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push coromandel you can. see don't need to go. run to the kennel was such a treat. it's almost full time for the bidders battling to host the world's biggest sporting events with russia hoping that people will kick the world cup it's way to twenty eighteen. prime minister putin talks missile defense some democracy prime time america in a candid interview with veteran talk show host larry king. the russian premier also took the u.s. to task over the latest wiki leaks way as america launches into damage limitation mode exposures we want red faced. and coming up in the business update russia. and that's not just because of the family drought that's called a complete overhaul of the farming industry but have the details about thanks.
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live from moscow you're watching r t a welcome to the program well later on thursday football's governing body will make the biggest decision in sports will select who gets to host the twenty eighteen and twenty twenty two world cups which for the winners will spark a decade of multi-billion dollar investment in those countries russia is among the favorites to stage the world's largest sporting event in eight years time and we're bringing you full coverage of decision day our correspondents are in switzerland where the bond well being is taking place and also in some of the places russia hopes to stage world cup matches under former first in zero eight they are untrue the presentations underway so it must be a real sense of excitement that now. yeah the excitement is growing here in jericho
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she said the bidding nations for the twenty eighteen world cup of begun their final presentations in front of the chief executive committee before they will cast their final votes on who should host the world cup belgium holland have just finished their presentation former russia manager guus hiddink was central to that and also showed footage of russia reaching the semifinals of the last european championship for portugal and spain will follow then they're about to start they will then be followed by england and then finally it will be russia who will start their last presentation at around twelve o'clock local time they will be without the presence of prime minister vladimir putin staying in moscow he said he did not want to put pressure on the fee for executive committee but the russian big team has been boosted by the arrival of russia captain. whose every confidence in his country's chances. i believe that our people want a championship in this country and they want to see the best two players in the world t.v.
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you put in the needed. kids. to come to the stadium to entity to see missy. i think will still be doing them i think that a big advantage is that they will develop the structure and after the world cup it will make people's lives more comfortable. ok so fingers crossed and certainly that will be a message that the russian team will try to press in the favor executive after the presentations by the be a quick break for lunch and then voting will begin that will be around about two o'clock and then the winning by will be decided by whoever has an absolute majority of twelve votes from the feet the executive said last well then turn up here at the media center to announce he will host the twenty eighteen and twenty twenty two world cups yes fingers crossed indeed and he's in moscow for us how would you assess the level of support that there is for football in russia alexy. well in these subzero temperatures kerry one would probably cease. many fans in the streets
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with banners and flags in support of russia's bid but that does not mean that support for this bid is weak indeed at the latest international friendly of the russian national football team we saw a huge banner in the stands saying twenty eight teams we believe this represents how strong the support is everyone is talking about the upcoming voting in zurich everyone expects russia to win it everyone knows that russia is considered to be one of the favorites the one problem of the russian society has to deal with is of course football hooliganism which is very strong in russia and which has received quite and nasty reputation we've heard many assurances from the authorities and the fans movement in russia that should russia win the right to host the twenty two world cup that this problem will be dealt with and there will be no violence hooligan violence in the streets of the russian cities if the world cup is to be held here and from moscow to russia second city of st petersburg where sara thirty is waiting for us there so take us through what russia is planning to build
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actually get to host the world cup in twenty eighty well a massive the whole chunks of. russia. the construction has been used and it's currently in full swing. state of the mena completed by twenty twelve possibly even sooner and then that would then qualify to face the world cup semifinals should rushes be successful now the fifa committee actually visited that site in all this i know we've heard pfieffer experts describe russia's government to guarantee full the event content eighteen is rock solid now there's lots and lots of work being done stadiums will say planned in places such as. the run. monks many cities and a. she of course gearing up his destruction ahead of the twenty fourteen
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winter olympics thousand was that there are huge plans for the transport network to get many of these cities linked to the express railway to the economy takes just three hours forty minutes it's a total of four hundred thirty five miles from most k. to st petersburg and as close as i said many plans to get many of the city's link up to that as well we've heard one of the largest airlines in russia pledging cheap reliable f.s.a. plenty of support for the thought and still to be getting about cheaply and efficiently we've had much if i could make a bit in committee study that they faced he couldn't fight this little what's being done and indeed big independently of this bit it's successful or not but they cut him twenty eight thirty this infrastructure and they would be. ok but it is russians by sarah fairfax they are so scared andrew fowler in zurich i thank you both very much. of course i would have more from our
