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it's the grand imperial truly george was. you can a letter to me to say don't need to go and. read this and the colonel was there to retreat. moscow tightens its security as thousands march in honor of a football fan who was killed in a massive brawl. practice what you preach human rights activists are challenging washington to own up to its violations before making any more promise to. ethnic tension looms over the first part of the material actions of the self-proclaimed republic of kosovo this are minorities says this vote is pointless as long as people live divided from each other. the. prime minister vladimir putin puts his singing
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skills to the task in front of a star studded audience all in the name of charity. from our headquarters in central moscow this is our team with me and he said now and thanks for being with us first up this hour the u.s. considers promoting human rights worldwide a priority but some critics say america's own track record is far from blameless the u.n. has published a report outlining an extensive list of measures washington should undertake to protect freedom and rights back home. has more. what speaks louder. actions or words we recognize the inherent dignity and rights of every individual a promise by the u.s. president and a requirement outlined in the universal declaration of human rights thirty articles
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outlining basic standards of life inalienable rights for all people. article three everyone has the right to life liberty and security of person with every drone attack with every invasion and occupation of a foreign country with every overthrow of a foreign government that the united states happens not to like or happens not to agree with every one of those is a violation of that one article political commentator nima shirazi accuses the us of falling short of a feeling several of the principles it helped create article five no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment with every detainee kidnapped and rendition and. you know tortured in guantanamo or in bhaag room or elsewhere. that's yet another violation the land of liberty is also the land of the incarcerated with the world's
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largest prison population. two point three million people behind bars more than three thousand languish on death row. article twenty five everyone has the right to a standard of living including food clothing housing and medical care at the dawn of the new millennium. we set concrete goals to for you our fellow men women and children from the injustice of extreme poverty us figures indicate nearly forty four million americans are living in poverty even more people lack access to affordable health care and fifteen million. in our officially unemployed. meanwhile an estimated one million u.s. families are set to lose their homes this year alone as president made it clear that the united states will do our part last month the u.n. human rights commission made clear in two hundred and twenty eight recommendations
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on. how the u.s. can improve its human rights record with the. chicago p.d. it's not just happening there one city one state is that you know where american. society stars and stripes stained with accusations of police brutality racial profiling of minorities. and islamophobia. the country most vocal in chastising others for what it sees as human rights abuses is now taking heat for violating a declaration it co-wrote maybe american poet ralph waldo emerson put it best when saying what you do speaks so loudly i cannot hear what you say. r.t. new york. thousands of football fans have gathered in moscow and st petersburg to
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commemorate the death of a man killed in a massive brawl a fan of spartak moscow football team you go died on the spot after he was shot with rubber bullets in a fight involving more than ten people with cross live now part of moscow are considering those are about joins us at this gathering we're getting reports police are using special equipment against football fans what's happening where you are is that the case. and he says so far we've seen thousands of people gathered in the heart of moscow just outside the kremlin as i was walking through the crowd to get to our cameras i noticed a lot of people wearing masks and picking up park benches street signs throwing bottles and slayer's at police we also know that some of the protesters have already been detained but right now it looks fairly quiet there is still a very heavy police presence of course this is one of the most famous sites in moscow the hotel national and usually it's
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a very festive site especially at this time of year now as you can see those riot police lined all down the road waiting hands on there but tons just waiting to see if any sort of provocation should start again so far we've seen various flares of bottles being thrown at the police we've also seen a couple fires flare up they were extinguished pretty quickly right now there seems to be a sort of a mass exodus with people just moving towards us that used to be closer to the exhibition hall and now they're moving down towards us at least are trying to prevent them from stepping outside on to the street and keep them to the sidewalks we've also heard the police. appealing to all the protesters over loudspeakers to not get involved in any kind of hooliganism are very diligent to not be subject to provocations from any sort of aggressors that are in the crowd and there are force . a lot of people who are here are that just want to protest there and express
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their feelings over the death of a fellow football fan but many do seem to be sent. instigating some sort of trouble wearing masks so that their faces are not evident throwing bottles and flares shooting into the air so it is a somewhat tense situation right now the police are managing to keep it under control and we know a similar gathering is happening in st petersburg as we speak are we hearing anything about what the situation is there is it remaining on the violent in the northern capital. well so far we've heard that there was some violence at a rally in st petersburg it was a lesser rally compared to moscow's events of course today not as many people and originally there weren't that many police deployed to patrol the rally and we do know that some of the protesters there started throwing ice and bottles at members of the special forces at which point more police were called to control the situation so more detained at the moment the it seems that the situation has calmed
