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tv   [untitled]    December 24, 2010 10:30am-11:00am EST

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we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from the realms of. the future coverage. six thirty pm these are your r.t. headlines russia's approval of the nuclear cuts treaty with the united states waits while lawmakers spend the holidays mulling over conflicting points in the u.s. senate resolution. live vienna stone you give each other a christmas roasting with a squabble over who was first to invent the festive decorated tree. president medvedev send season's greetings across the atlantic and encourages
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russia's opposition parties to show some competition as he wraps up the year being played by leading t.v. channel bosses. now let's get some more of what president medvedev had to say to russia's t.v. chiefs. mr president a question on the new start praising our henry short story that goes and one other accidents of that year was a democratic president going a democrat of different has done a good job that he has this important document and you start through the senate. did you have a conversation with him yesterday was he still great in their education. no he's away on holiday it was quite late when we toured after eleven pm our time like any other person is entitled to rest on his christmas holiday but i think he can rest with the realisation that he's rest is well deserved he did
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a really good job i agree with you under rather difficult conditions he managed to get this important treaty approved in the senate. like i said our security for the next few years will be based on this treaty and in general i can say that it's easy for me to work with president obama because he can really listen to you and hear he's not impeded by stereotypes of what's probably the most important thing for a politician who keeps his promises but he's kept his promises as regards to the new start as regards the w t o and as regards the ratification of a very important treaty on cooperation with regard to various international issues so i hope he gets a good rest would be did a good job and i told him so yesterday i said barack with have some wrestling with . the world. war you once mentioned that our political system is showing signs of stickney still say things in official political system is one thing but at the same time straightforward takes is being promoted having most disastrous consequences as we have recently seen you said that we must not allow
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such a mass happening on the streets and on the whole it worked could you tell me if a police response is enough in a situation like this. there the she may have. the answer is obvious of course not the police must work precisely quickly and effectively in some cases acting harshly and according to the law i think that today i'm going to see here soon to be known as the police who would have demonstrated those qualities in a number of cases despite having criticism regarding the work of our interior ministry but it is well it's obvious that we cannot use only the police against them the kind we should come up with a comprehensive response politics should not move on to the streets and that she should have its own channels of expression that may also be stricken politics and only if it complies with the existing law we have rallied us demonstrations and picketing for that one with you this should be certain permissions there is direct democracy. i said it many times that we're moving towards direct democracy over
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that issue in some cases the procedure be forgotten about that will be brought back into existence then with but this kind of politics should also be of a different character but i just parties must feel responsibility for the authorities they were saying you would think that our major political party united russia should not just rain at that but also show intelligent is attacked in power it should appoint the right people pushing back the corrupt and those not willing to work at all she openness them the party should also participate in the discussion that are the issues the fact that they represent opposition does not mean that they're isolated from society life they should be speaking openly about all the issues they have the. see. russia's political life is dominated by you and mr putin what do you think we have any other promise in politicians but if yes then probably you would like to see one is your ally. serious rival in somebody else's. here.
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or in the culture there are such politicians in our country you even know some of those names enough with a camel but mention such distinguished people as heads or fractions of a state dinner camilla indeed they are well known politicians and there's no irony in my words these are people who worked in russian politics for more than a decade and they're also going around politicians outside the state doing it to be separate some may say they're prominent and others may not yet but well they are famous to do that famous politicians of mystic as young as ten and software still amount of mystic as powerful they're well known politician with a usually people have different agendas towards a regime they have to say their own electorate but they're also public figures but the greatest resource is the resource we don't talk about but i guess these are talented people from our country that's where future presidents prime ministers and deputies are now our country has a lot of time for their political asylum the much can push us through all of them of the most tragic events this year was the massacre of civilians in a village the investigation into which highlighted the deep corruption between the
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police and the authorities and criminals there were similar curan says elsewhere how can this be tackled mr medvedev with down there. is a problem there but it's an important subject and i'm glad you brought it off that we all remember the one nine hundred ninety s. yet again i wasn't working in the government all the administrations that time i lived in some petersburg and many of us got the impression that very different people work in all four of the structures and some of them were criminals or they infiltrated the state duma and other institutions but i think in the past few years we've managed to largely cleanse the federal authority that's there is crime yes and there is corruption. but i believe we've cut off the people who are obviously criminals the situation is different to the level of regional and municipal authorities there are people who still live by their own code that's why we need courage is not the same purchasers that unfortunate place in the 1930's but we need to cut off those people from power some of them are members of the ruling party but that does not mean the ruling party or any other party should turn
