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tv   [untitled]    December 25, 2010 2:30am-3:00am EST

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hello and welcome to the show on this week's best it must go out program we'll be taking a look at christmas food and while russians have their main celebrations on the is eve and january the seventh millions of other people around the world and some here at moscow already popping in the champagne so join me most of them greece as we take a look at the merry christmas here in the russian capital from the night you city by pollution into a forthcoming this is christmas had a rather tenuous status the soviet union and the foley was officially frowned upon many enterprising citizens turned it into a new year's festival as for the lazy christmas celebration the ritual for marks church still still is the old shooting challenge which is currently thirty days behind the gregorian calendar. bold.
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enough to let me send me a nice needed to watch and now even though your personal thoughts christmas is in two weeks time people here in moscow already start preparing various dishes he has corrected and one of the famous has to forward this is all of your salad so you can see something in video from the table district and do together this hour the stock so what we do now first you have to put the chop carrot and hunt in the wall. then here to change the shelves on the. shelves coming off now this is your salad is still popular for the whole year here. on the main tongue you would say that is all the new year's eve yes but it makes you choke one last pickle cucumber and pull potatoes i think they are perfect for it some sort of little tidbit. make them smaller. and it's all the ingredients to a large bag. at the paper said paul so good. and listen it seems like it's
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a whole month long christmas celebration here in russia that's correct and starting from the front of it from december it's not actual out crystal but there's a lot of parties and different clubs and places. there are new year than christmas and the ending of the old mean year wow it seems like there's a lot of a lot of a thing in train carrying yes correct fall and putting her in a way. that sprouts. what's next finally greetings. of mayonnaise knowledge you have to take take this mix of ok this christmas this up ok. then put so it will fall. apart. and that we have it. i don't think we did too badly. let's try the one we made. and when it's.
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something that we did a great job with me in those years until another christmas merry christmas. if you want to create a festive russian western dish was the best place to buy christmas ingredients in moscow or. world closing three weeks in russia. and you'll be flabbergasted at some of the latest supermarkets the have opened up here in moscow take a look at the things it's just good is an amazing it's a wide you will pay for it there are currently thirty five as being the case is in moscow or whatever country or farm you'll find everything you need they are the best there is. nothing in the laws of fruit from around the glazed grapes from its link dragon tree from thailand kiwi from chile i love to know that tasty treats. from christmas crackers chestnuts and can be sourced i will hunt to find everything i need. and. go play bridge that's.
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some advice i would offer is to compare prices the strangest items such as imported nuts or exotic fruits can be shockingly expensive so with the most make a supermarket chains like this because cusa seven continents and put a crystal a christmas in moscow whenever you celebrate it can easily be fully stocked full of delicious specific goods edible gifts. as for me it's time to shop until i drop. that senator brown i'm moving to our next location let's meet this week's guests i would love to meet you must be a merry christmas tell me how did you end up here in the pursuit capsule actually i was working in to buy and i headed back to london for a week and i got a phone call while i was there and so i decided to come check it out and here i am
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now you originally from new zealand right that's right yeah now christmas is a completely different over here is that. here you know people celebrating our for the twenty fifth it's very unusual for me anyway. so you know the whole sort of. christmas period sort of rolls on or rolls on and keeps go you don't know where one's gone and they come back again so his unusual and what about the ingredients i mean you know are they difficult to get hold of oh yeah i think for more these days in the shop she can find different ingredients for full for the festive period you know you have to look around a little bit now but you know you can always find your turkeys you know cram breeze and stuff like this and it's a little bit easier to find you know in terms of russian traditional russian christmas is based around. and may and i sort of called the traders in the hands of the put together you know. cold fish. to start with the. how do you think the
