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tv   [untitled]    November 29, 2010 2:30am-2:59am EST

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these nights people lived in fear of occupation and were preparing for the desperate defense. but those took a heavy toll. so we don't let me switch to the offensive. was the first near defeat of the wehrmacht which. battle for most go on or keep. up with look at the top stories here in our team u.s. embassies are trying to limit the damage after details of thousands of frank and damning diplomatic cables are published many critical of even close allies among the revelations the suggestion of the state department knew georgia was planning an attack on silva city before it happened in two thousand and eight. presidents of mumbai's slums refused to leave their homes to make way for much needed care for
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expense people there say the government has to make it worth their while to move. and china proposes an emergency meeting of the six nations involved in north korea disarmament talks in a bid to ins tensions on the peninsula this fall is north korea warning of predictable consequences if the south and the west continue their military exercises near the disputed maritime border. nato has announced its plans to pull most of the one hundred fifty thousand coalition troops out of gamma stand within four years but some believe afghan forces may not be ready to defend the country by then r.t. discussed that was agone foreign minister doctors a lawyer sued his interview is up next.
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afghan foreign minister so let us all thank you very much for being with us today my pleasure this is a foreign minister when soviet forces withdrew from afghanistan you have been publishing a resistance journal for eighteen years what did you and your compatriots expect for your country's future back then as usual afghanistan wanted to be free independent and sovereign country to be friendly with its neighbors region and have his own destinies that are on her and that's something that you wanted and that's something that afghans always will how would you describe the state of your nation as of today afghan people have been at war for the last thirty years since nine eleven two cards and one when international community came to afghanistan to liberate afghanistan from defeat of the taliban. afghanistan is fierce internment is trying just to rebuild that south because for thirty years the war the country which solidly was a poor country has been completely destroyed so the challenge is rebuilding the
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country giving the normal life toward people are our children go to school to have a health care target you cation. that is what you're trying to do now with all our friends british defense chief general sir david richards set that nato should prepare for another thirty forty years to stay in afghanistan which makes a mockery of their plans transition in two thousand and fourteen why do you think major change that strategy and do you think that strategy defeating the tribal opposition was right in the first place number one it's not a tribal position it is a fight against terrorism and extremism and a tribal chief in the tribal people of the first victim of the terrorism which are being killed or to. the date of two thousand and fourteen african proposed by president karzai is the first in a good deal of speech in the second term said that afghanistan should take the
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responsibility of its own security starting by two thousand and eleven and if an issue by two thousand and fourteen that's has been proposed and i dropped it in london and kabul conference by international community and that's been concretized and did during this had that summit in lisbon that's a real things that afghanistan should be in the hands of afghans and the security afghanistan is the responsibility of the afghans so starting by two thousand and eleven and finishing by two thousand and fourteen the afghan national security forces will be in charge of security of canada and the remaining force of international community need to or not that will be supporting force not a fighting force how is the russian effort to help their russian effort to what they help the war effort perceived in kabul i think russia is a great country great power in the world is a great partner of afghanistan in the region and we seek the support and
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cooperation of russia for peace and security in afghanistan because the security in afghanistan the stability of afghanistan is not only for afghanistan it took effect to stability and security of the region including russia was so wonderful our product involved foreign policy in the fight against terrorism and extremism and stability of afghanistan in the region is a region of cooperation because the fight against terrorism and extremism is not only individual afghanistan it is a regional issue so if you cannot find a solution the additional solution for it will be in deep trouble because that will continue and take longer time is nato presence threatening your internal security in relations to your immediate neighbors we have been working since day one to assure assure our neighbors that the presence of need to. allied force in afghanistan is for security and stability in afghanistan for the fight against terrorism and extremism is not directed against any other country and so far you
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have kept it reassuring gordon it would be neat to have your regional cooperation as i mentioned to to defeat terrorism extremism the couple has very good relations with washington and with tehran just like russia is your government in a position to mediate between obama and ahmadinejad's perspective administrations and maybe are you afraid of the repeat of the iraqi scenario when a war is waged just to satisfy a american demands iran is a great country you nucleate neighbor of kindness done with whom we have a long historical delusion and you are seeking and having good delusion reviewed on united states software like afghanistan which are fighting terrorism and helping afghanistan a lot we see it pitted relation between you dani the united states to benefit off afghanistan and the benefit of the region by the same time we don't want to pay the price of the problem but you don't do it sir you told the un general assembly and i
