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tv   [untitled]    December 11, 2010 10:00am-10:29am EST

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a rally gets out of control in moscow and st petersburg as demonstrators take to the streets in honor of a football fan who was killed in a brawl. dozens injured and many more arrested at the heart of the capital as aggression from football fan club spills out onto the city streets. also on r t torture poverty and police brutality the u.s. is tainted human rights record clashes with its own promises. and ethnic tension looms over the first part of the mentoring elections of the self-proclaimed republic of kosovo the serb minority says this vote is pointless as
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long as people live divided from each other. right minister vladimir putin puts his singing skills to the test in front of a star studded audience paul named chair. live from moscow here with our teams let's get straight to our top story russian special police forces have detained dozens of football fans who turned a commemoration march into a riot in the very heart of moscow thousands gathered in the capital and in st petersburg to mark the death of a football fan of the football team at spartak moscow where both gatherings got violent let's cross live now to our team's you've got to be not as. who is
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following these developments for us going through what you've been at manaos noir square is right in the heart of moscow where the violence broke out st petersburg has also been marking this day with riots is the situation under control now. and he says you can see ed's all back to normal here in the heart of the russian capital the road just bottom line is no square has been opened the traffic riot police are leaving as we speak the majority of them have already left there are still a few cars where the police officers are piling in and waiting to leave ambulances which were stationed in case of violence are also leaving so and most of the protesters have also gone so it is very quiet here in the heart of the russian capital boy just a few hours ago that was definitely not the case thousands of people were here in the very heart of moscow just a few steps away from the kremlin and a few fights broke out. where instigators basically caused clashes between
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protesters and riot police it's a very festive time of year of course and many christmas decorations have already been put up the process the city a very large christmas tree stands and this tree out this square as well that was nearly demolished by the angry football fans that were here they were throwing parts of the tree various christmas decorations as well as bottles of the stones and bits of advice at the riot police various clashes broke out several fires were started we know that at least a few people were injured we saw some of the injured ourselves they were taken into ambulances and driven away to hospitals for medical assistant the dozens of people who were detained after clashes with riot police here in the heart of the russian capital but we know it was not just moscow that was witness to such aggression st petersburg also held a commemorative rally for you got a speed of a football fan of rough. in football clubs but the moscow was murdered last week
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that rally also turned violent it was meant to be quite a small gathering and so not a lot of police presence was at the spot when the fans started throwing stones bottles. starting fires and throwing them throwing firecrackers at the police force throwing bits of ice out though a lot more of police officers riot police as well were deployed immediately to that location with a lot of people detained there as well but the most aggressive rally that we've seen so far has been here in money isn't it thankfully it does now seem to be over but we have heard reports that because a lot of the protesters are using the subway to leave this area that the police presence in moscow metro has also been intensified now i don't think seems i mean people were french league gathering to commemorate the death of this football fan but how exactly did this break out you wouldn't think that a commemoration march of this kind of violence would be seen. indeed and it wasn't
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just the football that and it wasn't perhaps football that was the cause of the violence here in moscow today all a lot of the people that were here amongst the crowds were actually at the nationalists and they were. shouting up various races slogans. and trying to instigate violence and we saw ourselves a lot of people getting beaten and there was quite a lot of blood everywhere and those people were taken. into ambulances and driven away for medical assistance but that was perhaps why the violence originally started because the majority of the football fans that were here did seem to be intent on making this simply a commemorative rally and calling for justice to be served and for the of those responsible for the murder of hugo to speed up to be brought to justice but a lot of new nationalist groups were. here as well and they were the ones we
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believe that were mostly responsible for the aggression that broke out here today. right there in those are all following the latest developments in moscow where it does seem that things are now back under control thanks for that. and the u.s. considers promoting human rights worldwide a priority but some critics say america's own track record is far from blameless the u.n. has published a report outlining an extensive list of measures washington should undertake to protect freedom and rights back home or an important ally and has more. what speaks louder. actions or words we recognize the inherent dignity and rights of every individual a promise by the u.s. president and a requirement outlined in the universal declaration of human rights thirty articles outlining basic standards of life inalienable rights for all people of article
