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tv   [untitled]    December 8, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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rather said the colonel was there to treat. massive student demonstrations against university tuition fee hikes and education cuts are expected in britain for thursday's pond the latest in a wave of protests sweeping europe in economic crisis. we could leaks founder julian assange source to the top of an online poll to become time magazine's person of the yeah but speculation amounts that america is driving his extradition to sweden from london for eventually trial in the u.s. . and with foreign wars losing popularity at home the pentagon seeks to drum up public support for its complaint in afghanistan using the news media as a weapon.
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and a very warm welcome from all of us here in moscow this is all to see with me thanks for joining us in britain huge student demonstrations are expected on the day parliament votes on government plans to raise tuition fees and deep education cuts with critics describing the news as a funeral for education protest leaders have expressed fury at a government targeting universities while bailing out banks and failed european economies like ireland nor emmet gauge the mood ahead of the. another wave of protests is set to grip the ukase capitol on thursday this is crunch time for the student protesters as it's their final chance to make their voices heard ahead of the evening vote in parliament on increases and she wished in fees for university students they say it will mean a university education will become elitist a privilege for the few rather than a right for the many and the protesters are unlikely to let this chance go by
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they'll be anxious to have as much impact as they can judging from previous protests that'll mean violence vandalism and major disruption in london and other cities and there's also a distinct possibility that the case will get involved and that could certainly mean that things get ugly this is expected to be the biggest demonstration against the rise in fees so far estimates of the number of people expected to march in london ranges between twenty and forty thousand and that's in london alone this comes against a backdrop of a euro in crisis as billions from national budgets goes to save banks and into the coffers of the european union after a summer of the austerity demonstrations on the continent the u.k. seen a wave of autumn process and ireland for its own demonstrations earlier this week as its parliament passed the toughest budget in irish history to secure an i.m.f. and the e.u. bailout of one hundred fourteen billion dollars the feeling on the street is that
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ordinary working people and the less advantage to being made to pay sort of mistakes made by switches and process the speculators cheer one of the groups who resent this the most is the german taxpayer europe's largest economy is footing the bill for bailouts and e.u. excesses and there's a growing feeling amongst germans that it's not fair that they should bail others out meanwhile student groups here are saying there is to shut down cities and towns up and down the country by bill kaysing and. picketing schools universities and institutions and it's not just the students who are protesting the r m t one of the u.k.'s most powerful trade unions has called on its members and the entire trade union movement to get out onto the streets and support the students wednesday already saw a series of marches moved house and stated seed universities in towns around the country some of which have lasted days these appear to be designed to be dark to
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the main event on thursday the both of the action in london is expected to take place around harlem and around a thousand police on the streets of westminster as protesters tried to directly lobby m.p.'s into voting against a fee hike but it's widely believed this won't be the end of civil unrest in the u.k. if the fee hike goes through more people are expected to join with the students in what's already being dubbed a winter of discontent as the european people feel more and more they're being required to pay for the mistakes of a privileged super rich few. and germy cool been a labor member member of parliament in london says the consequences of tripping to ration fees with a monstrous for the u.k. . firstly i opposed the student phase and voted against the monitor labor government they were wrong to do it and i think it was setting off a trend which we are now seeing the consequences of however the increase of three
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hundred percent in student fees which is what the government is proposing to put through tomorrow is absolutely masters what you see is the end of access to higher education for people of average and below average incomes it's going to really preserve the well for the future the trend will be you will have a less well educated less school or less qualified population and it will do enormous damage to the international standing of our universities and our colleges and the whole principle of our higher education system i see education as an investment for the future we're investing in young people investing in skills were investing in knowledge we're investing in our future cut that is the economic growth of the future where the advances of tomorrow where the right is and the artists and musicians of tomorrow this is causing at the core society those that created this economic mess that we're in all the ones you should pay for it's a transaction tax a wealth tax a tax on the very wealthiest people in our society would help to close the gap there is no need to basically the poorest people in our society in order to pay off