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quote you to complement our efforts towards eliminating poppy production who wish to see greater action to counter smuggling of precursors into our country and to reduce demand and consumption of drugs in other countries as of today over two and a half million russians are addicted to afghan heroin this is where mr why has your administration and your allies failed to tackle the poppy production first of all the poppy production in afghanistan have to result of thirty years of war and lawlessness and despair of the afghan people who do new tomorrow he's going to be a life or not you know security for their future. secondly when you came to our back to afghanistan in two thousand and eleven to two thousand and one two thousand and two don't have any institution to fight it no police no judicial system no army and in that will take time before you can put. in place but the fight against not quantic is also one of the priority of afghanistan because afghanistan will be a first for us suffer first before you die that will suffer from it and you're not
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taking the benefit of that because the many produced by traffickers will go outside afghanistan and not stay in afghanistan so definitely it is a it is a major fight. to get. this right cannot be done by afghanistan alone we need support of international community we need the support of the regions by force from the floor by us mentioned a precursor which are not produced in afghanistan is pretty outside afghanistan came inside afghanistan we will do our job to diffuse and eliminate poppy cultivation afghanistan but also a war in the region should do did it feel to reduce the demand because because because the demand the production of poppy so it's a common foot money for reducing the cultivation giving too far but of afghanistan the alternative which they will accept to grow something poppy to the far lesser
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cultivate poppy have any viable alternative in the region of afghanistan which are under control of the afghan government which have been able to have been able to give a tentative yes that has not has been very positive. into the important problems of afghanistan which has been traditionally poppy good hard in the south and east and by the north when some project has been delivered a project. culture the production of culture of what we're going to do significantly. why are there area which. did as in security in your not in full control of course the production has been increased so more and more the security will come and do syria and more and more the african government will become in control listen this is going to be popular according to experience that we have and other part of afghanistan mr foreign minister the outside world gets an impression that you and your government colleagues are only save with
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a couple called pounds and unable to travel across your own country isn't this send a signal to taliban that there may be a winning. i don't know what's the impression of the outside world i'm inside afghanistan i traveled practically all programs this myself and we are appointing all the governor source of district chief or self small pockets of course of afghanistan are still not under the control of the afghan government but the majority of afghanistan is rude and controlled by the central government there for a kind of time i think that's a perception which we do not share with them sir his forces have been accused of building black prisons in your countries where your citizens have been illegally detained and tortured or curb the widely documented military excesses against your countrymen and your issue of prisoners been issue an issue that has created tension between united states and afghanistan there are two three issues that has created tension because the issue of detainees the shoe of civilian casualties addition to
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the issue of the nitrates in the house does he shoot has been discussed very frank and friendly manner i think we are in the right part to solve soon in the beginning of two thousand and twelve afghanistan will be charged off between these all over afghanistan at the beginning of this of this. taking charge of to tunis and we are working with our allies to reduce the minimum of any need. the syrian card you wrote also issues of the should be done by afghan national security forces more and more afghan forces will be charged up to come but less than this would be this kind of problems elections have also been a lot in the news lately two actions have taken place since the nato led invasion both sat fraudulent with the rigging with results published only two months after the poll what do you say to those who claim when you and your allies are planning
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an unsustainable political system afghanistan a democratic system afghanistan after thirty years of war. and lawlessness no government practically would different kind of government has now system to democratic process is taking roots but you know you cannot make democracy in one day in your country especially in a country that had been at war for fifty years so i think that there are probably going to be problems and i think the problem on election is not only in a specific on afghanistan lot of countries even more developed countries have had has had problem and dedication but the process is going on and people. believing in democracy that's the reason people are complaining millions of people anybody difficult condition of security when to vote a lot of women for the first time in afghanistan or will know in the election to be
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men a lot of priests dear good news with afghanistan but afghanistan cannot be so it's a long lost in nine years mr foreign minister thank you very much for this interview and i wish you and your people every success in achieving peace and democracy in your country. issues that so much. even if it will be too big to fail expression if you're wealthy governments around the world rich power for them the worst of the recession is probably all. good some are. excellent professional. good looks rather going to budge possessing an extra ordinary car. the doctor who helped many people in his country.
