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tv   [untitled]    December 2, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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and full of praise for the first decision say suggesting there that the reason that countries like russia like that like they like to be given these type of opportunities to host these totems is because of what features of both people supposed to spread football around the world and giving it to russia and giving it the first time not just to russia but the first time to eastern europe those just start keeping it i think they could have they could have made a decision to give it to england one of the major powerhouses of european football like england like spain portugal belgium or netherlands they do went for a new approach so this is something that people have done in the past if we look at where the headlines decisions that they've made where they're going to host the tournament south we saw them place the tournament this year in south africa the next one's going to be held in brazil this one i want to ask now we're going to see it in russia so people are really living up to what should be there monday so spreading football around the world by giving these games by getting these told and to russia and mr putin had this to say about just not. to
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the competition it was tense both for the twenty fourteen winter olympics and twenty eighteen world cup but the olympics campaign didn't see so much dirt so many scandals and i think that in this situation we should have avoided putting any pressure on the fee for members that's why i told russia sports minister that i wouldn't arrive to present our bid but it was a sign of respect to fee for members i believe the smear campaign against chief was unacceptable. well that's become pay what he's talking about there involved the b.b.c. panorama documentary under investigation in british newspapers into alleged corruption over the bidding process now that's being put behind him mr putin not wanting to be involved in any of that understandably but it's now it's now a time for rejoicing is what we're looking at the top of it is coming here to russia and it's not just the prime minister is happy about it the president as well had this to say. thank you. i can gradually everyone from my
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heart as russia has won the bid to host the twenty teams world no we must start preparing and we must do it properly of course we'll have the experience of the twenty fourteen winter olympics in sochi but it's still a very big challenge it's a lot of responsibility for our national team to live in i'm sure all the players will put in their will to achieve the best results this is really wonderful news i congratulate everyone and now will support our team to get ready for the world cup . in that way. well mr red head of the measuring of the twenty four team thought she olympics one thing you didn't mention as well that is going to rush to formula one now you seem very spoiled for choice as well now after formula one the olympics and the world cup coming here but the experience that's going from those to the before we won on the olympics coming before the world cup can only serve to help the preparations that will be put in place over the next eight years to make sure
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that those finals are the best finals that russia could put forward and one of the main statements has been made in the build up to the decision to choose russia for the finals as peter said that they wanted to have a tournament that would be remembered for generations to come now that's now up to russia to put that in place now they've said that they can do it it's out there to try and do it but the reaction has been from a political level this is really touched the hearts and minds of of people here in russia where i'm still right now it's just in front of the stadium in moscow where the final will take place in eight years time earlier on here there were crowds of people who were releasing chinese balloons into the chinese lanterns of a cuban into the blaze in which the russian flag were seeing cars driving around the capital with russian flags people in their horns in celebration of this come but it's not just here in marshall in moscow those celebrations have been going on across russia here paint as you're saying their face first put more thought of confidence and russia with this vote. what were the reasons what swung it in the
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end do you think. i'm sorry kevin it is the let me know if you are so i can hear i'm saying what swung it in the end do you think for russia has put a lot of confidence in the country but what really clinched it at the end of the day. well it went right down to the line the whole selection process of who was going to get it seemed to be changing who was the front runner seemed to change hour by hour it seemed a votes about lunch around lunch time on thursday that england with the front runners and the bit there was a very impassioned speech by for england captain david beckham that appears to have struck a chord with the the committee who are going to decide who got the finals over russia also really hits their home their message in their speech to their final presentation to the committee they outlined what they wanted to do and they outlined what they could do and put forward so really russia seem to have a graphic the spirit as i mentioned earlier on that fee for european trying to put forward that these games these these two finals the big party should be able to
