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tv   [untitled]    November 26, 2010 8:00pm-8:30pm EST

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gazprom is deputy chief executive alexander medvedev about how russia's largest company plans to move into the future stay with us. culture is the same i understand my family and there's no you mustn't let it be you know it by using the market research for stability and legitimacy will haitians find either after sunday's elections many question the usefulness of these polls. hello again and welcome to the spotlight. on party i'm al green now then today my guest is alexander. russian prime minister vladimir putin came forward with the idea of creating a unified european energy network it must secure fast and easy delivery of natural
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gas from russia to european consumers and help avoid transit problems in this plan that the south and north trains the new pipelines developed by gazprom along with its european partners will be integrated into the system now what else will it take to fulfill the some project joining me now is deputy chairman of the gas plant management committee and director general of gas from export alexander admits that . russian prime minister vladimir putin has been criticizing europe's idea of implementing the so-called third energy package the europeans want to diversify the energy market aimed at creating equal competitive conditions for all oil and gas suppliers but putin says this will deter investors from pumping money into the new gas projects but some critics are saying guess prom state of affairs is far from
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ideal the monopolies biggest foreign shareholder the german consarn on he's planning to sell his gasp. from shares worth point five billion dollars on the other hand more european countries are planning to join the russian gas exporters south stream project. home is to be very of welcome to the shelves thank you very much thank you very much for being with us welcome well on the eve of his visit to germany prime minister putin shared his views with. germany and their article which is called russia and europe from learning the crisis lessons to a new agenda in partnership it reads i quote in a few years we will have worn interest to share and a deficit of energy resources that means high prices for european consumers and
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quote what exactly makes russia and probably gazprom so unhappy about the new nepean engine rooms this topic was a serious subject of a recent celebration meeting in brussels well instead of just looking worked at the new us history of russia european union by a look we concentrated i was thinking key issues and while it was a serious ones is introduction of the peckish implementation of which is spoiled for being called next year and there's a reason of our concern that if this package will be implemented splined it will means of the interest of serious players to invest in infrastructure will be substantially deteriorated and if it will happen. it will be an oil worst month for those of the lack of capacity this was in upstream in midstream and there's a result supply their models will play and customers will be heated by as
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a skyrocketing prices well here's an example of the third energy package. you plight the polish gas system once to give access to your model year apart like two third parties what how does it affect the interest of gazprom and what may be your reaction to that but in case of poland will manage to find acceptable solution bourse for for us and the for european commission because they've been part of a long lost the negotiations respect of new intergovernmental protocols as well as a corporate greenland's and as a result of strictly defined what does that then mean free complacency is a pipeline because currently in ten foreseeable future it will be no freak up or a city in the pipeline because all the capacity is booked in order to do it against
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the wall and to germany to france and will not create income just to see it only it is a dog and the barker around where we are but can get an order to do you are contracted to or you to the customers and the magic question which is not on sort of the european commission how in the case the sub party x.'s will be implemented we will be in a position to execute our obligations angle a big squad at their level or geishas daily ability because our customers has a very strong flexibility is a quid order in accordance with a confidential tormes a certain war looms and when it's called the they or their income or when they swarm they are that influenced by the capacity is the city for our customers and the last but not least the question who is this. so-called nucleus which could x. is a sort as a sort party because. i believe that can be jewish and that is important but in
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order to compute you should have substance to compete with us and in our. industry you should have a guess to compete iser it's produced guess or contracted yes and still not clear of whom european commission see as a potential entry. existing confusion by plenty at the here russian energy dialogue held earlier this week russian energy minister schmutz co described the present state of relations between russia and e.u. in the energy sector as a lack of trust well is there a chance that this lack of trust may be may be overcome next february when the e.u. summit on energy will be held. in spite of all. uneasy. events around corporation i would like to inform recently during the meeting
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for me state and get a president mr miller it was agreed that a special working groups will be created between gus barone and the european commission which will be duplicated two major topics one will be catered to infrastructure projects. and already in february it will make a presentation to european commission it was all aspects of this project and our understanding was that this presentation will be done in the presence of our major customers with the ridges the also come when turned over to on such a ration as they waited to them and the second one which i hope will happen middle of next year. base those workloads is second the working group is that you created to the nation or gas as a fuel of the twenty first century and this is a major topic for european commission because during this work
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we can group should prepare a work roadmap of corporation between russia. particular gust from the european commission in the. sphere ok i hope you're not going to bite me. but ed because i know you're sick and tired of this question but i will be keeping an ask asking it over and over again if there are negotiations with the e.u. fail and the problems of which mr schmuck i was speaking this who will be deteriorating will gazprom give a green light to to the creation of a sort of a opec style cartel and gas will but also at all times a kind of because i was out of. regime and things against industry in the current system with the possible due to the existence of the system of long term contracts but if anybody in the europe is the means to destroy the existing system of ways those example of the oil industry when the so insists that
