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country's bidding for the hosting rights to the world cup twenty eighteen and twenty twenty two are making a final push with russia as one of the favorites. what should be doing it saying to our friends and we will help you come out of the euro and get back to having euro currency fresh protests sweep across europe against the needs of the bailout failing economies with its aliyev on the next at risk following the fakes and recent as we report on our. present but better calls on the leading european security to push aside the stereotypes of the past and work together for the sake of future stability.
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this is r t welcome if you just joined us. here in moscow i'm kevin owen with our top story tonight the fight for the right to host football's world cup has entered its final stage with candidate countries making their last presentations russia's bid for the twenty eight team tournament said to be one of the strongest of them but it does face stiff competition from western europe teams covering events as you'd expect is reporting now from outside the faith for b.d.'s center in zero eight. now we saw a lot more of the big names coming into town i was just at the headquarters convoys coming in the media waiting outside so there is a lot of excitement surrounding the event of course well we've heard that prime minister vladimir putin won't be coming because he doesn't want to put pressure on the fact well we'll talk more about that later on but first let's have a little bit of a background and a look at russia's bid. twenty eighteen we believe this banner at russia's latest international friendly describe how fans felt about russia getting the world cup
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but does the country with a rich football tradition stand a chance of becoming the hosts. the dutch coach of the national team certainly hope so even though his home country is among the big. we need the world to. put a stake. because the majority of the. many experts agree with that notion believing that russia lags behind its rivals in terms of food infrastructure but that is about to change according to those behind moscow's bid this is the denominator stadium moscow's oldest this is where history's greatest football goalkeeper russian spent his glittering career the game's legend did not live to see his home ground being transformed it is now under construction to become. stadium. all in
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all russia plans to build sixteen stadiums for the world cup games a graphic presentation shows clearly that all grounds will be high tech the head of russia's bidding committee says even if it loses the right to host the cup it has won in other ways to look at sochi and every promise that we have made to the sea is being fulfilled right now as we speak. we do have a lot of things to build but it's no secret and we have already started that even regardless of the first choice. of sixteen stadiums will be built regardless of the outcome of the december second. playing both in russia and abroad are relishing the prospect of playing on world class pitches but they say russia needs the world cup to both revive its one strong for book tradition. and to open the country to the rest of the footballing world. i won't be playing of that cup anyway but i
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think it will be the biggest victory for my country forgets the world cup it's a world game brings brings people together you know it's it's a great tournament huge storm in europe even to the south africa is a great success you know into something like that is a huge thing and i'm sure the people are actually broken. experts say thursday's voting in zurich will be completely unpredictable the british press however believes that russia's bid and the joint one of spain portugal are favored to win the russian delegation hopes it will be able to impress the fee for executive committee just as russia's olympic bid team did in guatemala to win the winter games for sochi. russia ski r.t. reporting from moscow. well there's been a lot of attention given to russia the russian bid especially from the british press one of the main questions coming from them is whether prime minister vladimir putin is coming well now he said that he will be staying home and he's also made comments on the media allegations go ruptured in
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a fever and now joining us in the discussion is r.t. sports presenter andrew farmer know andrew what what impact do you think it will have on russia's bid well it sounds like bad news doesn't it mr putin's decided to stay at home but actually could be a p.r. masterstroke because he's actually sounding very sympathetic towards fee for in the executive committee saying he's staying at home because he doesn't want to put pressure on them he's then come out to criticize the timing of the media campaign which is alleged corruption within feet for saying that this whole event which is here really to decide who will host the next two world cups has turned into something of a smear campaign so i think members of the fee for executive committee hearing these remarks this evening could actually be quite appreciative ok well he's not coming but russia does have reinforcements right. here along with chelsea owner roman abramovich they'll be pushing brushes case despite peter not being here it's worth mentioning that russia still leads this race in the minds of the bookmakers
