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we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. with r.t. tonight this wednesday night in. the. world cup shootouts countries hoping to host football's flagship told them and make a final push the day before the winner is announced and russia is among the favorites but it does face tough competition. fresh protests sweeping across europe against the need to bail out failing economies italy is among the next next to risk following the fates of greece and ireland. and president bed of coals on the leading plays in european security to push aside the stereotypes of the past and work together for the sake of future stability. following on from that as a major or a c. summit is in full swing we get the view now from the inside as we hear from the
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organizations secretary general is here on r.t. . mr bush of us thank you very much for talking to us during this summit to what extent is organization for security and cooperation in europe is interested in proposed by president and european security treaty whether proposals by pres medvedev had one great merit because they were sort of a wake up call that not. everybody was happy with in the family of greater europe when. regiments recording security a fresh look if fresh approach had to be given to those issues this clearly energized the discussions and you will see as you know there was a so-called call for process and i think this laid the groundwork for
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the efforts of the cars a german ship of seaway see this year and the strong push by the cover treasurership to have this summit which we're having now and which in a way part of this dialogue to renovate and to give a new foundation to european security the mere fact that the fifty six hour meeting here means that they care about having a better atmosphere know each other the better climate and that they care about giving you the trust a new impulse a fresh bishan to this organization here with me where they are together on equal footing where they are. equal members of the same family not as members or as this or that grouping would be as the strength of security well they are some key elements that. are present the need for
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continuous consultation the need for full. respect. mutual interests and other people's point of view and the reference to this common interests and the reference to the fact that it's common interests our best respect if they take use of spec wrong of the. experience of their we see since he has sixty five billion i think if i lacked. the basic founding document with all its log of ten principles which have to be seen in combination so in this sense the recommitment to this perspective that is at the core of the status of it where does russia major corporations leave organization for security and cooperation in europe as a military organization i see there are different different trucks through which
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a community security in greater europe can be built it will be a noisy certainly but it will be also a different organisations the fact that lisbon was a good meeting that there was a successful nato russia council meeting that there was also a successful meeting of contributors to myself. gives a good back to the work we are having here in a standoff and they continue with contacts between the european union and the russian federation the continued contacts individual states have among themselves in various combinations all these created network of good will and they would network of mutually supporting exchanges it is out of network because this continuous process of consultation incorporation that we are going to overcome current mistrust and current difficulties that always responded rapidly to the
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clear gas crisis both during the departure but he has and is asked. in all. what is always sea analysis of the stability of current is democracy at the moment it is obvious that the euro two thousand and ten has been difficult to carry a stand there were major upheavals most in the north and the south but there are also very positive developments there friend led to the election a return to an orderly process. of peace and president roosevelt to buy his here in a stunner she will be having in that school some taisha as they wish he has been president side by side with the people of kyrgyzstan through out this crisis now it is important that once a new coalition of parties appears that the new government is completed we immediately start to work all. research rekindling economic activity
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of consolidating the institutions and of creating a basis for civil peace between all the components of the kurdish people so that events that we have seen in june cannot recur belonging they always say mission in the caucuses was rejected out to georgia south and south of here what lessons have been there and some that it is not only the sea vision that the caucasus which had or didn't have an impact on the conflict as you know they were much broader cases there was he did its duty as the early warning to the big studio in terms of for trying to address a crisis when it happened and may i remind you that we had no less than twenty military monitors which were present between september two thousand and eight. july two thousand and nine and which was the first ones to try and help stabilize the situation so the lesson for the however for everybody that you cannot escape difficult issues that you have to address and relentlessly do you have to take
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every opportunity to create the. for exchange for political dialogue this is what is happening regularly in geneva this is what is happening the contact so-called i p r at meetings between the different parties where he is also involved regarding station and cell c. shop there is no question that the visit difficult issue but it is also an issue where there is some very hard work doing including going on including here in the margins of the summit. together respectively create a clash between two fundamental principles in helsinki underpinning your organization. integrity and seven seven nation how can you set to result tensions in the caucuses without recognizing and responding to protests on
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the status of course we have to be clear we are present in kosovo as part of you or who should twelve forty four the presence in kosovo is entirely status neutral it is friendly and accept by all components of the course of our population therefore we are not trying to resolve this issue there will be talks hopefully starting soon to progressively recreate bridges between. belgrade and personally. and we hope this will aggressively work itself out. in the caucasus a combination of the principles as you say the difference really because there has been a prolonged phase of tension since ninety nine to that as not forget and moments of of conflict which would be particularly intense but it is also a very. delicate situation to be addressed through political leaders through the
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non use of force the use of force has been central to the discussion so far been significant move. voice to recently by presence in the european parliament this also creates a new background for conversations here in a stunna and i hope it will be the beginning of. a resumption of direct contacts between all parties most of the world's heroin is consumed on our seeds habits are a two point five million russians are addicted to drugs that come from afghanistan and increasing quantities n.y. is always powerless to stop the drug flow considering that the political will is there. well following the mandate we received from our ministers in two thousand and seven in madrid we have been working very seriously alongside with central asian members of the principal states and deal with the to strengthen the borders
