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rickly people from siberia have been very strong and made great soldiers i think they greatly contributed to our victory in world war two conditions he a make people learn how to survive he thinks the money strong indeed in fact you could hardly describe these lot as being in survival mode. if it looks lift a bow or movable these guys will try and muscle it around need a tire moving. need some giant weights lifting. or perhaps even me. it's not a problem for the men with the muscles tom barton artie. impressive means that ok i'll be back with ad life in just a few moments time stating stay with r.t. .
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to. the long haul her hand oh yeah i am in the backyard i'm not landed we will not oh my i'm much closer to crop up and then spread all over the country.
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virtually all terrorists today are muslim do we have the right to make such provoking of statements and the muslim schools have the right to exist. indifferent or new york city on our. the weeks and menus for martine our moscow phrases own best pals in the fall of the feet of an airport and spends time in rapport traffic jams as frozen rain power lies the capital of the day. five villages drama the stream is to arrested in denmark for going the country's biggest of its terrorism laws on sparking concern the e.u.'s don't doing enough to beat the threat. also two years
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after its massive offensive began sculls israel says it's easing the blockade with locals lives the right need get some stuff. to spend the six more years behind bars to being convicted of the vessel and money laundering. underworld would welcome for twenty of them that bright star of the new year with far away example still sees around the globe. next to leading a well disney executive tells all while i did see him in john's goals and keen on. right in the gulf this kind of thank you very much for this interview thank you
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very much for the invitation now more and more russian films take part in an international film festival so sexually mean that movies are becoming a full fledged business in russia walt disney company came few years ago to the russian market and since then the whole movie industry in russia picked up and now russian box office is one of the leading in the world for a lot of disney movies so i think with a lot of comfort i can say that movies is the really important and very fast growing market in russian but yet do you maybe have a feeling that the display company came a little late to the russian market. in our view it was exactly the right time. d.c. in order to develop needs a lot of infrastructure just maybe a few words about our business in russia movies is definitely one of the very important businesses for us movies distribution production we're very happy about our first very successful experience with book of masters we do a lot of consumer products we do live entertainment shows we publish books games we
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do sell our programming a lot of channels will introduce a new channel in russian so for all of that to happen i mean the economy needs to be prepared so what kind of products does to snare actually sell in russia and in the c.i.s. countries with multiple consumer products starting with. a lot of stationary obviously games toys etc one of the most important trends which i would really like to specify during the last few years the amount of products that would be produced in russia for the right. nortons tripled if you look into the products that was in russia for the russian audience most of them in russia on the russian industrial into prices for european mean what do russian companies need to do to catch up with a standard itself their western production companies i would say catching up maybe
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not exactly the right word. in russia there is amazing history of story telling and for this new russia the country would like to get inspiration from the russian stories and make movies based on the russian heritage and culture but use some of the heritage that we have in the world this new company and tell them some how we tell stories how the characters develop and we always have the happy ending in all the decent movies that's really interesting to us actually solve. a stable hollywood tradition here in russia or just a russian audience need to be fat like a very specific context that it's used to strongly believe that russian audience has very distant taste and definitely a lot of big blockbusters work in russia in russian ordinance a lot higher. alice in wonderland but at the same time there are a lot of stories that can be told specifically for the russian audience and we
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believe without fairytales that we started with masters and we tapped into something that was not done in russia for a long time it's the quality family entertainment and family stories which we see can travel around the world because with book of masters prizes in various festivals around the world what we see i mean traditional russian stories can also travel just beyond the russian audience even though the book of masters was created for the russian origin specifically was book of masters as big of a block baster here in russia as alice in wonderland all over the world but even my question is what kind of movies is profitable to produce and fresh. in order to make profits like blockbusters make in the west for the movies to be successful the audience needs to be interested in the movie and the box office obviously is one of the very important drivers for the revenue for any of the movies t.v. rights definitely is very important part of that and other distributions like
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d.v.d. blu ray and digital distribution so what does this need to do with digital content what do you deal with it digital content and digitalization is one of the very important strategies for us in russian more and more content is being. used and distributed in digital form and one of the exciting tendencies that we see is that more content that we create in russia now travel abroad for example mobile games. games and digital games is the success commercial success of the film inevitably linked with the way that film is advertised i think yes but different movies might require very different advertising yes it could be advertising on t.v. billboards in the recent time a very important part of advertising is social advertising and social communities on the internet relative examples are written in this country and in other
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countries where the audience loves it not necessarily have children has invited it but they really a lot of people come to see the movie if they feel it's worth seeing and spending the time there is the major question for filmmakers after the success of avatar hollywood companies including this may have started to take advantage of the three d. format when you think there were companies will begin to use this format to its full potential as we see right now some of the russian companies started producing three d. movies and we hope that in the near future there will be very successful examples of that most. of the recent releases of war converge to movies so now we're waiting for a really true three d. movie when it would be short as a three d. movie because the production process requires very different cameras equipment post-production process that is one of the sources of your income's piracy is
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a huge problem in russia one of the n.l. losses for in this name for your unit of dismay here in russia and how do you fight it how do you protect your intellectual property piracy is definitely a big issue for distal in russia but in a lot of countries what we see recently that people try to buy quality content and they used to buying d.v.d.'s in retail we also developed a lot of programs for various price points and we work with a lot of retail partners to make sure that we get the call that legal product to the audiences for very different price points and what we see our d.v.d. sales and brewery growing really really fast even though we know that now the market is changing and blu ray and digital distribution is really around the corner but still a lot of families buy d.v.d.'s they want to watch movies together they buy it for their kids so would you say their losses in piracy are aren't considerable in numbers we don't really qalqilya about so we do calculate how much our revenues are
