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tv   [untitled]    December 2, 2010 8:30am-9:00am EST

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there with archie live from moscow words four thirty pm the headlines will never revoke an arms race unless it's pushed to extremes pledging their lives and sets the record straight on missile the founder starring in interview with veteran talk show host larry king the prime minister also tops on the topic of elections rejecting claims of animosity between him and president clinton to. washington lends itself in hot water after a new leak exposes its true colors opinions of so-called grokked russia raise questions over u.s. politicians and their stereotypical views secret secret diplomatic cables are just the latest in a string of documents released by whistle blowing web site. now less than two hours
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or maybe four feet five now says who will host the world cup in twenty eight teams voting is underway now in switzerland to decide which country will get the on those buses up against the u.k. spain and portugal as well as another of their belgium.
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a big big day. well as russia waits with bated breath for the announcement of who will host the upcoming twenty eight hundred world cup or do you spoke exclusively to national football legend. about the beautiful game. the store. that was in your opinion could convince the fire to give russia a chance to host the world cup tournament in two thousand and eighteen. pretty soon the first of all the traditions the great traditions of russian football second russia has never hosted the world championships besides fief is urging the development of big time football and the grandiose tournament's like world championships that are held in this or that country make it possible to build
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a splendid stadiums and football infrastructure to promote world level football this is possibly the number one priority of all the current aspirants have repeatedly hosted world and european championships with that i think that russia now has a huge potential both financially and in terms of inner stability and economic growth the world besides russia is very eager to host the championship and this is also an important factor that i'm not sure will be given the rights but i'm willing to see the championship take place here. what i've. said such events contribute to promotion of the sport in the world what about our country russia. this is what i'm saying it will enable russia to build first class stadiums this is difficult a stadium for a world championship should come up to a certain standard for example ukraine will host the world championship in two
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thousand and twelve it is intensively building stadiums and football infrastructure and this is a powerful stimulus for the development of children's and you football in russia. if russia wanted chance to host the tournament what would it mean for you personally yes that. each person involved. football should rejoice at such a grandiose event it will certainly be a red letter day for us as a form of football and a coach and dreaming to have a world championship in russia it would be a great achievement and a great joy i'd like to see it took this is to come on the. russian team's perform rather well in european rinks that seem to have troubled you indecisive notches in the champions league what does that indicate that. this girl put her foot but wouldn't say that we can see considerable progress in russian football in recent
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years during the last five or six years are two clubs sany ten sysco one one of the most prestigious tournament since europe the away for cup the national team won bronze at the european championships i think there is much progress at international level i mean a club football and individual teams earlier it was a grand event of a team made it in spring to the european cup series and today there is no such problem with the clubs have a g.t. to do that karan temptations go much further than that but i'm sure that clubs like zinni and cisco are quite able not only to play in the champions league but also to achieve good results it's quite realistic. that the this would do you believe russian clubs seem to lack in order to improve their performance through a. strange as it may sound we're quite short on infrastructure today i think the level of football played in russia is quite high and so the players'
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salaries are we have good players coming to russia now not some second grade legionnaires a can play is with good established reputations but stadiums are a problem there are no facilities for fans who were the most this is what we are lacking if you ask for everything else it's all good i mean. mass media coverage and there are lots of sports journalists commentators t.v. shows on football which show that there's a great interest. in the sides we're beginning to integrate into european football as well this is very important but we must have stadiums on top of that today we only have the luzhniki and even that stadium has an artificial pitch so i wish we had more stadiums in russia if we get them we will win the champions league i have no doubt about bands. who are sick well since russian players started playing in european clubs russian national team has not been able to show good results do you
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believe these two factors are connected. to know why i disagree in the national table and as well yes well i think there was a mistake in the preparation and not in the preparation of players but in that's of the coaching stuff in my opinion with the players the national team had back then it was simply obliged to get to the world championships in south africa so its failure to do so is down to the coaching staff that saw report of a group of. the last two managers of the russian national teams were foreigners do you believe there are russian coaches who could fulfill that role successfully by going. you know i've always advocated one principle that the national team of any country and especially russia should be headed by a homegrown specialist there can be two opinions on that and well today's football
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executives make different decisions but if we take a look at history the teams that won european and world cups were mostly coached by home specialists in particular if we take the highest achievements of soviet football they were also made under soviet coaching this is why i think foreign coaches are not a panacea but rather a fashion trends that will fade soon besides i think we should be more patriotic in this respect that. ok with is there a philosophy which you give to a team your sort of philosophy i give to my team is simple it's a philosophy that brings victory any philosophy offensive or defensive is the right philosophy if it brings victory is the ultimate result. and finally is there a lesson which huge or from football which you could pass on to the young generations no matter whether they play football or not who both who are you know football has become more than just a sport these days it is a social phenomenon and
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a political game at the same time during major football events like the world cup not only separate countries but the whole world holds its breath as if waiting for some miracle this is what a couple does for the young people who now go to sports schools and when they see those football stars and they see how great tournament so one not every one of them will be a great footballer but they will remember this experience and they will be strong healthy citizens of that country. i have got to go thank you very much for your time and you're welcome. to.
