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tv   [untitled]    December 30, 2010 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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dollar lawsuit now viacom was accusing youtube of massive copyright infringement because users are posting clips from movies and t.v. shows onto the site without prior approval but should google owner of you to be responsible for that all the judge said no as long as they take that content down soon as alerted now it's not their responsibility to monitor all day long every single piece of content that's uploaded to the web so while those in the entertainment industry are crying foul saying that they lost out big time we have to remember that this is a huge victory for user generated content for freedom of the internet this is a huge victory against those corporations that try to use copyright laws to control our culture and the way that we share it so once again i must say. congratulations. coming up after the break do you remember when glenn beck held
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a rally on the national mall he called it restoring honor but considering that this was taking place on the anniversary of dr martin luther king's i have a dream speech many out there that to differ so was back really leading a new fight for civil rights or just distorting the message and the memory of one of this country's most prominent civil rights leaders stay tuned to see what our guests have to say.
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hello again this is all see a quick check of the headline. form of oil tycoon and russia's most famous prison and the help of a cold skier has been sentenced to fourteen games both times and the money though in training this new time is to run alongside the time has already setting forward on talks about what are called skinheads and what a business partner of the time negative will not be cheap for releasing twenty seventy. three minutes charged with plotting a terror attack on the danish newspaper behind controversial cartoons of the prophet muhammad five days ago at the latest in a series of arrests across europe that have sparked fears of driving islamist
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extremism on the continent. on the holiday season brings america's credit card addiction into the spotlight of millions flaunt shopping malls across the country despite the nation's financial troubles some say the growing addiction just turned into a religion on stuff they confronted. washington studio not so public to do all the while you want to. the tea party movement spawned from anger at the federal government for bailing out wall street after the economy collapsed turned into something else entirely over this last year it turned into a swelling call for change in washington for a return to this nation's fundamental values and it turned into an easy group to prey on it was co-opted not only by republican politicians but also by media personalities glenn beck being the prime example now claiming that he had no
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political intentions that called on americans to join him on the national mall for a rally but this specific date that he chose happened to be the anniversary of dr martin luther king jr is i have a dream speech and that led to many comparisons and contradictions when it comes to how we remember history and how we define those words leader and civil rights. now glenn beck claims that when the day was originally chosen for his restore honor rally he wasn't aware that this was the anniversary of i have a dream speech he has since however embraced the date and said that it is divine providence and as in his words appropriately he will not be standing on the exact same step that king spoke on but rather to flights down now he also said that far too many of either gotten just lazy or they've purposely distorted martin luther king's ideas of judging a man by the content of his character but as glenn beck who's amped up history at
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the outer banks in recent years compared to the days when he was on c.n.n. just distorting those ideas even further or is he really leading a new fight for civil rights well joining me here in the studio to discuss it is christopher chambers georgetown university professor and author of the blog now turner's revenge and from florida i lloyd marcus folks person and entertainer for the tea party movement gentlemen thank you both for being here with me chris i'll start with you are you how does this make you feel do you think that glenn beck and martin luther king are two people that you can just put into one basket no. but i mean let me just start out by saying that there are some things that mr marcus and i probably agree on i've. you know criticized some of the civil rights establishment i mean on this show people everybody from ben jealous to marc mero more you know i have also not been comfortable with that al sharpton has said that going back and pay with all these people and the national rifle association or
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hijacking the dream i don't think we're talking about a hijacking here i think that's very dishonest what i think it is fifty percent publicity stunt and fifty percent pandering to. an audience of fanatics and trivial. what's your response to that you yourself are a tea partier are you saying that akin to trivial full. look i love the land back and i love what what my brother glenn back is doing he is basically honoring dr martin luther king and these people that that are going to attend this rally decent hardworking americans who love this country and they simply disagree with barack obama's socialist agenda i said well i don't think it's going to anything to do well you know with socialism i mean this is a man when you're on the steps of the of the lincoln memorial a man who was abraham lincoln who was murdered by the descendants of some of the
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same people who are marching to start a civil war hundred fifty years ago in my lifetime this man marched on and it was a terror by some of the same people who are marching today we're talking about a lot of time but when we when there are often. women are you talking about. the people that attend the tea party rallies talking about if you put them in a time machine half of them would probably chase martin luther king and shoot him again although you know i heard as he was the other half would probably start the civil war over again so i know your brother is just as we've heard like to use already know that you had an exam in the end and martin has attacked as martin was attacked by the same people who are now saying you know we were anti-government well that's our love this was an anti-government i or her for all of us really and like how do you define yourself and the tea partiers the people at these rallies i'm telling you these rallies have nothing to do with lace they have everything to