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a blind eye to it on the contrary we need to bring them out into the light expel them from the party to strengthen the parties with oratory she sed or. spark. about whether or not i see him as the portrait of during free throw business community every businessman does what is accused of but how to skate alone takes the blame for what you were he and his associates maybe didn't do you think our judicial system may have been too hard on these people would you think about that as a lawyer and as a person who did. what he did let me tell you what i think is the president of the with no government official and this includes the president has the right to state their position on this or any other case until a verdict at the end of the whittle or a guilty verdict has been voiced with this is perfectly obvious the wood deal. should you still need your r.c. q why did the government in spite of a tradition that has been going since soviet times admit that spies court were
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working for russia the incident made it clear to me that russia has annoyed by network. anyone working for our special services is first and foremost a russian citizen they're not cannon fodder or heroes that the state is willing to sacrifice your if the soviet union of all perhaps even russia was not talked about them before then it was a mistake on the government's policy so you are main goal in that situation was to get our people out and we did that because as i said they were russian citizens i recently met with intelligence officers and i told them that we will continue doing the same thing in the future if anyone from the intelligence service should be at the legal service or not or in a difficult position of these people defend our interests as for the service it can be different legal or illegal if a country claims that it doesn't have an illegal intelligence service it's usually a lie either that or the country in question is very small when doesn't have any
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serious geopolitical interest thoughts are near our way to meet new press or the global media have made wiki leaks the main brand of the year there's no doubt about that how do you feel about it. but i. mean really it's interesting that some things were quite surprising you know you're afraid of wiki leaks why would i be afraid to the department of state might be offering with not me but they might try to box here if i was scared of what people might write about me i would never go into the internet or want to television some other person who is this kind of responsibility has to understand that people don't praise the authorities too often and probably for a good reason for it is have to work efficiently which is what no i'm not afraid of what people might write about i mean the whole of us for the consequences of the publication might have an effect on other countries really but not on our relationship with the rest we don't understand the general attitude of the media or the public we get that information from television and newspapers you go open source is the enemy at the end so we saw nothing new let me think this reminds me
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of the story that happened to soviet diplomats he served as ambassador in a european country and had been granted an audience with the queen but after the audience he sent a cable back home saying the queen. asked me about dissidents i had to bring him down a path that's what happened to diplomats all over the show each other how tough the labels on it later every profession has its own rules our diplomats write to each other to everyone's entitled to their minute of thing including ambassadors and diplomats. i wanted to ask you how you felt about japan's reaction to your visit to the curial islands. well what about make sure nothing has changed for me the japanese sometimes. take hold back then pass it or. well i'm sincerely sorry that i was the reason for a break in his political career that was not what we aim for i'm not sure now what he will do but let me remind you that all of the south is the territory of the
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russian federation the president is allowed to visit them you know what it could be why has no president gone there before he you know well it's a remote place that's true but it's our land nonetheless we have to develop a good ally that is to ensure that the people there live well i promise not to the locals i told them i just bring it with and then sent deputy prime minister ship out of the to work that he's still working on and we will send other officials to the curls of the boat but this doesn't mean we're not ready to cooperate with japan but we welcome any initiatives on joint economic projects and of them and taking into account the historical events that took place there and you can then we are ready to work with them but this doesn't mean that we will give up the corals on terror and trade partners have to understand that. people rarely remember what it past event pluto smelled sounded like the year two thousand and ten so one even did i will remember i think it was even more vivid for year how did you find out about the crush of the polish air force one the arsenal landscape and
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how did you react. or share your store with my. hand at the general again it was a difficult day i was in some petersburg at the time. it was a saturday and i was planning to have a break then my aide told me about what happened or i was shot it always comes as a shock taking in news of this kind you feel shocked and sorry for the people who were killed and this time to add that it was the entire polish political elite at gosh it happened at that spot to say good seemed mystical and hard to believe yet it turned out of all true nonetheless it got better by our relations with poland have gone a long way since then i mean things were very complicated but i think that our relationship is less complex and i paid an official visit to poland we talked with the investigation still has to be concluded of course it can't be politicized to us and serve as a reason to stop blaming each other we have to listen to all parties involved and accept the conclusions made by international agencies then there is the internal
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investigation or. it would be very unwise thing to have the conversation and i wish you had been new year one day half of our audience really would be able to say we hope the next year will be better and we just wish you a happy new year well. thank you very much once again i would like to say that i wish you happy new year too but i promise this but i will do it again you know we're not here shortly we have to settle at the still he showed us some isn't a ticket. prices but i see what i see what it. russia's approval of a nuclear treaty with america waits while lawmakers spend the holidays mulling over conflicting points in the u.s. senate's resolution. dimitri medvedev send season's greetings across the atlantic encourages russia's opposition parties to show some competition as he wraps up here being pleased by leading t.v.
