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tv   [untitled]    December 14, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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it's very dangerous work but we have to take the risk. either we live but it's always done i keep most of it i make money when most of what little i lose everything we. that's the game. and that has been the tunnels closed during the m a nano second. the impossible was good. puts pressure on israel. that's not an either egypt nor israel can close the tunnels almost out of the woods. and their underground passages they can't close the mall there are too many going on or. an almost tunnels there are so many beneath the border. there's of they get fed up they destroy one. does it go out and another one appears.
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when was your house bombarded on wednesday january seventh. this is what happened. my house was destroyed the duke where you warned. hun know nothing from the we had escaped when we learned they were going to bombard the border into movement if use of did they warn the whole neighborhoods yes everyone. we left everything the furniture our money. was the main thing is that your life is your right.
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on the israelis bomb the neighborhood houses on hot under the pretext of there are tunnels has been done on it but they are at the border. the rules of.
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audio. all right but the. yellow we go guys.
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in. the juggling. community prepare a plank and keep it close enough for you. feel . the prisoner get some air pass the plank. just look. if there. comes from the ball.
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the limb of the gently does it. is toxic. we have to get it out quick and we can't leave it here the white phosphorus. it comes from the bomb. so did you take the full barrels. and bring back the empty
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barrels. those are going to hear. ok very well. you got everything you need. to me did you see. they destroyed the house. passes below. the bomb exploded inside. sixteen's
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came back. and they bombed again. destroyed my tunnel a second time over how many meters seven meters with two bombs it could be destroyed over twelve meters. and look they are bringing it out everywhere yes the pipes and the planks are broken. you know. i know a guy whose tunnel was. all that. it was compensated for this tunnel was destroyed when they bombed the house close by. i don't know if we told them our total had been bombarded. they said we don't give compensate. for tunnels there was a host destroyed i said it was established. they are going to compensate him. i swear. everyone says it was his.
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wasn't it your grandfather's house. yes but a long time ago israel needs f. sixteen s to make fire what took place think it'll scare us. no we'll replace the broken planks we'll break free in fargo i mentioned if they don't like it they can go and take a jump in the sea. but how can you in this battle cry and eunice and gas and laugh they can take a jump in the sea. but their blockade won't last. sixteen's to make fire what. you guys love the job which is lacking when we need to finish the job. oh my head spinning the good book on. the fly head spinning we need to finish.
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are you going to die cuomo. i'm going to get mad did. did you make space behind. the scenes and. you got a headache yeah. i was going down there and then we got the sound out where the bomb exploded. and yeah but it gives you
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a real headache when you get a headache and have to get out. and. it comes from the. fix it without the subtle effects of the president's cutting. the other is a mix of course i said oh that's the tip of the bomb. if this rocket hits your body you explode into a thousand pieces of the few that. do they mean scraping you off with a spear. is really just wants to show its strength because the one in. one of the. foremost dream israelis and palestinians it's like tom and jerry thought it was. yeah israel is told. the palestinian. search area and it's always gerry who went through. i don't think she's smart and
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waits for jericho vision but jerry's never got the kind of food our history is like the carter and the with the how to get the. good they want to made it was never has been and they had this they have presses and the presses have to anika world and after each other they explode little good much like a rocket the bigger the pressure the bigger the explosion good will be the same with a saddle open if the when it's israel who will suffer not us that even if one thousand two thousand or ten thousand palestinians die that's the one thing they haven't understood and a palestinian woman who makes babies could at the start of the year their births would at the end of the year of their birth every year she can have two children there is my mother is a mother my sister his sister. a marriage with and that it was a one day you'll get married or a woman will be giving birth to earth perhaps but no they produce lions i swear
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lions they will liberate palestine. you're a bunch of comedians and mine. too . name says. it in those. numbers this is
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going to. be on. your look. not put down by. michelle you see if. you know who's notebook is this do you have lines to do. i know what you don't you have homework to do. list there but what's the cars if the bombs come get home quick a while ago they bombed a neighbor's house that. it was over towards the scene. that i need some porters let's go let's go although i was actually. a little bit you. know caught up on the load of stuff. to give me
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a hand. did they where shall i put it to give it to the guy who is with me. where's the third guy that was good it's them show them where to unload. it's a mess inside of it. because every time we tried to get in he told us to get out. hold out for three sacks of flour. forty shekels for the four of us no fifty years already got a lot of sacks i'm going to eleven shekels each ten shekels eight she understood stop bugging us for one. shackled forty five shekels for the four was.
