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tv   [untitled]    December 31, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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they say this is not a problem you should look toward. it should just everybody you should it's a pretty tree they have no idea about the hardships the face. plate wanted this is. all going to need to. bring the army to life forever you see that is the most precious thing in the world. years of self-sacrifice and heroism look those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world need. to treat
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nineteen forty five don't r.t. dot com. russia is now becoming all twenty eleven with celebrations taking place over two continents and all nine times. out with the old and in with a new will bring you the hype and lows of twenty ten as a whole the women didn't rush and around the world. also has been attacked even twelve months in western countries with a wave of civil unrest raging across europe and some experts say there's worse in store once the austerity cuts begin to bite.
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coffee need and a very warm welcome from all of us here in moscow this is all see with the latest news and the review of the two thousand and ten main event thanks for joining us celebrations are in full swing across russia to mark the coming of twenty eleven with the new year being russia's most popular holiday and let's have it has been following the festivities in moscow for us. moscow is a city that reeling knows how cicero a new year's bastion. and seeing in twenty eleven was no exception nearly one and a half million revelers descended on the russian capital downtown area turning it into a giant street passy. that's not my wish is it my children are happy and successful that's the most important thing. we wish them and everyone else untap and let them ski and fly and have no enemies. i just wishing boys and girls everywhere
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a very happy new year. my warmest congratulations for the new year be healthy everyone and support such a winter olympics. on red square itself numbers were limited to twenty five thousand those who braved the elements to claim their spots early on were not disappointed on the stroke of midnight the kremlin's clock tower rang out. marking the beginning of the night's main celebrations. the music only start for policy go is to listen to president made very his new year address shown on big screens across the capital. as we see the old year out we remember it's truly full and sad moments you know the international solution hope that next year good and successful for all of us. the lessons for our country
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when we missed it will be modern russia together see a strong and friendly country. the evening's christian day was a fabulous fireworks display over the mosque forever a burst of color excess. see for the capitals for. the saying goes to good luck sticks to those who celebrate new year here almost every red square whether or not to choose to believe that what's not in doubt is that those muscovites you managed to secure a spot on this historic love to welcome in the year twenty eleven did so in she russian style alister bits are to moscow. and the country's eastern regions the new year passes are already coming to an end or she's showing thomas braved the cold and russia's most chilly city of year could or should people celebrate and most especial father frost of the region. this is the coldest region on earth in fact
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it's about thirty four degrees below zero out here centigrade but that's ok it's not stopping any of the fun in fact i am joined by actually khan who is the version of good models which of course is the russian version of father frost celebrations couldn't be better out here in fact one of the main features about this area because it is so cold a lot of the decorations for new year are involve ice involve the cold in fact we're standing in the midst of a beautiful frozen ice sculpture a village which is all that a beautiful with lights it's just an amazing amazing time earlier today we had to you had the opportunity to spend preparing for the new year with families getting ready for their celebrations we went to the market with them which was an interesting experience in itself no need for refrigerators there and well in fact all of the fish are frozen all of the meat is frozen even the milk is sold in frozen blocks we then went and joined
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a family that had adopted more than eight children as they had their new year's celebration that meal it was a very special time as they had a traditional russian meal as well but really the people here they don't like to call the bring them down that they embrace the freezing temperatures in fact believe it or not there is a heat wave going on here it is only minus thirty four degrees right now usually around this time it's about minus fifteen minute you're good you can even get down to minus sixty two degrees below centigrade so right now they're embracing it he way of saying they're enjoying these wonderfully warm temperatures as you can see i'm dressed to the hilt just so that i can stand these temperatures but this is a part of their life and it's a part of their new year and they're saying that two thousand and eleven is just going to be brilliant in fact in the distance we can still see some fireworks going on the people are still celebrating and enjoying this special time of year. as we bid farewell to twenty ten let's take a closer look at the just paused again that so despair and disaster as well as