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medics travel much possessing an extra ordinary car. the doctor who helped many people in his country. the political criminal responsible for thousands of deaths. was it an attempt to repent. or just escape a fair trial. the other line around among. on our team. for six months russian capital was in a state of siege days and nights people lived in fear of occupation and were preparing for the desperate defense in turn smuggles took a heavy toll on. the sony dami switched to the offensive but was the first sunni or defeat of the where mobs to. battle for most
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go on or keep. just over an hour of remains before the fight now says who will host the world cup and twenty eighteen voting is underway in switzerland to decide which country will get the honors classes up against the u.k. spain imports a call as well as the number of them south and. in other news russia will never provoke an arms race unless it's forced to extremes at the airport and sets the record straight on missile defense during an interview with veteran talkshow host larry king the prime minister also touched on the topic of a lack center exactly lines of animosity between him and president clinton. the washington lands of the south and hot water after a new leader exposes its true colors opinions of so-called drop drop so brave questions over u.s. politicians and their stereotypical views of the secret diplomatic cables are just
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the latest in a string of documents released by whistle blowing web site to the. up next all the latest sports with. hello welcome to the sport of r t coming to you from the russian capital amman call service in the studio for you today and let's take a look at our top stories in brief. the wait is almost over all eyes are turned to zurich where russia awaits people as decision on who will host the twenty eighteen tournaments. while and it like beckham the former england captain tries to score a late where as he as he's back into the english. and european ambitions after lifting the russian premier league trophies in need ice excess in
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the europa league as they host a group game with on their left. but there is only one place to start and that's the world cup boating represented from nine countries are in zurich waiting for a fee thoughts announce who will host its once the eighteen and twenty twenty it's tournaments the russian delegation are making their presentation on thursday for the twenty eighteen event and richard van portrayed has this report from switzerland the clock is ticking for the nine countries hoping to host of the two thousand two thousand and twenty two will camps they will have one final day to lobby the twenty members of the physics of committee made but all important decision how will the russians won't be able to rely on the help of prime minister vladimir putin who says he won't be attending as he doesn't want to put a fee for delegates under any more pressure than they already are to begin committee is already here with former players alex a smidgeon under not to sign acting as ambassadors well they are being joined by romana but a move it should be fitting a large part of the bill of russia wins for bait and andre
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a shot in my protocol of course we respect all the competitors but to my mind there are three favorite russia england and spain was portugal but we hope to meet on thursday. believe russian people would love to see what's best players in their country russia's bookmakers favorite to win the bid to host the two thousand and eighteen world cup their main selling point being they'll be able to leave a legacy new stadiums and improved transport links something supporting heavily and russia's head coach took up the cut says russia needs the world cup more than its rivals i remember. four years ago. if you want to be a fault in your. kind of things. things only did it because the. bottle of all the five nations hoping to host the two thousand and twenty two world cup their bidding process is already reached its final stages presentations to feed for
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delegates hoping to convince them to vote their way come first team the russians go last which could work in their favor but. will at some point it is an advantage will be making a presentation after the others can learn from their mistakes but on the other hand the fee for members might get time he believes going last will be an advantage but it's all about who crossed out finishing line first and will find bats out here but media center on thursday with twelve being the magic number of votes russia will need to win what does not want to go now and is going to be anxious wait for the exits at all can and the rest of the russian team but even with the absence of a prime minister vladimir putin russia still the clear favorites to win the rights to host the two thousand and eighteen world cup richard. switzerland meanwhile russia are the bookmakers they were is to claim the twenty eighth in tournaments however england aren't too far behind their team in zurich it's headed by a prime minister david cameron and david beckham who believes the past executive
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committee can be trusted to judge england's bid on its merits after fears british media reports alleging corruption could have a negative impact on the twenty two men who will decide the outcome. however the former england captain is satisfied with the conference presentation to get a fair hearing from football's governing body a thing that we can trust every one of the members you know at the end of the day the football people and they're going to warm. up in the best country that i think use. could host you know the biggest sporting event in the world so we can trust them i think it's hard to tell you know it's hard to tell the difference. you know you get a good feed even from some of the members that we've met over the last couple of days so you do get a good feeling but you can never guarantee that. and while much attention turns to the world cup both the russian champions need continued to dominate and group g.