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the political criminal responsible for thousands of deaths. was it not. to repent. or just escape a fair trial. the other life. on our team. the closer team has been to the tomes college where rich academic life gives birth to innovative ideas. now largely goes to the area which together with boosting industrial development. offers to make a journey into russia's history. and to enjoy birds and vivid cultural life. welcome to the pair and region in russia close up on our cheap.
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the official delegation. from the. video on demand. an omission streatch the palm of your. machine. if you as our listeners are trying to limit the damage after details of thousands of frank and damning diplomatic cables are published magnetically will close allies among the revelations is a suggestion the state department knew georgia was planning an attack on south the city of before it happened in two thousand and eight. presidents of mumbai's slums refused to leave their homes to make way for much needed airport expansion people embarrassing the government has to make it worth their while to move. china poses an emergency meeting of the six nations involved in north korea disarmament tutus
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tensions on the peninsula the spalls north korea warning of unpredictable consequences if the south and the u.s. continue their military exercises near the disputed maritime border. north sea is now exceeding its here with us in the studio and that's it for another year in the russian premier league but said all thirty games are done and we'll have a look at the end of the marina and just a tick. thanks for joining us this is sports today i mean these are headlines. and games the russian premier league season concludes with joyous scenes for already calling champions delete some pictures for. the game that has it all expect fireworks up a new camp tonight to simmer a new purse for his first el classico experience as real madrid.
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rodgers from the biggest rival ring club football to the biggest one in tennis that's left one swiss in particular. this. morning in just a minute but let's start with football where it's goodbye to the russian premier league for another year the twenty ten season wrapping up with sydney celebrating the title vi or in some weeks buck made a whole host of crucial games and round thirty nine there was just this single europa league place up for grabs and when the weight of. the real women joining city rival spartak in europe's second great club competition following on goalless draw against third seeded rubin that meant they ended up in fifth because on men themselves had already sealed the final champions league spot. at the other end of it was the law here in white who finished up in the second relegation spot
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alongside longtime bottom dweller sabir the so i fit were one of five squads who could have possibly done on one thought so turn and sealed their fate caucuses teams to wreck. car perm the sides living to fight another season in russia's top division. not the most ideal of can dish ins up and some petersburg but the did. seemed to affect the home fans who are left to see their second domestic and four years. of minimum importance as the old blues had already secured the title weeks ago a pretty flat game all in all ending up nil nil that will do for the need to monitor let's see who demonstrated the baltic sea breeze wasnt a boy to spoil his fun victorious italian his team now able to reflect on the season in which they lead the table for a full twenty one weeks in
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a row finishing half a dozen points ahead of nearest challengers c.s.k. moscow. of the. great scenes there are asking themselves are held to a scoreless draw we are one of six ties on this day another one was in the. least getting on the scoresheet. and. moving. struggles are continuing the. way to newcastle to end the weekend two points adrift of new frontrunner manchester united on the coral getting things rolling for the price six minutes in. kowloon equalized to salvage points for. chelsea have not won just one of their previous five premier league matches the
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second clash of the day saw the fifth come from behind win at home to liverpool are in with the winner after martin. and. the biggest club football gets underway later today barcelona madrid set to do battle of the new camp in what will be just hammering us first game in charge. against consider the figures for a moment a mind boggling one. billion dollars worth of players twelve european cups fifty one domestic titles and you've got barcelona versus real five hundred million people are expected to tune in for a game involving spain's top two just a point separates that. their second place rivals marino will be well aware barcelona have won the last four el paso's not to mention the last two primarily crowd though the portuguese is preaching that it's just another much boxing.