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heroism and hope a spare knowledge and intrigue to hold as governments and covets place candles and we can leaks to big secrets public there were also historic reasons for celebrations after a year waiting as the world's biggest nuclear powers agreed to come there also knows and russia was awarded the world cup and he said now it takes and it was behind us and also ahead. i want to turn it was a year filled with leaks and laughter tears and tragedies it got off to a good start for russia signs of economic recovery no gas crisis with ukraine or bell the roots like in previous years and a relatively bearable winter but that all changed in march when terrorists struck. twin blasts rocked moscow's metro during morning rush hour work killing forty and injuring over one hundred two women suicide bombers blew themselves up on
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a central line one just meters from archie headquarters. we will find all of those who are guilty and we will punish them too kumar of from chechnya was on the international most wanted list and has links to al qaeda is the suspected mastermind behind the attack chain of special operation several terrorist involved in the suicide bombings taken out by russian special forces. president dmitry medvedev and barack obama signed the new start treaty in the spring setting to slash both countries' strategic nuclear stockpiles by a third this is the most significant arms control agreement in nearly two decades and congress only approved the pact just before christmas and the russian duma is expected to follow suit after months of waiting for their counterparts on capitol hill to get through bipartisan wrangling there were fears the pact would be amended or blocked by senate republicans over unrelated domestic issues both the kremlin
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and white house see sealing the deal as a cornerstone in the restart between russia and the us. april tenth a tragedy with echoes in history shocked the world polish president lech kaczynski and most of the country's political elite were killed when their t.-u. one fifty four crashed near smolensk the delegation was going to mark seventy years since twenty thousand polish officers were massacred at cut them by soviet secret police just days before the accident a joint commemoration that could win was seen as a tremendous step for russian polish relations waited near over the past few days we held remembrance ceremonies mourning the victims of told tell a tear in his i'm kaczynski was coming to russia to pay tribute to the killed polish offices well russians share in your grief and sorrow. russian polish ties continue to warm as the two nations mourn together.
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in twenty ten russian marks sixty five years since defeating nazi germany in what's known as the great patriotic war. an elaborate parade was how down red square as heads of state looked on to commemorate some twenty seven million soviet minds lost during world war two. it was the first time in history countries that made up the allied forces took part in the tradition. twenty ten also saw the return of cold war spy scandal sending bombshells like her at chapman into the headlines for weeks and then home to russia that she's. innocent inspires me more than the amount and the quality of people and might in new york it's the strongest the largest and
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the most solid community in the world. but you didn't get to stay for a long fan for a towel and the chapman was just one of ten alleged russian spies exchanged in vienna for four american spies serving sentences in russia the scandal worthy of a hollywood blockbuster broke just after obama and medvedev dished out politics over burgers in virginia the media frenzy was a lot hotter than tempers in the u.s. and russia who ignored the hype with cool cooperation. record heat wreaked havoc in russia with summer temperatures and twenty ten lingering at forty celsius for over a month hundreds of wildfires ravaged the country killing over fifty and leaving thousands homeless. the flames left the capital covered in a blanket of toxic smog for weeks almost cows mayor stay on vacation in the out yuri luzhkov was sacked the next month with president medvedev saying he lacked
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confidence in the mayor and sergei sabean and soon became our scouse top man. officially our first in the middle east iran's bushehr nuclear power plant was launched and loaded and is said to be connected to the country's electric grid within months saving iran eleven million barrels of oil a year the plant design provided by specialists from russia which also provides the nuclear fuel and deals with the waste iran considers the launch of victory and proof of their peaceful atomic program despite criticism from the u.s. and israel. he never made it off the short list as time's person of the year but for many he is the man of twenty ten with the leaks founder julian assange exposed hundreds of thousands of iraq war documents and american diplomatic cables to name just a few the u.s. government would like to get
