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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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it's two am in moscow i'm mad très a good to be with you here on our t. our top story russia stepping up efforts to help nato struggling campaign in afghanistan allowing the alliance's armored vehicles through its territory in the war torn country the deal is a breakthrough for nato after increasing attacks on its supply convoys through pakistan confirmation came from the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov during talks with his afghan counterpart in moscow lavrov also pledged to boost the battle against a drug from the country as artie's alexei or chef reports. the two foreign ministers meeting today in moscow or c. seem to be pretty happy about the way the corporation is going this cooperation in the fight against drug trafficking has been very strong of late we know that russia has donated twenty thousand kalashnikov rifles to afghanistan to the interior troops in afghanistan to fight the spread of drugs as well as the recent joint u.
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s. russian operation in afghanistan after which almost one ton of herion was destroyed and several drug labs were shut down in the country so obviously the two minister said that the cooperation is going well and it will expand in the future according to mr law process that we just learned in the cooperation between russia afghanistan and the united states in combat and drug trafficking will continue and the creation of relevant international laws is of crucial importance as the u.n. security council resolution adopted this october has already qualified drugs coming in from afghanistan as a threat to international safety and stability the war against narcotics remains one of the biggest problems in the ties between the two countries that's why that was something underlined by president video and president karzai during their last meeting at the summit of made in lisbon where president data said that as long as the drugs are being transported through the russian territory from afghanistan into europe this problem has to be dealt with and has to be dealt with now well we heard
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from mr lavrov that there's been a certain problem coming from the nato side on the transportation of russian helicopters the ones which russia is donating to afghanistan and this problem has to be dealt with and obviously it will be dealt with in the nearest future other than that we know that this cooperation will also expand we know that russia is allowing nato to transport its war toys so its territory into afghanistan russia will supply the nato troops stationed in afghanistan with electricity and also spoke about further steps in that direction the nation russia and nato agreed continued cooperation towards a. afghan settlement program to train pilots and other security forces will be expanded with the aim of boosting security in the country and finding the drug flow easier conditions for transit across the border will be extended to armored vehicles clearly all that issues will be discussed between the russian president dmitry medvedev and he's afghan counterpart mr karzai when he comes to moscow in
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january twenty seventh and this visit of the foreign ministry in moscow is preparing that president's visit and the upcoming january. interview afghan foreign minister dr zalmai rassoul says combat in drug production and trafficking is a common aim but the west should increase its efforts to and thereby reduce demand first of all the poppy production in afghanistan have to result of thirty years of war and lawlessness and despair of the afghan people who do new tomorrow he's going to be a life or not you know security for their future this right cannot be done by afghanistan alone we need support of international community by to pick which are not produced in afghanistan outside afghanistan and came inside afghanistan we will do our things our job to deduce and eliminate poppy cultivation afghanistan but also a world in the region should do did it for to reduce the demand because because because the demand the production of poppies there so it's
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a common if word of reducing the cultivation giving too far out of afghanistan the alternative which they would accept to two groups something poppy but also working to reduce the consumption and the demand for the trucks. watch the full interview with the afghan foreign minister coming your way this sunday here on r.t. meanwhile the latest pentagon report shows that violence in afghanistan has reshapes highest point in the nine years since the u.s. led invasion american military officials admit that progress in afghanistan has been limited with only modest gains made against the taliban leadership are now based in pakistan his policy or looks at the relocation of u.s. forces from iraq to afghanistan the latest attempt to break the deadlock. i will what she's trying to do is coming to an end he's part of the american forces he stayed behind to train assist and he quit the iraqi security forces definitely sure
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their own wants to go home that's for sure no one knows whether once they hear the genesis not just movement of troops and equipment since world war two the u.s. army is moving its supplies from iraq to afghanistan certain equipment such as are in rap. mine resistant vehicles are humvees or that those types of equipment a lot of are rolling vehicles rolling stock of vehicles and some generation that equipment yes will be dedicated towards the mission in afghanistan but critics warn that moving troops won't help much that. we're not going people see us forces inside the country it brings in paganism and makes them turn to terrorism and al qaeda so is more american troops come here from iraq it will just make things worse i don't believe the americans will leave for another fifty years so that they have two of them main military bases here and then