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down and police have managed to get everything under control but there were earlier reports of violence in st petersburg. now the death of you gorsoon of the spark violence didn't it with spartak moscow football fans getting particularly angry during a match last wednesday tell us more about that. did well his death sparked off a lot of the outrage of course it originated when a number of spartak fans were on their way home from the game they were standing at a bus stop discussing something when a second group of people decided that some derogatory comments were being made about them and a brawl ensued many people of course involved one man who we believe is now in police custody and believed to be the perpetrator took out a weapon and started firing you go to city that received four bullet one. one to the head he died immediately on the spot one of his fellow fans and friends was
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also injured quite heavily on the scene and after that incident a lot of fans were just suppressing outrage that this is the end and basically called for mass rallies to take place in his memory we know that a procession took place earlier a mosque out today a lot of fans walking to the place where you go to city that was murdered and this of course is the second rally to take place in moscow earlier in. gary i think in a during a football match a lot of sparks that fans came out to the field started throwing flares and starting up fires the referee had to stop the match twice so a lot of the anger that's been shown by spartak fans and as you can see right now there are a lot of people here in central moscow thousands of people all of them are being cordoned off by the police right now who have blocked off one of moscow's major roads the street which is just
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a by the russian moscow kremlin and so far the people are still here it seems that the violence has died down but we have seen some aggressive people here in the crowds earlier on you know and also seeing are just these live pictures that we're seeing coming in people being dragged there by riot police course we'll continue to monitor the situation there in central moscow for now you guys are in a live reporting on this commemoration that's taking place absolute of a football fan. now this sunday kosovo is preparing to hold its first parliamentary election since at the unilateral independence from serbia three years ago the vote comes amid calls for partition by ethnic minorities and are to serve for of has been finding out many a service will boycott the poll due to pressure from belgrade. begun and her family live in a small serbian enclave in kosovo it's a fairly solid she existence here largely cut off from the way the albanian
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community and it's a change from the war in the one nine hundred ninety s. which divided the country and brutalized a generation this was the height of the cost of in war to protect the serbian community behind it from gunfire that would come from the right as it was the albanian populated area and there were names today followed by a mind of the continuing ethnic conflicts. national beds i remember the wall being built after a neighbor was shot by as he worked on the land near the road we still live in fear here it's harder for the children living such a separate existence they begin to think that is just how things are the elections are the first polls since the breakaway province declared independence from serbia in february two thousand and eight belgrade has made it clear that although they went penalized for taking part they do not recognize those organizing the elections
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in a week turnout would significantly undermine the vote credibility. i'm not going to vote because for us now it's not the time for elections when we don't lead a normal life. began as per the shows of the families two cars one with cars of a number plates and one with serbian. puppets driving on the room number of police here in course would be to doing truth. it was an accurate warning we visited drainers a town that's been at the heart of many kosovo albanian nationalist movements of filming was interrupted by the police they spotted our serbian fixes number plates we were detained and questioned before being tailed out of town by law. also unhappy with our presence there the message was clear serbians not welcome here it was also a stark insight into the divisions of power and fractured governance that remains
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in kosovo we don't have checks and balances between. political. we don't have just is functioning because it's the size they control just you know order for themselves who have to do whatever the previous ruling coalition parties a tip to the favorites to win power again despite controversies including accusations of collaborating with organized crime groups one issue dominates the campaign is the main the main point and the main goal is integration within european union it's a familiar catchphrase and one that holds no sway with the opposition it's pure propaganda in their mouth you know thinking to reach the goal of the integration isn't likely to be realized until the cost of a is able to get its own house in order and address the very serious barriers which is still dividing is people
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surfing. because of a. well we've got much more ahead for you on our team this hour including we also mostly this holiday season help is on a form of a charity bus that ensures the homeless are not left freezing in the cold russian winter. a roadside bomb blast has killed at least fifteen civilians in southern afghanistan helmand province it's one of the country's most hostile regions and is being targeted by nato troops in the fight to suppress the taliban the violence comes days after the u.s. defense secretary praised afghanistan's president hamid karzai on his dignified response to the latest wiki leaks cables during a visit to the country the recent disclosures were critical of the leader robert gates also commented. commanded i sense that the progress made by u.s. troops there but are to have military contributors that america's military strategy if i'm to have been by political realities. despite their goals trini its efforts
