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it's two thirty pm in moscow these are the headlines from r t and you russian ad campaign turns to horrifying images of substance abuse to battle the country's addiction problem deformed unborn babies and children eating dirt these are just some of the shocking scenes used to get the message across. gangs nuclear program and a return to the negotiating table are on the agenda as russia's foreign minister meets his south korean counterpart this comes amid the heightening of tensions on the korean peninsula. and american activists accuse the u.s. of her pocket of see as washington demands the release of political prisoners abroad but keeps its own under lock and key among them is mumia abu jamal who's been on death row for almost three decades and many say he's innocent. the european superstate was supposed to herald safety in numbers but critics say the grandiose scheme has taken
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a number of its members to the brink of collapse john gaunt head of the e.u. referendum campaign believes states are now better off out than in. today i'm talking to joel british media personality and heads of the referendum campaign he's demanding that the british people should be allowed to vote whether they want to remain members of the european union job to go in fact very much for talking to r.t. now first of all tell me a bit about the e.u. referendum campaign this is purely about getting our democratic right to have a vote because three leaders have promised as it was a labor party manifesto commitment by tony blair and gordon brown of course and then david cameron famously in oppositions gave accustoming guarantee that he would have a referendum on the subject so we'll show realized it was violence i thought yeah hold on this is wrong and i do believe we've been. neither are democratic rights so
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that's why i'm involved in the you referendum campaign it would be costly to implementing a referendum on being an e.u. i mean the u.k. is already a member of the european union isn't it better just to let sleeping dogs lie yes he would be costly but it's costly to be in it it's costing the british taxpayer forty eight million pound a day to be in the we've just given on the island another seven billion pounds of our money for another four hundred fifty million pounds in the budget increase it's going to be even more than that so it's costly already and anyway i'm not saying vote to get out what i'm saying is let's have the discussion you know on the b.b.c. and on programs like this you know the pros and cons of europe so that the british public can decide whether they want to be in the and i must stress i'm not and certainly this campaign isn't and to european it's it is just saying be a let's have a vote let's have a democrat who are and i think democracy no matter what it costs it's
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a price worth paying but you say you're not telling people how to vote but surely the very fact that you want a referendum suggests that you are not happy with the status quo and therefore want out or clearly clearly the reason we want a referendum is because we want the british public to decide and i would of course i personally will probably end up voting to come out but what i want more than that you don't want to have the big grown up debate about it i want the b.b.c. to fulfil its role to have both sides the argument properly discussed rather than just peddle as they have done for so many years the pro e.u. line we need to have an honest grown up debate who knows i might change may change my views i may begin to think the forty eight million pound a day would give you is good value us in one thousand but i'm quite willing to find out what i just believe in democracy i'm a democrat and i believe you know i ask you straight forward question i'll ask anybody watching this program give me three good reasons why we shouldn't have a right. friend i'm not people could give me three good reasons why we should stay
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in the e.u. all three good reasons why we could should leave but i don't think people can come up with three good reasons why we shouldn't have a democratic vote on it well i'll give you one constitutional reason it the lisbon treaty you said successive leaders have promised a referendum of course that's true but since the implementation of it has been cheating that's become rather moot point hasn't it do you think we missed the boat on a referendum no i don't i think gordon brown had absolutely no right to sign the lisbon treaty stroke constitution it was the same thing the manifesto commitment by labels to have a referendum on that they played with words david cameron played with words once he got into power he said oh no we cannot win now because he's been ratified he could say he could have said yes we can just what nick clegg wanted all of a straight in or out so no this is why our campaign is so simple or it's a straight show we stay well shall we go down the party over punk rock song group
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used to sing that's where we keep an eye on that so the man in the street can understand it we don't want to get carried away with this treaty that constitutional that discussion let's center on the basic facts should we be in this club or not you know with the e.u. so the euro crashing and burning at the moment there's never been a chime postman's for us to have this discussion arlen's in a lot of trouble at the moment in the e.u. and the i.m.f. have stepped in to bail them out surely arland would be in a lot more trouble if they didn't have that kind of backup so isn't the e.u. a force for good well let's not forget of course to referendum they were forced to vote again because they got the decision was the political elite know personally i don't think we should be bailing out ireland i mean that's my own personal view i thought it is ironic i was watching the budget this week an island their stamp duty up to a million euros in one percent losses at four percent and seven hundred fifty thousand by their choice. benefit is crazy the amount they pay out in child benefit their
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corporation tax to keep it at twelve and a half percent no wonder countries a reader companies are relocated from germany from portugal from spain and from the united kingdom to ireland well how can you have monetary union if you haven't got every other form of union and political union in place the answer is you can't how can you tie the economy of greece to the economy of germany it's just ludicrous the holding is a nonsense and the worst thing is we need the british people have never been given a chance to vote on it so i think ireland actually makes focus our minds even more on whether we want to be in this club and it's ironic that we're not even in the euro zone and we have george osborne of course playing on the seven billion pounds now of course that's to protect banks like the robot to scotland but we've already bailed out the royal bank of scotland wants the british taxpayer and i'm no great union supporter normally but i actually agree with people on bob crow at the moment use in charge of the. union the trade guard trade drugs and train workers union