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building the americans leaving iraq also sends the wrong message to insurgents the afghans seeing the americans withdrawing from iraq and they think themselves ok they're going to withdraw in a year or two we're going to hold on. things will take control in a year or two it doesn't matter i will quote she's already been told he'll be going from iraq back to afghanistan it'll be his second time there and he's not looking forward to it i would definitely say that afghanistan is a lot more difficult in this though the terrain is a lot more heavier the mountainous region is that we have to do a lot more walking there and whether the beefed up presence in afghanistan will help troops meet mixtures didn't mean to pull out or make it more difficult is still one of the guys that just come back from the patrol everything went to company x. one point. about six thousand people protested in front of the georgian parliament against president saakashvili regime the rally was organized by
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the by the opposition which says it's just the start of a drive to get him out and that the national civil disobedience campaign will start soon or the sarah furthur was at the angry parliament protest. heretick gathering today outside the parliament building until a day and there's a movement has been organized by greek known as the people's gathering now this is a great first headed by public figures and though they've been joined by a number of opposition parties are best saying that their main aims are calling for democratic elections and eventually the resignation of president saakashvili and his government's main goal of this. joint and international community. the government really democracy. which will. join. all these rallies today really anguishing the extreme dissatisfaction base amongst
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the opposition parties and amongst the judean public with turkish billie's regime you know they said his government damaging the country and they've actually said today they called it the verdict of distrust he has monopolized power creating an authoritarian and corrupt regime that he's put to to the edge of economical and social collapse and that he got george involved in the war with russia by his irresponsible and unwise actions causing humanitarian disaster nonevent is traditionally a month that these types of rallies and some people will remember november two thousand and seven when a peaceful protest there. really is resignation violently dispersed now in that situation the protests this is the scenes to the suburban bullets and water cannons it was a very very violent reaction to their protest and say today they're standing their ground saying these concerns need to be heard such as philly and his parliament and
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government the rights of the people of georgia that they're no longer representing the population of georgia and therefore today they're calling for his resignation. recovery in europe is preoccupying business leaders an annual forum in germany that started on thursday this comes as governments try to stop a domino effect of economic collapse among the states using the european single currency protesters in debt play greece took to the streets again over tough government cuts while a three hour strike cause disruption is weak ireland was forced to apply for a ninety billion euro. for a ninety billion euro loan and i.m.f. loan package but it's yet to pass the parliament and there is mounting public concern that it may simply deep in the national debt disaster with a huge rally forecast for saturday in dublin portugal thought to be next on the disaster list held a one day general strike spain in belgium are teetering on the brink also with
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fears of the spanish debt may be too big to bail out all over adam from the e.u. referendum campaign believes it could sink the euro. a lot of economists there was an article in reuters today this and that portugal is almost certainly going to meet bailing out and the big problem of course is staying because it's a huge country and it's not where it is easy to bail out to somewhere like ireland or portugal you know this is a huge country in that the destruction is slightly different that so we could seriously be seeing a collapse of the of the euro and a lot of people would say that not before time but if you look at at our campaign the e.u. referendum campaign we've got thousands and thousands of people who have now signed up pledge said he you referendum campaign dot com is signed up pledge demanding that the government give us an in out referendum on our membership of the e.u. and that is growing and so it's things like that you know anyone can go on it at
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home and sign up and they're on facebook for example is things like that that people are starting to say actually we're not happy with what's going on we want change and we want to have our say we're not going to listen to the government anymore with their sort of we know better than you attitude for insiders like where the euro may be adding watch our interview with a british conservative m.e.p. coming your way in a few minutes time. well there's plenty more stories to be discovered on our website just a click away r t dot com here's a taste of what's online right now. in the u.s. be about to see her come back sarah palin may have lost her bid to be the vice president but she's now setting her sights on the top job in two thousand and twelve. and a rumbling the road trying to overcome moscow's stunning gridlock the country comes up with a plan to get motorists to send text messages. rule breaking drivers driving them around the bend. tackling terrorism and extremism are the main issues on the plate
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for members of the shanghai cooperation organization they've come together in the capitol do schon bay for the c.e.o.'s annual summit the group unites russia china and four central asian nations representing more than a half billion people iran india pakistan and mongolia are associate members russia's prime minister vladimir putin came to do shawn bay to discuss ways to smooth economic relations and keep the vast borders of its members secure the summit also focused on developing agricultural trade and humanitarian cooperation as well as fighting the consequences of the global financial crisis yes seo was not a military alliance but its top priority is the regional security of its member states. take a look now at some other stories making headlines across the globe south korea's defense minister has resigned following a north korean artillery attack on a populated island in the south killing four on tuesday the resignation comes as south korea lawmakers a lashed out saying their military response was too slow china and russia have