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a system of big corporations have been replaced by a good spot market. in the situation will change because if it will be no obligation on the side of the consumers then that way degraded will be no obligation for most but i'm rather sure that nobody in the sound sense of the mind will try to go with this we're ok so it wasn't. it wasn't a yes but it wasn't and never yeah so it's well maybe maybe not even. for full cooperation of the system in which we will even government. really benefit we don't need given the car to begin with because i was sharon's against it was is very substantial and actually we are not new for the liberal west markets and escrow was a pioneer might get to be but it is a shot in germany of one in one thousand said he would have created
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a joint venture between gus was part of the sort of. be a serf i believe and nobody you made us a gift nobody told us they can market share we heavily invested in pipeline system in underground storage is the visit is old now we are in german market fifteen percent of the wholesale. gives market in germany. we also buried. underground storage supply income across the most was a guess which you are the ground storage is in the u.k. we were very close though across the want to see the retail sector it was a joke it was a no where in the presentation to feed the give selves a pretty beautiful belief it was because most of what i was one history of. in we even had a couple of agents there and the british premier league mr medvedev speaking of the liberal marches that you were mentioning a minute ago. norway and qatar are giving more flexible terms to
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today you can parties what can gas probably do to make russian gas more competitive are you ready to compromise on prices and what about the other as egypt is very often presented or one of the he's a physician because we know like it from inside. of a joint venture sort of a subsidy it is close those across those would would do know how the system works and it's acquired. exaggerations and now you could buy gas was a good entered supply on the spot the basis because a sport hops as a group we could get enough you know the uninterrupted bull supply and buy as it were. yesterday we spoke but isis up and see you see how the dollars which is going to close the two hour long total quantum of crisis and it's a deflection is that supply and demand is that is the system is working and the visit
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is longest so there is no those politicians for the gears and the market will react and obviously there was a comic slowdown in the europe and in the world it was more gas produced in certain projects but. it's no in the news fission no additional capacity will show up and didn't major gas fields every wood in the world but there sure is going on the inevitability so if investments in upstate and means that it will not go up and it's a billions and billions of dollars seventy year. it will be a deficit says alexander medvedev the deputy chairman of the gas problem management committee and director general of the gas pump export spotlight will be back shortly after a break so stay with us. welcome
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markets. scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tuning in to cause a report on our. welcome back to spotlight i'm al going off in just a reminder that my guest in the studio today is that xander to me that is the deputy chairman of the gazprom management committee and director general of gas from exports most of it if there are attempts by some consumers like italy's edison spa to review their take or pay contracts with gazprom i know you're very proud of
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these concerts we've been talking about it in our previous interview and this studio well is guys probably ready to compromise with denison is there is there any risk that that more european consumers may follow as an example let's first of all every. side of the country actually delicious certain so the rights and obligations and the other was a basic rise from both sides is to call the price revision. on where you go to basis normally it's one thing see in five years and it's not just right you should prove that something serious happened in order to call for the price of evasion and in the history you ask to increase the prize because there was to prove that you could use a price and it was always normal laudable come initial negotiations prices heated seriously west in the context and inspired the fed as a rational guess was is and will stay competitive so the question of competitors of
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our customers arise and actually in the least those discuss them with all cs of subsidies and jerk vicious of the law but if it is also common susskind. was going call in the market that is a possible to accommodate the changes and were doing this is accommodation for example with who introduced it sort of the warden was treated differently a. competitor who was a long way said contracts where savings for the warriors. on the sport index in indexation but signal tenuously the different flexibility in this context as a result of the changes on the road so that i waited as presented in the press but the basic rule obligation was across the world eyes at the takes a guess or two plays a guess should not be cheated because then it will mean that it will be new brave world with unpredictable consequences true is this the per share from the european
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union gas promise diversifying its supply lines in mainly to china but as far as i understand you haven't hit reached an agreement on prices with the chinese partners everybody is waiting when when it where is that going to happen when are you going to agree on the price so popular web. road maps and haven't told my. chinese colleagues from c in peace even major gears of the oil company of china and in that what those with this roadmap commercial quarter should be signed the middle of next year and. looking back. with the positions that were from a go to substantially schuman sort of a commercial negotiation because we. signed the basic expanded basic terms and conditions it was not easy because inspire the people believe that the nation of this is easy product it's not so simple and conditions of delivery in
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gas. should be defined in many pottery with dozens of parameters in every corner of the fuchs and now it surely is only open each. certain parameters of the price for a price for the employees which was also not these two to negotiate but know that surely only a couple of parameters should be defined that is and this is tim could work and we will start construction of the pipeline to become the. it was the chinese spy plane system in order to expand your present thin air on the asian market in the east asian market gazprom is planning to boost the saleen three four and five projects and we know that well that shell is rated participated exactly in project can you name other companies are there other foreign partners that are ready to to invest into these projects. right in the reserves is
