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tv   [untitled]    November 27, 2010 12:30am-1:00am EST

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tolls and removing ground level crossings for trial drivers are angry at another suggestion which will see them driving at night. outside of moscow this week martin anders dives into some scented oriental culture right here in the russian capital. this interior designers of course are the style opens five years ago and from contemporary restaurants to various shops and exciting ott that's what we'll be exploring on this food's must go out program chinese culture in the russian capital
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. although thousands of kilometers from moscow people forget that russia's borders china the countries have had diplomatic and commercial relations for centuries and today this extends to russia's fascination with chinese traditions and designs. furniture from several manufacturers in china and it's all handmade good pieces made of solid wood inlaid with pearls and parastatals many chinese people who come to our shop i'm very impressed and they say it has been difficult for them to find such mazing furniture in their country and we have it here in the. dating back thousands of years chinese interior design is founded on the principles of energy simplicity and nature they strive to achieve surroundings characterized by tranquility and peace and from chinese lanterns to rich opulent fabrics and moscow stores like china style here will help you create such a rich and sort of look in your home in russia as a form of freedom of expression there's now a great need for different styles
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a sign of how diverse the tastes of muscovites becoming. one pausing to take a look at. this week's entertainment news. and a new show by the famous canadian entertainment company set to select has premiered in moscow it's the second time the international company of acrobats gymnasts clowns and other people must have come to the russian capital to sharon and coach meeting cortazar italian affairs the audience a spectacular performance of offensive parade to the iceberg clown the production is not only a wonderful show of tricks and stunts performed to live music but also aims to touch for the so fickle matches that have discovered kindness and wisdom within each spectator.
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in the popular band from norway a ha has presented a concert in the russian capital as part of that twenty ten world tool the live performance was one of the last chances to see the musicians on stage as they decided to retire at the end of the year films in the early ninety's eighty's has recorded dozens of international hits including take on may first have a not ules crying in the rain and many others too it's the audiences of all ages and nationalities enjoyed the concert. one of the best things about chinese culture is the food and there are dozens of chinese restaurants here in the russian capital like this one here the golden dragon. the golden dragon restaurant features five areas the chinese hold the imperial hold the sea hold the ip room and karaoke bar. restaurant is decorated with typical classic chinese items such as mats fans and figurines. it just feel
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like a faded underground venue but i think something about that brings charm beside the food he says had to be amazing here in the busy kitchen the chefs are working away today i've ordered the asian fusion dish of the sabi prawns. the golden dragon specializes in dishes of chinese and japanese cuisine the restaurant also cases of vegetarians and those with special diets and hey presto my food is ready and caviar very nice. to start because when i look and smell great we've got another tree of chopsticks fortunately i can use that. as a question to. wonderful chinese food in the us and capital for certain words disappointing.
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they're also more cash friendly places like the moment out chain of restaurants the value of his traditional dishes from the asian countries such as vegetable rolls in peace and dark and generous portions and fast service. if you're hungry for art then the state museum of oriental art is the place you should visit it's one of the largest museums representing the culture of the eastern countries and chinese art is part of its permanent collection exhibited in several schools the display features around twenty thousand items representing the country's artistic traditions in chronological order starting from as early as almost full thousand years ago. jolty imperato meaning you know emperor in russian is a clinic of alternative medicine combining the traditions of chinese theories which of thousands of years old but the latest developments top specialists from china
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work in the clinic and pharmacy the philosophy behind their approach is to treat the past and not just the disease research methods as acupuncture massages and treatments with plants and hubs are usually used as remedies. patient is examined by both russian and chinese. needed. medical history and treatments acupuncture suction cup therapy. and. stuff if it's not market chinese experience she wants to take a look at this next baby you just. had safety. located on the second floor. here russian history contrasts sharply with the restaurant's bright contemporary interior and it's the best chinese food in russian capital.
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so. we're going to do a fifty percent traditional chinese menu and fifty percent and we do traditional chinese food which. of different sources. like traditional chinese and then we. make everything else and you know. and what. capital i was. in. the russians. chinese food. i think it. chinese i think
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the flavors are a bit different. they used to. maybe blend. i mean from the soviet era. but i think. it's catching on also the flavors i mean we have to sweeten everything. for this for that we have a lot of spies. because russian. spy satellites we change it a little bit but you know it's traditional. i'm all about the. fly most of the stuff and twice a week we bring it from china thailand. all the. world brought in from abroad and what you think about living here in moscow i love living here you know. three years every day it's exciting every day something it's unpredictable you don't know what's going to happen in. the trying more of your
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chinese food in the future. coming in. the summer to sign a number of chinese tea houses have sprung up in the center of the capital at a cost few years the longest established. in the emma tosh. russia is one of the world's great teacher inclinations and in moscow today it was sold to tease can be found expensive exotic traditional and healthy once the beverage of chinese floral sedate with its spread across the world the methods of production and brewing have also undergone a sea change. and from tea sets to chinese lanterns the gift shop here has a range of exciting gifts. welcome to the club of chinese culture it opened six years ago and the value of that is more than four hundred the horizon's depending on its heart of the season the focus is on chinese traditions and relaxation and
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the average history can take two hours. of course every country has its own tradition that in china tea ceremonies at work of it as well as the ceremony is a chance to get in touch with the oriental culture of south. east their legs and to enjoy a niche with a wonderful taste. and there's no smoking drinking or mobile phones allowed inside here before. there are several special circumstances in which tea is prepared and consumed in china as a sign of respect for a family gathering to apologize and to connect large families on wedding days here with the club assistants were poor and splashed in and over turkey to cups generous with their time to explain the five stages of boiling cattle from i have crap to
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wind through pine trees sounds a little odd but all a part of the unique traditions and customs related to tea no wonder russians love it and as for me my daily grey now has serious competition there. yes. on a. side morning to absolutely. fortunately that's one time we have on this week's program on chinese culture in the same camp so i'll see you again at the same time next week then for me and there's the team of i.