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called for calm from both sides while the u.s. condemning the actions sending an aircraft carrier to the region tensions on the peninsula are still sky high as seoul increases its troops on the border with young yang and appealing yang threatens to retaliate if it feels provoked. by a listener rio de janeiro which has killed at least twenty six like killed at least twenty six has forced military intervention thousands of troops backed by tanks and helicopters have been dispatched after five days of clashes between drug gang members and the police heavily armed gangsters attacked police stations stop cars and buses robbing passengers and setting vehicles on fire drug traffickers are fighting back against police operations to clean up city slums authorities are trying to improve security in the lead up to the two thousand and fourteen soccer world cup in the two thousand and sixteen olympics which the country will host. didn't cambodia the country's prime minister has broken down in grief during a day of national mourning on thursday to the victims of
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a stampede disaster more than three thousand and fifty victims were killed in the catastrophe the tragedy happened monday as crowds gathered to celebrate the end of the annual water festival mass panic broke out when the bridge began to sway and many were crushed or suffocated. iraqi president jalal talabani has asked his prime minister to form a new government and to end to determine who will lead the country for the next four years when u.s. troops are expected to finally complete their pullout iraq has faced an eight month deadlock after inconclusive march elections left a power vacuum leading to more sectarian violence prime minister nuri al maliki is expected to form a cabinet that includes all of iraq. rival factions has thirty days to do it and to avoid more political deadlock. the door has been closed for the site for the soyuz spaceship with all three crew members aboard the capsule about will set off for earth in two hours time they spent more than five months at the international space station on thursday evening they had
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a thanksgiving farewell meal with their colleagues staying aboard the s.s. after the meal the crew began to load the results of biomedical experiments stored refrigerator on to the soyuz spacecraft down for homes all in all the crew of one russian cosmonaut and two american astronauts worked on more than one hundred twenty different biotech physics and chemistry experiments the soyuz capsules lending is scheduled for friday morning in kazakhstan. i'll be back to bring you up to date in ten minutes time but first we take a closer look at the current state of affairs in crisis ridden europe laura and it met one m.e.p. who says it's time for the eurozone to go back to the drawing board it's coming your way in just a few minutes stay with us and from all of us here at our very happy thanksgiving to our american viewers.
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i'm talking to. a member of the european parliament he thinks that the entire. broken. thank you very much for talking now first of all how do you characterize the relationship with the and then it's well. it may not be very obvious to many people but we are in the you're now in the shit about seventy five percent of the vegetation that a person in the u.k. lives under all in in hungary oyster backyard or literally a study of all of the weather in the e.u. so it's a very powerful legislative relationship which extraordinarily the people
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of europe and people of britain are totally unaware of i want to create a much more valid and accountability between even education which overrides national legislation and the people whom we legislate for but unfortunately that in britain the british media is totally. oblivious to what goes on in brussels i mean i ask my friends in the british media why don't you cover what's going on in brussels it says it's like watching paint dry so if they want excitement gods and circuses well they go to the house of commons but politics is not entertainment it is considered business of how to govern the various interests and it is very sad really that this relationship between the govern and the governors is so
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a pick in europe so i think it's possible at this stage to then take that power and give it back to the individual country but i think that's a happening time because the construct which has been created the european union is getting increased unmanageable. tech example we have created a foreign minister for the whole of europe who speaks with one voice for the whole of europe but there's also going to be a foreign minister for twenty seven member states. so how can you how one voice is is really i'm here not to utter a word as a british foreign minister stumps of course not believe he goes set out his own stall his own policies and his own agenda and so will the polish quality restore the latvian or the estonian or the little minion. and the one carrion salt so what are they to do are they going to be caught and let cathy ashton the i
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representative speak on that we are. a lot have views and there be a cacophony of be a tower of babel and the outside world we think will hey what are these guys doing or would we speak to so what's the point of it is it just the on top of bureaucracy the point of it he said there tried to create a country where the people who create in the country for have no more particular desire to have a country called europe created so the elites want a country called europe created and they're steaming on ahead with it but the people are not carrying the people and one day there could be such a train wreck. over this whole issue and when you say turn at what the moment. it just stops functioning and then there will be a slow or realisation that it stopped working and then really start