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correspondents around russia and in zurich throughout the day as we countdown to wealth cup decision time which will bring you live here on our team. would be something really. what you want to get down to. is almost one beatles finally we sold loose on an international three song for the future of the downs making the world cup. final to be hosting the world's largest sports event live on the larger. question on the. the russian premier has outlined the stark choice ahead on european defense either moscow becomes an equal partner or it will be forced to put more missiles on russia's borders but the mayor puts in told america's prime time t.v. audience that shoring up weapons is not what russia wants auntie's going to change
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you can has more on the interview with veteran talk show host larry king. larry king started off with a question that is a big and make money not only in the west but also in russia will run for office in two thousand and twelve but then basically said they'll figure something out with president medvedev sort of indicating that they're of first of all so far nervous with the current president and don't see each other as rivals took their eye actually larry king brought up the comical comparison with batman and robin that comparison that a u.s. the queen like gave to a russian leadership to the russian leadership in a classified cable hosted by we experience what a prime minister what is that so that. you know that mr medvedev and i were tackling the issue of future cooperation which is actually come on how we were going to build up our relations when deciding on how to design the election campaign the presidential election in two thousand and eight we fully realize that many would try to sue to school with you know common approaches building the state
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of russia and economic development it's because of cooperation is a significant factor in the country's internal political scene but frankly speaking we could not imagine that it was going to be done in such a bold pushy and impudent way such a claim is of course aimed at insulting us pride in provoking steps which would destroy the beneficial cooperation in managing the country i must say that we've got used to it already and i asked those who make such attempts to calm down. primus the ports and larry king certainly they have touched upon some major international headlines for example larry asked about prism innovative three since they claim that that if washington then and nato don't figure out a joint sort of even approach to the planned missile defense shield in europe it could trigger an arms race and what's made it very clear that it is the last thing russia would want russia's actions will only be in reaction he said and russia will never be the want to provoke an arms race. but if we receive very negative answers
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to our suggestions and moreover if there's an addition with threats in the form of a new missing a show like new york. russia will have to maintain its security by taking certain issues launch new missile strike systems against the new threats in your own borders and create new missiles because it's not a choice we do not want it and it's not a threat in any way we're just talking about what it waiting for a single case we can't reach an agreement on collaboration that's it i repeat we do not want this little. regarding what was leaked fire there was a blowing website we can make the prime minister put has said he doesn't see a catastrophe in what happened to sort of suggest of u.s. diplomats being more cautious with their internal correspondents but he also said there was a number of facts personal believe the hype around weekly leaks was created on purpose to be able to later or maybe use it as an instrument for reaching political goals nothing is known for sure but experts are looking into that as well premised
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important also was it was asked to comment on on an other leaked cable waves with the u.s. secretary of defense saying democracy in russia has this appeared in the countries ruled by security services what i said robert gates is deeply misled here he said russia's role for people they elected to office but he also had something to say about that democracy in the u.s. take a listen yeah. i would like to remind you that twice twice in u.s. history there were cases that presidential candidates who later won the election was supported by a big number of electors who were chosen by the least number of voters from the west to democracy there so when we say to our american colleagues that there are issues with that system that we hear stay away from that so tradition and that's how it's going to be and we stay away but i would like to advise our colleagues to stay away from going we live to skim a little off the topic here but also regarding wiki leaks and you portion of classified cables was released also russia related the us ambassador in russia is
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as writing about a former moscow mayor here a low score if you're right he was and so on and so forth. the kremlin was fired by the kremlin in september as we remember it because the president didn't trust him anymore it's the kind of the point about to the point about how much of the stuff released by week of these is actually new store or secret many of those cables are speculating on on rumors sort of hearsay. russia has dismissed a fresh wiki leaks disclosures that paints a bleak picture of the country's political system the contents in detail how spanish and american officials claim organized crime runs at high levels in russia it comes as the u.s. scrambles of diplomatic rescue mission off the leaked cables revealed less than flattering opinions of other countries i mean a point in our experience. a global partner in peace or paranoid superpower hungry for secrets our diplomats are doing what diplomats do around the world every