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in mud and treasure the united states has failed to control the situation in afghanistan during the obama surprise visit deliberately he failed to meet with me because i will symbolically it says a lot about american all nato control of afghanistan after the nine plus years of american led occupation of that country because of the as commander in chief failed to connect personally we've got a after this embarrassing week a week revelations he dispatched robert gates to meet with time you've got his eye so he could conduct damage assessment and to minimize the political collateral the damage which resulted from the way kill leaks have been files and robert gates has successfully accomplished his mission to knows better than anybody else that
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despite the best efforts by american ambassadors and generals it still doesn't matter for washington decision makers us far as against read your reviews concerns because of what really drives the american policymakers behind the scenes has nothing to do with the political realities reach at the end of the day will be just another extension of the junior bush have been policy to do more of the same whether it's in afghanistan pakistan or elsewhere. with the onset of winter is better called life is bully for the homeless here in the russian capital hundreds are expected to freeze to death as temperatures plunge to minus thirty in coming weeks but as tom barton reports a group of dedicated volunteers are working hard to offer a helping hand to those in desperate need. that's night the homeless gather
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there waiting for salvation but it comes in the form of a bus a bus run by the orthodox church charity mercy. i want to wish good health to all crew of this mercy bus they always take your. although figures are hard to come by it's estimated there are around a hundred thousand homeless people in moscow this faithful and its crew traveled around the main railway stations every night trying to help them stave off the worst of the winter's cold just because it's got the clothes on what i do this work because i can't help but do it i just can't live my life peacefully when someone else is freezing to death in the streets. when we reach one of moscow's biggest stations the team has to turn away many hopefuls like you can with us he's only thirty two and he's not allowed to go on a bus but he's going around bugging us to decide to make way for those in the worst condition this man would never have reached the bus if they hadn't found this year
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is that among all the homeless people we come across we can only choose thirty or thirty five of the most needy ones at most and each time i'm afraid of making this choice each of these people has a tragic tale of how they ended up here for many though it's russia's bureaucracy has prevented them from working basically if you're good i spent thirty years in many prisons i had no idea whatsoever and once on the streets state help is going to scams certainly but those that social services just don't have the budgets and so they only deal with muscovites our organization is public and lives off the nation and that's why we help everybody had needs us irrespective of their age gender faith nationality or citizenship and the news of the bus is nearly full now the team will let these people sleep or until morning then give them a hot meal and a shower but then there's no other place for them except back on the streets night
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after night this bus and its crew provides a lifeline for the homeless people around the city's train stations but as the winter gets colder they're going to come to me that more and more tom watson r.t. moscow. now to some international news making headlines around the world delegates at the climate change talks and can call in mexico have agreed on measures to tackle climate change they include setting up a green climate fund that will raise one hundred billion dollars to help developing nations cut fuel emissions and cope with the effects of global warming over one hundred ninety countries approve the deal with only bolivia rejecting it saying the moves don't go far enough but this was overruled. the leader of a notorious mexican drug cartel has been killed in a two day shootout between security forces and gang members authorities have confirmed that mazhar. moreno i should say was gunned down by police in the west of the country the violence began on wednesday when gang members attacked federal
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officers and torch cars to block the roads but baby was among eleven people killed in fighting. in jordan two hundred fifty people were hospitalized after clashes between rival football supporters the violent broke violence broke out after palestinians were pelted with stones pies jordanians as they tried to leave the stadium police report of the c.e.o. of the ground used tear gas causing panic and triggering a stampede investigators say most of those hurt were injured when the metal fence separating from the from the playing field kilometers. now st petersburg played host to a number of celebrities from all around the world but the one that stood out was not knocked or or a singer it was russia's very own prime minister vladimir putin but he had he did do a little performance for the crowd. also
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showed his range of talents by playing the piano well although lighthearted this was for a very serious cause helping to raise money for children suffering from cancer among the celebrities taking part were hollywood actors sharon stone kevin costner and golden couple kurt russell and goldie hawn also attending were along did on monica bellucci and vincent cassel. well later sweet tooth martin andrews taste some american pie here in moscow to find out how much the russian capital's been influenced by the west. and with all the better brickwork american music contemporary cake you could easily be in a bakery in say new york or san francisco for the sake of these cupcakes incredible which ones who are trying.