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a social side of him and we he wakes. the wiki leaks website will continue to run. these documents were stolen the freedom of speech any breach of security like this is bad for diplomacy he found an extraordinary job of journalism many people believe mr song to be innocent and in sweden he faces allegations of rape and songe was arrested in the u.k. where he was seeking refuge later being granted bail after a legal wrangle and now has to wait to find out whether he'll be extradited to sweden clearing my name is not the hardest task i have the highest task i have to continue on with my work the whistleblower continues to leak into the new year. just. fallen yukos had me course he was found guilty of laundering over twenty five billion dollars worth of oil and sentenced to fourteen years in jail he has nearly served out an eight year sentence for tax evasion and fraud and faces
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another six behind bars russia has been criticized for politicizing the case but putin says compared to financier bernie madoff's one hundred fifty years fourteen years is nothing more than a slap on the wrist. and last but not least twenty eight hundred feet from both ladies and gentlemen to be organized manner. it was a nail biting way to the announcement with russia and england going head to head to the very end with. little sasha secured the bid with his big dreams of football and england secured headlines by dubbing russia's win a fix from both of my heart saying q prime minister putin only went to zurich after the announcement saying he didn't want to pressure fi fuck all david cameron
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back to him and prince william weren't enough to bring the world cup home to england. russia didn't let those sort of losing rain on their parade winning the right to host the world cup certainly goes down as one of the most enjoyable moments of the year but that does it for our look at twenty turns top tam harmonies and now away and from all of us here at r.t. happy new year stay with us for the top of dance in twenty eleven. in europe twenty ten was the bad gambling debts were due and some countries learned the hard way you can spend money you don't have banks or bailed out with the public's money and hundreds of thousands across the continent took to the streets to protest the lore and the takes a closer look at the time line. the summer of discontent that became a winter wote for a europe in crisis across the continent tens of thousands repeatedly turned out to
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protest against their government often resulting in violence and destruction. and it's not over yet after a brief holiday hiatus most assured the unrest will return in the new year and we haven't seen the worst of it yet. bomb on the door. the credit card bills people will be beginning to lose their jobs people have been living the proof for this on their credit cards to pay their mortgages they're going to start defaulting that's when the real protests are going to start in the u.k. was a huge hike in college fees that sparked the violence. in the country's near collapse forced its toughest ever budget to secure an e.u. and i.m.f. rescue in greece and spain public sector pay slashed while taxes rise. for the french it's the prospect of being forced to work longer full measures which
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ensure working people pay. for the mistakes of bankers and governments britain's enduring the harshest cuts since the second world war also reeling over forking out around twelve billion dollars for a u. membership and as we've seen the contribution rise i think is going up by two point nine percent unfortunately that is you know it's enough to get people actually quite quite right in the face quite hot headed because we are having to see massive cuts here local authorities are cutting back on their frontline services and actually we don't feel as british people that we get that much in the we put a lot in we don't get an awful lot out london's biggest protest of more than fifty thousand fell on deaf ears as inside the house of commons members voted to make students pay three times as much for their diplomas but they insist the vote hasn't dampened their spirits what parliament can do the streets cannot do the movement
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can do in fact we believe that we still have the chance of defeating the higher education bill which is going to be debated in the new year so far in the u.k. students and trade unions have been the most vocal but veteran politician and campaign attorney ben says the next move would be so former united front solidarity show the students support pensioners who are finding their pensions. disadvantaged public servants support those who benefits of being corrupt to the thing becomes. very very powerful political movement for drug. and once the governments have collusion right now the cuts are on paper but once they begin to bite so too will an increasingly angry public not even the christmas tree on trafalgar square emerged unscathed from this winter's violence an annual gift from the people of norway and a symbol of peace and goodwill protesters tried to set fire to the tree and graffiti on nelson's call in nearby and this isn't the end of civil unrest in the
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u.k. or across europe as governments continue to dig their way out of the crisis by forcing austerity onto the people the people continue opposing them you're and this party london up next martin anders discovers how to say in the new year mosco style and gives us a chance to see some of his bloopers and outtakes that never made it on the air until now enjoy.
