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tv   [untitled]    December 11, 2010 4:00am-4:30am EST

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the gateway to the grounding period truly was to push coromandel. closure. to go. to the city the colonel was such a treat. human rights activists latin america people protection policy for double standards. branching out of. the self-proclaimed republic of cast ballots in sunday's elections but minorities. hope for the body nation can ever be reunited. as winter descends on me for the volunteers on the buses they bring food and shelter who have nowhere to . lose.
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these kids got talent russia's prime minister lends his voice to children's cancer charities as he reads an all star chorus in st petersburg. and much more twenty four hours a day you're watching ulti events across america to mark human rights day designed to underline the country's perception of itself as a leading light on protecting freedom but some of the country's activists are not convinced recent u.n. criticism is leaving washington battling to restore its reputation on rights or in a point nine takes up a story. what speaks louder. actions or words we recognize the inherent dignity and rights of every individual a promise by the u.s.
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president and a requirement outlined in the universal declaration of human rights thirty articles outlining basic standards of life inalienable rights for all people. article three everyone has the right to life liberty and security of person with every drone attack with every. invasion and occupation of a foreign country with every overthrow of a foreign government that the united states happens not to like or happens not to agree with every one of those is a violation of that one article political commentator nima shirazi accuses the us of falling short of a feeling several of the principles it helped create article five no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment with every detainee kidnapped and rendition and. you know tortured in guantanamo or and or elsewhere. that's yet another
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violation the land of liberty is also the land of the incarcerated with the world's largest prison population with. two point three million people behind bars while more than three thousand languish on death row. article twenty five everyone has the right to a standard of living including food clothing housing and medical care at the dawn of the new millennium. we set concrete goals to for our fellow men women and children from the injustice of extreme poverty us figures indicate nearly forty four million americans are living in poverty even more people lack access to affordable health care and fifteen million are officially unemployed. meanwhile an estimated one million u.s. families are set to lose their homes this year alone as president made it clear that the united states will do our part last month the u.n.
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human rights commission made clear in two hundred and twenty eight recommendations by how the u.s. can improve its human rights record i'll be. because it's not just happening there one cd one state is that you know where america needs to stop stars and stripes stained with accusations of police brutality racial profiling of minorities. and islamophobia. and robert redford the country most vocal in chastising others for what it sees as human rights abuses is now taking heat for violating a declaration it co-wrote maybe american poet ralph waldo emerson put it best when saying what you do speaks so loudly i cannot hear what you say. r.t. new york. writes focus is currently set forth on its own shores calling for china
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to free the nobel peace prize winner china react to. being jailed this isn't describing it as a political fuss insults to its judicial system even so there was a standing ovation at the ceremony. friday it was represented in. sentence for something. chinese authorities also banned his wife attending it was awarded for his work on human rights and political reform united states is among the nations calling for his release raising questions about double standards and rights until war activist brown beca says the peace process is purely political and china is right when the rest. of the united states is used human rights of the mantle of human rights as a way to deal with the governments it wants to overthrow bad that was certainly the case in the old former soviet union it's been the case in cuba it's the in the case
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of china today i think the united states wants to overthrow the government of china even while it's doing business with it there's an organic tendency by the united states to overthrow or try to overthrow every regime that follows an independent path the nobel peace prize is a is a political prize there's only been one chinese person in the history of this prize has ever gotten this award and it happens to be the man who's championing crusading against the existing government in china and he's embraced by all of the western powers that's not an accident that's a political act so the u.s. is using human rights as a political football to demonize those who it wants to overthrow it wants to arrogated to itself the idea that it can be the champion of human rights compiled the list of who are the human rights advocates and who are there are assailants of course the americans just on the basis of being the seven hundred pound gorilla sitting wherever they want to were thinking that they can try to arrogated themselves this kind of authority but i think most of the world is seen through it