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between afghanistan and the central asian states by intensive training of central asian border police the customs office drugs police along with cody's we have a border management staff college now operating in the bush from bay customs academy in bishkek there is a lot of work being done in the budget overall was part of the police academies also in turkey and many other videos so it's taken time but now i think we have created a joint perspective because afghanistan which is a nation partner of voice from i think we have been working very closely with them we have had many meetings commuting of the whole of the way c.n.n. station partners in kabul itself. and afghanistan feels that ease as part of the greater family and i want to see president karzai will be is here during this time
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a summit he is addressing the his colleagues the heads of state in government which . is a very very strong very clear signal that afghanistan and the problems generated by drug trafficking are at the heart of the concerns of the worst how can lawson forces help to prevent drug trafficking some afghanistan considering that russia has repeatedly said that its forces will not be sent to afghanistan but we're also working side by side with c.s.t. o. which also has a committee is there and with russian forces which are present in the. so what is important is to have very good coordination very good coordination between international organizations where sendai corporation with c.s.d. or with c.i.s. but also with the you went with the you with the council of europe what it is involved in order to all work in the same direction and to have
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a very positive synergy to make progress how can you respond to the claim that the security and cooperation in europe doesn't stalls conflicts but rather freezes them . is as good as its participating states we cannot have a magic wand and because we have those good principles work out instant solutions there is some merit in freezing conflicts frozen conflict is better than an active conflict and just keeping political process of parting parties discussing with each other take the example of the men's group and its history co-chairs they have a very hard job and there was a big working strenuously in order to avoid renewed conflict but also progressively to build new principles of what may be the peace rage but this is happening here
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also in a stand that may be a high level meeting in the context of this group and their hope. he will be this is a senseless job because it's a very demanding one for those who practice it. clearly the years spends create a foundation for the future and hopefully for a political solution to the conflicts thank you very much for your time sir thank your. home. good samaritan. excellent professional. extravagant possessing an extra ordinary car. the doctor who helped many people in his country. the political criminal responsible for
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thousands of deaths. was it an attempt to repent. or just escape a fair trial. the other life. on our team. for six months russian capital was in a state of siege days and nights people lived in fear of occupation and were preparing for the desperate defense in terms battles took a heavy toll. on the soviet army switched to the offensive but was the first sunni or defeat of the where much of the. battle for moscow on our key.
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deadline is world cup shootout countries hoping to host football's flagship told to make a final push the day before the winners announced russia is among the favorites but faces tough competition. fresh protests sweeping across europe against the need to bail out of failing economies italy is among the next at risk following the fates of greece and ireland. present a vet of calls on the leading players in european security to push aside the stereotypes of the past and work together the sake of futures that. we've got more on russia's football bid next in our sports for us and with kate.
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hello and welcome to this course news on the eve of the world cup announcements and this is what's coming out. the waiting game we have the latest from missouri where the russian get away the decision. has to twenty eighteen world cup. and like back the former england captain tries to score a late we're not asking you to do. must win game taste got to take it on how can i call seeing the league this wednesday a victory to boost their last sixteen hopes. but there's only one place to start and that's the world cup voting representatives from nine countries are in zurich waiting for thieves are to announce who will host the twenty eighteen and twenty twenty two tournament's the russian delegation all making their presentation on thursday for the twenty eighteen event and richardson portrayed as this report from switzerland. anyone who's anyone is exuberant at the moment of madness because when expedients will be crucial to deciding who will win the race to host the next two world cups former dutch legend route hollis he's already here and of course he'll
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be back in but dutch and a belgian beer at the u.k. prime minister david cameron he's also here is expected to be joined soon by the former u.s. president bill clinton by tuesday afternoon both still no word whether russia's prime minister vladimir putin will be attending a here of course to try and persuade the twenty two people delegates to vote for them head of thursday's vote for russia's bid committee bay have already held their first press conference since arriving in zurich and they explained why the next few days will be so crucial you sure usable in the decision that if there is going to make on december the second tremendous importance in terms of not only the growth of this court but also the overall development of her country would take it very seriously to win the right to host the world carping bidding nation needs to get and i would write the majority of twelve votes. a joint bid of spain and portugal already confident of having between six and eight votes each of them and the other
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bidding nations of england have a joint bid of benevolence and belgium to get those extra votes and convince executive committee members to vote for them. they may have made their minds for the opening room but it's our job to persuade them to vote for us in the lead a. lot of new moms haven't exactly been easy for the people executive committee members turban was suspended over allegations of corruption three more work use of corruption in a b.b.c. documentary that ran on monday more than twenty aspirants between the rival bidders to make matters worse they now have to share the same hotel right behind me for the next few days so there's still plenty to play for but the question is will sorkin have a smile on his face come results on thursday. switzerland. well russia may be the bookmakers favorites for. twenty eighteen torne immense but england too far behind a recent fifo corruption probe by a british newspaper is believed to have dented the country's been but the english