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will come to the wisconsin t.v. experience with nobel prizes so people who are born fools voted for the knights templar until there were more massive structures to get microscopic make over and in tiny chip can take us a long way to feet of middle comes into focus. on technology update here. we've got the future covered. sweet and clean. salty and very useful. radioactive and dangerous. and even dead and
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desolate. fail to keep their unique secrets and their bottoms unique lakes on our team. the official. one pulled talk from the. video on demand. and streets in the palm of your. christian.
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household intolerance of crime crackdown in switzerland prepares for a referendum on whether to the for the cod committing serious crimes this comes after the murder of a local man who was beaten to death by a group from the balkans bloods told simply foreigners limited crimes such as murder rape out of the country. buying off more than you can shoot ga florence will bankruptcy as the government is plunged into debt partly due to a series of large scale drug charge to the taxpayer georgians want the president to focus on improving living conditions instead. it's all about the money and moscow seeks ways to spend the city out of traffic gridlock but not everyone is happy with the suggestion his plans include road why they told a moving ground level pedestrian crossing some of the truck drivers are angry at another suggestion which will see them driving at night. so they have line support
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next with kate. hello welcome to the sports news thank you for joining me and here are the headlines. seven final battle world number one rafael nadal is set to take on andy murray in the last for the world tour finals in logs and. while the science for the cowboys thanksgiving day in the n.f.l. by holding on to a thirteen twenty seven in dallas. and the long winding road to the roots of the next dakar rally one of the most grueling insurance races in the world has been officially unveiled. there we start with tennis where world number one rafael nadal has beaten thomas burdekin straight sets to line up the last four encounter with andy murray at the a.t.p. world tour finals in london the spaniard just needed to take
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a set off his czech opponent to ensure he went through that he managed to complete a seven six six one victory in the last group encounter set a semi final clash with to save money. on his place in the last four as he east boss prince david ferrer in straight sets and in doing so the fifth seed avoided having to rely on games and sets one in its own amount despite a murder start and some dips and concentration mari produced a blistering run at seven successive games to wrap up a sixty to sixty two against the state so you have to see the british number one bomber up in group b. because mind roger federer. i. just started to feel more comfortable once i managed to get back on serve you know i knew if i could keep playing on his service games a little bit of pressure on him and managed to strip search for him which was was
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because while earlier federer. maintained his one hundred percent record and secure a semi final spot with a straight sets win over robin so delaying the world number two made sure he qualified for the side that came to ponytail sions beat the sweet seven six six three. to basketball and tesco will be aiming to boost their flagging euro lee campaign and their acting coach dmitri settlin after they sacked their head coach disc over your shit on thursday the offer of each was relieved of his position following wednesday's seventy one sixty five defeat a no no offense tasted rooted to the bottom of the day having one more of their six matches so far this season while the victory for the italian side was their second is a campaign against a sky they rise to the table with a record of three wins and three losses the army man will now need a major turnaround to make it into the top sixteen before the president said pushing for some sympathy for the sacked coach i. wish i would have given the coach
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another chance and who waited until all the key players were back in the scored lots of em i sidelined due to injury i'd like to see the combinations he would have used to hear ted all the players issues disposal but unfortunately we don't have any time in the euro league and we can't wait and the cops owners must do something today not tomorrow and they've done that. moving to america now or drew brees and the jury in saints held on for a thirty twenty seven victory at the dallas cowboys in one of three n.f.l. games on thanksgiving day the signs were already ahead in the first creature before christopher and i this section touchdown run extended their lead to seventy two nil sacks that is it is almost squandered that time to get advantage as dallas close to them three points with six minutes to go took the lead for the first time with the wrong god touchdown launched a running back shot choice he made it twenty seven twenty three to the cowboys but
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two passes by drew brees later and remains were a twelve yard line connected with blocks where over the middle to make thirty twenty seven to the saints the cowboys did have a chance to win the game with a field goal in the final twenty five seconds they give them this fifty nine yards victory went to new orleans. and another game so new and new england were away winners as detroit between the lines forty five twenty four in new york jets were too good to cincinnati they defeated the bengals twenty six ten. leaving out to english football now i matched united could go top of the english premier league at least for twenty four hours if they went home to blackburn in one of eight matches on saturday so i expect it's inside on the second and only on goal difference behind chelsea new cost on sunday meanwhile if united fail to take three points they could be leapfrogged by all snow who also go top if they win it aston villa in the early kick off in form bolton her face close to local dobby with black top
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everton welcome sliding west brom saw them take on batting in fourth place match to city face a tricky game at stoke rock bottom west ham play third bottom wigan in a real basement battle last second bottom wolves face sunderland. while on sunday as we said league leaders chelsea will go to newcastle in the first of two matches and then talk known are getting ready to host. if a call in wednesday's impressive three no went over to brave an insurance qualify for the last sixteen of the champions me however success in the domestic league remains top manager harry redknapp priority. so it's going to be our main focus should we want to get. you know we're going to forego joe that's really what we're looking for you know the only other well which is to win the champions league which is very very very difficult. for sure but. we go from. there is every focus.