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they're the clear favorite still with england second they have their prime minister david cameron here along with prince william and david beckham pushing their case then it's spain and portugal back in five to one they were the joint leaders at one stage with russia i don't know what happened there and then we have belgium holland bringing up the rear but what's more is going to be a big day the contenders for you twenty eight hundred world cup will be making their final presentation to russia is going to make their presentation last now that could be a good pick some say that that's actually an advantage for russia i think it could be because there will be that with the last message that the fever executive will hear before they make their vote another point with making is that sepp blatter the fee for president has the casting vote on this occasion and what that means is a very strong. voting and the winning bid will need a majority of the majority and twelve votes now it could mean in the final round will be two teams left to cheat between and they could both get eleven votes each now if that happens at a casting vote will be left to mr blatter he has made very positive noises about
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russia's bid over the last few weeks and who knows if it comes down between it comes down to two teams to choose between he could push it to russia but right well there you have it the race is very very close and i've spoken with a lot of people basically the essence is nobody really knows who is going to win. which makes it a more exciting test rossiter andrew farmar our sports correspondent there as well for coverage of that of course tomorrow for you here on r.t. and for a fan of perspective i spoke to mikhail star of the leader of a big football supporters club or moscow he told me that russia has a lot of attractions as a host nation. will for the culture and it's going to be different from. western europe. different food different people different attitude basically the nice trip because a lot of people say like or like to go to russia people will spawn you but now it's a world cup and a cultural thing altogether in my view the world we hockey for sickleave year but we're getting into it and a lot of people are coming to the ground to the domestic football and obviously the
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world cup the big un never been hold in russia and i think it will be of great interest in the fans will be welcoming and really the eighty it's time the football hooligans policy or whatever but after this policy might change their might say oh we're back of we are too old now for this and this security security wise russia is really trained to take to take really serious situations not even the probable football hooligan violence now we're saying that yes we want it and we're not going to turn we wanted to lympics we wanted to lympics and now we've got the impacts now we want the big food bill we went and we want to have it and we will definitely get it somehow but you see the benefit will be every time you lose you will have to come back and see what were your mistakes where did we go wrong where did exactly we go wrong then you improve it then prove it you've done it and then obviously you go because inspection done it in moscow they check they ask questions the questions will be answered maybe such as facts or the maybe not but we will know why well
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we'll of course be revealed tomorrow will bring you full coverage of that as i say here on this channel it was because star of speaking there the leader of a supporters' club in moscow. says. we need something really crucial when you want to get down to brass tacks. special coverage. is almost gone pete rose finally sold looms on an international for a song for the future of the two thousand and eighteen world cup. final he'll be hosting the world's largest sports event live on a. question more on. that back to the president coming up in this half hour of news a self wrapped christmas present for the f.b.i. . entrapment is not legal in traveling is getting someone to do something that they would normally do the rest of the alleged terror suspects criticism of and see
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terror tactics in the u.s. as agents themselves help to plot the attack. also missile defense for europe must be addressed and u.s. officials should watch what they say we reveal details of the interview with american t.v. veteran larry king. and of the eurozone country another threat of an eminent bailout italy is the third largest economy that uses the euro and there are fears it may start plunging in the same direction as greece and ireland with the euro falling the amount of money it cost rome to lend to debt ridden countries is rising dramatically spain portugal and belgium are also at risk of being pulled into the crisis doubts about the future of the single currency in the e.u. itself have been intensified by fresh protests sweeping across europe the people angry at facing savage cuts to pay for it all european parliament member nigel farage says countries are trapped inside the euro zone and should get out to save their economies. if spain went down remember that the debt they got is about seven