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in the europa league action after the latest home victory against the belgian outfit on their left three one the results of that however luciano spell that his side were already safely through to the next stage before kickoff. afghans are now in second place now for an away victory gets high by the same scoreline elsewhere in group b. on hold and. have what it boiled for the next stage after their respective another support of pars from group h. . and young boys and let's take a look at some more teams that are through to the next stage sporting lisbon or unreachable in group c. while the second spot is still consistent between. the two teams are left fighting for a political statement spot and they are up let's go and see with the greeks boosting their chances after an away win in spain byron everton's and group b. and have already qualified for the next round of group eight matches for city have
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cemented their place in the next stage after a convincing thrill when they get a red bull and a draw against you then to this was enough for left to go through while they tally and will be holding for better luck next year. meanwhile says carr are also continuing their iraq early campaign as they host swiss side laws on thursday the moscow sidecar group f with one hundred percent record but the match could be postponed due to the freezing weather here in the russian capital close to but we are experiencing difficulties because of the cold weather and the beach is in a great condition but will have to play in what amounts to injury prone circumstances however the main thing is that the mission will take place and we have to achieve owain and get through to the next round as group winners so we are well motivated for this fixture. with the question you asked of still haven't guaranteed top spot in the group and cisco are always determined to be top so it's
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an important match and are only a month as date is to win. move announce a basketball where moscow region scheme key have snapped there are three game losing streak in a match against spartak design belgrade so it's a qualifier for the euro league top sixteen they must win at war all next week moscow though have been left with only theoretical chances of qualifying for the next stage that's after their last hope on that and i cause at home sevens it's sixty eight on wednesday these mondays led the way for the greek side with seventeen points including the buzzer beating feet pointer to get to three eighteen lead at the end of the first quarter says cobb badly needed a win and took the lead for the first time in the second quarter the match states and silver dime moments of the game bots of the visitors finish strongly inspired by some huge three pointers as a result says cost a bottom of group d. with only one win in seven games he came here to win. we knew it was
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going to be difficult you know you know coaching changes for cesc are we knew that he was going to play the players innocent and won everything there before so it was going to be difficult for us but we play well with the after game especially when you came away with the best best most of the ice now where do you now in moscow have extended their lead in the standings in the kontinental hockey league that's beating nixon by three answer goals right here in the russian capital while scott st petersburg beat rookies you grow by the same scoreline earlier wednesday night sever started registered a three one win over ivan gort meanwhile rock bottom. be leased by a single goal in the moscow region and finally sports of defeated bodies three two right here in moscow as well. meanwhile says guys have continued their slide to the bottom of the league table and she's they the army man of war thrashed them home by
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fellow strugglers medically snit's to the visitors to pickwick two zero lead and five minutes into the sea. and. you look at it one more to make it these posh and was the only army man to find an answer on the nights but it wasn't enough to change the course of the. slap shot settling the final score all for one. sister pretty people who would only play. didn't play to the. scoring of the bullies that would be school as well they just wasted their chances this is what made the difference which produced an additional tactically we were very well prepared for this game we knew the army means we can strong points you have to neutralize them and it worked perfectly and you knew that it's finally over it's a golf tiger woods hopes to end once it's and on a winning though it's at the chevron world challenge in california which he'll host from thursday the former world number one has enjoyed his first speech campaign
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with a win since he joined that store in addition to having a high profile divorce the four time tournaments when i was absent from the events in two thousand and eight as he was recovering from my knees surgery and woods missed it in two thousand and nine because he had been involved in a car crash this was followed by revelations about his private life and subsequent divorce which with five months break from golf has also lost his number one ranking for the first time in five years as he was overtaken by england's lee westwood and then american admits that events off the courts might have affected his game on it . it's been difficult but also very rewarding at the same time. forced me to look deeper into myself and. look or. how i grew up and. how those things didn't match with the person who i am. getting back to get back to my parents raised me basically. good and very excited about the future
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and that's all for right now stay with our team to find out who will host the football world cup in twenty eighteen and twenty twentieth's there's also plenty of useful information all my life that are to check it out when you get a chance and thank you for being with us. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on our t.v. .
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