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three everyone has the right to life liberty and security of person with every drone attack with every invasion and occupation of a foreign country with every overthrow of a foreign government that the united states happens not to like or happens not to agree with every one of those is a violation of that one article political commentator nima shirazi accuses the us of falling short of a filling several of the principles it helped create article five no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment with every detainee kidnapped and rendition and. you know tortured in guantanamo or in bhaag room or elsewhere. that's yet another violation the land of liberty is also the land of the incarcerated with the world's largest prison population. two point three million people behind bars more than
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three thousand languish on death row. article twenty five everyone has the right to a standard of living including food clothing housing and medical care at the dawn of a new millennium. we set concrete goals to free our fellow men women and children from the injustice of extreme poverty us figures indicate nearly forty four million americans are living in poverty even more people lack access to affordable health care and fifteen million. are officially unemployed. meanwhile an estimated one million u.s. families are set to lose their homes this year alone as president made it clear that the united states will do our part last month the u.n. human rights commission made clear in two hundred and twenty eight recommendations . how the u.s. can improve its human rights record of movie is being eighty six congo beauty is
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not just happening there one city one state is that you know a lot where it needs to stop stars and stripes stained with accusations of police brutality racial profiling of minorities. and islamophobia. worried. the country most vocal in chastising others for what it sees as human rights abuses is now taking heat for violating a declaration it cowrote maybe american poet ralph waldo emerson put it best when saying what you do speaks so loudly i cannot hear what you say marina porter r.t. new york. back to our top story this hour about of course the violence that broke out in moscow among football fans let's cross live to son thomas who has the latest for us. so on you are now the court building where those involved in the
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brawl which killed that football fan why these people were gathering in moscow to tell us about how it all started. ok certainly the first of all this is the courthouse where the proceedings against him will be held and it is expected that some people might come here and actually cause some trouble there's a significant police presence here but so far things are quiet how this all began a little bit of background back on monday there was a brawl after a. match. got involved with a fight with some people from the north caucuses region. killed shot and killed believe that he was killed by. three other people were arrested in that event. and there have been arrested in charges of instigating a fight at that time fans went out into the streets and people involved in the
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fight said they demanded that this person be arrested he was detained at that time he is now being charged with homicide proceedings will be held here at this courthouse now after that there was. basically people took to the streets in protest to the entire incident to the shooting death of. also on wednesday at a match in the champions league game there was some incidents there so this has been. tension between basically now it's not so much between fans of the team but also believe that it's a racial incident as well so that's a little bit of background on the situation. now the actions of. many problems for russian special forces had any effect on the actual football team. will certainly on wednesday in slovakia. competing in a champion. league match now they had already made it to the europa league but
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it was an important game during that event rushed the pitch twice and they were involved in violent activities and even through flares this force the team to leave the pitch twice now you a father who is the governing body of this event they said that there will be sanctions against spartak because this behavior is unacceptable from the team or even the fans so even though the fans are protesting this incident they're actually hurting the sport tag team has said that on december sixteenth that they will make their decision and their announcement as to what type of sanctions will be placed against protect and it could even involve disqualification for the europa league so fans actions even though the players themselves aren't involved actually are hurting the team they could be disqualified from the europa league all right sean thomas live from moscow thanks for that update. let's
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take a look now at some international news making headlines around the world this saturday violence in different parts of afghanistan has left more than a dozen people dead in helmand province fifteen people in a truck died and many were injured when a roadside bomb went off in neighboring kandahar a car bomb blast near the police headquarters injured at least six and in the north a suicide bomber blew up a stolen police car packed with explosives near an army checkpoint more than a dozen were wounded. delegates at the un climate change talks in cannes koon mexico have agreed on measures to tackle climate change they include setting up a green climate fund that will raise one hundred billion dollars to help developing nations cut fuel emissions and cope with the effects of global warming over one hundred ninety countries approve the deal with only bolivia rejecting it saying the moves don't go far enough but that was overruled. in the leader of