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china. live vienna stony and giving each other a christmas roasting with a squabble over who is the first to invent the festive decorated tree. more news coming your way in about fifteen minutes first and tell you joins us with the sports highlights stay with us. well to do are two sports update with the latest news and action a look at the headlines for us to. face because he must go coach u.t. so many returns to its not like you to signing a three year contract. playing for pride him came oscar region claim a tough year early we know it was all grease which couldn't help but qualify for the last sixteen stage. and also the steelers are just a win away from clinching the a of c. north division title and a fast play apply to pressuring the panthers. and we begin with the news that
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a formal committee of moscow managing u.t. so many will be back on familiar turf having been confirmed as the next coach i do not mckee of the sixty three year old returns to the club he worked with from may two thousand and seven through to december last year so many led to the ukrainian league title and the u.a.e. fuck up sammy's before joining russian premier league side but the much for a couple of years they finished fifth under his charge in twenty eight sound so many was sacked at the end of the season and is now back to you crane on a from the deal replacing by lady the former manager of another moscow side say this. transfer news now and in spain barcelona have officially unveiled their latest signing twenty four old dutch midfielder abraham after a late the former p.s.v. eindhoven player joins the catalans on a four and a hot year deal for an estimated three million euros the twenty four year old
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medicals on thursday and then to pay paul on his deal on friday definitely has won thirty wanting to national caps with the netherlands to do all they are in school. over in england chelsea and also preparing for monday's dubay of the emirates with both teams aiming to and their respective bedrooms the blue as have drawn their last three games while winning just one with a two months something they're planning to change. as important games of yours late because. both both. involving in the fight for the title everyone i think that team can win this game will be excited game my things in this period. but i have it to play this game because i think that. we move on after the bad moment and we are able to
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come back to play our football and to try to do everything through him the gunnels men while have struggled against chelsea in the past couple of years having not beaten them since two thousand and eight so they'll be looking to break that record on monday with several key players abu dhabi fabregas and bumper samaan them returning from injuries. we have mixed feelings because we came out of both games against. man united but it was possible and. it was not the difference between the teams and so we have a good opportunity to show that in the coming months and to show as well i believe our room for improvement is bigger than any other team because we are very young side and so it's how we respond to what happened to us. and that man united. on the hardwood him q.
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were able to salvage some pride as they defeated zol gary said overtime in the euro league the most courageous man the world already mathematically alto the top sixteen bucks ground out a tough ninety three eighty nine victory he slammed for it having a huge day for the home team scoring thirty five points grabbing eight rebounds while joined fifteen fouls from the opposition man to me it is proved to be the biggest story contributor of the visitors the god scoring twenty four points and he was one of only two salaries players in double figures who in a could not be decided in regulation with the game going into the extra sash and tied it eighteen one blandford keeping his star shining late you know knicks including a three which sealed the game so eighty three eighty ninety three to eighty nine zagreus lives to fight another day both staying on course for the top sixteen. lead to almost three claimed the last available top sixteen spot with
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a road win against seaborne a basketball arena named up to the late local legend drash and patronage stunned at the helm side which took their airy nine four lead slip away so mama could not stop rate us as the school turned up the pressure in the last quarter for a ninety four to seventy seven victory surely a busk a last offender botching group c. which means three tests advanced due to a superior had to have records over the french champions. no surprises stateside in the out of the pittsburgh steelers dominated the struggling carolina panthers across the board the two thousand and eight champions are now just one win away from securing a for play oh boy and are closing in on a.f.c. north divisional title yvonne's i'm sure a ski has more. pittsburgh are closing in on the a.f.c. north divisional title but the steelers needed a spark after scoring just four on fence of touchdowns in as many games ben roethlisberger and company able to remedy those issues in the second quarter mike
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wallace with a forty three yard touchdown kids to make it to nothing the steelers moving the ball and will against the free fall and carolina team emmanuel sanders coming up with a catch a while or shawn mendenhall to power through the line from up close and increase the lead shaun suisham adding a field goal for twenty to nothing half time leave a break in action did little to rejuvenate the panthers were getting into the end zone himself by a quarterback sneak in the third twenty seven to three the finals the steelers can tie up the a.f.c. north if the baltimore ravens lose the way to cleveland on sunday night alternatively the steelers would have to beat the browns themselves on january second to give the silverware. arche. and. the fest of a k. wanton about has been held in the ukraine. captured the king's crowd while the russian giant was not down in the fast track and as. now.
