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tv   [untitled]    November 26, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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it is r.t. here in moscow good to have you with us there is a possibility that a currency union between russia and the european union will be created that's a message from russian prime minister vladimir putin and german chancellor angela merkel who have pledged to strengthen economic ties between their countries. has more now from the german capital. judging by what we've heard today in berlin on friday russia and germany are continuing to move closer together an increasing and increasing cooperation which means russia and the european union are moving towards each other as well russia's prime minister vladimir putin and the german chancellor on go america will have been discussing joint ventures and projects in many years like energy and car making and other sectors joint projects joint investments both in business and science but even talked about the possibility of. currency union halls of course and that is something which is really far away at
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the moment hard to imagine right now but both of them have knowledged that this is something inevitable which would happen if they continue moving closer towards each other let's listen to what was going to put in i have to say mr fitzgibbon as for the currency union we all realize that it's a derivative of the putting the economies together and it depends on the level of the economy's development it has to become mature but on the whole i don't rule out such forms of cooperation between us in turn up until america has named to russia germany's an important partner and it's no wonder why since the total trade turnover between russia and germany this year has reached its peak around thirty six billion euros worth around here and things billion euros on its side so the cooperation is quite intense the prime minister person suggested having a free zone between europe and russia in the future and i agree with that and i
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think that russia and europe partners but of course they have to broaden and develop their potential so you just heard i'm going to talking about the idea of building this free trade zone from lisbon to avoid to us talk that was also discussed however the german chancellor also mentioned some of the ring. meaning problems in the relations between russia and germany russia and the european union for example the european union's concerns over russia's and kazakhstan's and bellows customs union. that has been discussed as well by going to put and has ensured that this will not hurt the relations between the european union and russia and russia succession into the organization which is also talked about it wasn't only just about business and serious topics and numbers and charts in fact. talked about the russian bid to host the two thousand and eighteen and two thousand
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and twenty two football world cups and actually said that he hopes germany will support russia's bids and will help russia get these busy just as the two will help each other overcome the consequences of the global economic crisis speaking at the business forum just previously in the day we also heard some of that alleging the humorous from what we were pushing let's listen to what he had to say when talking about quite a serious subject energy security in europe. a sort of german community doesn't like nuclear power and i don't want to make any comment. but i don't understand what you're going to use to he see you don't develop your nuclear power what are you going to use for i would say. that i suppose you'd have to get it from siberia too so.
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of course some humor there from what you know pollution but the topic is quite serious and judging by the current economic situation in europe some serious problems in greece portugal possibly spain and other states only by combining their efforts and working together again the european union specifically germany in this case and russia only by working together can they overcome the consequences of the economic. in crisis hit europe germany is the safest place mexico is economist and host of all of these kinds of reports believes the country is ready to emerge as the twenty first century superpower. you can't really make an economy based on real estate speculation ireland and spain greece they tried to make an economy based on this idea that you could flip palaces and you could create a ponzi scheme with loans and mortgages and it collapsed as a result of the global credit collapse germany on the other hand nobody in germany
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is taking out mortgages like this nobody is flipping houses in germany germany are savers germany are sound business people and as a result they are in a much better position now as a result going forward from this crisis the crisis is only adding to germany's ability to ultimately break away from the euro and compete head to head with china for competition in terms of being the twenty first century global superpower it will be germany and china the u.s. has gone the u.k. is long gone continental europe is outside of germany doesn't produce anything so you've got a reconstituted germany with their own central bank again their own currency and i predict the rise of germany again this is something that after world war two. was attempted could be outlawed but germany is back and of course germany has excellent relations with russia the russian leaders leadership speaks german the german
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leadership leadership speaks russian so there's a lot of a lot of talk there and we're talking about a complete reconfiguration of the global. money system. and that was max keiser economist and host of artie's kaiser report. well after months hurtling around the world in orbit a russian cosmonaut and two nasa astronauts have their feet firmly back on the ground after returning from the international space station and although the landing in kazakhstan was dubbed ideal the crew had to bite their lips before their trip to terra firma not in the telling of it has more now from star city the heart of russia's space program. russian veteran cosmonaut through the year in has now safely returned to the government center for training his colleagues from nasa and douglas we look back to the united states three members of the team will be undergoing after flight procedures for rehabilitation flights back to earth from