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while sunday is also the final day of the season in the russian crimea league where an exciting finale is in store as a still won european spot in the four way battle to avoid relegation also to be decided eleventh place tell it could go down there it's extremely unlikely they have already relegated sabir second bottom line your only illicitly must win assassin this place is not wanted moscow need a points to secure the final you right click spot as they take on retained tom versus rust off cannot affect either europe all relegation but much rest. against and she spots can snatch the final you rightly place with a victory and loss wanted news however for the bottom and she are aiming for victory to avoid the drop spartak moscow already in the right play coach's rivals to now live for a capital darby champions in it well yes the better off who also need
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a win to ensure their safe. must do the same attempts to scout. now the reach of the thirty second dakar rally an event widely recognized as one of the most grueling insurance races in the world has been officially unveiled in france the route to take the competitors to the extreme northern regions of argentina and chile and to the borders of bolivia and peru. heading back towards the argentinean capital the rich consists of nine thousand kilometers of roads trucks and jeans was planned for the idea of saving the more difficult stages for the second half of the event to build up the suspense really start something as a day and will finish and generate the sixteenth more than four hundred vehicles are expected to line up at the stars which has seen a steep increase in participation figures as the directive of the twenty nine eleven was explained to me we are trying to look at people coming from the contingent of south america we have more and more people who are judging and people actually in people who come for the first time as an exhibition and each
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a pleasure and we are very proud of that because that means your interest of the competition of the deck out in the. just you cut your interest over to the ice now and in the kontinental hockey league some about you lions have gone forth in the eastern conference after beating sabera way strain ill it's not because man to be killed off the game in the opening six minutes after scoring three quick goals while ditches remain rock bottom after they lost for one to atlanta in the moscow region dobby other games on friday saw two penalty shootout victories but a collective thanks to the pay that five four in one is not good up and said a spouts off scots in petersburg three to come highlights. meanwhile deny moscow the leapfrog metal led by mr gorst at the top of the standings after the muscovite side beat city rivals taste guthrie two on thursday the fact has a lady tells you. it's very different first half of the regular season for this moscow sides will do no more fighting for the top spot in the league to score
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struggling to me the playoffs and on paper at least the blue whites look toward for a very soon these died and they started to prove their highly position whop way for the first period and thank you we're going to get that look for you now after eleven minutes of wait their first choice goalkeeper michael garnett was having a birthday and was arrested but he was pleased to see. he still made the nice call credit of doubling dinars lead in the twenty eight minutes in the blue and wide seem to have put the match beyond doubt for me this later on when the nice topic a made a tree nailed break in for the opposition's the fans that's a scar weren't finished and reply just one minute later was a nice effort from dishes lawful learned the army man went all out in a tag indifferent period and card to get to one goal was twelve minutes remaining yet afraid of the score on the powerplay and he sighed and went on searching for an equaliser but failed to grade any major friends as garnett received the best of
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presents from he same mates at victory. we can't talk on situation after the third goal but we committed some files and c s call made us pay but still they feel great to win and we're happy to be the league leaders. for you to do now was the final score there and the moscow vides remain in contention to eat their regular season but it must be our t.v. . and that's all sports news for this bill isn't bison.
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wealthy british style.
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markets finance scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our team. the closer team to speak to the tom speech where rich academic life gives birth to innovative ideas. now archie goes to the area which together with boosting industrial development. offers to make a journey into russia's history. and to enjoy firsts and vivid cultural life. welcome to the parent region in russia close up on our cheap.
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and those are intolerant of crime crackdown switzerland prepares for a referendum on whether to for they were in skopje committing serious crimes. biting off more than you can shoot georgia flirts with bankruptcy as the government has plunged into debt partly due to severe is a large steel vanity project charged to the taxpayer. and it's all about the money in moscow as the mayor seeks ways to spend the city out of traffic gridlock but not everyone is happy with the suggestions. here with r.t. coming to live from moscow marina joshie so was there one could soon kick out any immigrants caught committing serious crimes including everything from break to drug dealing the ideas being put to public vote in a country with one of europe's largest immigration population.


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