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a very attractive reserve and the world you work in very actively in key inskeep local sahal in the city project the results are very promise and. we in the frame of our agreements with foreign particles if we decide to invite foreign partners and colleagues in cycling to me to enrich to be says they have so. i am sure that i had to join subject to the competitiveness of the proposal and. where in preparation will know of whom are under which shall we sure will cover a long. broad area of corporation b. three in shell and guys from not only in russia but also outside russia because our principal didn't change and we were happy and open to invite foreign partners to develop our jobs that it is about subjects that in exchange will get
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access to the shah school us projects. somewhat in the world and i do hope and we do know that shell has good as it so which could be of interest for us and the four will find a solution which will be acceptable for us and eldest for them then this cooperation could have spread and could include also computers an incident. i know that you were interested i mean you personally were interested in the the in. you find natural gas projects but i read that that gazprom has has put aside the development of the arctic fields the stockman and the bovine cover field which will delay the liquefied projects why did it happen nothing mystical behind the we are awakened from the market the market doesn't that it was a war looms there is no need to in the west today and just performed the
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introduction of a boy and co for one the. respect of stock when we are still targets for the investment decisions on pipeline gas and all injury in next year so just two days ago it was a board of directors for store development. and we talk all the decision jointly with fringe in the region part though so. we are as assured such talk will move we will give us a splint in two souls and six to the best of injury in two thousand and seventeen if we will take final question decisions in due time ok i have a couple of quotes that may may sound pretty worrying for consumers well demand. for the fuel remains pretty low in europe but in the middle of this year you suggested that the european demand would return to the pre-crisis level no later that by the end of two thousand and thirteen that was couple months ago now in the
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ember last month you were already expecting the recovery of the pair market by two thousand and fourteen or at least two thousand and fifteen so you are reviewing your expectations why and should. consumers to be precise i was basing that on both the growth of the among. the well as between supply and demand. will be restored and that's a little bit different questions. and we'll read you see is a demand from a show gets in the europe on a british is growing but not everywhere in such countries like germany france the demand is already restored was a pretty close since level but the such count that is of. europe like keep the like bulgaria greece is really. the demand is far away from the previous ones of successful pre-crisis years and. it influences the
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offtake walloons on that of a quantity and also the new. supplies which were diverted from the united states to europe and created certain disabilities but you knew it was inevitable decline of production in the euro which is surely going with the accelerated rate. i gave you suppose a balance will be restored fully just two cells of fortune or fifty and above that you want is over it restoring closer quickly. we have reports that that is one of the biggest challenges for a shot as israel's used to sell its three and a half percent of your shares and the be the kind of bank is said to be the probable buyer but finance minister couldn't is quoted to say that he didn't consider this issue at all so can you confirm that the germans are really
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just sell and if so who would you like to see as a potential buyer whatever the shareholder has a right there's no tell you to buy but also to sell and if will analyze the economics of potential sell it will give a fortune to the e.u. on the regard because they bought the share of billion. expenses from a far far below and their decision to my mind is a reflection of the economy difficult just wish he were that aggressive face and long will you change and probably it's a reflection also somewhere was a mistake they wait but with the sort of the. we will have a new hole that was you on the regards was the biggest foreign show hold about the approximately twenty percent of our shares scions offense of different investment
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companies but i would share holders and it is a more diversified investment base as a bet for the company and but the liquidity. interest to the cheryl's so. the time will show whether the decision will feel that of course was good for them a lot and so so you do you do confirm that they're ready to sell but you don't have anybody who we you would prefer to prefer to borrow yeah i mean you don't you don't really care actually. what. investment was it was a solid base will come with will be good for us thank you thank you very much mr medvedev and just to remind you that my guest in the studio was alexander in that very of who is the deputy chairman of gas pramanik shipment committee and director general of gas prom pack sports and that's it for now from all of us here if you want to have your say on spotlight we have someone in mind you think i could interview next time you drop me a line at al gore in up at r.t. t.v.
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dot are you and let's keep spotlight interactive movie back with more faith and comment on what's going on and and outside russia until then stay and party and take care. of. it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of kolob sean. winters from. san antonio ways in trouble. the problem is you can involve in
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a community where you have one large corporation controlling the building newspaper radio stations television stations the cable outlets but you told me that that sounds like democracy public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues marching. evening it's. easy to. see.
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four thirty am in moscow good to have you with us here on our team using your headline prime minister putin pushing for closer ties between the e.u. and russia with an ultimate goal of a free trade zone during his visit to berlin. tried to port the german both to russia's big dose of the twenty eight hundred football world cup the prime minister also expressed confidence in the euro and said russia might form a joint currency zone one day. three crew members from the international space station return safely to earth after five and a half months in orbit through conduct and science research and perform maintenance activities during their stay aboard the u.s.s. one astronaut sent regular twitter updates and posted stunning pictures taken from the space station. and poland welcomes russia's recognition of the one nine hundred forty massacre after this.


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