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a notorious mexican drug cartel has been killed in a two day shootout between security forces and gang members authorities have confirmed that martin though was gunned down by police in the west of the country the violence began on wednesday when gang members attacked federal officers and torched cars and blocked roads a baby was among the eleven people killed in the fighting. was a petersburg played host to a number of celebrities from all over the world but one stood out and he was not an actor or a singer it was russia's very own prime minister vladimir putin even got a standing ovation and this is what it was for. which it also showed his range of talents by playing the piano although lighthearted this was for a very serious cause helping to raise money for children suffering from cancer among the celebrities taking part were hollywood actors sharon stone and golden
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couple quote russell and goldie hawn as well as monica bellucci and unsympathetic rather than raising much needed money for charity this event seems to have also helped improve the prime minister's image. but i think anybody who can or can't saying you know to do it in a room full of absolute famous people like that should be commendable and also it's great for his reputation we got the story about the dog recently the puppy. it's not the first time the song. last year he went to the ministry different school for girls studies patriotic song with the lovely. russian girl and the more he says things like this the more that you know people can connect with the leader you know see him not as this stranger in this political power powerful position but actually as a normal russian guy who enjoys music. and the famous story is that he allegedly hired
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another band called do you want to get the twenty thousand pounds from london by freedom of the kremlin called to be the manager of this this band said this is the kremlin of a band we wanted so i think he's a music fan and also it's it's you know showing that he loves western culture. we're going to return to our top story and to talk more about the riots that took place in moscow and st petersburg i'm joined by buddies card he's a political analyst from the russian institute of globalization studies and social movements thanks for being with us this evening the rallies held in moscow and st petersburg both turned violent do you think this is an expression of anger at the founds data or is there something more to which. i think it's very serious because these things were kind of coming full wide a period of time because of the authorities were not truly taking it seriously and i think first of all the nationalist far right is working very hard to mobilize the
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football fans into different nationalist and the new nazi groups and they're doing a lot of propaganda with a lot of success at the same time and the third is were really taking that into question the groups. actually accusing them of causing trouble and being with those on rest and as a result of that we see what's happening we see that we all have to face these new challenges all national strides conflicts in most because and it is good which is very very serious in a country like russia. what do you think the demonstrators are hoping to achieve by staging this kind of violence on the streets. well. basically they the people who are fighting the police now are just kind of food soldiers which are manipulated and mobilized into this kind of brutus without even understanding what are they doing while the thugs those who are behind the rights definitely want to
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destabilize creation and they desperately want to change the general social and political agenda of the country turning the questions into the major question of the contest in politics. now the whole reason obvious commemoration took place was because a spark talked. football fan was killed and the man thought to be responsible for the murder isn't police custody why have people been lashing out at the police. well first of all this whole episode is nothing but a pretext because during the last couple of years there were hundreds of north. of forty workers who were killed in russia according to students who were killed in russia and. nobody actually protested except for the small group to read the first activists who are as i told you before attacked by this would be easy diversion we know we end up with just having one foot being killed by. the people from
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northern caucasus as a result of that after that kind of propaganda war to reseize a major right in the center of moscow. all right pretty scarred city joining us is a political analyst thank you very much for your thoughts well next in r.t.s. the weekend business update with charlotte. and i welcome to the business program hang on our team with michelle amos folly demand for world's oil will be higher than expected next year it will stay high into two thousand and fifteen as according to the international energy agency brant crude traded over ninety one dollars this week ahead of the apec meeting on saturday but analysts a split a longer term outlook for the oil price to china reports. in contrast with many traders russia's finance minister. has a green prediction for oil prices sixty dollars per barrel within three years among