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russian dyes has changed over the past twenty years over the last ten years i think there's been a big change in diet and people are travelling a little bit more so they're coming back and wanting a little bit more but i think that's going to carry on a valving over the next sort of ten twenty years anything other than the period. new year's eve period hoping to be away travelling actually get away from the cold weather and get away from the call and head for a bit of sunshine you know so rain here for you now so it's a good time to get away with everything you enjoy the festive period she's very cursory christmas day. so what are the specific items you buy in moscow well there are several place where you can purchase various christmas themed desserts the ritz carlton hotel located in the central first sky street is well known for its wonderful gingerbread and impressive edible fairytale house display bringing out the charge of all of us the pastry chefs create
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a very special shapes and decorate the delicious dessert using a range of icing sweets jellies and chocolate christmas in russia should not be inspired when you think about a diet here it's self-indulgence the way. famous french fun food stall restaurant and caterer also of those exquisite for six gift baskets campus with a history dating back one hundred fifty years it is rich in clinic and gift traditions and their own produce and very skiffs items based some of the best qualities packed with ices such as delicious french handmade chocolates sumptuous cheese and delicate dry champagne a gift from n.p.r. is bound to impress. finally champagne the ideal drink for yuletide celebrations streaky offices boutique one store and see. markets
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from extravagantly expensive to cheap looking for labels their weaves sparkling wines are readily available in moscow with huge varieties on offer whether it's been teach french champagne you want or sweet soviet's classic looking disappointed at the choice on offer. we offer a champagne from various contrails translates to its pain in russia as well prices start at two hundred true calls that's around six dollars and there is no upper limit. arriving at our final location for all those who are likely to bet on the turkey or too tired to cook a large christmas dinner for family and friends the answer is simple chicago for hauling celebrate in style in the restaurants casual get elegant atmosphere with the cost of all the ingredients want to save everything you booze for books in the new year extravaganza treat yourself to a christmas dinner to remember that there are dozens of restaurants in moscow where you can enjoy christmas dinner with all the trimmings and i've been recommended
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chicago prime here by various friends whether it's to see through turkey or steak he wants this new venue if it's awful some of the best in the russian capital it might take you two or three hours to find all the ingredients in their fight expensive and then forced to pay for a ship to get spent six fare cooking or come here and you could also have a great steak instead of turkey if you're in the made for something else. i've been invited into the kitchen to see what some of the places to say the least downright try a christmas feast fit for a king. as. i can lay you with the meat in place to look absolutely amazing wow can we get the new york steak for just delayed all the prime we have porterhouse steak dry in a tomahawk dry agent there's a rib i also prime rib that roasted during on the grill with a smirk. amazing surrogate humongous turkey we get yet by from russia.
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my ideal colored merry christmas which amazing food wine and champagne and delights of modern day scares while we go to you first because we're going to try the i'm trying to talk you know. impressive stuff. the guy. can and i just like grandma made this company brings me that was how we have on this week special christmas program i'll see you again next week for our new year's eve special shout out to them for me the crew and all the stuff here that's because your prime merry christmas.
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afghanistan's cheap heroin is depriving thousands of locals of the future besides flooding other countries desperate situation is a reflection of the those poor efforts to tackle the problem says russia's top anti-drug enforcer. from dismantling a story monuments to comic strip propaganda and i saw it campaign in georgia gathers pace with russia's seemingly prime target but a growing number of people say the authorities attempts to write a history are going too far. and reports of a war being waged on christmas have been all over the headlines in the u.s.