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the international space station took about three hours may nineteenth spacecraft land safely the mission is now complete and the crew feels good and is satisfied with the way it went landing. i congratulate everyone who contributed to the success of this project for you the chief and has all together spent a year in space and his colleagues from nasa sean and walker and douglas will or have spent about six months there each in their mission included a number of space walks and say to pick experiments and they in fact brought a container a refrigerator with the result of one hundred twenty scientific experience they conducted during their mission including by technical physics and chemical chemistry tests for this particular team there must have been him and the elements of extra stress before their departure because they witnessed their predecessors failing to undock from the international space station due to
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a technical difficulty with an automatic lock that connects the international space station and the so you spacecraft that delayed their return back to earth by twenty four hours nonetheless the previous team also one that safely but this team seemed to be rather optimistic about their return they even had a special thanksgiving dinner before they started getting ready to flying back to earth right now three more cosmonauts remain at the international space station and they're welcome there were waiting to welcome three more in the middle of december . well still to come this hour here in r.t. digging up the past. living in lithuania think local authorities are persecuting them by restricting men native language. that story still to come first joseph stalin was responsible for the mass killing of polish prisoners in western russia in one nine hundred forty russia's parliament has accepted the soviet leader ordered the cat in massacre that sowed relations between moscow more so for years but his country has never has the details. for decades the soviet union denied any
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responsibility in this atrocious crime for fifty two years the soviet union attempted to blame nazi forces for the killing of polish officers in the so-called cutting massacre that was in the 1940's when it nearly twenty thousand polish officers were detained and executed all over the soviet union it became known as the cutting massacre because i think it was one of the burial grounds where nearly four thousand officers were executed shot in the back of the head and buried in mass graves and for decades the soviet leadership insisted that this was the work of nazi forces that were on soviet territory at the time russia in the early one nine hundred ninety s. finally admitted responsibility for those murders and of course it was a very significant event for the revelations between moscow and warsaw because the polish side was just as frustrated at not knowing what happened to nearly twenty thousand of its citizens as they were with the law as they were being fed by the
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soviet leadership and the admittance of guilt in this was if that incident has been already called a turning point in relations between moscow and warsaw that crimean the left was commuted by. study and his comrades and. unfortunately this was against a lot of people. know he did declare regional parliament to my country we. was sort of with polish people a boat that event of course the sorrow is not just a purely on the polish side thousands and thousands of russian citizens were also executed there in the 1930's as part of stalinist repressions and all the facts have been released all the archives declassified and made available not only to the polish side but also to the public they were posted online just earlier this year
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and today we've already. i've heard from some polish officials who have said that this latest step this acceptance by the russian state duma of joseph stalin as the man behind the executions of those polish officers a laser foundation of trust between the two countries that will allow them to build a much more open and honest relationship of course cutting it for the polish side is not just a historical tragedy it is also a recent one earlier this year the polish president lech kaczynski was on his way to the team to base his respects after for the first time in history both the russian and the polish sides official delegations were there to pay their respects to all the victims very then got the defections the plane crashed just outside of smiling and killing everybody on board most of poland's political elite nearly one hundred people so for poland this is a very wrong subject and stuff like these hopefully will bring the two sides closer
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to reconciling their differences and putting the past behind them. russia's concerned that the u.s. state department is not responding to an appeal over the recent detention of an r t news team the russian foreign ministry says the lack of reaction from washington is in stark contrast to its claims to be a leader free speech in the world the r.t. crew was arrested while covering a peaceful protest outside a military academy in the state of georgia the school of assassins to run thirty two hours in jail before they were released. moscow's called on the american authorities to the incident europe's major security watchdog is also asked the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton for independent investigation. or more all of our top stories here at r t on our web site is r.t. dot com here's what you can find online there right now. with extreme care the russian post office shocked to discover a submachine gun winding its way to a woman here in moscow. and also online americans were facing
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a thanksgiving full body scan of their ports but let me go cold turkey one of the busiest travel weekends of the year all the details on those two stories and pictures that are. well it's have a quick look at some other news making headlines around the world at the stage of the day south korea has reported a second round of artillery fire near one of its islands in the yellow sea this follows early reports of smoke and gun fire officials suspect was a north korean training exercise in comes as pyongyang u.s. south korean naval drills planned for the weekend pushing the peninsula to the brink of war a show of solidarity a top u.s. military commander visited the island which was the site of a previous artillery exchange between the countries earlier this week. for our mumbai is set to mark two years since terror attacks around the indian city killed one hundred sixty six men targeted luxury hotels a main railway station and
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a jewish cultural center in a siege last two and a half days and a terrorist police will be among those deployed to bolster security india has criticized pakistan in the lead up to be an aggressor if i'm not pressing ahead with charges against the alleged. police originary say they've regained control of a shanty town that had been taken over by violent drug gangs five days of clashes store at least thirty people killed as officers backed by special forces and military hardware try to restore order police said the violence began in protest against a crackdown on gang members in the slums brazil is trying to reduce violent crime in the lead up to hosting the football world cup in twenty fourteen. three teenagers who spent fifty days adrift in the south pacific are safely back on land after being rescued the boys from the new zealand territory of took stole a boat and attempts to reach a nearby island it's been reported the motive of the trip was a girl it caught the eye of one of the youths the boat drifted off course for more than a thousand kilometers before being found the teenager survived by collecting rain