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when he says it's not his members who got us into this mess is the bankers and the politicians are the larger issue but it's his members who are paying for it just like the students who are protesting it's them who ended up having to pay for it who would marry taxpayers and we've already bailed out r.b.s. once and lloyds bank now we're bailing them out again effectively bought a back door of our island and the british people haven't been asked about this you know david cameron came to power in me in a budget should be going to ringfence the n.h.s. and we're going to ring fence four and i didn't just ring fence for eight he's increased farai we've now bought out island he also star contribution to europe and we increased of course when brags that he was going to keep the budget down actually increased the budget that was no machines thatcher handbag swinging victory for the united states look it was a dismal failure and people should say and he's spinning it him and clegg of the moment got more spin than a washing machine a cell. line and the british people are waking up to this in the british people are
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saying no we can't afford we can't pay we won't pay that's what the student protests are about and we're going to see more protests too in this winter of discontent because ordinary folk who say why should we lose forty thousand police officers why should public sector workers be losing their jobs why should meal on wheels on wheels be cut why should help for the elderly why should the arts budget because why should we not have enough money in our coffers but we certainly can find seven billion pounds there'd be no need for these cuts what's the economists argue if we weren't in the year so there'll be no need for the students to be protesting and that's what needs to be discussed and we are seeing lots of protests they started off in continental europe and they've now undoubtedly spreads the k. do you see this as the sort of beginning of the end of the e.u. i certainly think the euro is crashing and burning our belief portugal will go spain were dollars in spending just true three weeks ago to do
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a lot of radio shows over in spain there's swathes of swathes of council not so not council housing estates with brand new houses and apartments completely empty just like in ireland they're never going to be occupied property boom fueled by a reckless lending again i believe that they'll crash i think we need you when the euro begins to crash then you have to ask yourself can the your oh so when the euro collapses can the you survive as well and as you say you brought across europe i mean you know germany there are people protesting they don't want to bail out these countries that they've that had a sensible banking system and the great irony was in brussels one two months ago in brussels they were discussing the budget they were discussing the hospitality budget they put it up to two point one million pounds meanwhile one hundred thousand europeans are on the streets all different languages order from nationalities protesting about the austerity cuts one hundred thousand people inside they were basically voted to increase their budget for oysters and champagne that's what's wrong there's a disconnect between. political elite not just in the united kingdom but right
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across europe and the ordinary man and woman in the street and i think ordinary men and women have had enough they're the ones losing their houses they're the ones losing their jobs through no fault of their own and something's got to give and i think what's going to give is definitely the euro and probably the and in a what lot of ways bring it on say i but first and foremost let's have a democratic vote every much better for us to have a vote and decide we want to leave this before it collapses with people on the streets demonstrating what really amounts to civil unrest is this really the time to be talking about something like an e.u. referendum which seems like a separate issue in the face of all this trouble that we're seeing you can't really discuss our economy you can't discuss our laws you can't discuss our human rights you can't discuss any kind of cases that happening in the u.k. without think either of the e.u. or the your pm court of human rights in affects every aspect of our lives because we are part of it we were never given the chance to vote on it that's why it's
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becoming a hot potato and this lie that they're spinning in a nick clegg and david cameron we're all in this together well actually we're not because nineteen out of twenty four of the cabinet a multi millionaire and briefly about the students do you support what the students are doing in terms of going out onto the streets burning stuff throwing things but our support students completely in their right to protest today in the daily telegraph front page the metropolitan police chief are saying don't let you choose children go on these protests what a load of nonsense i don't live in a country where our chief of police stuff is free from protest because of course you can't condone it sent throwing extinguishes up through she could have killed somebody however on the same token they got carried away i do think it's right there protesting i do think it's right the unions are joining them i do fully support their protest i don't support condone the violence and i fully support the students and i hope the protests escalate and i think they will on the recent protests this week for example of burma and of the. such instance stuff it's great
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to see students' protests to get the silly healthy about young people being angry now that the coalition governments approved these cuts in student funding what. the trade unions and others who might join with them going to do now i think was really going to happen is come january thirty first into february because what's going to happen is christmas so traditionally british people are going to celebrate christmas they're still going to bother children christmas for. ball on the door mat for the credit. people will be beginning to lose their jobs people being living proof of this on their credit cards to pay their mortgages they're going to start defaulting that's when the real protests are going to stop and. think it's not about it isn't. the debate about europe is definitely on about the game that will continue don't go and thank you.