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right now and in fact sees the united states for what it is. here with r.t. and coming up on the program some hope for the homeless as the long russian winter sets in. the wrong city will be heroes helping us find out. on. nearly three years after course of a split from serbia the self-proclaimed state is holding its first parliamentary election but the serb minority say they feel like outcasts among the ethnic albanian dominated population and sarah firth reports they have little hope that the vote bridge the divide began and her family live in a small serbian enclave in cos of a it's a fairly small that she existence here largely cut off from the white albanian community and this will change from the war in the one nine hundred ninety s. which divided the country and each generation this rule was built at the height of
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the cost of in war to protect the serbian community behind it from gunfire that would come from the right as it was the albanian populated area and it remains today so they don't mind the continuing ethnic conflicts. national bed i remember the wall being built after a neighbor was shot by us he worked on the land near the road we still live in fear here it's harder for the children living such a separate existence they begin to think that's just how things are feeling actions are the first poll since the breakaway province declared independence from serbia in february two thousand and eight belgrade has made it clear that it was a they went penalised for taking part they do not recognize those organizing the elections in a week turnout would significantly undermine the votes credibility. i'm not going to vote because for us now it's not the time for elections when we don't
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lead a normal life. begun as per the shays of the families two cars when with cars of the number plates and one with serbian. driving on the routes with serbian number of police here in cause would be too dangerous. it was an accurate warning we visited drainers a town that's been at the heart of many kosovo albanian nationalist movements of filming was interrupted by the police they spotted us serbian fixes number plates we were detained and questioned before being tailed out of town by locals also unhappy with our presence there the message was clear serbians are not welcome here it was also a stark insight into the divisions of power and fractured governance that remains in kosovo we don't have checks and balances between. power. we
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don't have just as functioning because it's very controlled just in order for themselves to have free hands to do whatever they want the previous reading coalition parties a tip to the favorites to win parikh again despite controversies including. sions collaborating with organized crime groups one issue dominates the campaign the main the main point and the main goal is integration within european union it's a familiar catchphrase and wonder holds nace way with the opposition even though it's pure propaganda in their mouth these kind of you know euro atlantic integration the goal of e.u. integration isn't likely to be realized until the cost of they get its own house in order and address the very serious barriers which is still dividing its people surf a possible. as the freezing grip of the russian winter sets in
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life for moscow's homeless is becoming increasingly preparing us with temperatures plunging the risk of death is rising making the services of a group of volunteers all the more vital ati's tom barton reports on attempts to bring help to the needy. that's not right the homeless gather there waiting for salvation but it comes in the form of a bus a bus run by the orthodox church charity mercy. i want to wish good health to all crew of this mercy bus they always take your. although if it is a hard to come by it's estimated there are around a hundred thousand homeless people in moscow this faithful and its crew travel around the main railway stations every night trying to help them stave off the worst of the winter's cold we follow that patrol well they get medical attention when they take these tablets and who got in see the doctor in the morning. help to
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keep the weakest warm. person on the move mission and try to help some of moscow's most helpless residents just because he's got the problem of i do this work because i can't help but do it i just can't live my life peacefully when someone else is freezing to death in the streets. when we reach one of moscow's biggest stations the team has to turn away many hopeful but even with that he's only thirty two and he's not allowed to go on a bus but he's going round bugging us to say to make way for those in the worst condition and remove the cheap alcohol that does such damage to. this man would never have reached the bus if they hadn't found. him from this year is that among the homeless people we come across we can only choose thirty or thirty five of the most needy ones at most and each time i'm afraid of making those choices each of these people has a tragic tale of how they ended up and for many though it's russia's nightmarish
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bureaucracy has prevented them from working they did it to give i spent thirty years in many prisons i had no idea whatsoever of. the ones on the streets state help is believed to be scams certainly but those that social services just don't have the budgets and so they only deal with muscovites our organization is public and lives off the nations that's why we help everybody who needs us irrespective of that age gender faith nationality or citizenship and he's almost on the buses nearly full now the team will let these people sleep aaron to mourn. then get real and a shout but then there's no other place for them except on the streets night after night this bus and its crew provides a lifeline for the homeless people around the city's train stations but as the winter gets colder they're going to come to need it more and more tom watson r.t. . now to some other international news for you this hour the u.n.