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router coconuts and a sea bird they managed to catch. poles living in lithuania claim they're being discriminated against by local authorities they are prevented from using their native language to spell polish street names and even surnames. reports the roots of the conflict may lie deep in the past shop owner decided to make life easier for the poles living in rural lithuania should put signs in both lithuanian and polish languages in her store but then a thorough decent she would be fined two hundred euro for violating the state language law according to it all signs in the country must be prickly and lithuanian. i didn't feel as if i was doing anything wrong this was something the local polish community needed besides i had definitional state language on these signs as well this is
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a violation of human rights i was told i could have signs in english german or french but not in polish almost a quarter of a million ethnic calls live in lithuania for centuries warsaw ruled this land so nowadays in some villages the polish amounts to over eighty percent of the population. another sticking point is the street names and villages where the polish community lives it is not the fact that pows use both languages but that they use the word for word translation which in rages the authorities in of illness secretary of the polish council in the twentieth says that they cannot even spell their names right all id cards and passports of ethnic poles must be written in the state language advert to survey which says that the history of polish with when in relations have a hard past but it must have been left behind when the two countries became members of the e.u. . the radio was so keen on becoming part of the e.u.
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that they signed several documents on a session one of those was the european chancellor or national minorities it says that we can easily use our native language but now for some reason lithuania authorities are rolling back on their obligations to brussels. so we turn to the body which oversees the use of language for on says it says no obligation was violated and that in fact vilnius had every right to persecute the use of polish. or indeed the charge of our national minorities give the poles in lithuania the right to use their language but at the same time the document says the law of the country prevails over the chargers clauses and according to the law in lithuania we have every right to find them for using their language on signs some poles living in lithuania suggest that this is vilnius is revenge for centuries of polish occupation authorities on the other hand refuse such claims and say that a decision on the use of polish is being discussed within the country sparling
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meant but nobody can tell what will prevail the attitude to the events of the past or the wish to be part of the united european legislation alexi russia ski r.t. reporting from vilnius in lithuania. the appearance of an armored vehicle on the streets of lot of our stock in russia's far east had some fare in world war three was in the offing however it turns out its owner was just popping to the shops victor penco of bought the vehicle three months ago for his personal transport and may want to little adjustments it's now got leather seats and some proofing. when he goes fishing or hunting but he's sure it'll conquer whatever is thrown at it from trails to city and. ideal for the moscow traffic that is now shortly we're discussing if there is hope for haiti with the upcoming presidential elections following a year the nation would rather forget that's in crosstalk coming away shortly but
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first the queen is next with a business update. hello welcome to this has got to happen with us the switching of brand new power station has given russia's electricity network a much needed shot in the arm constructed by germany in all as part of a two point four billion euro investment program the project has not arrived without problems to help. german energy giant deal has just launched one of the world's biggest and most efficient power stations on the outskirts of the capital but it's come with some global difficulty international power companies pledged just a little thirty billion dollars to overhaul was just crumbling electricity generators when they were privatized in two thousand and eight that was on the promise that they will be able to charge more keep prices to industries and consumers in the world's biggest coldest country the washing government dragged its feet on legislation like the capacity market
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a wholesale system for industries which it promised to bring in so generators could make a profit the thirty billion dollars pledge also came just before the global financial crisis which just slashed firms disposable incomes yields financial director for exhibits here in russia says his company was luckier than the royals was still had to freeze some projects it was of course for every generator and for every entity operating in this economy like and other economies suffering under the economic crisis not so difficult to proceed with a huge like in our case with a huge investment program the investment called program for each on in russia in the electricity sector accounts for more totals roughly two point four billion euros that's a big amount of money and naturally we were worried about losing some value in that through the developments in the exchange rate. and also we had this is you have to get into uncertainty volatile in the banking system very like in other countries
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this is a logic that we have a. one of us in our combined cycle gas turbine. it's been shifted only for a few months compared to the very original plan into the in the early plan to nose in two thousand and seven the other projects that have been shifted mainly the coal project to siberia that one has been shifted to the year two thousand and fourteen it's been widely reported that yield is selling its multibillion dollar stake in gazprom russia's energy company chief executive johan testin says the state is no strategic people told me he thinks the old core competency is in power stations like this and gas production interest rate transmission the other hand thinks its shares are heavily on devalued at the moment and you can make a lot of money blood boiling now with a reputed has met charles local in germany on friday we think that a deal between. look at the markets u.s.