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those who agree with him future rating agency says it's a fair price justified by fundamentals and stripped off speculation it is our view that a lot of producing countries are quite comfortable with the level of between sixty to seventy because it helps them balance their budgets but also think the price of between sixty to seventy companies can actually conduct and carry out some of the higher cost of projects for instance or all signs in canada believes the current level reflects the supply demand balance however there is a threat to that long term equilibrium which suggests if china's middle class follows american patterns and moves to the suburbs the number of cars could skyrocket as well as needful gasoline in five years chinese demand could grow to eleven and a half million barrels a day from the current nine the international energy agency project global oil
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demand could exceed the pre-crisis peak of two thousand and seven already next year and to the average eighty eight point eight million barrels a day analysts suggest ok may come under pressure to increase supplies in the new year at present a member states accepting about five and a half million barrels a day off the market that's generally called the business are to. local oil is planning to sell one point five billion dollars of convertible balls due in two thousand and fifteen is the russian giant's first sale of such death unless a decade. we have a coupon of two point five to three percent or we convertible into. listed in london a spokesman for the company declined to comment on the reason for this. time to see how the markets are holding now russian markets ended mixed on friday with the r.t.s. game in the money stakes we do down with you with nicole was the biggest winner in
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the r.g.s. of over one point five percent bucking the trend with new coil the shared point six percent was telecom most nefesh one point seven percent higher airflow shares the drop four point three percent on news of the stakes a. russian markets began the week strongly after last friday's rally on the back of a successful world cup bid but slowed by midweek mainly due to profit taking john hazel from citibank russia recaps the week the most exchange for the most part this week is flat the index because i think the incredible enthusiasm we saw last friday last friday is trading after the after russia won the world cup bid for twenty eight team a lot of the died out throughout the week this profit taking cetera so the only real the main events this week was with five final e-mails in the acquisition of kapooka that equation looked to be done a pretty much. your average market valuations it doesn't look like they got into a bidding war with wal-mart that was good for x five but as
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a whole the market was basically flat on the week russia is to join the world trade organization in two thousand and eleven after seventeen years of negotiations at the same time is already a member of a customs union with cuz it's done better or worse now as lovers of all it head of research in russia says the union members will not suffer from russia's action. it's not necessarily bad for the future of the customs union if anything this will serve to accelerate russia's efforts to. gain membership in the w t o and once russia is in the w t o this should facilitate the efforts of kazakhstan and to join the w t o so overall this should be a factor that will bring all of the countries of the customs union into the w t o which in turn is again a very important catalyst for the development of this integration group of this
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customs union. in other news russian businessman alexander lebedev has confirmed he's planning to sell around four percent of arafat shares the deal is estimated to be worth one hundred ten million dollars as leverage of silva forty four million shares in russia's national air carrier shares are to be sold for private placement organized by u.b.s. analysts believe the main reason for the sale is the generate finances for leverage of troubled national reserve bank which is the capital outflows after a number of state inspections. russian prime minister vladimir payton has met his finnish counterpart in st petersburg economic issues were on the agenda as russia is still the prime trade partner for finland bilateral trade has recovered close to its pre-crisis level thing eleven billion dollars during the first nine months of two thousand and ten as always a course on the unit thoughts of selling several agreements including a ship building venture which would help russia embrace
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a new ship manufacturing technology. muschamp they face i'll be can always find most stories on our website slash business. as you watch this tape i can only imagine the fear and the despair that you face for this is being recorded for viewing only after the disappearance of god's people
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from the earth. it's a political choice it's a place of civilizations to want to go back to a century. or do we want to enjoy the blessings of liberty. really christianity is one of. the only one that actually respects the rights of people who don't. like. god bless you.
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street. this is a table from the u.s. embassy in colombo to talk about here an apparent june seventh incident of extrajudicial executions the military reported to the press that on that day that killed nine guerrillas in combat the best edition by instructs the own couldn't you know and they're going to do strongly suggest however that the nine were executed
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by the army and then dressed in military fatigues. explain how you know this kind of phenomenon where bodies are dressed up as guerrillas and presented as killed in action and this and this idea that you need to produce bodies actually encouraged paramilitary collaboration this is a cia document central intelligence agency they knew about these activities they knew they were happening they knew about links to paramilitary groups and yet. u.s. aid continued to flow. in india oh geez available in the movie the joint the photos the violence the gateway photos.


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