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spread its football around the world it's often called the world game and it's coming to russia seems to make sure that that is continuing to spread around the world. ok peter we're know you're talking to some people on the streets as well not quite sure if we're going to hear from them. i guess we're not ok well we've heard plenty of that already tonight here all over from a very prettily cold moscow night tonight thanks for staying on bring us up today. all right well russia is a celebrating its victory of course than tonight the host for a major event of twenty eighteen is going to be let's get some reaction now from the team russia's fans out is really going to score quite a slightly better bet tonight you've got to be inside in moscow rather warm and comforting bar spirits being like there tonight than. well indeed it is warm and very exciting here is better in fact for a while it seemed like everything was winding down and people were starting to leave but then the second wave came in they were fresh out of the football match
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and that just only goes to show that football is in stacked at the moment russia's top sport right now and of course because of that the decision of the committee to allow russia to hold the world cup simply. in the country is very important and we did talk to some fans would explain why this is a major event not just for russia but for russian football as well. one moment but i think this will help the country's infrastructure i play football myself and love the game no he said i think it's good for russia and i will definitely watch it as the us is announcing that this is great i will certainly come to see a few games myself this will help the country's football infrastructure with new stadiums and roads being built a little. there is a question a lot of tourists will come it's great for our country. so there you have a lots in fact a lot lots of interest of nation for prior to the games prior prior to the event
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which is of course going to be held in eight years time but until then the fans of the russians will have to wait and see what exactly is going to happen to the country and how the country will prepare for this major major event. maybe eight long years away still but i guess there is no underestimating at all is of the importance of this event for russia really. that is absolutely right and of course probably the underlying like the underlying a part of the message which was sent by the russian presentation to the comedian was probably the idea that everything that that everything that we're celebrating today is in fact proportion for the future for the young generations again eight years time is quite a long time so so those children who are young today or six seven years old there will be two meters by the time the world cup kind of rolls around and of course hopefully by that time they will be inspired to actually participate in the sport and be involved in the sport and hopefully by that time the infrastructure a word which sounded probably
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a million times to say every time somebody talks about this major event by then the infrastructure will allow the russians students to be absolutely totally involved in the game and maybe that was the underlying part of the pitch that russia has put presentist at the ceremony today with that little boy's cell shot who essentially was only representation of the entire russians in the u.s. and children who were just ready who are ready and probably to take on and carry on the road think the next eight years of the championship fog and who probably will be in cross in this came out when the world cup runs around and russia will be fully ready to host the event of the images of the pictures of you shoulda seen people celebrating on the streets where from painterly iran literally was almost like there was a european finals in two thousand and eight people were living over. it was old. but live out in the streets what was it actually like when that was announced earlier on that about what was it about twenty four posix tonight moscow time
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movement. to the public yes that is absolutely right well people sort of jumping up and down and screaming and just being absolutely elated as probably the word that you could probably describe it the best way i mean this is a major event some people how the people that were here did not believe that is actually going to happen everybody was saying that england is probably going to win it in fact i think until probably about until about five minutes when this was announced i did not believe it either but then probably i know patriotism texted or something or a sixth sense and i just thought this is going to be a lot of people did the same thing and a lot of people are going to very excited they say that russia deserves this that football needs promotion in russia and since it's still number one sport it still needs to be worked on it still needs to get all the infrastructure and all of the it be able resource forward into itself so like i said before like many people have said before me this is a major event and people in moscow in particular but i think over the country are absolutely ecstatic about the fact that world cup two thousand and eleven two
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thousand eight hundred i'm sorry is going to take place in russia wishing you time away ridiculous things to bring us up to date in the borrow a euro or i love to see you tonight well there we go as we mentioned let's wind the clock but the time when the winner was decided yesterday as it is now because it's now the next day of moscow let's look back at the glorious moment for russia when it was granted its golden ticket and its name was revealed to the world who it is now without quite so much of the suspense but nonetheless with all the joy. twenty eight hundred feet up later john the mandeville be organized. it's win win for football and for russia but the twenty fourteen winter olympics in the bag and formula one on the starting grade precious schools have tree hosting global sporting event. you trust it to make decision.