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this holiday season but many americans believe the hype is just to the birds the public's attention from more pressing problems. those were the headlines here in our c.n.n. coming up next we'll bring you the sports highlights and tell you. hello and welcome to our team sports update a look at the top stories for a familiar face looking at the most school coach in returns to the nama q after signing a three year contract. playing for pride moscow region claim a tough year early various which could help them qualify for the last sixteen stage . and the steelers are just a win away from clinching the a.f.c. north division title and the first round playoff by pressuring the panthers. let's
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stop with some football news though coming from the sun cereal well not the we'll be taking over managerial do you do is that into molong a controversial move follows the highly publicized second. needless forty one year old then out of the house had to stand so with. a civil law during his playing days and also managed the side last season but now the brazilian is back at sincere old they're going to help these former pows and they'll still travel with us find their rhythm and to sit seventh in the table and are thirteen points adrift of their not just pull my club in the hands of the sciri crowd the contract officially begins on december twenty ninth and runs through to june twentieth twelve. men will be back on familiar turf as well after signing with do not like key of the sixty three year old returns to the club he worked at from may two thousand and seven through to december last year so men led denominate to the ukrainian league
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title and the u.a.e. fuck up sammy's before joining russian premier league side looking for a couple of years they finished fifth on to his charge in twenty ten seven was sacked at the end of the season and is now back to ukraine on a three year deal replacing by lady gaga. the former manager of another moscow side says scott. now over in england chelsea and arsenal are preparing for monday's dobby of emirates so if both teams aiming to end their respective bad rounds the blues have drawn the last three games while winning just won within two months something they are planning to change as important game argues late because. both both the maori and involving in the fight for the title everyone i think that team can win this game will be excited game my things in this period. but i am happy to play this game because i think if. we move on after the bad
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moment then we are able to come back to play our football and to try to do everything to win the gunnels men while have struggled against chelsea in the boss couple of yaz having not beaten them since two thousand and eight so they will be looking to break that record on monday with several key players i would be fabregas salmon per se montem returning from injuries we have mixed feelings because we came out of both games against charity and man united but it was possible and. it was not the difference between the teams and so we have a good opportunity to show that in the coming months and to show as well i believe our room for improvement is bigger than any of the team because we are very young side and so it's how we respond to what happened to us said.
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that man united. transfer news now and in spain barcelona have officially unveiled their latest signing twenty four year old dutch midfielder abraham affably the form of p.s.v. eindhoven player joins the catalans on the for the haul fair deal for an estimated three million euros twenty four year old underwent medicals on thursday and put pen to paper on his deal on friday after lay has won thirty one international caps with another one's scoring two goals for the orange order. and staying in spain was a case of real madrid spacek meeting the club's present and all for a noble cause took former and current galactica styles in action in the spanish capital raising money for their respective charitable foundations world cup winners expect to see a sounds in a doing all the next and along with portugal's most capped play allusion to go down and figure who have been enjoying retirement to thirty eight year olds teamed up to
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show their competitive spirit is still intact reales karen gurley to see us unable to hold down the fort against the veterans stephen lost five war the real winner is where they play as charity organizations though will raise funds for the last privileged. the we came out here to do to help the efforts of lewis and the kim this match was for the children and i believe we have to host these types of events as often as we can. on the hardwood him key were able to salvage some pride as they defeated zol gary said overtime in the euro league moscow region man were already mathematically out of the top sixteen contention but ground out a tough ninety three eighty nine victory keith lang for having a huge day for the home team scoring thirty five points grabbing eight rebounds while drawing fifteen fouls from the opposition man to us tell me it is going to be the biggest scoring contributed for the visit to the guard at a twenty four points and was one of only two players in double figures who went.
