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most americans not even knowing they are the earth for the bombs drop hundreds remain but they are slowly disappearing even though the threat of a nuclear attack is still very much alive. after next is moscow out and of this friday martin and his dances to the drums of authentic african culture of bride here in the russian capital. love you thought it so well this interior design course artist opens five years ago and from contemporary restaurants to various shops and exciting ott that's what we'll be exploring on this food's must go out program chinese culture in the
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russian capital. although thousands of kilometers from moscow people forget that russia borders china the countries have had diplomatic and commercial relations for centuries and today this extends to russia's fascination with chinese traditions and designs contests we have learned from several manufacturers in china and it's all handmade good pieces made of solid wood inlaid with pearls and various turds many chinese people who come to our shop i'm very impressed and this is has been difficult for them to find such mazing furniture in their country and we have been here in the. dating back thousands of years chinese interior design is founded on the principles of energy simplicity and nature they strive to achieve surroundings characterized by tranquility and peace and from chinese lanterns to rich opulent fabrics and moscow stores like china style here will help you create such a rich and sort of look in your home in russia as
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a form of freedom of expression there's now a great need for different styles a sign of how diverse the tastes of muscovites becoming. one pausing to take a look at. this week's entertainment news. and a new show by the famous canadian entertainment company set to select his premiered in moscow it's the second time the international company of acrobats gymnasts clowns and other people must have come to the russian capital the shonan coach meeting cortazar italian affairs the audience a spectacular performance of offensive parade to the iceberg clown the production is not only a wonderful show of tricks and stunts performed to live music but also aims to touch philosophical matters to help discover kindness and wisdom within each spectator.
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and the popular band from norway ahau has presented a concert in the russian capital as part of that twenty ten world tool the live performance was one of the last chances to see these machines on stage as they've decided to retire at the end of the year films in the early ninety's eighty's has recorded dozens of international hits including take on may first have a not ules crying in the rain and many others which the audiences of all ages and nationalities enjoyed the concerts. at one of the best things about chinese culture is the food and there are dozens of chinese restaurants here in the russian capital like this one here the gold driving . the golden dragon restaurant features five areas the chinese hold the imperial hold the sea hold the ip room and karaoke bar. restaurant is decorated with typical classic chinese items such as mats fans and figurines. it just feel like
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a faded underground venue but i think something about that brings charm besides the food he said to be amazing here in the busy kitchen the chefs are working away today i've ordered the asian fusion dish of the sabi prawns. the golden dragon specializes in dishes of chinese and japanese cuisine the restaurant also cases of vegetarians and those with special diets and hey presto my food is ready and caviar very nice. to start because when i look and smell great we've got another tree of chopsticks fortunately i can use that. as a question to. wonderful
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chinese food in the us and capital words disappointed. they're also more cash friendly places like the moment out chain of restaurants the value of his traditional dishes from the asian countries such as vegetable rolls in peace and dark and generous portions and fast service. if you're hungry for art then the state museum of oriental art is the place you should visit it's one of the largest museums representing the culture of the eastern countries and chinese art is part of its permanent collection exhibited in several schools the display features around twenty thousand items representing the country's artistic traditions in chronological order starting from as early as almost full thousand years ago. to him prior to a meeting you know emperor and russian is a clinic of alternative medicine combining the traditions of chinese theories which of thousands of years old with the latest developments top specialists from china
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work in the clinic and pharmacy the philosophy behind their approach is to treat the past and not just the disease its methods as acupuncture massages and treatments with plants and hubs are usually used as remedies. patient is examined by both russian and chinese. needed. medical history and suggestions treatments acupuncture suction cup therapy. and herbal medicines. may stop if it's an upmarket chinese experience she wants to take a look at this next venue. from australia is the head chef here located on the second floor. here russian history contrasts sharply with the restaurant's bright contemporary interior and it suggests that the best chinese food in russian capital
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. and. we're going to do a fifty percent traditional chinese menu and fifty percent and we do. which. of different sources. like traditional chinese and then we. make everything else and you know it has more of a western. and what. capital i was. in. here i am today the russians. chinese food it really kind of is a new thing for them. i think it starting to grow to like chinese i think the
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flavors are a bit different for. they used to. be bland. coming from the soviet era. but i think. it's catching on also the flavors i mean we have to sweeten everything. for this for that we take a lot of spice. because russian. we change a little bit but you know we try and keep it as traditional schools. the. fly most of the stuff and twice a week we bring it from china thailand. all the. world brought in from abroad and what you think about living here in moscow i love living here you know. three years every day it's exciting every day something it's unpredictable you don't know it's going to happen. and i look forward to trying more of your
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chinese food in the future. it's coming in. the summer of us assigned a number of chinese tea houses have sprung up in the center of the capital at a cost few years the longest established. in the emma thomas. russia is one of the world's great he drinks nations and in moscow today it was sold to teas can be found expensive exotic traditional and how free once the beverage of chinese floral sedate with its spread across the world the methods of production and brewing have also undergone a sea change. and from tea sets to chinese lanterns the gift shop here has a range of exciting gifts. welcome to the club of chinese culture and open six years ago in the value office more than four hundred the horizon's depending on its heart of the season the focus is on chinese traditions and relaxation and the
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average history can take two hours. of course every country has its own tradition that enchanted tea ceremony of it as well as the ceremonies a chance to get in touch with the oriental culture of south and. east their legs and to enjoy a. wonderful taste. and there's no smoking drinking or mobile phones allowed inside here before. there are several special circumstances in which tea is prepared and consumed in china as a sign of respect for a family gathering to apologize and to connect large families on wedding days here with the club assistants were poor and splashed in and over turkey to cups generous with their time to explain the five stages of boiling cattle from pile of crap to
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winds through pine trees sounds a little odd but all a part of the unique traditions and customs related to tea no wonder russians love it and ask for me my daily grain now how serious competition there. yes. on a. side morning to absolutely. fortunately that's once all we have on this week's program on chinese culture is in the same camp so i'll see you again at the same time next week then for me and there's the theme of my.