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for generation believe in us. believe in the rush limbaugh was as a country looks to set new goals faith has show of faith meets a nation's hypes world cup twenty eight russia ready to inspire i was utterly muslim who. was. thank us. thank you thank you.
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thank us. to coop you cut. how much thank you thank us. was cool thank you thank you
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you thank. thank you thank you trenches was there thank you thank you guys it's really top you want ten seconds left to play russia this week it was. because she said she's been doing this since she's was jason was thought to be something like this she was just it's good to do this i just believe it was like oh she's going to take the kids the decision was done the usual was the was the was the cue the thank you. the book the was
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absent was. such a wake up it's your b. day. welcome to the jewels of russia thirteen proposed two cities arranged in convenient koloff states each with a brand new steadier path of those football the central class stays based around our capital city most well come to a world famous stadium luzhniki the jewel in the crown of russian football a cube of five stars that he hopes to keep up the value of the two thousand and eight a champions league finals and has hosted numerous people boil a fine matches currently sitting almost eighty thousand fans with over three thousand feet aipcs the steady and is now being run of a tent to bring it out to an dixie people down to carry.
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this out and gloves face proud to believe big city of sochi at the heart of the russian riviera. construction on the olympic stadium is already underway and the forty seven thousand seat value will be complete in just a few years in time for the twenty fourteen winter olympics the majestic greebo ball that runs through the heart of our cluster because i know he's building a brand new stat here for the twenty thirteen university games sitting forty five thousand fans the venue will be completed within three years in fact nine of the proposed stadia are already under construction near completion or under renovation . send it is burke is the capital of our northern cluster sense it is there it is the valley so the north the cultural capital of russia and
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the home of some of the most spectacular sights in the world. that brand new seventy thousand seat stadium is being. village in victory and will be completed next year. yes into the world cup in russia has never been easier over one hundred sixty international destinations have direct flights tell the host city so far as will have no problem arriving from all over the world and for world cup ticket holders know these are will be needed all of the jewels of russia are less than two hours flying from moscow and are connected by one of the most secure as systems in the world. he chose city is connected by a not work of long rail and road links ground travel between each of the cities will be completely free for world cup ticket holders as well as we believe the cities will force. us to tell if he's the hobbies of the russians and we can't wait
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to open the doors to all many world class hotels and restaurant. people delegates players fans and media will find an amazing choice of places to stay and enjoy whatever your tastes you'll find a restaurant for in. the real chills of russia take children to them that we dedicate this world cup and the legacy that it will leave to build an amazing future vote for russia is a vote for the future the future of football in the largest country of the world the future of our children the future excitement of the past people world cup in the east and you are right about the fact that love.
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you're watching our t.v. broadcasting live from moscow let's take a look at some other main news stories from us tonight and russian officials say they deeply doubt the credibility of fresh allegations against the country released by whistle blowing web site wiki leaks the secret u.s. diplomatic cables brand russia are a hub for organized crime and corruption and some even calling the country a mafia state allegations are also made against prime minister vladimir putin claiming it amassed a fortune in foreign banks during his time as president put his press secretaries dismissed that information is utter rubbish saying it's a bunch of groundless rumors the files of the latest in a growing list of leaks originating from american officials and as artie's miniport reports next washington's been exposed on a truly global scale. a global partner in peace or paranoid
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superpower hungry for secrets our diplomats are doing what diplomats do around the world every day which is build relationships negotiate advance our interests and work to find common solutions to complex problems that's what they do but according to documents released by wiki leaks in two thousand and nine u.s. diplomats around the world were in fact directed to gather saif i take details including facial images fingerprints iris scans and even d.n.a. from u.n. officials among the targeted ambassadors from russia china france and britain even secretary-general ban ki moon many people didn't understand what that meant or that mean the diplomats do spying on the side of the order of operation allegedly came from u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton words and as the u.s. assumes the presidency of the security council today that afternoon these revelations will probably be seen as an undesirable distraction but little more it