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do with policy but just because we have a black president now and we can't protest his policies or we're a bunch of not these people hardworking decent people i have attended well over two hundred tea price across america i'll be have no hate there people. and people have to openly embrace me a thousand. clearly embraced and i you know i've been waiting songs about the tea party i'd be a memory and through a t. it might be able to dance or tell and it is heinous that the end up lacy p. and the media and everybody else on the left have tried to make these rallies about hate it's they're not this isn't about this is about rewriting history rewriting heritage in the. community most of my black friends and associates they've never attended
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a tea party but they but they assume that they are racist gatherings against a black president the left hand i don't know if you should be at last by a side. or poor rock obama i think i know. we're all obama was a sickly the trigger for all this barack obama became the goose it instead blew up everybody's brains and now we see the pandora are still alive let me ask you there lord i'm i'm i'm almost in tears wondering why you are to this i mean you're not exactly ten million people i am going to the point of tears i am really i'm just i am i don't know. people that attend these rallies because they are hard working decent americans they are not raised so they are the hardworking decent americans everybody else yes not that has been the message of divide they're not going to get high for it's not a decent americans just kind of three and
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a half are in trouble right now you know that they perhaps feel like washington doesn't represent them but does a grand thank you sara lee representative stand up but this is what i'm back is a man who also said that our president is a racist and has a deep seated hatred for shows you how ridiculous it is this is a man who has to spend his life trying to assimilate and kind of fly under the radar not hate white people that's just another example of the drama buggery of like to talk about sort of iraq no drama obama stupid. rock obama tail enders to race all the time to raise all of the times i get i don't go away i usually i get up for rock obama who said. that obama i like and see him. simply because they disagreed with this health care program is tabloid this is not. this is going to write cobol and i is that yes there is a want and
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a technocrat he does not hate white people he probably loves white people that is in you if that's possible well. i don't. know i felt let me ask you this let me out is because he does. say ok lloyd let me have you say i don't know what are you doing that's just very minutes lloyd as an african-american do you how does it make you feel that glenn back the man that is leading this rally has said that barack obama the first black president america's history is a racist white people i believe he is the man leading this rally if he's going to be the new m.l. hey. at the service package he's the president because because he is black we cannot this agree with this me and that's just unsettling a lot of different values surely a conservative leader david brooks has even said that this is demagoguery this is cross the line this is rewriting history going back basically says
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a third all roosevelt and woodrow wilson who was a racist should be a communist what are we going with this i mean texas are trying to rewrite textbooks we are we going to one with this law and they are trying to write the next book in texas the wrong way they are trying to eliminate a whole lot of american history is the desert going around here is largely about me storing up on there and back just like martin luther king talks about bringing guys back into the process which is all about with me. now is that it's theocracy or i mean are we are you like analog to the ball is now i mean we've got to bring god god is going to run the country just like the arab extremists say our agenda is that we're going to have we have to live rattled is that we have to wrap this up because we are at a time i got to fight back so today but i want to thank you both are very minute like sisters been doing this and decency back in america where i just decency
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hasn't left. a young lady gave the president we got to go we got to go i had sex lies to me very much a little being and since you know there's something wrong coming up after the break we'll revisit a debate with the westboro baptist after pastor terry jones suspended his plans to burn the koran on september eleventh the westboro baptist church said they would do it and they promised to burn the quote doomed american flag as well but with their crazy antics that they got all christians in america a bad name and further the idea that we're fighting a religious war that's coming up and don't forget while the alona show is bringing you the best of two thousand and ten you can still. sound off we've heard what our guests have had to say on the biggest stories of the year but now you can join in on the debate respond to our show and tell questions on facebook and twitter or send us a video response on you tube if there's an issue you want to let us know and when show until returns on january sixth i'll respond to your answers live on air and
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have a whole new batch of questions let your voice be heard. it can hit doctor swines policeman swines minister's wife i just prayed that if you didn't find me if i could slip through the night that i would get my kids out of here because i knew that what was going to happen was that he was going to kill me many victims don't understand that domestic violence includes verbal abuse psychological abuse physical abuse and sexual abuse at least four million women are affected by abuse every year those are my only two options that i saw at that moment either i'm going to kill him i'm in jail or he's going to kill it me say.
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wealthy british style sign it's a. buyer's. market . find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to cause a report. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. corporations are today.
