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tv   [untitled]    November 29, 2010 10:00pm-10:29pm EST

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good voice ceased to face with the news makers. embarrassment for the u.s. state department thousands of classified diplomatic files have been released by the whistle blowing web site wiki leaks i'll be back with more from washington the moment. under suspicion in tehran accuses western governments and israel of plotting the assassination of iranian nuclear scientists. and china calling for an emergency meeting of the six nations involved in north korea disarmament talks as tension rises on the korean peninsula. six am in moscow i met good to be with you here on r t our top story unflattering assessments of world leaders by u.s. diplomats and spying on the u.n.
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secretary general it's among the information that anyone now has access to after classified documents from u.s. embassies across the globe were revealed by online whistleblower wiki leaks our correspondent guy in a cheeky on has more from washington. those files exposed definitely exposed diplomatic information never meant for public eyes but experts say most of those documents are nothing new for the international diplomatic community most employers are kind of aware of the u.s. attitudes take a listen we know pretty much more of the united states thinks of being leaders of the village events and for us to seize the very same thing would be simply to see in print on official documents some experts are saying what's really embarrassing is not the fact that the u.s. has secrets but that it's no longer able to keep those secrets also the reason the release shows not so much some huge secret facts but rather the level of correspondence among u.s. diplomats which which some described as similar to high school kids chat the u.s.
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embassy in paris for example described the french president as as a naked emperor things skinned and off or the german chancellor angela merkel who had mentioned as angola teflon merkel whatever that means or among other things the u.s. embassy in moscow described pres the mid of it as playing robin to putin's batman you find a lot of nicknames in those files actually that would be an amazing great if it were not so diplomatically embarrassing there are lots of versions on who would want all that secret secret diplomatic correspondence revealed as someone did dad still not clear who one of those were versions is that the leaks were used to undermine obama take a listen as i understand the ministration is supposed to pay the bills or of the last administration because of the documents of great dated back to the year two thousand and four two thousand and five so i personally have a friend in the know this is ongoing an attack on president obama which started not
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today and which aims. to allow him to be reelected many were quick to dub it as a diplomatic crisis for the u.s. not just because of the fact revealed in those files but most. most of all but first of all because of the revelation itself how is that possible right the secretive u.s. state department allowed this to happen how weak their protection system must be if more than two hundred fifty thousand classifiable files managed to pour out and second of all home vera saying and often undiplomatic those cables are actual actually were some are saying the leaks could be an inside job by some disillusion and or discourage the us government workers. these leaks would never have happened if not for the number of inside just who are ready to leak this information it looks like it's linked to the wars in iraq and afghanistan when officers and they're looking for a not exactly fair business and this moral decay inside the pentagon pools these leaks the main thing this leak has done is break delusion that the state department
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has everything under control they have been exposed mechanisms not secret but quite simple and cynical public news of the us will be more careful now it's another sign that the us is no longer dominating the world as we remember earlier this year wiki leaks released thousands of secret documents on u.s. actions in afghanistan and iraq they showed civilians killed by american forces though this was just another huge batch of classified files leaked by the whistle blowing web site the wiki leaks are definitely causing a lot of american and for the obama administration they're trying to sort of play this down in obama's case just to just think more he walked out on a reporter who asked about the way we came legs earlier today secretary of state hillary clinton is now doing all the damage control work sort of sort of here's what she said i want to make clear that our official foreign policy is not set through these messages but here in washington our policy is
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a matter of public record as reflected in our statements and our actions around the world mrs clinton as we know is now on her way to central asia wanting get some awkward moments are awaiting her there because of us they pull. it's opinions on a whole variety of of issues in the way john available to everyone now nevertheless many countries that were mentioned in those files were kind of restraint in their comments including russia because. it was fun to read sure but in actual policies we prefer to base our decisions on our partner's concrete actions we're going to practice this approach in the future meanwhile obama ordered to tie can measures to safeguard classified information but we can expect them assist to reveal more i haven't heard an opinion here that maybe we can leave the you eyes diplomacy a favor that would make them work better and maybe watch what they're saying behind the backs of their allies eban director of the trends research institute gerald