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seems only belgium openly criticized washington for mixing diplomatic work and outright espionage the united nations is not in a position to comment on the authenticity of the document purporting to request information gathering activities official reaction from the u.n. itself only went as far as reminding member states that international treaties per hit spying at the u.n. their response has been so weak to being spied on by the u.s. in large part because the u.s. is just you know it's the behemoth of the u.n. they pay a lot of the bills but they also have the ability to veto a second term for ban ki-moon the u.s. is the un's fattest financier said to contribute more than two and a half billion dollars in two thousand and eleven and this is not the first time the u.s. has been caught spying. back in two thousand and three in the lead up to the invasion of iraq the national security agency was reportedly conducting a secret surveillance operation. providing intelligence on the voting intentions of
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u.n. members this time around diplomats were asked to provide information on computer upgrade security measures passwords and personal encrypted keys of their human colleagues the exhausting level of the details allegedly demanded about top u.s. officials has not only left the u.s. red faced but it's also caused some to question whether washington was ultimately laying the groundwork for surveillance or how king operations here at the world body had quarters for governments that are constantly talking about democracy the transparent see him poor and blind in the world and say that they're invading all sorts of countries in order to promote his new democratic spirit and then they behave this way i'm sorry but i think it's time for some outrage while washington repeatedly claims to be rebuilding and repairing relations around the
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world the image of the u.s. as big brother watching at the u.n. may be irrepairable what is the u.s. policy is this u.s. policy going forward and you know it was in the past will it be going forward and if so you know people better hold on to their wallets around here while the u.s. appears to be left holding the smoking gun. r.t. new york. writes is vice president of the center for national policy he says the latest hit us foreign relations below the belt was bound to be more to come. the key point is that these cables do not represent. a clear picture it's information being passed on for analysis back in washington so even rumors are passed on and you're getting a file that includes information that some of which may be true and so on which may not be these revelations put people at risk around the world and worse than that undermines the trust that binds diplomats together to work on common problems i
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think we all have to assume that whatever we put down on paper or on a computer can be broadcast to the world that's the nature of the digital age and i doubt this is the last time they'll be embarrassing revelations out there in the world of diplomacy. to be earlier on here at r.t. now world news wrap for you on some international news in brief the roadside bomb exploded in the iraqi capital baghdad officials say security forces and government employees were targeted several people including five policemen were injured in the attacks which took place across the city to rush hour comes amid of increased wave of violence in the country after the u.s. combat troop withdrawal. coast opposition leader tony ouattara is being declared the winner of the country's presidential runoff the constitutional court for objected the result with the ruling party calling a victory of the night the army is said to have sealed the country's border earlier several people were reportedly killed as violence broke out it would terrorise
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office and despite the curfew it's opposition party to accuse president gbagbo of trying to steal the ballots the election is the first in the country for a decade. at least fifteen people have died in europe now from a cold snap that sent the continent into a deep freeze transports but affected across several countries with major airports suffering severe delays the conditions are the worst the united kingdom's experience the seventeen years experts predict heavy snow falls and plummeting temperatures in europe will continue to for several more days. for a lot of r.t. dot com tonight of course the twenty eight hundred world cup top story from us and a chance to have your saying give your support maybe also an influential photographer of world renowned artist. russia we explore his images and find out what makes. this so special. other temperatures in the negative double digit sit here in moscow we explore how to stay to enjoy the russian capital as it chills out but a local knowledge for you to just get out our team dot com. coming
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up to one am this early friday morning the third of december here in moscow i'm kevin owen you're watching the r.t. news channel and much more coverage of the big news story of the day from us russia winning its bid to host the twenty eighteen world cup just moments away. as you watch this tape i can only imagine the fear and the despair that you face for this is being recorded for viewing only after the disappearance of god's people from the earth. well it's
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