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day which is build relationships negotiate advance our interests and work to find common solutions to complex problems that's what they do but according to documents released by wiki leaks in two thousand and nine u.s. diplomats around the world were in fact directed to gather saif i take details including facial images fingerprints iris scans and even d.n.a. from u.n. officials among the targeted ambassadors from russia china france and britain even secretary-general ban ki moon many people didn't understand what that meant or that mean the diplomats do spying on the the order of operations allegedly came from u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton words and as the u.s. assumes the presidency of the security council today good afternoon these revelations will probably be seen as an undesirable distraction but little more it seems the only belgian openly criticizing washington for mixing diplomatic work and
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outright espionage the united nations is not in a position to comment on the authenticity of the document purporting to request information gathering activities official reaction from the un itself only went as far as reminding member states that international treaties prohibit spying at the u.n. their response has been so weak to being spied on by the u.s. in large part because the u.s. is just you know it's the big theme of the u.n. they pay a lot of the bills but they also have the ability to veto a. second term for ban ki moon the u.s. is the un's fattest financier said to contribute more than two and a half billion dollars in two thousand and eleven and this is not the first time the u.s. has been caught spying. back in two thousand and three in the lead up to the invasion of iraq the national security agency was reportedly conducting secret surveillance operation providing intelligence on the voting intentions of u.n. members this time around diplomats were asked to provide information on computer
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upgrade security measures passwords and personal encrypted and keys of their human colleagues the exhausting level of the details allegedly demanded about top u.s. officials has not only left the u.s. red faced but it's also caused some to question whether washington was ultimately laying the groundwork for surveillance or hocking operations here at the world body headquarters for governments that are constantly talking about democracy transparent see him poor newnham blah blah blah in the world and say that they're invading all sorts of countries in order to promote the new democratic spirit and then they behave this way i'm sorry but i think it's time for some outrage while washington repeatedly claims to be rebuilding and repairing relations around the world the image of the u.s. as big brother watching at the u.n. may be repairable what is the u.s. policy is this u.s. policy going forward and you know it was in the past will it be going forward and
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if so you know people better hold on to their wallets around here while the u.s. appears to be left holding the smoking gun. r.t. new york. a quick update now on some other world headlines making news an emotional service has been held in new zealand for the twenty nine miners lost following a series of underground explosions at a coal mine more than ten thousand mourners including the country's prime minister attended the open air memorial in. rescue teams have been unable to recover the victims' bodies as conditions are still deemed too hazardous the disaster is the country's worst mining accident or a century. fifteen people have died in europe as a result of a cold snap that's causing havoc across the continent a fourth day of heavy snowfall also forced major airports to close and many train services to a standstill so far be one of the worst affected should read through its code the
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start of december on record insurance companies in the u.k. estimate the big freeze is some of the colony up to one point nine billion dollars a day shops restaurants and bars hit hardest. more than two hundred firefighters are battling bush was in western australia with the help of water boarding planes with ortiz are blaming us an outbreak of blaze in the south of perth some three hundred fifty burnt out causing power blackouts to homes and affecting transport links the flames had been contained but flared up again when there was a change in wind conditions. when you think of the middle east words such as conflict and oil often spring to mind but now a growing number of young arab musicians are trying to present an alternative picture up there that parties put us there has been.
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they were young very vibrant and they taking the world by storm. we wanted to do alternative rock but in arabic. there's a new arab league of rap stars i would musicians making waves on the hip hop scene they share the same beat and can mobilize millions of foot soldiers young fans amount to know the fun of the music and they may say. the only things that we experienced in war and all of life and that experience really bad this is really missed something called peace. and it'll do politicians well to take a note from the lyrics these are natural politicians whose musical bodies the sport of diplomacy. culture shock is the first ever all palestinian rock band that's a far cry from the traditional palestinian music and he took that they live ix are
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in english. on so many levels it was this insane down that came to shock the palestinian culture which is why we're a culture shock. their songs resonate touching on real issues faced by real people the occupation of course. a kids the kids working on comedy for example on the checkpoint we have a song about that maybe somebody would hear that and do something about those kids it seems that the ragheads impact he's a war really your dad or your dad's free will to discover you feel proud no one is a hip hop artist with a bush father iraqi mother and strong views must ultimately i believe there's one line between human beings it's a line between those that believe in the accord. and those that believe in the superman see if something with a homemade bomb committing suicide i know you would terrified and his message is
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political i think music can reach people that don't really have the patience or the necessary context. to sit down and watch a political program. and it's the same reason these four iraqis got together back in one thousand nine hundred ninety it was a time when no one in baghdad would have thought of forming a rock band but they've been climbing the charts ever since. their world or not used to listen to their guitars with that tone and that aggressivity. so it was you know it was like something that we really wanted to do for a long time you know to do you know the style that we do in english work with arabic lyrics the reach of this arab league is potentially greater than the formal one that sits in cairo and its impact just as important it's just a report done by arabs. but it's not the arabs that need to hear what these are is