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could not be decided in regulation with the game going into the extra session tied at eighteen one langford keeping his star shining with late heroics including e three which sealed the game ninety three to eighty nine cell greece lives to fight another day though staying on course for the top sixteen. elsewhere he told us three of those claimed the last available top sixteen spot with a road win against to borna about civil arena named after the late local legend dr batch of it stunned us the hosts which that early lead slip away it's a bomb that could not stop greatest sounds the school turned up the pressure in the last quarter for a ninety four to seventy seven victory surely i'm lost a friend of the other game winning ripped us advanced due to a superior had to had records. no surprises stateside in the n.f.l. as the biz bird steelers dominated the struggling carolina panthers across the
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board the two thousand and eight champions are now just one win away from securing a first round playoff bye and are closing in on a.f.c. north divisional title yvonne's leg or ski has more. pittsburgh are closing in on the a.f.c. north divisional title but the steelers needed a spark after scoring just for our offensive touchdowns in as many games ben roethlisberger and company able to remedy those issues in the second quarter mike wallace with a forty three yard touchdown kids to make it to nothing the steelers moving the ball and will against the free fall and carolina team emmanuel sanders coming up with a catch a dollar shard mendenhall to power through the line from up close and increase believe shaun suisham and a field goal for twenty to nothing half the time needed a great connection did little to rejuvenate the panthers rafa's were getting into the end zone himself by a quarterback sneak in a good twenty seven to three the finals the steelers can tie up the a.f.c. north if the baltimore ravens lose the way to cleveland on sunday night
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alternatively to steal it would have to be the browns themselves on january second to give the silverware. our team. and finally where the fest of a k. wanton amount has been held in the moscow region ukraine. captured the king's crowd while russian giant him danielle off was knocked down in the first trial and robert for by now has more. years often dissipated and was rewarded when one of the world's major mixed martial arts brands came one one and made it to russia mr legion post is the first ever international one event the king of kings tournament . no wrestling no grappling is the ultimate or if kicking and punching day one is where different standup quitting techniques like kick boxing karada and white tie collide and one ring. for me of course is gay one style kickboxing
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style. doing very good but still i think my modified style and a tournament style that i like i want the most this time around and i'm a living legend put tuncay one champ and that's the coolest was to man the dutch for other youngsters month. but a legend in your corner was no no a source of money to a down to turn green chant then a man mood who won by decision. in our resident of i told him from the washington post from the start that it would russia. and the us that bit back all the time and had the boy boy but he got. with remove quota for use and night it was raining will keep books and chant then but those are the real clean breast there is next who's the most the crane in was quick to set the record straight against princely to no downs forced the referee to stop the flow.
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of the boat between japan's hiroko holy and russian giant again you know a lot recalled the epic battle between david and goliath. in this case says matter in the los mess one out of to bill russian alexi who didn't have easily made his way to the samis last visit but john still pay wait. it came down to the final four where who splay very levels that i will place a big heap of trouble in or the queen into specially the only tactics that could have given him the edge loci takes and he's been worked forcing a lot of to give up the fight in the first round so long he would have been very silly of me to trade punches with all of a plus it was important to finish in the soonest possible of three fights a night that's exhausting i should have saved some energy for the final. meanwhile
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the two thousand and six world tied books in kent then alexei couldn't prove he still has by knocking one man room out in the in moments later and putting words back in the ring for the final rumble concentrated in coach's best describe the first round. in a slot and. in the second although the nobel week looks beat and aggressive in the third of the two x. rounds both judges and crowd dealt a good marathon came but it was bundles are over no one really tried to keep ground on when not just it's great that russia finally hosted a k. one event as i always feel the hole here i had to win here and i did is just the first step on my way to the top of the world in k. one possibly gorgeous girl but for now our two miscarriages. and that's all from the finale the weather forecast is coming up next stay with us.
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hungry for the full story we've got it for us has the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. fist. fight. me.
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a failed war on drugs besides flooding other countries of ghana stans cheap heroin is depriving thousands of locals in the future. but believe they put a bit general saying they would probably like the book. from dismantling historic monuments to comic strip propaganda as an end i saw a big campaign in georgia gathers pace a growing number of people say it's going too far plus.
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the u.s. media may be claiming there is a war being waged on christmas but many americans say the headlines are just to divert the public's attention from more pressing problems. you want to see going to live from moscow eleven am here in marina joshua welcome to the program afghanistan the world's largest producer of heroin does not only make other states suffer from its deadly export the country itself has lot of with cheap drugs well the tan situation and very vague prospects of a peaceful life even those who want to kick the mortal habit find themselves at a dead end jason model of reports from kabul you may find some pictures in this piece disturbing. early morning in kabul.


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