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to make it back here again. jim. you can catch moscow out here on our team throughout the day up next it's the weekend business with charlotte. and i welcome to the business program here on r.t. with me. tomorrow and for world oil be higher than expected next year it will stay haul into two thousand and fifteen as according to the international energy agency brant crude traded over ninety one dollars this week ahead of the opec meeting on saturday but analysts split a longer term outlook for the oil price such out of ports. in contrast with
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many traders russia's finance minister. has a green prediction for oil prices sixty dollars per barrel within three years among those who agree with him feature rating agency says it's a fair price justified by fundamentals and stripped off speculation it is our view that a lot of producing countries are quite comfortable with the level of between sixty to seventy because it helps them balance their budgets but also think the price of between sixty to seventy companies can actually conduct and carry out some of the higher costs of projects for instance or all signs in canada relives the current level reflects the supply demand balance however as a result throughout to the long term make believe room which suggests china's middle class follows american patterns and moves to the suburbs the number of cars could skyrocket as well as the need for gasoline in five years chinese demand could
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grow to the limit and a half million barrels a day from the car and nine the international energy agency predict global oil demand could exceed the pre-crisis peak of two thousand and seven already next year and with average eighty eight point eight million barrels a day analysts suggest ok may come under pressure to increase supplies in the new year at present member states accepting about five. half a million barrels a day off the market it's human but a global business our team. lukoil is planning to sell one point five billion dollars of convertible bonds due in two thousand and fifteen is the russian oil giants first sale of such debt and with a decade in secured bonds we have a coupon of two point five to three percent all we converted will into a new calls a deal is listed in london a spokesman for the company declined to comment on the reason this a. time to see how the markets are holding now russian markets ended mixed on
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friday with the r.t.s. game in my stakes we do down with nicole was the biggest winner in the r.g.s. over one point five percent bucking the trend with new coil the shared point six percent telecom most nefesh one point seven percent higher airflow shares of job four point three percent on news of the stakes a. russian markets began the week strongly after last friday's rally on the back of a successful world cup bid but slowed by midweek mainly due to profit taking john hazel from citibank rush recaps the week but my six issue. for the most part this week is flat because i think the incredible enthusiasm we saw last friday last friday is trading after the after russia won the world cup bid for twenty eight team a lot of the died out throughout the week there's profit taking so the only real the main events this week was with x five final e-mails in the acquisition of. that
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a coalition looked to be done a pretty much. your average market valuations it doesn't look like they got into a bidding war with wal-mart that was good for x five but as a whole the market was basically flat on the week. russia is to join the world trade organization in two thousand and eleven after seventeen years of negotiations at the same time is already a member of a customs union with kazakhstan better roth ira's largest of all it head of research at deutsche bank in russia says the union members will not suffer from russia's double action it's not necessarily bad for the future of the customs union if anything this will serve to accelerate russia's efforts to. gain membership in the w t o and once russia is in the w t o this should facilitate the efforts of kazakhstan and to join the w t o so overall this should be a factor that will bring all of the countries of the customs union into the w t o
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which in turn is again a very important catalyst for the development of this integration group of this customs union. in other news russian businessman alexander lebedev has confirmed he's planning to sell around four percent of air force shares the deal is estimated to be worth one hundred ten million dollars as leverage of cells of forty four million shares in russia's national air carrier shares are to be sold for private placement organized by u.b.s. analysts believe the main reason for the sale is to generate finances for low bridges troubled national reserve bank which is deemed capital outflows after a number of state inspections. russian prime minister vladimir putin has made his finnish counterpart in st petersburg economic issues were on the agenda as russia is still the prime trade partner for finland bilateral trade has recovered close to its pre-crisis level eleven billion dollars during the first nine months of two
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thousand and ten as always a quarter on the year both sides have signed several agreements including a ship building venture which would help russia embrace a new ship manufacturing technology. updates this hour we can always buy more stories on our website r.t. dot com slash business.
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wealthy british science. markets why not canada. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max conjure for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our.


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