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celente says the leaks show the us government's shortcomings. well it's just another example of how inept the united states government is it's just another level whether it's losing wars in iraq or afghanistan whether it's insane policy that they call at the t.s.a. to grow people feel about this they're going. whether it's failed health care or how about this for a failed to economic policy everything that we're watching. they turn to religion and this is just merely another example of their levels of the consciousness we the people should have the right to this information they want a transparent government let's have it you know we should have every right to this information this is it shouldn't be hidden information what is this coming from a higher law not make it public let's let everyone know what's going on this is the
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diplomatic top this is the bulls and then we have to raise the monsters and i don't want to call them a terrorist so no they're going to try to stop it every way they can but you know it's very difficult to say where it's going to go earlier my colleague bill dodd spoke to former intelligence officer and analyst glenmore trenor harvey he says technology has helped tripped up the intelligence community. what you choose is how the whole intelligence community has become over reliant on technology i mean the idea of something called net. net the secret internet protocol and the idea was for an exchange of information you know after nine eleven where the intelligence services were sharing their information together that what has happened that whereas maybe forty thousand people within the intelligence community would have axes suddenly bizarrely diplomats military people and indeed
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intelligence people there's over two million people stewart so what is extraordinary we haven't had leaks like this before and does that mean in effect that we could exist done in the us a favor here where i just noticed that right now the u.s. the white house has said it will be tightening security after all in a sense not in favor in some way it talk about stable doors closing off to the whole so that this is a dreadful day and it's hugely embarrassing. now the debate over the approval of a key arms reduction treaty with russia is heating up washington democratic senator john kerry is calling for the new strategic arms reduction treaty to be ratified before a newly elected republican controlled senate is able to block it next year new start is quite simply a commonsense agreement to control the world's most dangerous weapons and have stability between the two countries to countries that possess over ninety
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percent of them just think of the statement it makes. to those countries contemplating where around may be going when the countries that possess ninety percent of these weapons begin to dismantle more weapons and provide intrusive verification steps between us for how we will both behave what an important statement this motion millman of time with respect to a rainy and behavior with respect to north korean behavior and what a completely opposite irresponsible decision it would be if the united states senate just got bogged down in politics and walked away from this moment unwilling to make the kind of decision that offers the kind of leadership that the world and i think certainly the american people expect us to make the treaty signed in
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prague last april by russian and american presidents would see each nation's nuclear arsenal cut by about thirty percent the agreement tops obama's foreign policy but still needs to be ratified by the u.s. senate republicans are trying to stall the process saying they need to be sure that the u.s. nuclear arsenal will be modernized and that the treaty will not hamper u.s. missile defense efforts. investigative journalist wayne madsen says it's up to president obama to get the treaty approved or it may be mired in a senate with greater republican numbers. unfortunately if we don't pass a start treaty in this congress it's going to be thrown into a senate where the republicans are going to have an increase majority people like senator john kyl and senator john mccain both from arizona will have a lot of influence and less so people like senator lugar who's been forcefully arguing he's a republican of course he's been forcefully arguing for the republicans to do the
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right thing if he can persuade enough republicans and maybe some of the outgoing republican senators to get on board maybe we could see passage but this is going to take some. some monumental statesmanship not only on the part of president obama but on the part of the democratic and republican leaders in the senate who are not trying to sabotage the start treaty with the with russia i think we're going to have to wait and see it's really incumbent i think on president obama to use his bully pulpit being the president of the united states to to really force this issue and tell these recalcitrant republicans why this is important for the united states has some severe financial economic problems right now and to reduce nuclear weapons i think would in the long run be one