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years often dissipate and was rewarded when one of the world's major mixed martial arts brands came one one and made it to russia mr legion post is the first ever international one event the king of kings tournament. no wrestling no grappling is the ultimate or if kicking and punching ok one is where different standup quitting techniques like scene karada and white tie collide and one reason. for me of course is. very good but still i think the modified tournament style that i like i want the most the stand around and i'm a living legend for tuncay one champ and it's the coolest with whom in the dust for other youngsters month. but a legend in your corner was not enough
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a source of money to a joe to turn green chant then lament mooned who won by decision. in our restaurant. i told him from the oval from the start that it was russia. and i was stepping back all the time and had the bowling ball but he got back. with remove the fun sunday night because rain will keep books and chanting but it was really no presto next tuesday missed the train in was quick to set the record straight against pre-sleep to no downs forced the referee to stop the ball. the bowed between japan's your uncle pony and russian giant begin your long record the epic battle between david and goliath i never in this case says men are in their looks mess one out of to bill russian alexi who didn't have easily made his
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way to the samis last visit but john still pay wait with. it came down to the final four where to splay very level for a little place a big heap of trouble in iraq the queen is to spread a levy only tactics that could have given him the edge low keeps and he's been roped forcing the loaf to give the point in the first round so long he would have been very silly of me to trade punches with all of a plus it was important to finish in the soonest possible and if we have three fights a night that's exhausting i should have saved some energy for the final. meanwhile the two thousand and six world tide books in kent then alexei couldn't prove he still has by knocking four men room out. in moments later we have been putting good back in during the final rumble concentrated in cautious best describe the first round. that are left in
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a slot. in the second although they move slow we look feet and aggressive and fluid up to two x. two rounds both judges and crowd delta american bows kim i thought it was bundles and i don't want to try to keep ground on. its greed that russia finally hosted a k. one event as i always feel the hole here had to win here and i did and i was just the first step on my way to the top of the world in k. one will simply go it's good for now or to the stewards. and it's all from the finale the weather forecasts on the way then more of today's minute stay with us. culture is that so much different and there's a huge musician apparently trying to market the new exiting christians leaving the holy land christians have lived in historic palestine since the advent of christianity alongside muslims. download the official anti happily
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cation i phone i pod touch from the i choose apps to. life on the go. video on demand tease my old costs and feeds now in the palm of your. question on the. wealthy british style. to the such. and such. markets why not scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy cause a report on our. discoveries
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. communicate with the wind. and become.
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nature can give you. rushes about it became you can't concentrate he waits while lawmakers spend their already smoking over the complete team points. resolution. sending out congratulations across the atlantic and encouraging opposition leaders to be a little bit more active these are just some of the topics covered by the russian president during his off the year interview to the heads of russian television channels. a lot of the stone you give each other a christmas roasting with a squabble over who was the first with the festive decorated tree.
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seven pm in moscow i match reza good to be with you here on r t our top story russia's lawmakers have launched their debates on ratifying the nuclear arms reduction treaty with america after it was backing in the u.s. senate the lower house of parliament has already given its preliminary approval and said to be finally signed off the deal in the new year and what's being hailed as a diplomatic victory by presidents medvedev and obama. has more from what's happening. seems so that russian devotees a very optimistic and also along with the all the americans they've been celebrating this tremendous victory the final ready for cation of the new strategic arms reduction treaty on capitol hill we know there have been those long heated debates on the pros and cons of this major new clear cuts trade.


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