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this is a cable from the u.s. embassy in colombo to talk about here an apparent june seventh incident of extrajudicial executions the military reported to the press that on that day that killed nine guerrillas and come back yesterday from brighton strictly on couldn't you know. strongly suggest however that the nine were executed by the army and then dressed in military fatigues. explain how you know this kind of phenomenon where bodies are dressed up as guerrillas and presented as killed in action and this and this idea that you need to produce bodies actually encouraged paramilitary collaboration this is a cia document central intelligence agency they knew about these activities they knew they were happening they knew about links to paramilitary groups and yet. usa
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continue to. the day seems to this is not a good you should look toward that. which is that we should just everybody you should support retreat strictly have no idea about the hardships to be a race to. play one it's this is it. to new since you're in the army to life never use the other is the most precious thing in the world. years of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand it fully that you have to live a. real life stories from would need. to treat nineteen forty five gold teeth dot com. party's top stories a new russian ad campaign turns her heart like images of substance abuse into
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battle the country's addiction problem deformed unborn babies intelligent eating dirt these are just some of the stocking scenes used to get the message of coffee. yanks nuclear program and a return to the negotiating negotiating table are on the agenda as russia's foreign minister meets his north korean counterpart this comes amid the heightening of tensions on the korean peninsula. and american activists accuse the us of a proper sea as washington demands the release of political prisoners abroad keeps its own under lock and key among them is mumia abu jamal who's been on death row for almost three decades and many say he's innocent. i'll have more details on all those stories at the top of the hour up next all the sports highlights with you know.
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good to have your company this is sports today i'm you know the use our headlines sitting pretty u.h.c. i regain the lead in the kontinental hockey league with victory over rivals c.s.k. . demolition job barcelona take no real sociedad to stay top in the league with the executioner in chief once again miss. the eastern new england stretch their winning run in the n.f.l. to five rushing chicago thirty six seven sunday night. at the start of the kontinental hockey league era not very many observers gave newly merged. chance of success but midway through the season it's the moscow based club who are looking down on the rest after a come from behind win over near neighbors c s richard fleet took up
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a seat for this one. says canton amo two of world hockey's most famous clubs however the moscow rivals are enjoying contrasting fortunes this season at the halfway point beyond human such as been their poor form are in danger of missing out of the playoffs or the nama have been excellent and find themselves leading the western conference are all stars are so good like we don't have any stars but we have a good team like good players playing for the team all year and. everybody is doing hard work every day and it's fun to be in this demand i really like to do damage dominate to be a bit exchanges as they bombarded the visitors goal but a mixture of a bit of luck and wayward shooting kept the argument in the game for serious car was struggling to generate in your friends as the number goaltender alex the bulk of it was a virtual spectator for most to be opening period but try as they might the western conference leaders just couldn't find a goal as the teams in the first period tied at zero wall on the home side were made to pay for their wastefulness in front of goal just thirty six seconds into
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the second period and say a scout would take the lead very much against run a plane thanks to d.s. passion strike it wouldn't take long for the number to draw level despite being short handed and exceed with a shot of managed to scrape the length of a ring and do not accounting manage to get the puck pasty bunny can't have a second attempts and just a minute later bloom wants to take a deserved lead just to say it's cause power play was coming to an end to this kind of lift the penalty box and he got on the end of an excellent pass before leaving the goaltender for dead and made it to one did on a one finish to made everyone midway through the second of a powerplay credentials x. or reverse pass by muscle you off and he was there for the simplest of chances to score it doesn't happen so often and. i think it helped us and it didn't hurt them because we're both hands went up and of course it was. hard for them so maybe that was the most important game most important. time and again.