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summit is struggling to reach a deal on crucial measures aimed at tackling climate change or final day of the conference a draft proposal suggests making deep cuts to carbon emissions to contain global warming to no more than two degrees celsius for the countries but something i did say it will be hard to reach a concrete agreement because of divisions between nations over how to make its. a roadside bomb blast in southern afghanistan has killed fifteen civilians it's thought that children are among the dead their truck was carrying them to a nearby bazaar when it hit a homemade device it happened in helmand province which is one of the country's most violent regions and when nato troops are struggling against taliban insurgents . the suspected leader of a mexican drug cartel is among eleven dead following two days of fierce clashes between security forces and gang members a second official saying this argument
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a no name to the craziest one was gunned down in a shootout with police in the west of the country the violence began on wednesday when gang members attacked federal police and caused on the road near the city of upsets and down month old lady was also killed in the crossfire. iranian television has both cost a film in which a woman set to be set down your to death apparently the mood of her husband in the movie shot in her home and they asked young the cubes and detailed account of the doctor's role any of them just made it she was convicted of adultery in the crime punishable by stoning runs is not much for me and the whole it's a sentence that has drawn worldwide condemnation and led to an international campaign against it. then plenty more to come this hour and just ahead few hitting the high notes.
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down more but the man who turned to the stage singing in english and sending off and skills on the on it in front of the stones so did the audience. as you watch this tape i can only imagine the fear and the despair that you face for this is being recorded for viewing only after the disappearance of god's people from the earth. well it's a political church it's a place to simply say should still want to go back to the. every .
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one of the time and exclaim. god bless you. the u.s. defense secretary has praised the afghan president on his muted response to criticism against him were building the latest wiki leaks cables robert gates met with him and karzai visiting several american military bases in the country he also said he's convinced washington strategy in afghanistan is working with all military contributors says america's actions there have little to do with political reality
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. despite their all streaming its efforts in mud and treasure the united states has failed to control the situation in afghanistan during the obama surprise visit deliberately and not he failed to meet with honey because i will symbolically it says a lot about american all nato control at ghana's stand after the nine plus years of american led occupation of that country because of the as commander in chief failed to connect personally we've got as i after this embarrassing week a leak revelations he dispatched robert gates to meet with time you've got his eye so he could conduct a damage assessment and to minimize the political collateral dead and damage which resulted from the way kill x. files and robert gates has successfully accomplished his mission to knows better
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than anybody else that despite the best efforts by american ambassadors and generals in steel doesn't matter for washington decision makers far as afghan strategy review is concerned because of what really drives that american policymakers behind the scene has nothing to do we have the political realities reach at the end of the day we will be just and now the extension of the junior bush afghan policy to do more of the same and to pray and hope for the better whether it's in afghanistan pakistan or elsewhere. blog is always online at auntie dot com just a click away now there's also more the day's news and analysis on our new look website . for its america it's back in the land of luxury reporting on street one it's
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actually down to pressure. and happy all facials the needs of americans lose their money. while spending hours prior to. that you know it's a serial waste of time interests learning new skills fahnestock in general about all those details. now that he's used to taking to the stage but it's speeches rather than songs that are normally his speciality not this time they're printing made his audience sit up and take notes as he sang at a charity fundraiser. louie. yes hitting the high notes and think it is that this star studded single sharon stone there are different here and mickey rourke among the celebrities gathered in
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st petersburg for a concert to raise money for charles tens of charities russian prime minister a few i visit showed off his skills on the piano there. and we have it now in ten minutes time our program on the money with the people of el looks at how russia is open for business for the weekend financial news now inshallah. for the full story we've got. the biggest issues get voice face to face with the news makers. in india she's available in hotels coming dolly resort and spa. resort and spa. remote have been turned bone. nicko bali resort and spa on sunday