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there some sugar and peace. will put them in a jar. last night they bomb the brazil quarter little one hundred. thirty in the afternoon with a poem the water tank if i'd heard it i wouldn't have slept. the tunnel workers were bored with the thirty minutes before the bombing. they heard shots. who was firing me and i don't know but it was to warn them. so. they stopped the generators by the israeli drone went by and i heard people shouting towards the borders but. when the bombs fell. twice.
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where are you buddy. what are you talking about. what you want. yeah bring me the bulldozer but it was a. baby back there with. the mats that cretan. not in thirty minutes or an hour and in a hurry. but that. you . get a move over to the village does it. seem. there's a house behind it it was bombed we think fifteen metres of the total has been destroyed we want to. the other side to be sure and some not only don't believe. we're going to open the tunnel here. there was
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a good deed i want to see how far it's collapsible and if we take care. and we can reach the tunnel do about this it was a couple little go in and see the extent of the damage done to i didn't and i did then we can repaired from here in the one hundred ten. and you'll connect the tunnel yes with your toes good so it's not very deep dive meters fifty. not twenty five meters six metres maximum i'll finish the job and come back. just how must know. there's no point right where goats let's go screw them. there's no law here. to move the sand above the planks. the shallow end on the long haul model and welcome it's not what i did was stop nobody touch anything. come on move on there
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was. nothing we got off the bus out. to them take it easy we don't want to collapsing. don't touch the cable. oh well the first plank here. but look just when we need to get it secure it quickly before it collapses the ship
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of the rock slides very gently without us noticing it is no no no there any pillars left near took them all the books away supplying a fix and. it sticks out and it doesn't matter to put a plank at the end though. they know we need to raise it it's too low. it doesn't matter the ground slows down is deemed to have. lowered the beds and thence to centimeters are you blind. spot the.
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area that we need to get out on us and you were done for today with an additional why don't we stay will stay where you stay here and here we need to leave the border. almost change direction when it sees us. live on owen. said. the god we dig we get out we go away we come back and said. we don't understand anything it's. their f. sixteen. and then they come for the tunnels. bombs go off and they talk about a truce and then the woman would not let her fear one would not hold and go where
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is it all this truce. you know the truth starts like. you know. when when when father could be asked six teams bomb the border the supposed to do with. the. oh they bomb the shabu or camp. is no sure but he heard an explosion. well i don't know where it is i can't see anything from the window. they still got electricity. thanks friday. could go and get your stuff you'll move a different clear all. lookouts. don't be scared to
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go this way keep moving we're not staying all night so we're not staying on mike's moves when where's naya where's your sister well enough when i was mom. there was another explosion there right. unless it's a fire that is. there's a house burning over there. are you evacuating to the club yes but we don't know where to go even in the schools we're not safe. why don't you go to abraham. you know tell him it's just for the night. but i said so with one. of the long come on don't be afraid. that. i thought were you going to come back now to be afraid for the were safe. if here they're bombing near the border we need to go east. so the four of them would make
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a little of the you. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on the potty.
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chosen from among many. he was given a clear cut mission. a mission he successfully accomplished. became the first ever man in outer space. hero of the soviet union one of the best known persons in the whole world. all his thoughts were focused on flight to could he ever think that his life's work would cost him his life. what happened in those few seconds. and what sequence these are sealed barrels still hold. your regard any. flight on our team.
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a draft report from the council of europe claims that for the last decade kosovo's prime minister has been behind a mafia like structure responsible for organ trafficking weapons and drug smuggling the kosovo government says the allegations are an attempt to discredit the liberation army. no christmas cheer for u.s. lawmakers until a new strategic arms reduction treaty is ratified with russia the democrats are pushing for the republicans to agree to the nuclear pact before they lose the majority needed to pass it in the senate the treaty would reduce the nuclear arsenal of both countries by a third. and the founder of wiki leaks has battled by a british court but his supporters fear the u.s. is still trying to get their hands on him sweden wants to extradite julian assange in connection with allegations of sexual assault charges. coming up next kaiser and stacy herbert explore how the wiki leaks revelations are affecting the world of big
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business the report coming your way next. my stars are this is the kaiser report you know we got those fools on the run not only are we sure did the bankers with their show but we got folks like wiki leaks going after all taking it from the cyber direction they got in the crosshairs they got the pincer move or go. talk to stacy herbert all those daisy max keiser well you know what it might be time to short j.p. morgan this is a critic to market shorter dot com j.p. morgan besieged on several fronts silver wiki leaks lawsuits for closure gate so they're chronicling foreclosure gate and you know all these bad debts that they own.


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