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times the size of them so we'd be talking there about three hundred fifty billion euros and italy bigger still and so you get to a point where there is no more. it out money where the euro at its current form would cease to exist i don't know whether that will happen in the next few weeks but it remains a real possibility when our own join the euro there were people like me saying there was no benefit for the country as most of their overseas trade was denominated in sterling or dollars anyway and that to join the euro they would have to have artificially low interest rates and for the first seven or eight years of their membership of the euro irish rates were three to four percent lower than they would have been had the irish kept the point and what that meant was that the property boom became the most massive speculative bubble and that's why the bust is as bad as it is a now adam finds herself in the euro where euro zone interest rates are going to head up over the next couple of years at the very moment that they're trapped
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inside a deflationary downward spiral what we're talking about is free trade is the ability of companies to buy and sell goods from our next door neighbor in countries look the swiss do that without being e.u. members that all we do that without being e.u. members so if what the united kingdom wants is free trade she can have that without being part of a club that makes three thousand new rules for us every year and cost us a membership fee of nearly fifty million pounds a day and the seven billion pounds that the british government has said it will guarantee for the irish frankly is money poured down the drain what we should be doing is saying to our friends in our land we will help you come out of the euro and get back to having your own currency otherwise frankly we're wasting this money mr gross said i think two years ago he said that the european union was the first ever nonmilitary empire and what empires try to do is expand so they'll have a stonier into the euro and they'll try and make join the european union next year
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over year after they think that all the while they're expanding people will say well it must be going well and it will take their attention away from what's going on within sadly it's too late and all the opinion polls show that in germany in greece in britain and ireland and right across the european union increasingly the publics of europe are holding the political class that have done this to them in increasing contempt. nigel farage this being too silly on you watch the full interview if you'd like on our website as well r.t. dot com predictions as well for europe's economic wellbeing also coming from michael ross market analyst and author who spoke to me told me there's real trouble ahead if the euro work to collapse. the political will is there to keep the euro with all means and this is what also you see being. president today announced that they will print money in order to make the euro survive the other question of course is if by printing money you can keep the euro but i mean we're here on
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a very political. issue that means if the euro really will go then you're also will drown europe needs to have one was and has to be one power and this power is only defined by a currency by a common currency if this currency of this common currency is falling then europe erbil rules its voting rights in the world and this is what the politicians are well aware of so they will do everything to keep the euro alive of course if the periphery falls germany will be the lender and at the end of the day also germany wall fall finally if we have interest rates of four five six percent also germany is not able to be a this and so we will have big problems there's no other way then germany has to pull out of the euro if this is a possible or practical way this is of course another question but i don't think
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thirty german politicians are going to pull out of the euro they will stay there until the end. of that nigel farage interview on our home page or other stories that it's not as well you might be interested in is europe's feeling the financial aid but a practical guide for you want a home page but saving money when buying food with top tips for shopping at markets and successful but you say those pennies the pounds they say will mount up also online tonight over ninety years after firing the shot which sparked the bolshevik revolution the legendary cruiser of war is officially decommissioned its crew disbanded all the details about. the organization for security and cooperation in europe is losing its influence and needs to be modernized that the words of russia's president dmitri medvedev who's
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been visiting because a couple of us tonight as it hosts the first summit of the fifty six member group in a decade russia also wants to reboot relations with a group which suffered after the country withdrew from the european conventional arms treaty three years ago that decision came after the us announced its missile defense plans in europe also at the summit president medvedev has once again pushed his initiative to create a pan-european security treaty but. the new treaty we have proposed would be aimed at guaranteeing common security for europe i think everyone who supports it here it's been discussed for two and a half years maybe the stereotypes of the past are still strong and this initiative is ahead of its time but it turned will inevitably come. more analysis from victim isn't from moscow's institute of strategic assessment he told us ensuring stability near russia's borders is essential for the country's modernization. russia is not seeking any kind of confrontation of course if. we are from call assaulted