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issue that the president doesn't have to be really concerned with when he has many other issues he needs to be concerned with not not a new nuclear arms race certainly a bummer you know why more on this and all the stories we're covering twenty four hours a day at our team dot com here are some of the stories that are just a click away. discovering the secrets of the deep could be much easier in the future thanks to a russian inventor as pedal powered mission. and don't mess with this young sumo wrestler the girl who is tough enough to train with the. a senior iranian nuclear scientist has been killed another wounded in two separate bomb attacks in tehran the wives of the physicists have also been injured the attacks were reportedly carried out by met on motorcycles who attach bombs to the
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cars the surviving scientist is named in the united nations resolution as being involved with iran's suspected nuclear weapons program the iranian government blames israel and united states for the incident journalist and broadcaster kian mokhtari tells r t from tehran that it was an attempt to hamper the country's nuclear program from abroad. if you live in iran it's a very peaceful place and nothing much of a happens when these kind of actions are carried out it is generally from rule it and it's carried out with that coordination with their planning and their agents who might have been able to get in the country which in this case they have and countries that are interested and now using iran's nuclear program to broadcast. to the world and they're also known for their terrorist activities and proxy terrorist organizations in the middle east so i can take spanning more on that they're all interested parties and i think the world already knows who they are iran's nuclear
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program is very extensive entirely peaceful now why would they want to contravene efforts to get on i have no idea they react as they used to make medicine they used to generate electricity the light water reactor is they conned be any deviations keeping iran on their death is one of the main main objectives such actions. reports suggest china is planning to send a top foreign affairs diplomat to north korea as part of attempts to ease tensions on the peninsula beijing wants an emergency meeting of the six nations involved in north korea disarmament talks south korea says it's not interested formally resuming talks on the subject tensions have been stoked by the u.s. and south korea holding a four day joint military exercise in the yellow sea near the disputed maritime border has reportedly put its surface to surface missiles on alert this comes just days after the north claiming it was provoked fired artillery on an island belonging to the south killing for professor ruediger frog of vienna university
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says the war games are potentially explosive move when dealing with a volatile state like north korea. well the south korean president lee myung bak finds himself between a rock and a hard place on one hand if you does nothing he will lose credibility at home and abroad if you overreacts he will risk a major confrontation and maybe disastrous consequences for his own people so after the sinking of the challenge in march however it seems that he doesn't feel like sitting still this time so he's walking a very tight rope between showing force strength and actually confrontation well having military drills in a disputed area and knowing that north korea is ready to go very far in its response is indeed questionable on the other hand we also have to be sure that such drills have been going on for many many years obviously the united states wants to
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show support to its major ally this is a signal to seoul it's a signal to to kill it's also signal to pyongyang and of course also to beijing in many ways it's a risky step playing with fire in a room full of gunpowder is never a good idea even if one side has the moral and legal rights to actually do so. taking a look now at some other stories making headlines across the globe in egypt people have taken to the streets of the capital protesting the results of sunday's election demonstrators claim the ruling party rigged the ballot and chanted slogans the opposition says the ruling party wants to control the parliament to pick a successor to the current leader hosni mubarak who's been in office for almost three decades the presidential election will happen next year. and a series of protests have also taken place in haiti in the wake of sunday's election while the government declared the ballot a success most candidates are calling for the results to be canceled due to fraud
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many candidates are also accusing the outgoing president of rigging the vote the quake devastated country is still fighting a growing cholera epidemic which is so far claimed more than a thousand lives. three suspected islamic militants have been killed in a special forces operation in southern kyrgyzstan another suspect blew himself up during the clash and one fear of his soldier was injured the militants from an islamic movement are believed to have planned attacks in the country after this year's violent clashes between ethnic kyrgyz is and whose backs the situation there remains tense. and nato has announced its plans to withdraw most of the hundred fifty thousand coalition troops from within from afghanistan within four years but some believe afghan forces may not be ready to take hold in the country are to discuss that with afghan foreign minister dr zalmai rassoul that interview coming up next.