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this debt in quick march in time you need a more sensible more rational more humane approach to the whole issue we're not getting that from the government at the moment i do however think. there is a sort of caravan of despair that goes around europe that denigrates people and an economy then the very same people through the bond markets and making huge amounts of money out of loaning money to those governments the irish bonds for example of being traded at nine percent at the present time way above the current rate of inflation you know and or indeed anywhere in europe and i think that when all the additions and all the old investigations are down at the end of this will see that in all this despair some people have made themselves very very rich. and it's just after six am here in central moscow washing our c.n.n. what much more took down. the phone who are you the fall of me
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as well as the perfect example of the board of the need to create the aren't the only thing you need to do. so they close the team continues its talk of the city of durham and they have foothills of the euro's this time showing its mystical side. we can leaks founder julian assange and prison in england on a swedish extradition rape war and has climbed to the top position in times online paul to be named person of the year in stark contrast have been calls on u.s. television for the internet whistleblower chief to be killed as foreign minister says pro-american security and not as sanjay is to blame for recently has diplomatic cables hackers have been attacking day websites of swedish prosecutors and international payment systems that have blocked donations to weaken leaks with credit card giant master card the latest to suffer this session our year old was
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held in london on charges of technical rape under swedish law which were previously dropped against him many suspect us could be behind the allegations trying to stop they want to intervene in secret but as independent journalist antony loewenstein in sydney says even if a son is silenced they'll be others. forty one who will certainly be for a long time to be us government would like to get a song in silence here in wiki leaks i mean that's something that many of us illustrate well fundamentally and we demand government provides far more support and resistance to those and if they have one of the concerns that many of us have is that if this extradited from sweden that he will face a political trial so all these revelations showing us. is based. hypocrisy and it's not surprising that many governments including on iran in russia were very upset with those releases because it shows that governments in very
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different lights and increases people skepticism and cynicism towards officials in many countries and the truth is that if you knock out with the likes of julian assange tomorrow someone else will replace him the genie is out of the bottle now so i think many governments sternly fully understand i mean to networks that with the aid of the internet facebook twitter or you tube and cetera it's far easier to transmit information the hope is that i have that many people will see the example of what you later i mean any more interested in doing something similar and i think be important to these documents showed how actually foreign governments work now you could argue that many people say we know the u.s. is a global bully but to have received permission in black and white i think is a very poor because it shows the general public the lives of many governments have told us and i think transparency in a set of matters is vital and why we must be supported by anyone who believes in openness true free speech and transparency but many in the mainstream media i think don't like a son because he doesn't play the gang sadly many of those in the media see
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themselves as they see themselves as most apparent they are obsessed with the leaking and didn't counter them directly they have to go to wiki leaks to get the information to individuals who will be king by killing the nation choose not to go to a mainstream news organization but now to a website. because they found more trust and then i think there's a great deal about how many people don't trust the relationship between governments and big media anymore. russian embassy officials in london have finally been allowed to contact a young russian woman arrested without charge almost a week ago suspicion of spying twenty five year old county as a tool of the attorney now faces deportation she worked as an assistant to british m.p. mike hancock and the u.k. says she was gathering information on nuclear facilities the russian consulate is now waiting for their official permission on the british side for a personal meeting with the to libya to london had initially blocked access to the woman and this didn't stop western media from relishing the board style scandal and
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digging out new characters such as another russian blonde who is a tool of a terrorist boss helps. the media suggests mike has a fascination with eastern european women. and if you also have a fascination with spies candles you'll get plenty more on our website at home and of course we'll feature plenty other stories too including. thirty functions on refunds blog one of the main roads for almost an hour after a fellow supporter by rival. the kooky princess of pop wants to record a song in russian as producers think it will drive the funds crazy.
