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tv   [untitled]    December 20, 2010 1:00pm-1:30pm EST

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the presidential election was handled. one of the organizations monitoring the elections sending its observers to. polling stations to observe the way voting is going they're not satisfied with the way the election was handled either they said the results are not satisfactory that the process itself was not a democratic one and that basically they would sign off on an election such as the one that took place here on sunday of course the president and president elect. has already commented on this telling the to basically. sometimes forget that it came to observe the election. it's not for them everything is calm and quiet of course in very stark contrast to what was happening in this very square last night thousands of protesters with
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banners flags all came to protest the results of the election which they. walked down to the parliament building and continued their. parliament building down the doors smashing in the windows trying to break through the. camera. in the. cameraman getting hit in the face and back. our camera got a little damaged we're not the only crew. from riot police last night. no one's been hospitalized no one's been badly injured. promising to bring more people. with many of the opposition leaders detained some hospital. and the way the riot police dispersed last night's protests it's not
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certain whether many will brave the chance russia has a very neutral position saying the elections in belarus are its domestic business and it is not russia's business to comment on the way the elections were going the way the votes were counted and of course the outcome of that result the russian president had however expressed hope that belarus will follow a more democratic way of development in the future that ties between russia and belarus will continue to flourish as they have been partners and friends for a very long time but no strict comments about how russia views the election which many say is already a comment in itself. well north korea says it will no longer retaliate against war games close to a disputed maritime zone but it howls condemn the minute. a reckless military
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provocation. called for un security council session warning of the war exercises could follow the destabilize the already evil us whole korean peninsula. reports. the events of the last couple of days are definitely the threats and warning signs that have been coming from north korea have been having the international community certainly walking on eggshells here in new york the united nations security council has been meeting round the clock throughout the weekend these emergency sessions were called for by russia which is certainly not taking the tensions between south and north korea likely whatsoever for many different reasons one of them of course being russia's proximity to a possible conflict as well as a serious threat that any tensions including a war would cause to the international community let's take a listen to what the russian ambassador to the u.n. said here in new york last night. there may be given
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a division of tension. serious conflict for that matter so in the big chamber when they have this private meeting which was also of course asked for by the russian federation. we reiterated the call for forty straight on both parties in no uncertain terms we asked for the republic of korea to refrain from conducting this exercise at this at this point in time but there are certain political circumstances would try to deal with this situation unfortunately so far the security council has not been entirely successful throughout the weekend russia the united nations has been circulating the draft document where it proposed that the best thing to do to downplay the tensions between south and north korea would be to make sure that all of the sides that are involved contain themselves and really not escalating tensions by taking any further steps that could cause north korea to act out aggressively or south korea and also what russia is proposing is that the
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united nations secretary general send two envoys to both say will and pyongyang that could help make sure that tensions don't escalate and of course the united states has been playing somewhat of a different game we have to remember that the u.s. has as many as twenty soldiers involved in the military exercises with south korea and the u.s. of course has been reader reading over and over again that what's and what's more important is to condemn the actions of north korea and this of course is something that has been causing a diplomatic deadlock throughout the weekend here but for now security council sessions have somewhat died down and the members have taken a break to wait and see this because now north korea has said that they're not going to react to the military exercises. when i have some more analysis on the situation on the korean peninsula now flown to she's from the international action center based on this many thanks for speaking to us on the situation on the korean peninsula remains very tense doesn't just.
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well it's an extremely serious and tense situation this is a fourth direct provocation of u.s. south korean military exercises in less than a month so you're talking about we're really talking about many many ships in the area fifty to seventy ships hundreds of aircraft tens of thousands of troops operating just a few miles three to seven miles off of north korea's coast many miles north of the demilitarized zone that in itself is a provocation most countries of the world have a twelve mile sovereign water limit and many claim up to two hundred miles so here is south korea u.s. and backing support and u.s. participation and the united states moving nuclear powered a nuclear weapon aircraft carriers still regularly into the region off the coast this these are really dangerous provocations and i think the u.n.