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hello and welcome to the south as we say goodbye to twenty millions of people here in moscow and indeed around the world the celebrating in style it's the largest events of the year in russia so join me and take a look at the history and the past let's face it it's a party and celebrate new year's eve in the russian capital. is. situated in the center of moscow. with a difference. to get the baby to. celebrate. literally stuck on december the that's. the end of the. ridiculous costumes the president's speech. made clear they hope to get in russia on the most peaceful in history to six hundred issues using the sims the fireworks the pond is
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a moment to never forget. history and entertainment news with a grand historical occasion is second to none it's out of place just when you think on the plane what's wrong with this time oh city still right saving money bombing. our time. in the seventy's to come and go to read. pushing half. the party seems to be going up. people. but. even.
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some. complex. not far from the. brick factory was built in the sixty's though it's turned into a thing an area with. amazing.
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stills of people. and finally. to see such strict cities around the capital is yet to slog pursue my dreams of this point you can watch the gold ring series online if you don't come to get inspired to visit such beautiful britain towns filled with golden dreams and picturesque sights. that leads us to this week's it's. nice to meet you so tell me new year's eve in russia it's the main. yes it's a favorite holiday for the most depressions it's reminding them of their childhood
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and. possibility to make up which will come true in the us how do you typically celebrate its new year's eve here in moscow. many families and many friends have different traditions and for my needs a family holiday when all the family gathers together singing songs watch t.v. all the same old t.v. shows that they watch over and over again and some people have seen these movies more than ten times and some people really get together i'll be big friends companies sometimes to me that it's a bit of an unexpected moment because sometimes it can be people who don't know that you want it to the house and they just how fun if it's somewhere outside they can go sledding down the hills and normally they would seem quite old kid they would drink lots of champagne they would have the traditional food such as the new year or tangerine or sprout so they hate all the quote and so but
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also one tradition i don't think you up before the new year's eve you have to write don't you and burn it and put the ashes into the glass of champagne to hear it and once the cool chime you need reading and most of the russians believe the culture of it could be anywhere it could be very. interesting you know that's true but it's very important also if you go because russians believe that however you're spending new year's eve that's how you. and all the next year was the recently and happy new year thank you very much happy new year. moving to an exclusive venue this one depicts new russia through and through. there are hundreds of places in moscow where you can celebrate and see if this next venue is not just and your members but it's also the first place in the whole of russia that's nonsmoking so you can see in the new year without smelling cigarette smoke the sound effect today
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name to remember the soviet space dog the name also translates to square in english i suppose that's why there are free notes. located on the trendy. complex it's the place to be seen and it's said to some of the best drinks. are we making tonight there is a wide range of hot drinks we have in belk as menu i were one of the most delightful and the most appropriate i would say drink for this festive period. but to draw ok and the ingredients is going to quiet a very interesting flavor but is. a rum we need about twenty grams of. unsalted butter. a bit of fly. be careful with the lime if you do it through my skin and will lose the flavor of
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the butter that's why we're using the console to cook some vanilla syrup homemade. which you make kids with just the sugar. is the best choice for some juice. i want those workers off the bat to finish it off we just need to couple of japanese box cinnamon sticks put it in and hit it up . the aroma is very states. so put it right in this was. the cinnamon sticks inside just so the flavor remains and obviously god and they go but the drum thank you very much back and happy new year it's no more of them have been yeah. wow
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is the great for new year's eve incredible. some people out spot on red square could do with one of those now new year's eve is the perfect time to reflect on the ups and downs of the posture as a little treat let's take a look at some of the fun we've had making over the past year and that was taken a look at some of the people in. the center of moscow is like take it right next to the kremlin and red square there are dozens of delightful streets has a fascinating. offer you. really i love you all so you get the same time next week for most cultural ceramic didn't shatter showers.


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