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a growing number of americans believe the war in afghanistan can be won according to say a bit just released in the u. hearts and with withdrawal dates postponed again and again the pentagon seems to be growing more desperate to find ways to winning public support for an unpopular compay. when it comes to afghanistan. and iraq the stories americans here often sound these taking part in a turning point for american troops and the united states optimistic the story lines the marines are taking extraordinary risks to avoid civilian casualties often follow the official line of the united states department of defense very closely for example the mainstream media reported that this scene represents the last american combat troops in iraq nevermind that fifty thousand american troops remain a new iraq with reports on the ground confirming some of at least forty five
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hundred special ops forces continue to be directly engaged in military operations it's not coincidental to build this narrative that probably progress progress the pentagon spends a lot of money and effort and what critics like j. dilla barito who served as a marine in afghanistan and iraq called propaganda for stories that i look like every other game so i don't think the public is not told it was produced by the military the pentagon has really pulled the curtain over much of the mainstream media and it's because the mainstream media wants the story they want to tell the story of the american hero people may think the u.s. military's counterinsurgency strategy is about winning the hearts and minds of people on the ground in iraq and afghanistan but it's also about winning them at home which help explains why the pentagon budgets more than five hundred million
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dollars on p.r. efforts to sell and market the war to americans to influence public opinion right here in the united states officials have argued that isn't exactly the case if i tried to change your opinion about the policy or practice of the department of defense that's influence the role of public affairs. is to provide the information so that you can make an informed decision yourself so they say but the reality of the wars trillion dollar cost the thousands of casualties and millions of people displaced or summed up in this line of progress making progress this is my first publication that are in an iraq war resister map the room for military newspapers says an agenda was always clear always positive you won't find a single thing critical of the military and if anything really but i wrote with all this information being what's provided by the pentagon you have to wonder if americans will ever understand the reality of the wars their country is fighting
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lauren lyster r.t. new york. let's now take a look at some other headlines from around the world eighty one people have died with over a dozen hurt after a fire broke out at a prison in santiago chile and began during a riot at a crowded prison the fire only became public when an inmate he used in the legal cell phone to call state television in an attempt to get help witnesses claim that the prison gates axes for firefighters. nineteen people have been killed after two trains collided at a station in eastern bangladesh carriages from one in top of the r.v. and the impact on the military is helping police and firefighters in desperate efforts to rescue survivors trapped in the wreckage train accidents are common in bangladesh due to poor signalling and rundown tracks. purchases in haiti have set fire to government headquarters after the announcement of a presidential run old violence broke out in the capital port au prince when it
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became known that the kinds of bonds by a source he's under former first lady will compete in the next electoral round protesters are furious at all they see as a great vote they do and several countries have. to review the first round of the elections. all russia close up series now while we continue to explore year is europe's eastern most city part. of the spiritual side of life that. so for a thriving our center to form a soviet military purpose has many sides to offer visitors and those seeking legend and law one have to look far to get in touch with their mystical side home to everything from canned haunted caves the city on the banks of the river can truly
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an adventure with an edge. the perm region is full of myths and legends and there are plenty of places for visitors to the area to get up close and personal with them the common good ice caves are a few hours' drive away from the city of perm and provide visitors with some or inspiring views but. normally cave ices grow at certain heights but this particular case has them right near its mouth you can come across this phenomenon anywhere else in the world. it's the uniqueness that has led to a string of stories becoming attached to the five kilometer long cave system of. the most ancient tale is about the legendary the man you know mark who conquered siberia lost his way and had to spend the winter in this cave each period gives rise to its own myth. one modern me that's played out for visitors to the cave concerns the white spelling ologist someone who studies can use it said that he
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found breaking his leg while exploring with a colleague his partner ran off leaving him to his fate and now the white spelling ologist wanders the cave network searching for traitors there's also a number of underground lakes within the games. these two have legends attached to them the water dripping into one lake legend has it is the tears of a beautiful young woman tricked into marrying a cave spirit given to it being known as the naked teens. the congo i fear is a ball of myth that legend as well as being a perfect example of the beauty that the forces of nature can create but they aren't the only thing that's unique to the perm region of visitors to this area. a rather extraordinary artist arrives. these devils are here just for decoration i started carving devils i believe in evil forces in these a village to singing
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a song they've been here since one thousand nine hundred eight. do you throw been has been working with wood sincerely a small boy drawing his inspiration from local mythology as with any other event in his life or reflect our years at work. i started carving them in the one nine hundred ninety s. when life was really tough they all turned away looking i was angry at a life time. terrifying vampires in which is mingle in amongst movie play the characters collection over the riyadh dome or this guy is a dumb avoid the next to him is evander laughing all the time always live in village houses and sometimes frighten people but they're invisible i don't think i have one at home. journey into the freezing darkness of the caves visit the vampires of the commie be careful your visit to the pond region doesn't result in you being the subject of future events peter all of our arty region. all right turn
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up next to congressman ron paul about everything from emergency bailouts to north korea and sarah palin's political career.