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security council meeting yesterday was an important effort to call on all sides but but nevertheless in the even in the face of that and world calls. south korea and the u.s. went ahead with these military exercises every time there's a mention the. republic i want you mentioned the united states on the u.n. what do you think generally about the efforts of the international community basically the u.n. all they doing enough to settle this dispute what else can they do. well they have certainly made every effort at the u.n. security council and it was important the role that russia and china held in both calling the security council to meet and it's interesting in that meeting finally there were in some form the six nation talks that had been called for all along.
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by north korea by china by russia until now the u.s. has only been talking with south korea and japan two countries that it occupies and has occupied for sixty five years so they really have no political military independence in a situation like this so the very fact that the u.n. security council meeting took place was an important step yet nevertheless the danger increases as long as all of the ships aircraft carriers troops are in the region and continue these very dangerous military maneuvers again and again every one of them is a provocation any one of them really could lead to a wider war. i think everyone has at this point the announcement from north korea saying that they would not respond to these provocations is an important important
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step but the real step is to push south korea and the u.s. japan to stop these military maneuvers when some of that is our country which is that involved in this situation which is all they are willing for this is russia it's calling for calm in the region how important would you say the country's role is in in fact doing this so i'm going to speak. extremely important of course there's a border right there there's every. objective and concrete reason but russia both speaking up on this is very important role in the security council meeting and in having that meeting happen it was very important and in the days ahead. the more that there can be voices for. for a reason and for ending these provocations that is really the way to go because it is in dangers all the people of the region i started to say that also the people in
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south korea are finding their voice now speaking out against their own government and these provocative exercises and that is also very important that the the people's movement on this needs to be felt and the voices of responsible governments urging caution urging. peace stability and no continued provocations ok sara flounders from the international action center many thanks for speaking to us about this increasingly tense situation on the korean peninsula many thanks yes very much so now russian president dmitry medvedev is visiting india on a two day trip aimed at strengthening trade and investment time the two countries are expected to sign a number of agreements charan singh reports from new delhi ahead of the talks. the eleventh annual russia india summit is expected to start shortly as president medvedev arrives late on monday night in new delhi he will be in india for two days
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and i suspect the sign over there doesn't agreements with the indian side of the agreement will be the joint development of a fifth generation fighter aircraft over thirty billion dollars this contract has been negotiated for a while now and will be finalized on tuesday between president medvedev and prime minister singh. is the expansion of cooperation in the civil nuclear energy sector russia is expected to build another two additional nuclear reactors for india this agreement is also expected on tuesday and in fact india is looking at russia to provide the technology to feed its growing demand for energy the demand by its economy for energy and the russian side over the next twenty years is expected to build at least fifteen to twenty nuclear reactors for india also in the economic sector this is one sector that both sides would like to expand in a big way even though the potential is there. to use the bilateral trade means
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expansion and both sides would like to expand this to twenty billion dollars by two thousand and fifteen here in new delhi on monday there was a forum of business leaders from both sides with the they where they were discussing trade and investment and the other side going forward is that the relationship between russia and india was mostly government to government. business to business contacts here in india russia as a strategic partner and as both sides complete a decade of strategic partnership president medvedev will be looking at taking this to the next level when he arrives in new delhi. russia's foreign minister house ruled that the new strategic arms reduction treaty with washington cannot be amended or renegotiated so gay lover on voiced his hopes that the u.s. senate will ratify the treaty soon and said russian will make is already to do the saying on sunday brought a bomb as democrats for another republican attempt to amend the deal a senate vote turned down calls to alter and effectively kill off the start treaty
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hailed as one of the u.s. administration's main foreign policy achievements start with flash that you can't use deployed nuclear arsenals by a third find life and you can bet it on bombing in april it gets to be ratified by both the american ferret and the russian duma and it's a race against time for the democrats these majority in the senate will be reduced in january they currently need at least nine republican votes to pass the treaty obama's now phoning senate is personally urging them to support starr we'll talk more about this i'm now joined by political analyst to be distanced off from the council before it and defense of policy many thanks for joining us. so the republicans haven't managed to sabotage this treaty yet but do you think that they're still keep the child or are they simply playing something of a waiting game here i mean the they fail to sabotage the discussion of the treaty they've also so for fails to amend this treaty would would eventually kill it but
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they have not failed so far to kill the treaty itself the final vote the vote on ratification will be crucial so i think what will be what will witness in the days to come i think until the debates are closed the republicans will try to continue to put a lot of amendments on the floor which probably will be also the clients avoid the rejected by the majority of the service and they will wait until the final vote. where the republicans will try all their best. to sabotage the treated self felt while i was at the root of this they're meant opposition to the to say you know there are two reasons basically there are two groups of the republicans who are against the treaty first group ideological opponents of arms control itself like senator de mint for instance who they are philosophically commitment to the