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a beach hotel the western resort to subdue. the resort and spa the ritz carlton hotel grounds many of you called the hotel the seasons hotel the sultan hotel. we'll. bring you the latest in science technology from the realms. we've got the future covered. but i welcome to the business program with me folly russian businessman alex on the labor day of has confirmed he's planning to sell around four percent of every. the deal is estimated to be worth up to one hundred ten million dollars as negative sells the forty four million shares in russia's national carrier. a private placement organized by u.b.s. believe the main reason for the sale is to generate final says troubled national
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reserve bank which is the capital outflow. state inspections. the russian prime minister vladimir putin has met his finnish counterpart in st petersburg economic issues run the agenda as russia is still the prime trade partner for finland bilateral trade is recovered closer is pre-crisis level passing eleven billion dollars during the first nine months of two thousand and ten that's almost a quarter of the year both sides have sealed several agreements including a ship building venture which would help russia to embrace a state of the art ship manufacturing technology. there's a look at markets now in motion markets ended the week with the r.g.s. gaining on the money six pointing downwards neurochemical with the biggest one on the r.t.s. one cent bucking the trend there was new coil that showed that six percent for telecom of us not just from twenty seven percent airflow its shares have a drop point three percent on news of that stake sale. russian markets began the
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week strongly after last friday's rally on the back of a successful world cup bid but slowed by midweek mainly due to profit taking john hazel from citi bank of russia recaps this week the most it seems for the most part this week is flood the index because i think the incredible enthusiasm we saw last friday of last friday's trading after the after russia won the world cup bid for twenty eight team a lot of the died out throughout the week this profit taking cetera so the only real the main events this week was with x five finally announcing the acquisition of kapooka that equation looked to be done a pretty much. your average market valuations it doesn't look like they're going to do a bidding war with wal-mart that was good for x five but as a whole the market was basically flat on the week. and to the u.s. now where regulators of frozen the assets of unnamed investors he was shares a russian jew screw down just before pepsico announce its takeover bid one of them
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used a swiss bank account to buy four hundred thousand american deposit your receipts which are a proxy for shares in the new york stock exchange it's illegal in most developed markets to use inside information to profit from moves in share prices last july russia adopted a law against insider trading the regulators are still working out how to enforce it. jumped twenty eight percent in new york last week that would have earned the unnamed investors a profit of about two point seven million dollars but if you look at what seems to happen according to the news it is apparently. or criminal prosecution called his creation of sorts in their body reducing the proof which means that they're all the producers of the securities has to prove that here actually had good reason except when so little to do would he do like oil is planning to sell one point five
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billion dollars of convertible bonds due in two thousand and fifteen is the russian oil giant's first sale of such death in almost a decade. and you have a coupon of two point five to three percent will be convertible into a deal listed in london a spokesman for the company declined to comment on the reason for the sale. demand for world oil be higher than expected next year or stay high until two thousand and fifteen as according to the international energy agency brant crude trade over ninety one dollars this week ahead of the opec meeting on saturday but analysts are split on the longer term outlook for the oil price such an employer covert reports . in contrast with many traders russia's finance minister say cauldron has a green projection for oil prices sixty dollars per barrel within three years among those who agree with him feature rating agency says it's a fair price justified by fundamentals and stripped off speculation it is our view
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that a lot of producing countries are quite comfortable with the level of between sixty to seventy because it helps them balance their budgets but i also think that the price of between sixty to seventy companies can actually conduct and carry out some of the higher cost of projects for instance the oil sands in canada future believes the current level reflects the supply demand balance however as a result threat to that long term make believe graham fitch suggests if china's middle class follows american patterns and moves to the suburbs the number of cars could skyrocket as well as need for gasoline in five years chinese demand could grow to eleven and a half million barrels a day from the current nine the international energy agency project global oil demand could exceed the pre-crisis peak of two thousand and seven already next year and with average eighty eight point eight million barrels
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a day analysts suggest mekon the pressure to increase supplies in the new year at present member states are keeping about five and a half million barrels a day off the market that's an appellate court of business are to. but you can always find more stories on our website.
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they live not only next to the border but guns in egypt but also on the border of peace and war. they're responsible not only for themselves. but also for their loved ones. they're ready to take any risk. for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.


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