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we managed to turn into a prime sign of a perfect opportunity to make the game safe early in the first as they were awarded a penalty shot but this time my son your couldn't get the puck possibly kids out of his sign and mine for mine and says kalpana go back minutes later things to your mind it's excellent shot which sailed over a bowl of scrubs trying to set up a grandstand finish the home side hold on preserve free to win support of three points to get to scores a good team but it was a pretty good to. go through but they still want to get an important victory for the nama who are really starting to look strong contenders to win this year's big are in camp. will be hoping for much to improve two thousand and eleven and they'll need it be one to think about making the playoffs which we don't see. ok that brings us to football where chelsea have missed a chance to return to the english premier league summit the blues look in fact to
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come away with just a point against tottenham the russian not among the public open for spurs after a quarter of an hour but didier drogba surprisingly on the bench for the first level matters setting the minutes in then in stoppage time the ivory coast man had the chance to win it for chelsea from the spot but spurs goalkeeper. and lead off for giving away the penalty in the first place was one how it ended up one of three darby's on sunday stuart holden scored an eighty eight minute winner ten month bolton block or two one in the scruffy like a sure clash well wolves winger stephen hunt made all the difference in the midlands match up with birmingham. game ahead on monday with leaders are still taking on a month chest united side to trail by just a point no end of banter in the run up to the highly anticipated clash with gunners manager arsene wenger claiming united defender patrice evra was being disrespectful
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statement arising after the left back. said arsenal crisis and wouldn't win the championship. by the way we want to play. not by statements of. plays against us personally i believe. you over is. or is respect your opponent and much more to do. messi is up to his old tricks again in the premier league the reigning world player of the year bagging a brace made easy work of. trim in a top of the league table and spain the home side got off the market nine minutes in a typical barcelona move and the typical fashion david via with the final touch. things got worse for after the how far mark and raising the s. to doubling his side's apologies for the super one two with headroom in the second half would offer even less response for the visitors from san sebastian messi
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getting in on the act and minutes after the break a stunning efforts but his second fourth deserves equal time on the arjun tines highlight reel of the sociedad to finish on able to even get in a top kill five know how the one sided match up with eventually finished her kitchen making sure at the second attempt here. the reality brit knew a win was vital which is our golf if they were to keep the pressure up and pep guardiola charges the coast delivered a brilliant touch and christiane are now getting things going for gold number one but his message he finished it off. in ensured he would finish the weekend joint top of the goal scoring charts with lionel messi both men not seventeen so far this season. another two realities tally just after the break took the full
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advantage of a wonderful pos from the job. along the home side did manage a reply from the spot soon afterwards but that was to be their solitary contribution of note two points behind champions boss. the new england patriots are shaping up nicely for another shot an n.f.l. glory the a.f.c. top dogs into the postseason for the time in the decade courtesy of a rush of the chicago bears famously beat tennessee fifty nine zero in the snowy game last year and. also those one sided the writing was on the wall early on tom brady finding rob gronkowski for the score in the first on the birds third ranked defense having a tough time underrated unit storage devin mccourty forcing johnny knox to fumble and gary guyton makes it twenty one with the return twenty six points second quarter i was key for the patriots branch ending it with
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a fifty nine yard touchdown reception as time expired in the first. thirty six seven. looking menacing and. the pittsburgh steelers also showing they know a thing or two about dominance on the night the cincinnati bengals did get on the board first but things went swiftly dunhill from troy polamalu against his former us see college teammate carson palmer taking the interception forty five yards to tie the game at seven somewhat surprising the pittsburgh defense getting into the end zone twice while they're all fans feel to not a single t.d. lamar woodley again preying on the art of form palmer in the fourth twenty three seven the final score the steelers remain on track for a post season berth. switching codes and staying stateside where the le bron james list cavaliers are free falling in the n.b.a. ranks the oklahoma city thunder handing cleveland and if straight losses
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a streak that previously managed to avoid since two thousand and three the op on coming oklahoma team seemingly working on their highlight reel to start the contest rant for a game high twenty five getting a good person points with efforts like this one james harden helped facilitate that effort before the reserve guard decided to take to the skies and sell the crowd witnessing a dunk fest in the first thirty one thirty team to the thunder at this stage the couple years finishing with only two players in double figures the one hundred six to seventy seven blowout putting them in further difficulty after the departure of homegrown star le bron james at the start of the season. pablo martin has written himself into the gulf record books the spaniard becoming the first player to successfully defend the off for dunhill championship title in south africa having gone five shots clear at the start of the bok nine martin so his lead
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reduced to one after a triple bogey on the seventeenth his playing partner third round later on three and michael was hot in his heels but the martin sent his second shot on the par five hole on to the green ball michael frost on the water and the twenty four year old would then hold his nerve to sink a birdie which gave him a two shot victory and a third european tour title martin also becomes the first player to successfully defend the title on the trigger since quarter cardington one the only open championship problem. let's end with a spot of winter sports where marcel hurt sure has claimed his first world cup victory of the season on the volga sirrah slopes in france the austrian who was fourth after the first slalom run clocked fifty three point zero six seconds in the afternoon votes time was enough to. benjamin rake by three tenths of a second frenchman steve missy a wrapped up third place finish in half a second behind the winner. in switzerland tessa worley took victory in the women's
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world cup giant slalom moritz the french native skiing to the top step of the podium by the narrowest of margins seen off tiny pertaining to finland by a tiny one hundredth of a second slovenian marzieh completed the top three. and that is all your sports and . weather is next hungry for the full story we've gone to. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. in
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india oh geez available in the movie the joint people chose. the gateway photo the grand imperial troy told us to push coromandel you can go with hotel closely shoto said don't need to go and. read this in the kennel was her job as a treat. a controversial russian ad campaign gives teenagers an uncensored glimpse of drug abuse as the country
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struggles with a huge addiction problem.


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