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welcome to the wisconsin t.v. experience with nobel prizes so people who are ignoring fools voted for tonight's town prentiss you are more massive structures to get microscopic make over and in tiny chip can take us a long way defeat of middle comes into focus. on technology update here on on we've got the future covered. wealthy british soil. has moved on to the bottom of the money. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. guys report. he used to do. you believe.
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free trade between russia and the e.u. from atlantic to pacific russia's prime minister outlined his vision ahead of a high powered business trip to berlin germany supports the idea of the questions the country's trilateral customs union. will stand for. a year long stay in space comes to an end for russian cosmonaut and his nasa colleagues as they come back down to earth safe and sound and three people remain in orbit and new expedition will be approved in russia star city later today. i'm old enough when e.s.a. they're being victimized and fined for using signs in their own language some claiming it's the authorities way of getting revenge for us. centuries of polish occupation . fallout shelters in the us gathered dust with most americans not even knowing there they are sure the bombs dropped hundreds remain but they are slowly disappearing even though the threat of a nuclear attack is still very much alive. doesn't have lines here and sports news
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is next i'll be back at the top of the hour. hello welcome to the sports news on the news in the top story is. leaving the army taste past that basketball coach disco to your fridge after a poor set of results in the early. while still unbeaten water federative featured robin struggling in straight sets to go through to the last four of the eighteen people took finals in london. backing down on the former england captain shares his diplomatic side as he arrives in australia for an off season two. under start with basketball where tesco moscow have sacked their coach disco. after a poor such results in the euro league the coach resigned following his side's
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defeat to milan i left them rooted to the bottom of the day having one goal on the six matches so far this season in one of the italians thanks to their second grand of the campaign against the army men on wednesday the seventy one sixty five the tree known as record is now in true losses as they wanted to make table walter scott will now made a major turnaround to make it into the top sixteen in the system each of whom in the team's head coach for the time being i me wanting to get a proper home secured a seventy one sixty seven win over the russians like poland's to claim their first win of the competition and break their five game losing streak thank god i was instrumental for the hosts in the closing stages when he scored twelve of his fourteen points the last leaves him david just two wins out of six zero four off and the shoes had me to pick up that gave him a move on the next round of sixteen. tennis now roger federer has maintained his one hundred percent record at this year's a.t.p.
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world tour finals and one. and and secured a semifinal spot for the straight sets win over rome in so doing world number two make sure he qualified for the round robin stage without relying on complicated permutations has to be seven six six three to talk the creepy. rafael nadal put himself on the brink of a semifinal place after act classing know that joke of it in straight sets watched by football legend diego maradona the dart looked a more consistent player throughout early on return to the trust. to take these things also by an error prone drop of it to the serbian to stop the medics as his contact lenses causing him problems. there is. seventy five sixty. five years of football now a russian premier league side rubin kept alive their slim chances of reaching the knockout stage of the champions league by beating copenhagen one they'll in
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a crunch group d. battle in cars than christian of us with what proved to be the wind up from the penalty spot in first half injury time control forgot about it it's meant to move to been a point of their second place danish opponents head of the last minute fixture however being will still have to go to leaders barcelona in two weeks' time and get a better result than copenhagen will host a fourth place part of an eye course. and three time champions fassel owner steals top spot in group d. for the three no we're not going to like us to finish fourth and. a lot of group a into my lap also booked their place in the knockout stage esteban come yeah so netted in the fifty fifth minute to give the holders of one real home win over a resilient f c twenty and rafael benitez team will be joined in the last sixteen by group leaders taught them to mr penalty but still room to pass vertebrae ministry mail at white hart lane. turned over in group b. chalco went one point clear at the top down through to the next round after winning
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three nil at home to. last season semifinalist who also go through this there has been seek out the last three male top well televisa. adding groups say valencia sealed qualification for a six one pressuring of turkish side across the small spanish side all three points behind leaders manchester united claimed a late one zero win it ranges into the rightfully wayne rooney struck but we're not in the eighty seventh minute from the penalty spot that is enough to praise his side. i think you're away from europe has been very good over the years. but for that you know. where they are by and scored against israel had a fantastic record with a straight three years so. further we are playing in europe away from home and there's a good composure in the team. meanwhile for me bunched united player david back in has shown that he's still light on his feet after arriving in australia as part of