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congressman ron paul is talking to us about the federal reserve the situation on the korean peninsula and sarah palin congressman good to see you as always so this i think is one of your favorite subjects the federal reserve revealing trillions of dollars in emergency aid something like nine trillion overnight loans are you surprised by this you know in a little way either was bad but it's probably worse than i thought you know i'm not totally surprised what they've been doing that's one of the reasons why of one of the lot of for a long time you know we're getting some figures it has it's nothing near what an audit would reveal but the the dollar numbers are very very high and of course the involvement overseas is one of the things i really wanted a lot of for but we did get some figures to show that we felt compelled to bail out foreign banks through which is a real affront to the american people because indirectly the american people have to pay for those and i think that's one of the things that shocks so many people it's not just financial institutions here in the united states also foreign banks
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and let's not forget i mean it was g.e. it was for rising it was. harley davidson yeah and you know it's should surprise us because the dollar was given this responsibility of being the reserve currency of the world ever since one nine hundred seventy one so it was it was given much more power and privilege than it deserved and at the time you know after world war two we were we had all the gold and we had the economic might and we were down but eventually though. what happened was everybody started using dollars as if it were gold as if it were gold and they put it in the reserves in now because they still trust the dollar to a large degree because we print the dollars we can bail it in but we can bail out california or we can bail out general motors we can bail out all the banks we can bail out greece now they're talking about helping the entire european union but there is a limit the market will limit politics while they will think they can manage this
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they can't do it eventually people will lose confidence and trust in the dollar and speaking of you know international affairs we've seen so many protests all over europe against the austerity measures the big question is is austerity coming to the united states in what form and are we going to see a similar reaction like the one that we're seeing all across europe i think so i think there's going to be a lot of unhappy people a lot of people saying oh no to clean up the mess we have we have to sacrifice i don't see this sacrifice i see that if the people are working hard and they want to take care of themselves if you get rid of the income tax and get rid of the regulations they can make more money and they can be more responsible they don't have to sacrifice a thing and i think there's hints that we're going to do better i mean there has been an election there are a lot of new people coming in i think that's a sign that the american people are sending people up here are saying enough is enough and we need to have you know get our house in order let's talk about the situation in the koreas you have a very interesting opinion about this you've sattar he's hinted before that to
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create conflict may have been orchestrated. to boost the dollar what do you mean by that it's a pretty shocking claim and one that we don't really hear very often where oh you know i don't know it's so directly as much as a rule as a repercussion when these incidents occur people rush to the dollar that's that's really just very temporary but with my noninterventionist foreign policy i just don't like to see a saber rattling by going over there with our ships and i've been l.g. i draw a draw to this and you know we have a problem on our taxes and u.s. mexican border what if the interests of china would if they thought it was in her interest and they had an alliance with chavez in venezuela what if they had more games in canada go for mexico would be hysterical but we think nothing of saying well you know there's a problem over there and we're going to show marmite we're going to go over there and we're going to set all these rules and and dictate what's going on in korea i
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think if we hadn't stayed in korea it would be one country right now i sincerely believe that do you think that i mean what's going to happen with the situation is going to ask that i know they're trying to put pressure on china is china going to do anything and if not is the united states more likely to get involved we're way too much involved in china china has a greater interest i mean i think we have a greater interest in what happens of cuba than china should. mean it's in their neighborhood and i think we should back away and i think japan and china south korea they should decide what to do i think john about it and i think south korea is quite capable of taking care of themselves but if we always say no matter what happens we're going to be there and we're going to fight your war for you i think that encourages. a lackadaisical attitude about resolving their differences one of very few politicians members of congress senators that who actually come out and say something like that you know that analogy that you made with ed with china and chavez why do you think that is there seems to be you know whether anything that
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has to do with national security but what are considered an. spending anything like that sort of sacred cow is an issue that you don't touch so i think there's a natural tendency especially for men and male leaders to be macho and they and their and their country and their citizens don't like you to be wimpy they don't want you to be weak and they want you to stand strong. and then when a woman gets in charge she wants to prove she was manly enough so i think it's i think a seeing grain in our system but i'm convinced that taking the position that i have takes every bit as much conviction and belief as somebody who thinks that the solution is always violence i just approach it more from that that we can do it with nonviolence and i i i really a poor the idea that we are so often our whole world just think i've lived a good many years of the twentieth century and alan it's perpetual war i history has shown that i just don't think it should be necessary i mean there are other
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ways to resolve our problems speaking of a politician or a former politician who tells a lot of other politicians to man up sarah pailin your fellow tea party member a leader tom barbara walters recently that if she were to run for president in two thousand and twelve that she believes that she could beat barack obama i just want to get your opinion. i guess that's a possibility you know would you support her if she ran for president and i think it's too early to tell she's not even a candidate but as far as you know capability that's the big question a lot of this sort of a status when republicans come out and said you're no ronald reagan you know this is not going to happen very ill i don't care to make a lot of criticism or endorsements of sarah palin.
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