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american idea of absolute security so they opposed they oppose any arms control and the reduction of american strategic nuclear weapons and they want just in to increase their ads to go with two strategic missile defense and so on and so forth the other group of the republicans who are the majority among them their so-called pragmatic republicans are opposed against obama rather than the treaty itself they are commuters well all the republicans are committed. to you know why probably the white holes in the year two thousand and twelve and they use these treaty as an instrument of doing that because indeed this treaty is one of the major foreign policy achievements of the obama administration and by killing this treaty they want first to kill the reset. and the start treaty is the major symbol of the reset and second which is more important they want to show a bomber as
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a weak president as a president who can't you know guarantee the fulfillment of the camino the commitments that the because mate they want to undermine our bombers credibility worldwide not only russia killing start treaty it will undermine obama's critics among all the contras american allies both in the europe and asia that he will show as a weak president and his chances for re-election will be reduced this is the real thinking behind the republican opposition is that parity mix of ideology may to possible. talking of the time now the senate is expected to vote on tuesday but that it's only on ending discussions around the how do you think about voting is going to pan out well i think this will it will be affirmative i'm in positive because as far as i know according to the procedure only ratification requires quality majorities which is sixty seven of these tuesday treaty is just ending the debates which
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means only absolute majority will be required under the democrats do have this majority so i think the vote will and the discussion the problem is what next the republicans may you know if they have and they for sure will have new. amendments new prepare a position for madam and they will consider this ending of the bates as you know another try another ploy by democrats to shout them all says this one might cause the republicans some republicans to vote against the treaty. procedure looking ahead now resolution to this can we expect before the year's end how likely is it that the senate will vote on mastication before the end of twenty seven do you think that the democrats will win in that case and when the deciding vote actually does take place well they're deciding both will take place as soon as the obama administration and the republicans know for sure that they most probably have six
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to seven votes as soon as they know this the vote will take place as for the results you know several weeks ago the year of vote seem to be unlikely at all now i would say that the positive that the ratification is probable i would not say guaranteed but probable the crucial change was this a plan by senator voinovich a couple of days ago and. he's publicly statement that now their bomb administration has guaranteed that it will go with missile defense you know they are the letter. by president obama also noted and some of the republicans might have changed their position of course the treaty will not be ratified by the overwhelming majority it will if it is ready for the margin will be extremely small but i could and i think that we have quite enough chances for that to be ratified well let's say on december twenty second or twenty third until the ones
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that wait to see how the future of this very important start treaty affects us for nations reduces longed for from the council of foreign and defense policy many thank you. ok let's check out some other world news this hour one hour the series of bombings in baghdad killed one police officer and injured over a dancer iraqi officials say the first blast which exploded in the center was caused by a roadside bomb targeting a passing police patrol two other devices went off in eastern baghdad and in a mainly shared neighborhoods. twelve people have been arrested in three cities across the u.k. as part of a major anti terror operation the matter aged between seventeen and twenty eight it comes after intelligence agencies and pakistan europe and the u.s. intercepted plans to strike european cities police are searching for suspects homes for further evidence. now for many people struggling to make ends meet
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republics of central asia russia is the end of a land of opportunity despite a recent law banning foreigners from working in russia without authorization millions every year in search of a better life but most are forced to work illegally and live in fear of persecution as they're in they're going to report. here for the federal migration service comes knocking on the door at four o'clock in the morning officers say they arrive at this early hour before the immigrants leave for work which usually happens around six am. so srijit conducted in order to find illegal immigrants usually we have about seven or eight shots raids a month but this time around the federal migration series found just a few people without permission to work in the country one of them is a twenty two year old one week i don't have documents i don't know russian law i've been in russia for about a year and i don't understand the rules and customs of the country is one of
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a dozen immigrants who were apprehended during the raid but officials say there are millions more undetected in russia. this russia needs foreigners yes it does but only as many as are required for the economy there abouts people living in that tiny little right there we're going to go down the corridor into the kitchen and you can see for yourself that the conditions here are far from cemetery or convenience this is like a kitchen space something between a bathroom and basically a place where people cook and wash themselves as well. so why do chinese and many from other asian countries continue to flock to russia. although they get paid a lot less than one thousand workers would be paid for the same job still a lot more than they would have. migrant workers or a very valuable resource countries with developed economies they do paid jobs that
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no one in the country wants to do. russia has the second largest number of immigrants in the world after the united states and there's plenty of jobs in industries such as construction and retail the flow of migrant workers doesn't show any signs of drying up even if the hours are long in the living conditions are cramped it is. a lot more for you whatever you want to hear it has to some of. the home but if you're tired of taking. it slow every morning i get nothing find out about the service in st petersburg offering to do it for you any time any day. also is kicking off the holidays for the kremlin by delivering a century old christmas tree to the very center of. all to get to the best of their.