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working and the crisis comes like we have recently the financial crisis we saw there was no european response it was the germans bailing out the greeks or somebody else coming in to bail out somebody else but it was not an e.u. think and now we are told it is the chinese coming to bell out the greeks and save the euro zone west europe in all of these. so there you are we are supposed to have created of this economic block a trading block. a very powerful bloc well when there is a crisis it is individual member states who have to pick up the pieces and slowly beginning to dawn on their leads to run all this but this is not working is what we're saying now the beginning of the end of the year is saying i don't know. it will be damaging either way because if the eurozone collapses it will damage our economy too because we trade with europe than our parents it's not that strong. but
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if the european union's construct come apart. then we need to be ready to pick up the pieces and run as we can in a more flexible fashion the regulation or burgling of our economy through legislation believed to find out what is what we should keep and what we should it could could be possible because. the russell seventy incapable of dealing with these problems so to go back to the nation said to be an angler merkle it would be a sucker see it would be david cameron need to be the spanish prime minister etc etc who will have to deal with the current crisis certainly not somebody in the commission in brussels or in the hopes that you're involved with international development funds how efficient is the distribution of what must be
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a sizeable amount of money we are focusing all the time on public television that is wrought what we have to do is to do wealth creation. it's a focusing on something called polity elevation which means nothing to google and out if you think about wealth creation reaction. creating a self-sustaining because china. has taken three hundred million people out by creating wealth out of poverty trap india is going along nicely too but there are pockets of this happening in africa. that he's. bigger all for a good price free enterprise and so on and that's what we should be focusing on how to create wealth not how to really be a party creating we're. in there because the u.k. lots of money to belong to the european union including fines that are pays for things like not displaying the flag on projects which have received the e.u.
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funding where does that money go the european union budget is about a hundred and six hundred seven billion a lot of the money that the member states contribution goes to keeping a very inefficient agricultural sector going in europe about forty percent of it goes to that cultural budget to subsidize. the unmentionable i don't think i mean we have a subsidy which. allows greek tobacco farmers to grow tobacco and we have another unit that collects a ten bones it. yes. what's the solution then to that that it's hugely inefficient distribution of money . accountability i mean the parliament has for the last i think eleven years refused to side of the. commissions accounts because every year
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about four billion get lost. we don't know it made oh really you don't always read and for a company that's absolutely unacceptable if you did a company you would have the entire board resigning so we say we are not signing these accounts off at every year the member states give another tranche of money to the commission because we don't receive taxes member states arrest taxes and collect the money and give it to the commission and every year they sort of loose about five percent of the budget somewhere and there are court of auditor said these cards are great for part of incentives we are not i mean these are. all takings of us. if you ask me what works well. even the single market make out isms are not working very well. because if there
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was a single market why are different parts of europe in different. rates of growth wise germany booming and. in great difficulty it is a single market. which are just a comparative advantage and therefore we don't see that in the united states all you don't see that in india that. is decaying and dying and in bad crop and growing you don't say oh california is doing very well but probably days down the drain. but in europe you say that so when the single market doesn't work well. that trying to construct is incapable of meeting the challenges of the twenty first century it was a construct constructed after the war churchills empires of the mind in a single european space. it was constructed to prevent ever again
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a major war in continental europe by blocking in germany and france and all the other countries into a single space but to seeing with a set of values which democratic. pluralistic diverse but accountable values that structure served well to see the end of soviet communism and the destruction of. soviet marxism now it needs a new construct to be able to work in cooperation with russia one of our primary energy producers suppliers to work as a good neighbor in the areas adjoining our boundaries in ukraine moldova arbil roofs and so on. and we need that for a much longer flexible construct which will enable each of the member states to
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have. the freedom to maximise their opportunities with emerging markets in china india and russia because of that done. now steve thank you very much like. sweet and clean. salty and very useful. radioactive and dangerous. and even dead and desolate. they only keep their unique secrets their bottoms unique
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lakes on our team. more news today is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are rooted a. coup.
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two thirty am in moscow good to have you with us here on our t.v. your headline brusha pledge of support for afghan stability as a stepping up efforts to help nato struggling campaign there the russian foreign minister has also pledged to keep up the battle against drugs during talks with his afghan counterpart in moscow. thousands gather on the streets of georgia's capital tbilisi to call for political change the opposition's also joined the rally calling for the resignation of president mikheil saakashvili. and economic recovery in europe is the topic for an annual business forum in germany that opened thursday it's feared belgium in spain could soon follow debt laden ireland and into the crisis and greece where people have once again taken to the streets over the austerity cuts. next we explore the wonders and mysteries of some of the world's.


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