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is america's war in afghanistan a religious war since nine eleven have we set off a battle against the entire muslim world now while no one will claim that to be true while the military and the us government all say that that could not be farther from the truth at the end of the day it's perceptions that come to matter perceptions that spark fear and hate i can lead to violence and this idea that those opposed to the islamic community center ground zero at those planning to burn the koran on september eleventh represent all americans and all christian americans well that brought out many voices denouncing those plants and in particular denouncing the westboro baptist church a group known for protesting at soldiers' funerals calling their deaths of punishment for america's acceptance of homosexuality and our guest bear to a war veteran and a christian back especially once these hateful plans resulted in their first
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casualties in afghanistan. the planned burning of the koran by a florida pastor has led to violence halfway around the world while pastor terry jones has canceled the planned burning for tomorrow in florida on the ninth anniversary of nine eleven that did not stop protests in afghanistan one protester was shot and killed in northern afghanistan after crowds attacked the nato base now there are conflicting reports reports on exactly where this shooting happened but there was violence in a number of different areas including the by the province which has long been considered a very safe and america friendly part of afghanistan now it happened when thousands of worshipers poured onto the streets after the prayers had been held in nearby mosques and the crowd estimated around ten thousand people and they reportedly hurled stones at a nato base run by germans now demonstrations against the desecration of islamic holy book prompted threats of attacks on u.s. bases elsewhere in afghanistan protests earlier this week were held in kabul and
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near the pakistan border and pastor jones has like we said suspended this planned qur'an burning after claiming that a deal had been reached which would move a planned islamic center near the site of ground zero in new york but the a mom leading the project says that that couldn't be further from the truth now the pastor's plan book burning have brought condemnation by president obama by the pentagon the state department even the pope and many other heads of state around the world. so now that those rumors of a planned koran burning have led to the first casualty in afghanistan does it even matter if the pastor goes through with the event or has the damage already been done has the notion that this is a religious war one of christianity versus islam already sunk in well if the westboro baptist church has their way they're going to make sure of that and a press release sent today the church has announced that they will burn the koran and the quote doomed american flag on nine eleven because terry jones whom they
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call a false. it's profits as kate so if the president and general petraeus have acknowledged that burning macaron will put american lives in danger is there anything they can do about it or do you have to abide by the freedom of speech no matter what the consequences when joining me from our studio in los angeles is j. dilla barito afghanistan veterans and co-founder of veterans for rethinking afghanistan and from kansas is surely phelps roper a member of the westboro baptist church i want to thank you both for joining me now jake i'm going to start with you first i want to talk about this violence in the protests that have broken out in afghanistan you know the country you're a veteran of this war there yourself you know what are your thoughts are you shocked to hear that these protests of violence is breaking out especially in the bud action province which you know for many has long been considered a very america friendly one. a lot of things are happening on the program it's not a surprise that there's an increase in violence due to the mass hysteria that terry
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jones and that fred phelps have created with the koran burning but it's also i mean but they're not the only ones to blame the rise of the insurgency is largely dictated because of the death of innocent civilians and also the death the deaths of unwanted women and children which are basically the main victims that happens in war so i think that what we learn from this from the increase of violence right now is that war as an instrument to bring peace and stability has very real limitations and i don't think that burning the koran is a is the other alternative it only exasperates the war so i think that the general the general's remarks recently about criticizing the burning of the koran is is correct but the general needs to know that war as an instrument of bringing peace has all has limitations as well now surely i want to ask you despite everything that's happening including the violence in afghanistan here why is it that you want
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to burn the koran now on saturday even if dr terry. jones doesn't. the qur'an is an idol the american flag is an idol this nation's safety net will come when they begin to obey their god they should call for a national day of mourning for the sins of this nation and they need to put away all that fraudulent straw man about putting some children in harm's way you put your children harm's way you raise them and taught them that god is a liar and that his commandments are on the table for disposal you put them in harm's way they can only be safe if we do that they cast down the idols it's never going to work but surely why is it that your god a is any better than than another god than the in the muslim got so what you're saying is you don't believe that this crazy christian is so-called christian nation this is not why you're not english because a christian nation where you know in our in our constitution they say no where does it say that they exalt themselves first you know what i'm saying it's not
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a christian nation but the the words from the talking heads are where christian a judeo christian nation now essentially that is i know a lot of shirley's not saying anything a. i didn't interrupt you don't interrupt me this is not a christian nation this nation isn't even remotely and surely their comments choice carlos really are what they're saying here surely your comments i bless you for for you for calling for repentance but the kind of repentance that we should be seeking is is repentance from from from warmaking i mean jesus said blessed are you that kerry says there are so you that scouts not kill we have no business over there in afghanistan we had no business over there in iraq but you're not going to fix any of this without obedience to the commandments of god don't say we're going to repair our i don't want to let him have to let us take our soldiers' funerals i don't know protesting procedures funerals or or burning the koran does any any good here i think that the repentance that you're calling is for those two to heed. the