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of course we are told to be orders for any kind of reforms but what russia wants its security environment just personally on its borders because we needed border done it very soon and i think russian diplomacy was the way directive personally in the last year of pushing forward very interesting the very innovative balls also dropped three d. on european security including. russian president vladimir putin has also been discussing the country's security policy in an interview with american t.v. host larry king he says moscow wants to become an equal partner in new plans for european missile defense otherwise it would force russia to increase its nuclear arsenal to defend its borders when asked about the latest wave of wiki leaks meantime putin said it was quote no catastrophe because it was kept such a poorly kept secret however he did lash out at the assessment of his relations
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with president medvedev saying the comparison to batman and robin was arak and unethical put his interview airs on wednesday evening in the u.s. and he's likely to be the last statesman to appear on larry king live before veteran t.v. star retires. next tonight it's been hailed as a coup for u.s. national security the capture of a terror suspect accused of planning to set off a bomb at an annual christmas tree lighting ceremony but as artesian as to see reports now many believe it's a case of entrapment with agents having groomed the nineteen year old somali american for the crime. this winter season the f.b.i. celebrates the reason the arrest of a potential terrorist but a little something is wrong with this picture over the eighteen months they cultivated have the alleged plot or is a teenager a bomb he planted a fake and the f.b.i. allegedly manipulated him into committing a crime entrapment is not legal entrapment is getting someone to do something that
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they would normally do. the guy named mohammed had his e-mails tracked by authorities while they waited for the right time to get him to act against u.s. national security or the f.b.i. as dave said with him every step of the way because he started since he was fifteen years old four years x. amount of money and efforts from the f.b.i. later the sting mission comes to a close the nineteen year old is accused of plotting to blow up a christmas tree in portland oregon the language used against him in f.b.i. records is all too familiar to the sensitive american and even though the device was. fake here spreads like bacteria the threat was very very real. media images were quick to portray what could have and would have happened had the barn been real. becoming yet again not a watchdog but an echoing voice of authorities long as terrorism stuff i think is
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kind of embarrassing for most of the media the way the f.b.i. is official word on whatever is just taken as the truth but the obvious truth to some is what's not addressed at all when it comes to national security and terrorism it just sort of stops all conversation it's chilling conversation you immediately assume i want to be protected the f.b.i. will protect me and and therefore whatever it says is true when often it isn't the case dubbed the christmas tree plot or is far from the first to bring to light the practice of entrapment in the us convincing pursuing and tricking the eventually accused has become systematic according to some and they can come after you and they can manufacture crimes against you and they can make up a whole case and put you through the whole thing and eventually if they can persuade a jury that this manufactured case is valid you can go away to jail for a very long time and with the case being built against muhammad not just by officials but by the media to what would have been
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a catastrophic event at this christmas tree line. i think the destiny of the u.s. citizen turned water with a little help from the f.b.i. seems clear to the problem is that you know in court cases people juries believe the f.b.i. they are the f.b.i. they have been you know we've been indoctrinated to believe that the f.b.i. can do no wrong of course there are many many cases where the f.b.i. has done a lot of wrong the rule of law enforcement is to catch the bad guys so that the good guys feel safe could one criminals are not just caught by officials but also created the ideal national security becomes just as media as the means of reaching . this issue can archie. will do so briefly this wednesday even pakistani officials have dismissed claims that the country's nuclear arsenal could fall into the wrong hands those fears came from recent revelations by the whistle blowing web site wiki leaks giving details of more than two hundred thousand private u.s. diplomatic cables many analysts and politicians say the leaks offered little that
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wasn't already known the founder of the web site julian assange she is currently wanted by interpol for questioning over an alleged sex offense which she denies and since it's part of a smear campaign. you are a big freezer said the continuous heavy snowfall covers much of the continent in poland the cold fronts claimed the lives of a homeless people's attempt has dropped to minus twenty is also a huge disruption to travel with the cancellation of hundreds of flights and stranded passengers having to find alternative routes on the other side of the coin greece are about to see the pictures now experiencing record heat for the time of year with unseasonably high temperatures a result they say of african sand being blown. very nice to go. crosstalk coming your way in about ten minutes time with fiery debate about president obama's efforts to push the start treaty on nuclear cuts through the senate shortly the but before all that the latest business tonight with.