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stocks trade shopping lower on black friday as news from europe world's global markets a drop puts the dow off about point eight percent for the week the financial services sector lost more than one percent among big banks morgan chase morgan stanley and citi group had more than one of the half percent stocks in europe and lower on friday with the spanish market suffering particularly steep losses both the footsie on the dax said over half a percent and even trading mining in banking shares were drying on the footsie shares of the downtown are leaving the declines off four and a half percent each with billiton lost three point three percent and russia's bourses close in the red on friday as well after advancing on thursday to its highest level in more than two weeks the r.t.s. one is down nearly a percent in the my six closed over a quarter of a percent lower most of the blue chips finished in the red bucking the trend with gazprom but and with one point two percent higher. now the week has been volatile for the russian markets with investors worried by problems in europe. it's thought
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it's with decent growth in international markets but on the tuesday we saw a sharp decline in all markets and actually that was driven by korean problems and second the weakness of europe on concerns that island is experiencing serious problems and europe will have to help them with with the situation but then we saw the growth the own wednesday just before thanksgiving day in just a russian market full of this in general situation is changing that's for sure we saw some one to money entering russian markets and we saw the bias probably first time in many many months i would say industrial which is very very important because from looks very interesting i think the board decided to cut complex next year by ten percent which was taken by the markets very positively and the market also expects that bloke of about three point five percent will be bought out by the
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colombine and that's also very positive for the market because programs were very well beat this week and that gives me kind of hope that said december will be stronger and i think the markets will be expecting the budget expenditures growing in december and that's will cause the markets move further up at least it will give them a good very good support and that's the latest well for you but you can always find most stories on our website r.t. dot com. all.
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culture is the same i understand maliana is going to be almost on the back would be a new look but it isn't the mark of the search for stability and legitimacy will haitians find either after sunday's elections many question the usefulness of these polls. are they close a team has been to the tomsk region where rich academic life gives birth to innovative ideas. now largely goes to the area which together with boosting industrial development. offers to make a journey into russia's history. and to enjoy numbers and vivid cultural life. welcome to the pearman region in russia close up on r g.
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wealthy british style. is not on. the. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds or reports . seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand dead. from battlefields several kilometers long. and now there is only one person who cares. you see we are surrounded by garbage everywhere but also there are. on this beach which of course is the most appropriate city signification
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a symbol of everything that's wrong with our goddamn government allowing not only garbage but to a chair where so many guys died. a new battle is going on. will the history be protected. return to tara what jillian cooper story on our t.v. . news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are today. they faced it this is not a provocation but
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a warm. day for it and you should see several pretty sure to support free trade spaces they have no idea about the hardships to face. plate one it's businesses it is all too nice to. bring in the army the life of the usaf is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. victories nineteen forty five dot dot com.
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with you twenty four hours a day live from the russian capital this is the welcome if you just joined us top stories this hour a possible currency union between russia and the european union that's the message from russian prime minister vladimir putin he's been talking cooperation with chancellor angela merkel in. russian cosmonaut into nasa astronauts have made a successful landing back on earth they spent five months on the international space station. and also reporting russia's lawmakers say joseph stalin was responsible for the cats in which nearly twenty thousand polish people were killed trying to relations between moscow. and. back in less than half an hour as the news continues here on r.t. in the meantime it's crossed.


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