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afghan foreign minister is on let us all thank you very much for being with us today our pleasure as a foreign minister when soviet forces withdrew from afghanistan you have been publishing air resistance journal for eighteen years what did you and your
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compatriots expect for your country's future back then as usual afghanistan wanted to be free independent and sovereign country to be friendly with his neighbors good region and have his own destinies that are on her and that something that you want it and that's something that afghans always will how would you describe the state of your nation as of today afghan people have been at war for the last thirty years since nine eleven two cards and one when international community came to afghanistan to liberate afghanistan from different after taliban. afghanistan is facing tremendous challenges to. the because for thirty years of the war the country which solidly was a poor country has been completely destroyed so the challenges the hard rebuilding the country. giving the normal life toward people how our children go to school to have a health care target you cation. that is what you're trying to do now
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who are or friends british defense chief general sir david richards set that nato should prepare for another thirty forty years to stay in afghanistan which makes and mockery of their plans transition in two thousand and fourteen why do you think need to change its strategy and do you think that strategy defeating the tribal opposition was right in the first place number one it's not a tribal position it is a fight against terrorism and extremism and the tribal chief in the tribal people of the first victim of to have been killed or to. date of two thousand and fourteen afghan proposal president karzai is a first degree speech in the second term signal afghanistan should take the responsibility of its own security starting by two thousand and eleven and if an issue by two thousand and fourteen that's been proposed and i dropped it in london and kabul conference by international community and that's been concretized and had
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that summit in lisbon that's a real things that afghanistan should be in the hands of afghans and the security of afghanistan is the responsibility of the afghans so starting by two thousand and eleven and finishing by two thousand and fourteen the afghan national security forces will be in charge of security. and the remaining force of international community need to or not that will be supporting force not a fighting force how is the russian effort to help the russian effort to what to help the war effort perceived in kabul i think russia is a great country great power in the world is a great partner of afghanistan in the region and we seek the support and cooperation of russia for peace and security in afghanistan. because the security in afghanistan the stability of afghanistan is not only for afghanistan it took effect disability and security of the region including russia so wonderful are
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a product of our foreign policy to fight terrorism and extremism and stability of afghanistan in the region is a vision of cooperation because the fight against terrorism and extremism is not only individual afghanistan it is a regional issue so if you cannot find a solution in addition to a solution for it we'll be in deep trouble because that will continue until long time sir you told the u.n. general assembly and i quote you to complement our efforts towards eliminating poppy production who wish to see greater action to counter smuggling of precursors into our country and to reduce demand and consumption of drugs in other countries as of today over two and a half million russians are addicted to afghan heroin this is where mr why has your administration and your allies failed to tackle the poppy production first of all the poppy production in afghanistan have to result of thirty years of war and lawlessness and despair of the afghan people who do new tomorrow he's going to be
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a life or not you know security for their future. secondly when you came to back to afghanistan in two thousand and eleven to go two thousand and one two thousand and two don't have any institution to fight it no police no judicial system no army and that will take time before you can put. in place but that the fight there is not quite dick is also one of the priority after afghanistan because afghanistan will be first suffer first before they are there will suffer from it and you are not taking the benefit of that because the money produced by traffickers will go outside afghanistan and not stay in afghanistan so definitely it is a it is a major fight. to get them done this fight cannot be done by afghanistan alone we need support of international community and we need the support of the regions by. foresman after all by the precursor which are not produced in afghanistan is proof outside afghanistan and came inside afghanistan we will do all things all the job
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to deduce an element in poppy cultivation in afghanistan but also. in the region should do did it forced to reduce the demand because because because the demand the production of poppies there so it's a common effort money for reducing because giving too far out of afghanistan the alternative which they would accept to grow something poppy elections have also been a lot in need lately two actions have taken place since jamie tale that invasion both sat fraudulent with the rigging with results published only two months after the poll what do you say to those who claim when you and your allies are planning an unsustainable political system afghanistan a democratic system afghanistan after thirty years of war and lawlessness no government practically different kind of government has now system to democratic
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process is taking root cause you know you cannot make democracy in one day in your country especially in a country to war for thirty years so i think that there are probably going to be problems and i think the problem on election is not only in a specific in afghanistan a lot of countries even more developed countries. has had problems in the election but the process is going on. people are. living in democracy that's the reason people are complaining millions of people in a very difficult condition of security when to vote a lot of women for the first time in afghanistan or when or in the election to be men a lot of priests it's good news with afghanistan but i've got a son cannot be switzerland or sweden in nine years. mr foreign minister thank you very much for this interview and i wish you and your people every success in achieving peace and democracy in your country.
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