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i don't care. i don't want my team to be affected in its attitude confidence or self esteem for having won or lost this game i'm absolutely relaxed and after the game i will still be absolutely relaxed of course depending on the result but it will not change much. as that gives you a whole lot of ever since i was a child and when i was a player rio have been a very good t.v. a very tough team in every sense with great players i'm coaching is it always has been told these will be grand well i know there are ten a season has officially wrapped up with a familiar face lift in the year ending a.t.p. world tour finals trophy roger federer becoming only the third player in history to win the tournament five times beating arch rival rafael nadal for out its weakness their twenty nine year old going on the feat in the event which brought together
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the world's top eight ranked peers watching the swiss maestro objects on masterpiece opening set to six. the spaniards probably give it his best in the second to take it six three becoming the only player to win a set against federer in london. but the fed express just didn't run out of steam closing out the six three three six six one win even leno pete sampras the only players that also won five seasons and. i. played my best tennis at the very beginning at the very end so kind of feels good go on vacation this way play great all week although five matches against top ten players it's a wonderful feeling special as a being in the finals is extra special and came out and played great. a big game over the weekend in the continental hockey league with former n.h.l. check stars jaromir dominic hushing going head to head. to top off reports that
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love that mightn't have been in the air for those two but it was for another couple . all eyes were on the encounter between sport extremely cautious and jaromir younger from a one judge to check superstars facing each other for the second time on russian ice and dominate or was out for revenge after their first meeting ended up in dog or space meanwhile the hopes for moans to camilla lead just three minutes in and broke hotshots hope of a shot out with a powerful slapshot on the powerplay the home side levelled things up just two minutes later stephanie was the first of their bones and send the pot bust career armor with a three strike who could recreate shutouts in his last two games however thirty seconds before the intermission the thirty eight year old olympic champion yagur found himself a marked and managed to deflect the port bust his compatriot at the all that gave him plenty of satisfaction and the visitors
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a two one lead at the end of the first period however it wasn't only about hockey in the intermission a newlywed couple decided to celebrate their marriage at the game and got to rep tourists reception from sport x. president and a sellout crowd the role it was my idea as i'm a big fan of sparta from my wife fully supported me so i would say that our joint efforts let us through challenging imagine and for sure it won't be a memorable moment for both of us well at least some of spartak fans left the game happy in the second the red in words had a chance to equalise but our guards netminder was in top form between the pipes and a few minutes later the visitors increase daily shredding his second after slamming the short bus parks goaltender again on the powerplay to make it three one. of anger at the would give the moscow side a great opportunity to get back into the game sparta had a five on three advantage four minutes and a half but were unable to pull
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a goal back. or the three through a. third period will be. well for them. or if you can score five on three you can win the game. and later the back to. the home the from the dominating as me through sherman made it through one and that was to be the chick legends final contribution as his head coach of the forty five year old of it was in our best game it was in my escape it's very disappointing. of managed to pull one back for sport uk despite being short handed but imo going in to grow and grow but that was as good as it got as among the later goal to cruise to five to victory. it was a very tight game despite the score we had a tough road trip and we were very glad we won every game on our travels i'm going to increase their winning streak to six games in
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a room and are now second in the eastern conference as for sport to lose continues and they will need to get their act together soon if they want to make the playoffs his name popped up on our t.v. . just about everything in that game well let's move to golf or martin kaymer has become europe's youngest number one for two decades after topping the money list to divide world championships it was though robert karlsson who won the emirates event a great showing from the suite on the final day of the season ending tournaments karlsson carting a five under sixty seven on sunday to finish level with overnight leader in poulter before beating the second playoff hole here earlier kaymer had finished a competition level with graeme mcdowell in which was enough to see off the irishman in the race to dubai events the twenty five year old p.g.a. championship winner adding a cool one point five million u.s. dollars to his bank account. and finally the ravens out once again held on their
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fourth in the n.f.l. the visiting buccaneers raid on baltimore falling short the home team. and yet to be beaten up their stadium this year and the ravens doing most of the damage in this second quarter scoring two touchdowns in a three minute span tight end top gaining a step on the defender here with two flacco finding him to make it ten three home siders then are being to their lead before the big brick flacco derek mason on the same page this time around. their thirty six year old veteran putting his team seventeen three up with this the books did rally in the fourth just freeman connecting with kellen winslow the second with three minutes to go to little though the ravens take it seventeen to ten. it's fellow a.f.c. north leaders pittsburgh next time are for those ravens the steelers holding onto their jointly by a threat against buffalo rashard mendenhall on pittsburgh controlling the game in
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the first half but the second well it's a different story fred jackson making the most of the short pass from harvard alumni ryan fitz patrick to cut the lead back to thirty seven a bottle of the kickers in suits with the bills forcing overtime tied at sixteen show on. fourth field most of the visitors though as pittsburgh a staple nineteen to sixty. knots all your sport in the world weather is coming around just around the corner. for the full we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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