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delegation is staying optimistic ahead of the announcement that team in zurich is headed by prince charles the prime minister and david beckham the vice president of the english bed believes beef is executive committee can be trusted to judge england's twenty eighteen world cup on its merits after fears that british media reports alleging corruption could have happened negative impact on the twenty two men who decide the outcome however the former england captain is satisfied his country's presentation wanted a fair hearing from football's governing body. a thing that we can trust every one of the members you know at the end of the day they're football people and they're going to want a world cup in here the best country that i think peace. could host you know the biggest sporting event in the world so we can trust them i think it's hard to tell you know it's hard to tell where you've definitely got. you know you get a good feeling from obviously some of the members that we've met over the last couple of days so you do get
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a good feeling but you can obviously you never guarantee that that so. you know we've we've said prince william is up at seven this morning dembrow first with one member so you know we're working hard you know into the early morning. fingers crossed we think we've got an incredibly strong case the best technical bid i think we can make the biggest commercial success of the world cup and also if we want to enlarge the audience for football worldwide i think england twenty eighteen is the best way to do that so we'll be making all of those arguments britain is passionate about football we can put on a really great show we can have full stadiums we've got everything that is necessary to make this work and we're going to give this one hundred ten percent over these next couple of days and while much attention has turned to the world cup votes there's some european football action this week in the europa league with russian interest among. twelve matches taking place this week on wednesday the champions it's back australian away with a plank has two second place condor legs eight points behind them while rock bottom
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hide explosives face i class and elsewhere in group messages to take on the direction of interest can i speak up to some doria group h. run away to shoot don't travel to second place young boys don't dance place a tap. on else well rest on very tight games i'll swear to you as against take on let's be sophia is still a thing to qualify from group c. quality to school take place second place real groups be athletic and be traitorous second week salonica by lay the kids who took the bull by just one point to rosenberg finally complete a table top of that rocky event just to watch the city second only on goal difference taking on like this all to back up a home win over the austrian side would send city through to the knockout stages if you then just felt. city often beaten in nine home european matches all salzburg have not won their last six away from home city manager about to mancini under
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pressure off to some inconsistent form in the domestic league says the match is the start of a make or break december for his team. from december is. to be very boring for us because we. see. if. we can go on the top but generally february will be most important and in february we if we can be on the. top school that. we can we can see what green must you and me want to scar also continuing there you are a plague campaign this week as they host suicide lozano also day the moscow side a current top of group f. with a one hundred percent record but the match could be postponed due to the freezing weather here in the russian capital. slows us to but we're experiencing difficulties because of the cold weather and that beach is in a great condition but will have to play in what amounts to injury prone
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circumstances however the main thing is that the measures will take place and we have to achieve our aim and get through to the next round as group winners so we are well motivated for this fixture. leave the question yes the seal haven't guaranteed top spot in the group and says carr always determined to be top so it's an important match and are only a month as day is to win. to possible now in taste can a facing a must when challenge in the year late this wednesday evening the all the men i currently bottom have great day and need to beat us like us to stay in the hunt for a place in the last sixteen but the misfit act as will i was maybe one of the european basketball houses but the season they're on the verge of missing the you're a cop sixteen for the first time in more than a decade the one just once in bathurst six games of the turn mean they now need to win their remaining matches and hope that they are the results will go their way as
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only four teams out of six will fight for the next stage many say scuff than some blame in their former head coach pushed over your street for the current struggle we are sure each was dismissed by their man last week after he failed to build a new plane system in the team but some think he's just arrived at their own time give me a show i would like to see the subs working out the circumstances he was very unlikely with the injuries of key players like victor frappe and such a calm and unfortunately for him says he couldn't wait any longer which was convulsions cup and i'll say i was for now that six time champions will try to make do with me the shut in the forty two year old may be too inexperienced for the big club but it looks like at the moment say scott had no choice it's because of what we just got the better we're just going to go to money to see any way to be coached up here then by the way there's no be coaching hard over. the russian champions management will hope should call into growth playing small ball on and off the
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court some to stop players were unhappy is mute on the job and for the caucasian they seem to be concentrating only on she's game i don't think they understand pain to tell you when i say machine abroad i take it as i'm selfish but that's not a valid selfish this is why i always play if you are playing the game when a far cry master bomber score will only end up like a missile mr. but look i think a lot of people misunderstand of course she has a moment in to climb but a good thing for the start is that the players believe in i think we're optimistic i think we have always had a positive feel here and i never done a lot of winning here with this group so. we're going to stand we get on the court we always believe that we can go out there and win and i think we still feel the same way. when states a scout will step up onto the court hoping to remain in contention for the ninth can say could define a full figure or a leak and they may lose these particular battle but one thing's for sure the club's performers this season can partly get
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a new wars but they're still dog tired she. adds that so the sports news for nab it will be back in less than two hours with another update he's done is that it's. wealthy british style. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports. download the official. i pod touch from the top story. which all teachers life on the go. video on demand parties mind costs and feeds in the palm of your.
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question. it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption. involved in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspaper radio stations television stations the cable outlet that you tell me that that sounds like democracy public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues on r.g.p. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get
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a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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