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well do you stay with us for all special report from the icy mountains of siberia that's coming your way very shortly but first the latest business headlines with just a few moments. in some petersburg she's available in hotels a story and. don't really speak to kowtow to truthfulness or tell the truth still toto.
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see it on this. visit. and welcome to our business bulletin alitalia has dropped russian plane maker for a possible five hundred million dollars regional jet order italy's flagship carrier cites delivery delays saying it cannot afford to wait for the super jet one hundred planes despite naming them as the person choice instead i tell you says it's off to lease twenty planes from brazil's. take a look at the markets u.s. stocks drift between gains and losses boeing tumbles three percent on concern it been delayed seven eight seven dreamliner again and intel slumped point eight percent following reports that the chip makers proposed approaches mcafee faces
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scrutiny from europe's antitrust regulators stocks in europe are in the black on monday at london's forty ended high who stood by gains of world bank of scotland retailers in airlines were pressured by worries that severe winter will hurt business for a fair wage the biggest loser in london new two percent. and the russian markets closed in the red on monday would be obvious then mines are ending less than a quarter of a percent most energy stocks were down at the close as light sweet stays under eighty nine dollars a barrel oil has lost one point three percent were all coming under pressure after it revealed the details of its merger with why will person like the company soon be neet it says it will be paying one point four billion dollars to acquire a further twenty percent stay. in the firm and believe it's kind of reversed early against the steel company posted stronger than expected third quarter profits at five hundred sixteen million but it warned of a price squeeze the coming months. because you might demand has been key to
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russia's recovery from the financial crisis. for metropol things that will help us in spare bank the market no bank is a proxy for the russian market and also a proxy for the russian economy is that it is. fundamentally on numbers it's growing and it's doing really well and financial results through the speculative dry wood next year we expect there. to be launched and that's going to bring in. many more additional vessels into the name because the bank will the share which will become accessible internationally and swiss pharmaceutical holding novartis plans to invest half a billion dollars in russia over the next five years the world's number three pharma company who built a drug production plant in st petersburg the plant will produce want to half billion generic and proprietary medicines a year in march is also plus the double investment and its russian research and
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development program and that's the latest on how for you for this hour but you can always find most stories on our website r.t. dot com. seriously discover it. communicate with the want to. test yourself and become free. to. see what nature can give you. in indonesia well she's available in hotels coming dolly resulting s'posed. results in spots. remote have been turned bones. the result will
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spawn sunday of the church home the wisdom result use of do. suffer tell some in the. resort and spa the rich. ground many of your culture hotels full seasons hotel the sultan who told. you better was leaving with them all from the protests why don't position on its own button pushing things way to the presidential election coming through the people were arrested including a number of presidential candidates who claimed the ring we wallow is fame or let's leave them on the go home since all the rest of. us. north korea cools alternately drills why the sound of all reckless military provocation fouls to
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refrain from the telling should despite his threats moscow has more in seoul to council bore gangs to avoid. the trend shows no sign of slowing down even though they come from poor central asian states doing better in this country most in conditions and with low paying. this morning's them. said not to say with special report on the filming in the halls of fighting ria. siberia's largest city and major industrial center. a unique nature reserve called . the pillars can be found only four hours away from the city here thousands of rocky cliffs lie scattered in the side.


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