed to prevent ever again a major war in continental europe by blocking in germany
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and france and all the other countries into a single space but to seeing with a set of values which have a tragic pluralistic diverse but a culture to values that structure to see the end of soviet communism and the destruction of. soviet marxism now he needs a new construct to be able to work in cooperation with russia one of our primary energy producers suppliers to work as a good neighbor in the areas adjoining our boundaries in ukraine model roofs and so on. and we need that for a much longer flexible construct which will enable each of the member states to
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have. the freedom to maximise their opportunities with the emerging markets in china india and russia do that. thank you very much like. wealthy british style. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cons or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our. download the official t.
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application to i phone oh i pod touch from the i choose out story. which i'll teach you life on the go. see video on demand on t.v.'s money fuel costs and already says feeds now in the palm of your. question on the dot com. they close a team to speak to the times county where rich academic life gives birth to innovative ideas. now largely goes to the area which together with boosting industrial development. offers to make a journey into russia's history. and to enjoy a person vivid cultural life. welcome to the param regions russia close up on our cheap.
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top stories this hour nazi russia pledges support for afghan stability as its stepping up efforts to help nato struggling campaign the russian foreign minister has also pledged to keep up the battle against drugs during talks with his afghan counterpart here in moscow. thousands of gods are on the streets of georgia's capital tbilisi to call for political change the opposition's also joined the rally calling for the resignation of president because secretary. that's for it belgium could soon follow greece and on and down the path towards an i.m.f. but enough after its debt level reached its annual national income so once again taking to the streets to protest massive austerity cuts. when all those stories to come in detail in just under fifteen minutes for you but first here were the sports and there are five big ice hockey games starting clearing a moscow dalby level yes that's right the hockey fans here will go to the screens as league leaders do not i took on rivals the result plus a breaking news story that's next.
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hello welcome to the sports news and these are the top stories. leaving the army taste fast. disco to your fridge after a poor set of results in the early. while still one beaten roger federer defeats rubbing sidling in straight sets to go through to the last four of the a.t.p. world tour finals in london. backing down on the former england captain shares his dick alongside as he arrives in australia for an off season tool. under start with basketball where tesco moscow have sacked their coach disco rule yorkshire bitch after a poor such results in the year a league the coach resigned following his side's defeat to milan i left them rooted
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to the bottom of the day having won i won their six matches so far this season in one of the italians thanks to their second win of the campaign against the army men on wednesday with a seventy one sixty five the tree anonymous record is now runs through losses as they rise to meet table walter scott will now need a major turnaround to make it into the top sixteen and assistant coach the chiefs jacqueline will be the head coach for the time being i me wanting to play for a common security a seventy one sixty seven win over the russians like he's here in poland to claim their first win of the competition and break their five game losing streak right thank god that was instrumental for the hosts closing stages but you scored twelve of his fourteen points the last leaves him to get just two wins out of six so far russia said to me to pick up their game remaining a run next round of sixteen. tennis now roger federer has maintained his one hundred percent record at this year's a.t.p.
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world tour finals in london and secured a semifinal spot to the straight sets win over rome in so doing world number two make sure he qualified for the round robin stage without relying on complicated permutations as he beat this route seven six six three to talk the group he. was. rafael nadal put himself on the brink of a semifinal place after at classing novak djokovic in straight sets watched by football legend diego maradona the dart looked the more consistent player throughout the early on the ten days just. to take the heat was also helped by an ever present drop of it to the serbian to consult the medics as his contact lenses causing him problems. those who. died seventy five sixteenth's. over to football now a russian prime really excited rubin kept alive their slim chances of reaching the knockout stage of the champions league by beating copenhagen one in a crunch group d.
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battle in cars than christian about what proved to be the went up from the penalty spot in first half injury time i'm sure forgot about it it's meant to move to within a point of their second place danish opponents head of the last great fixture however being will still have to go to leave his boss alone during two weeks' time and get a better result than copenhagen will host a fourth place kind of an eye costs. and three time champions bosler in a sales top spot in group date with the three no we're not kind of like us who finished watson. group a in some lab also booked their place in the knockout stage esteban come yeah so negative in the fifty fifth minute give the holders of one will home win over resilient f.c. twenty and rafael benitez team will be joined in the last sixteen by group and is taught them to mr penalty but still wrong to pass vertebrae and three nil at white hart lane. turned over in group b. shall co went one point clear at the top answer to the next round after winning
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three nil at home to last season semifinalist lille also go through his third place benfica lost three nil tuckwell televisa. and in group c. valencia sealed qualification to break six one thrashing of turkish side across a small spanish side all three points behind leaders manchester united have claimed a late one no win it rangers would drop into the rightfully wayne rooney structure we're not in the eighty seventh minute from the penalty spot that is enough for sorites ferguson to praise his side. i think you're away from europe has been very good over the years. but for that you know. with brian scored against his would have had a different dancy record. so. the. turned away a plane in europe away from war and there's good composure in the team. meanwhile for we bunched united player david back and has shown that he still light on his feet after arriving in australia as part of an off season tour with his l.a.