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an off season tour with his l.a. galaxy side the thirty five year old former england captain had travelled down under with his squad for a friendly game against elite side newcastle jets but at an airport press conference in sydney the questions moved to next week's fifa meeting in zurich which will decide who hosts the twenty eighteen and twenty twenty two world cups and back and proved his quite the diplomatic walk ons to this competition out there so you know we'll work called to to a final decision. you know i think everyone's got sean subject to the hopes that twenty twenty two world cup you know up c.p.u.'s are up for as well and i think you know both countries could toast you know a huge competition not the world cup it's the biggest sporting event in the world something that if you country wants to host you can see your city. over to the eyes now and in the kontinental hockey league leaders do not know where to
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go to taste as they beat the army man three two in the moscow dobie we want eastern conference metal old magnitogorsk act balls five three inches and some it's not just golf and then it's in with the double at least that the money elsewhere have a god scored three and also goes up by reese is your ground story of the beast three one defeat of the track to on time i say forty. on staying on the ice let's end with another of our reports featuring clubs many pundits used to say the video's was just a team full of tough guys but recent results show the moscow region side are doing their best to clean up their reputation but only on has more. love the time to fight this used to be quite a common way of settling scores but the most cool region side beat it with many considering them is just a team of tough guys although things seem to be changing with a new coach in green
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a zero still sitting at the very bottom of the cage stable but he does have already managed to claim victories over k. chilled giants so i want you live and middle of the boards that last go i want the team to play tough and physical soccer but not divide the rules give you role play to the limit but try not to let your teammates down getting a penalty that's what any plan must always keep in mind first of all we play for our friends who want to see their team and when but not just to break their opponents down. may sound surprising after looking through an desirous profile during his in the chilled career the thirty six year old was considered the only russian guy in the league and a good one or that. as soon as it came to coaching reserve proved a full a different the last face since he's been here is he's promised structure more discipline. now i think you guys are all to.
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our off week or so on when you first got there but ours and justin cared what guys had planned systems and we all kind of get across thinking line mates and you know his style of play and i think actors proved to have done very well and on the last six of americans he played in phoenix and i went there for him and. he is a lot of good things are said of the army played i played also played with my cousin in phoenix trying to stress man he had nothing but good things to say about magic well he's got a great reputation macadamia three n.h.l. and in russia still it's nice to be taught by a guy getting played. actually the knowledge of the n.h.l. and russia that help develop myself to help me with five maple leaves in their roster is the most canadian team of the cage ale must be something very attractive that makes a player leave the hole in the alkie and move across the ocean that's been
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a bit of an adjustment for on the big ice. amateur you're looking at in a lot of skill players i guess are more patient. now five on four and five on three hearings or. you know other big part of the game something needs to be successful missing. out players capitalize on have a chance and. when it's been fun just back home buyers might know i can knock it off period in a play and i come over here to develop my skills and get that hand made and go back to keep it until one day maybe come back here but there's hockey in number one and in fighting i have come here for game but very. little better and she crashed her game refused to have much much more fun better from a child. free son on the right believe is in two thousand and eight with their with the station of one of the in the hills elite tough guys still no rest
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for his head hands in the cage chill cooling he's still in shape. however some and soon became one of the team's leaders in scoring and assisting counties chris is probably showing his best hockey at present as he's just out applying to his full potential used to be one of the best tough guys in the unhide show now he does it all he can score he can assist and of course he still gratifying even at the age of thirty eight he's still able to develop and get better you know if he does we'll have to overextend themselves to make the playoffs this season but it's not over till it's over as with every game with a training session each of these guys just gets tougher robert for the new on our team mosca region. as well as by. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get the human
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voice face to face with the news makers on. it.
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he's available in this type he who turns. twenty the how it pulls a hotel be sure to type the hotel hotel one show his the groom's return the show with hotel and some will be hotel kuvasz photo photos from hotel resort evergreens the old hotel toilet be victoria hotel glory a prince photo springs resort and spa tied to a hotel while she plans on post a photo. of the west into a big evergreen closer hotel in time to eat london hotel telling us of the time the hoto full points and how would prince or to the splendid hotel in touch with the hotel mean touch your room the photo for a good go how would international house flood to change every green lol he told in talk of. free trade between russia and the e.u.
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from atlantic to pacific russia's prime minister alkaline his vision ahead of a high powered business trip to. space comes today and for a russian cosmonaut and his nasa colleagues is the ride home safe and sound. down to earth so use g.m.a. nineteen spacecraft has safely landed in baikonur. the price of history polls on the twentieth say they're being victimized and fined for using science in their own language. it's a bomb cover where would you be when the atomic bombs fall. in the u.s. gathered dust with most americans not even knowing they are there should the bombs drop and. this is actually coming to you live from moscow i'm marina josh.


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