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hello and a very warm welcome time to delve into the world of business russia may postpone its first sale of ruble bonds the euro crisis has led to tumble as investors avoid ass as they consider risky russia's also suffering slow economic growth and high inflation then of a break countries the sale of three billion dollars of verbal gentleman aged could be delayed until twenty eleven. the government may cut spending for twenty ten miles around fifteen billion dollars to stabilize the budget deputy economic development minister says that the drop in spending will far to investment spend funds will be held and there was so fun to question any truck with more rights. and investors have taken a less favorable view towards russia versus other break countries spot emerging markets should still see high growth and there are more developed rivals my jewish
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our global economist at h.s.b.c. bank explains why. the growth outlook for russia is a little bit softer than for some of the other emerging market countries this was relating to supply side sharks emitting from the drought and also there were fears that because of the inflationary pressures you would have seen monetary tightening going forward to there were these two factors that did come to play also you have to remember that russia is really a cyclical player. you know there was expectations that global growth is going to be sluggish and so oil prices in particular will remain subdued i would not rise as whether these two factors have hurt russian growth expectations but that should change going forward a lot of money around the system right now there is a lot of liquidity and that liquidity is looking for yield and that it is really available in emerging markets not just the yield but also you the structural story in emerging markets is a lot more attractive than it is indeed developed. markets we're expecting growth
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about the six percent over the next two years in emerging markets whereas growth in developed markets is a lot slower around two percent or thereabouts so overall the picture is what is a lot more attractive for emerging markets and that story should sustain over the coming period. russia will struggle in dollar to essential national reserves the head of the country's central banks this may happen within half a year and u.s. dollars on the euro constitute more than forty percent of russia's reserves along with british pounds and japanese yen the central bank has already invested in a small amount of canadian dollars the reserves consist of foreign chorus of gold and other assets. russia and the european union will sign a document on russia's accession to the world trade organization on december seventh and brussels that's according to deputy prime minister alexander in the vendor russia signed an agreement which included timber export tutors along with pricing formulas for goods and services russia which has been negotiating its entry
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into w t o for seventeen years hopes to become a member next year. to look at the markets throughout storks jumped into december with strong gains as fro bouts trails jobs figures and benefactress data from china and the u.k. helped investors look past festering concerns in europe. and europe to first say finished up more than two percent the tax gain two point seven percent to close which was the biggest gain of three months as investors speculated that the sovereign debt crisis may force european central bank all this make us to expand their arsenal at a meeting on thursday for shared fund six point two percent after investors approved a six point six billion dollars stock sale to reduce the comic us debt before it's more to with but so are going to just encroach. climbed with metal prices. and rush to the mindsets of the r.t.s. finished one state session up most of the blue chips were higher with gazprom leading the gains it shares sought for one so sent this comes after the german
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energy company enormous sold as a half percent stake in the russian gas giant. russia's hydro power holding hydro has expanded its ambitions along with its investment plans it will spend at least three billion dollars a new plants while one denies in all of one's boasting output by about a thousand megawatts profits are up ten percent so far this year at over seven hundred million dollars in the first half of twenty ten. the investment program for the next three years was confirmed. next year we plan to invest two or three billion dollars. around twenty percent will finance the technical upgrade of the existing plants the rest will fund construction of new hydro power facilities are key priority is to increase the value of the company in this regard the asian market offers outstanding opportunities the region has vast hydro power resources it also enjoys growing economies and business. as a company representing
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a whole segment in the energy industry we are interested in a wide range of co-operation from engineering to exploitation this means that we represent all change in electricity generation and renewable energy and the asian market is the most attractive for us at this time. and staying with energy here are seven that grow a power utility controlled by elected it says it wants to buy the o.j. case three our generators from the rolls to make up the bit involved spain two billion dollars for a seventy nine percent stake in the power generating company k. three your receive america says two banks already interested in granting credit for the jail if successful their position well make it the largest energy company and russia. that's all we have time for now but you can always get more source for website r.t. dot com slash business.
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in indiana all these are made up in the movie the joint people showing sympathy on the villains the gateway hotel the grand imperial troy.


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