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to say it's the world that needs to these remote control jones killing off human lives or man with homemade policia r.t.i. by so. well fixing global defenses what we focus on in ten minutes as the head of the world's largest regional security organization gives us his insights next there was the business update. hello welcome to the program here on r.t. with michelle i was folly russia's harvest fell by a third this year because of the summer drought so experts say weather was only partly to blame the farming industry is an urgent need of improvement here a bulk of it has the details. your reporter is sound but not in russia this year the country lost john forty million tons of grain the government wants to cover any shortage by boosting next summer's plantings by quarter but russia's farmers have their doubts people who want to point to the banks cannot give loans to farmers
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whose debts are already restructured if the situation remains as it is no plantings may not increase but actually because farmers face the toughest financial situation in many. grain crops declined by a third after the worst drought in one hundred thirty years where the nature can't carry all the blame analysts say sixty percent of losses were due to all technology and practices. russia's wheat crop yield is a third of that of europe to improve we need access to modern c. our seed industry has been lost and foreigners won't sell their technology to us because they're afraid they won't be paid royalties for the use of the technology we also lack modern farming vehicles it's hard to improve technology quickly and apart from what to sow and how to reap another problem is transporting the harvest i mean the situation we see ports is improving as there has been investment the main problem is railways the lack of wagons it's cheaper to transport grain from
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the center to the south of russia more than a thousand kilometers by lorry than by train it's nonsense. the caprices of nature gave russia a record harvest in two thousand and eight and a drought this year but the country will have to get to grips with technology and infrastructure if it is to become once again the bread basket of europe. business. time see how the markets the performing now and here in russia the indices are climbing in mid-morning trade up around no point eight percent and you start from leading the gains and gas probably enjoying the second positive session it shows up more than one percent already is bucking the trend slipping into the red on the r.t.s. this hour. european markets have opened higher the speculation continues the european central bank may take steps to halt the sovereign debt plaguing the region when it meets this afternoon mining stocks a leading gaze would footsie with. the stands and every day just talks to hire help
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by improving u.s. economic data and easing worries about european debt brazil stocks with a rise in hong kong and higher commodity prices car makers have also hit head on both indices pushed by strong vehicle sales in north america is on its four percent higher and honda is adding around three percent. russia will be australian dollar two is this international reserves the head of the country's central bank says this may happen within six months u.s. dollars and continue constitute more than forty percent of russia's reserves along with british pounds and japanese yen the central bank has already invested in a small amount of canadian dollars reserves consist of foreign currency gold and other assets. the german energy company eon is selling its remaining three point five percent stake in gas prom for more than three billion euro russia's v.e.e.p. bank or by two point seven percent the rest has already been sold in the market
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despite this breakdown in relations iran says it will continue investing in russia's energy and gas sector. they say with gas from the russian gas giant and ukraine's energy company enough to gas have agreed to create two joint ventures in ukraine the first would extract gas from coal beds in the second or developed black sea offshore deposits parties didn't provide any further details. form since those the relatively small russian pharmaceutical company which has just raised almost eighteen million dollars knife in an exclusive interview with r.t. the company's chairman to me to again can talks about that and just plans to expand fort. considering the united states europe and israel. we are looking for a small growing generating company which is in karl's biopharmaceutical one faction. in fact hopefully next week we will in. the
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cause and others who do this will be. in the picture and company exec the young growing group with huge potential which is located in the european union. two weeks ago form since this started trading in the my six or was it appeared in russia's r.t.s. stock market weibo but i think the main idea to say this was to allow foreign funds to trade him to enlist before most of the share of moment. of. the stock exchange where for him from the present. how attractive is foreign sent as to foreigners it's a directive to stick to first of all there are. one of the markets. pharmaceuticals that is growing. and you know that. according to the.
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prognosis in the next three to four years but also the overall for most of the market world what will get the market will be driving mostly by emerging markets russia brazil china india so that's a shows to issue a dent in the second tier of goods for us into this is a quite unique company so it's to combine both. of the question the rating business on growing for most of the market. to give a with a nice on the pipeline which of course with a knife and with a good upside from a myth. and that shop safe they sound stories on our website.
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