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galaxy side the thirty five year old former england captain had travelled down under with his squad for a friendly game against eighty side new council jets but at an airport press conference in sydney the questions moved to next week's fifa meeting in zurich which will decide who will host the twenty eighteen and twenty twenty two world cups and back unproved has quite the diplomatic documents there's a lot of competition out there so you know we're called to till the final decision . you know i think everyone's got chance subject to the hopes that twenty twenty two world cup you know of c.p.u.'s are up for it as well and i think you know both countries could toast you know huge competition not the world cup it's the biggest sporting event in the world something that if you country wants to host who gets to see. over to the eyes now and in the kontinental hockey league leaders do not know where to go to taste as they beat the army man three to zero in the moscow
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dobie we want eastern conference he met a load magnitogorsk after vos five three inches and understand just golf and then he said with a double piece there the money elsewhere have a god scored three and also goes up by reese didn't work is your ground sore after maybe least three one defeat of the tractor on time i said forty. one staying on the ice let's end with another of our reports featuring clubs many pundits used to say the videos was just a team full of tough guys but recent results show the moscow region side are doing their best to clean up their reputation but only on has more. love the time to flight this used to be quite a common way of settling scores for the most go region side beaches with many considering them as just a team of guys although things seem to be changing with new coach and green azhar
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of still sitting at the very bottom of the cage shelf stable but he does have already managed to claim victory schoolwork a chilled giants so i want you live and middle of the boys had rough go i want the team to play tough and physical soccer but not divide the rulers give you role play to the limit but try not to let your teammates down getting a penalty that's what any plan must always keep in mind first of all we play for our friends who want to see their team win but not just beat their opponents down. may sound surprising after looking through an azhar was profile do or he's in the chilled career the thirty six year old was considered the only russian guy in the league and a good one or that i were as soon as it came to coaching reserve proved a full a different philosophy since he's been here is he's promised structure more discipline . now i think you guys are all to him now we have to an hour
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off week or so on when he first got there but ours and justin cared what guys had to land systems and we all kind of got accustomed from line mates and now his style of play and i think hanker for of to have done very well and on the last six seven or eight games he played in phoenix and i went there after him and. he is a lot of good things are said of the army played i played also played with my cousin in phoenix trying to stress man he had nothing but good things to say about magic welsh he's got a great reputation and have been here three n.h.l. and in russia so it's nice to be taught by god it's being played. actually we've got the knowledge of the n.h.l. and russia helped develop myself to help me with five maple leaves in their roster this is the most canadian team of the k t l must be something very dramatic that makes a player leave their homeland of alki and move across the ocean it's been
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a bit of an adjustment for on the big ice. on the tour you're looking at you know a lot of skill players. our guys are more patient. now five on four and five on three hearings are. you know on or a big part of the game something needs to be successful in this and. help players capitalize on have a chance and. when it's been fun just go back home i was right no i can knock it off period in a play and i come over here to develop my skills and your plans maybe go back to keep it until one day maybe come back here but there's hockey in number one and street fighting have come here for game but very. little better than a rational game which is to have much more a much more fun for a man better for my child. or for a son on the right the latest in two thousand and eight with a with the station of one of the in the hills elite top guys still no rest for his
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head hands in the cage chill doing he's still in shape. however some and soon became one of the team's leaders both in scoring and assisting counties chris is probably showing his best hockey at present as he's just out of playing to his full potential used to be one of the best tough guys in the unhide shell now he does it all he can score he can assist and of course he still great at fighting even at the age of thirty eight he's still able to develop and get better. beaches we'll have to overextend themselves to make the playoffs this season but it's not over till it's over as with every game with training session each of these guys just gets tougher robert for the new on our team no skill region. for this policy by.
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in the united kingdom. house bill and. you can also tell the. country house is the. town's the rim the crimean the chesterfield. the royal the rubens hotel.
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russia which is support for. a high level meeting in moscow. stabilize ation pact afghan foreign minister is welcomed into more scope with pledges of help in the fight against drugs and a brighter future for the country join me for the details. calling for change in georgia thousands gathered on the streets of tbilisi with some demanding president saakashvili steps down. and the euro's recovery is being told in germany as other countries attempt to follow debt. because of once again flooded the streets in protest against massive cuts. good to have you with us around the clock around the world this is in moscow.


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