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commandments of love that loving their neighbor doing it to others alone let it happen to a man it's of it i shall not kill and what about the whole not commit adultery and no fornication don't murder your baby why you agree with killing killing adultery really one occasion all in all really led by you backed by a point here i mean ok so sure you know this this nation is involved in two wars there are people that are being killed but what does that have to do with with burning the koran or with burning the american flag and what is i going to achieve is that going to change something or read the read on that flag today stands for the fifty plus million dead babies that you killed it stands for that was highways don't allow it to me as a baby killer. when i said you you're talking for the people of this country i'm talking to the nation i'm talking to the nation there's a policy of murder in this country there is a policy of adultery christ said if you divorce and remarry you're living in adultery we have a sixty percent divorce and remarriage rate if we don't obey the commandments of
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god then we have war in our gates we wouldn't be in this war if we would obey the commandments of god we would not need a standing army i mean literally surely his comments are certainly there certainly something to hear was surely comments but but i think at least the westboro folks really i really think that surely in the westboro folks missed intro to bible sort of bible class and really i mean as a seminarian as a light as a graduate of a theological school and as as a former pastor i can say that jesus calls to love and to repentance it doesn't call dragos for it and again. the koran have unfortunately already the koran and burning the koran and doing other acts like that it only exasperate anti-christian anti western sentiment and if we really want to see the problem britain face depend it sure got in the water just like westboro or anywhere else need to stop their burning burning the koran sessions and they need to handle priority for it is this and they need to see peace but surely surely let me ask you this do you care if the
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fact. if you burn korans and then people die because if that's what's american lives at risk of perhaps you know that as civilians in afghanistan then die because of it do you care do you feel like your job then that idea here there won't be any dead soldiers on our hands when there is not going to be any repercussions will we burn that qur'an god's arm is not. i surely live as a gleam you're saying you know what do you think that there will be representations if if there if this qur'an is burned on saturday. absolutely i mean just just for that for the viewers to know that for muslims the qur'an is not even acceptable to put on the ground fire from their point of view this is one of the most egregious activities and if i could say to the entire islamic world that fred phelps and terry jones do not speak for christianity they do not speak for the church of jesus in fact i would i would in my urge for the followers of westboro and the people of
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the dove center terry jones church to leave leave all possible get out and where west where is acutely church and store called topeka bible church you're welcome there anytime i've talked to the staff there today you can leave them here and you can get out and say that you should leadership to this is this is the kind of this leadership terry terry jones and fred phelps demonstrate is a kind of get out of the raises called abusive ghetto well cheri let me ask you this surely let me ask you this surely first of all when you scream too loud your sound goes out just to let you know but i in this press release that you wrote today you wrote god hates america have got it's america why do you live here well we're almost through with our testimony to this country and when we are god will take us out of this country you understand all roads lead to the united states supreme court when that when that supreme court upholds the rule of law and says that we have done exactly what we were entitled to do under the law this nation's going to throw such
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a fit what is that what is that i have to clarify what is. if the supreme court is going to validate here a lot the last time i was on your program was over that snyder case and it's coming up on october the sixth this cream court's going to rule on whether or not we have a first amendment or dots and when and what they're going to do is uphold the rule of law because what they're going to tell the country is that your fit throwing is not going to cause i get it way i like. talking about that bob rule in the nation see here's what you've got going on with snyder he's got a case that he filed against this in you get a program on it and i regret doing the program on it and you know what it says anything to me because if you abide by god's law then why is it also that you then turn to the american constitution and late in the trial that lawsuit no i did not say he was saying you live by god's law yeah really i don't know hanley hoddy shoot himself in a the law. we're all a lot of what's really odd about this is that in this situation the freedom of
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speech that westboro is use is speaking from the freedom of speech they have as is provided by american soldiers and by the constitution and when they burn flags and they protest soldiers' funerals they really misuse every prayer every right that's provided from the very people that are giving it to them take it away i think it is really quickly because this country has done a lot of things under the guise of national security that are unconstitutional do you think they under you know the notion that this is a matter of national security that american troops are at risk according to obama and petraeus that they could stop the koran burning they wouldn't dare try they're not going to be able to stop us from burning that qur'an we are going to do it tomorrow noon twelve noon right out in front of the church and my people i flew out of the world alone on my plea to the islamic world i don't care have them recognized please i beg you i beg the islamic world this is not a demonstration of the of the american people it's not a demonstration of that of the american soldiers and it's not
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a demonstration of christianity. this is a demonstration of a few misguided and untrained people that come say they come in the name of jesus but they have no idea who jesus is are you getting out of brad without all of conservative christian alleviation of them as if you only thing that will do it know how rather what i want to thank you both for joining me clear there are different perspectives here but that's for sure the westboro baptist church does not represent all of america thank you both for joining you that's it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in to make sure you come back tomorrow we're going to continue our year in review and finish it out with some of my personal favorite interviews now in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the ilona show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's show or any other nights you can always catch it all the you tube dot com slash the a lot of show are now post the interviews as well as the show in its entirety coming up next is the news with the latest headlines from the u.s. around the world.


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