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growing and what we see especially recently that the pirated market might be decreasing because we sell more and more d.v.d.'s again not only very expensive ones but for mass audience and do we believe the pirates to market is decreasing how many foreign competition actually say that's very difficult to make business in russia and they're citing corruption and bureaucracy as main stumbling points would you say that the unit or your unit have the distinct local corporations facing the same problems here well this new company established. in two thousand and six and imagine at that time there was nobody and two. we were able to build a very strong business and we're leaders in a lot of segments that are important for us we haven't seen them more than two hundred people working here in this office so i believe if you really have a strategy of well thought of if you have a strong team of people you can be very successful in this market the only global
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major studio not to have its distribution offices here in russia or browsers. ready for an emergence of such serious competitor what would change if warner brothers were to open their distribution offices in russia all of the major studios are present in russia where the direct office is all through their partners so already russia is one of the major markets for the hollywood studios and is growing even more do you guys use the specialists from offices and clear up or from the global display here in russia there are seven strategic territories in the world distant company and we really exchange a lot of best practices with our colleagues not only in the u.s. about in other territories as well there's a lot of similarities between russian market in america for example there is interesting examples that we can learn from in china or japan you know the japanese animation has become really popular with the children especially on the cartoon
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market do you think maybe there's a chance that japanese and he may will actually squeeze out the traditional cartoon which has actually been bergen in chip for years and. when t.v. . everybody said all the theater will die all of this. so i think that is very different types of entertainment that people would like and definitely japanese animation is very very important part of that kids love disney movies kid loves old movies and emitted movies so i don't think it will influence strongly yes it's one of the very interesting and important types old imation which will weigh in. live together with all the other types of animation. will be successful in two thousand and eleven zero where really excited about two thousand and eleven for us it's already started because our financial year ends at the end of september for us the new very interesting releases obviously tango old tall and very exciting movie and
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next year we're really really looking forward to releasing parties for the caribbean thank you very much listen to me thank you. we're going to.
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write. a song from stevie. don't. wealthy british style the sun. is not on the. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report. he used. to. see. in india all g.'s available in the grand central shirts in limbo and the taj mahal bowling polish president bush order but what's resulting home on a beach resort go to go on taj mahal hotel charges some rent hotel. hotel close up the meridian the leader of the g.o.p.
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hotels church in new delhi who took the most ab hoto during election ramona plaza the maiden's hotel leela park close a reticent ship and it was promised but they promised. well i'd welcome the twenty eleven salt from the new year away from fire away and so was he is around looking. for more oil. to spend six more against behind the ball game. on money laundering. also two years old it's amounts of offensive against gaza israel says it's easing the blockade could locals fear their lives are only getting tougher. by making stream insurrection in dead mall the country's biggest devotee terrorism
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laws. no of doing enough to beat the threats. and the beats never made the news from all seem all skate free save thousands of falls asleep in abdul's and spends time in record traffic jams as frozen rain paralyzes the capital for the day it's all the nation's schools on the way now with the talia . you know watching these sports round up on r.t.l. had lines fast. the sequel r.t. luke said how the second half of the twentieth down russian prime a league season played out. witnessing the future veils the logo for the twenty sixteen olympics in front of as many as two million people at trios copacabana beach. and also icing on the cake
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planty of fox flew into the season and r.t. brings you the top down highlight trail all the best goals. but let's begin with english football where manchester united had little time to. hungry for the full story we've gone to. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. will. bring you the latest in science and technology from around the world. we've got the future covered.
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you know watching the sports round up on r.t.l. headlines last. sequel r.t. loops of how the second half of the twentieth and russian prime a league season played out. witnessing the future
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of ales the logo for the twenty sixteen olympics in front of as many as two million people at trios copacabana beach. and also icing on the cake planty of fox flew into the now this season and r.t. brings you the top down highlight reel all the best goals. but let's begin with english football where manchester united had little time to bask in the festivities of the holiday season the league leaders managing to avoid any unpleasant surprises though by taking care of business against fourteenth placed west brom the underdogs gave united all they could handle for the duration of the game manager sir alex ferguson later admitted his side got lucky saying there should have been a penalty for gary neville tackle on graham dorrans man say they put even more pressure on their goals timing them on points off of beating blackpool united have
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two games in hand however walton struck first but livable grab victory via joe proles injury time out for at stoke city sunderland told him time and west ham also adding one to the columns and third placed also will easily be lonely again in the late match. staying with the bulls and it's in petersburg where on top of the russian premier league going into these some a break in the second part of our review of the twenty town season richard looks at whether any of the chasing pack could denial china's played his side their second title in four yes. following the world cup the russian premier league resumed in july with a number of clubs strengthening their squads do not know more sco had been very disappointing in the first half of the season causing kevin peraino to post a very tacky options response time or stay with an equally lackluster discussion of the fourteen million euros and bringing in irish winger aiden mcgeady. for the
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despite both club strengthening neither was able to mount a serious challenge to the top three as the needs have not opened up a nine point lead at the top of the table at the halfway point in the season. city but continued to dominate. and much of their successes down to rejuvenating alexander kisha called back for a second spell it dissipated spoke proper it found the going tough for the start of the season as he scored just once and thirteen appearances that would change after the summer break as the russian international couldn't stop scoring and would go on score twelve times in fifteen games in the second half of the season as well as becoming a key member of the national team. serious come oscar has been on the tail xeni for most of the season without ever really getting near their rivals from st petersburg however the army men were given a massive boost during the summer break the strike as stated them by air the plate of the world cup with the ivory coast being brought in and the return of wagner
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love. unlove would have an immediate impact and quickly win back the hearts of cisco fans in his first mansion for joining the army men following a loan spell in brazil the twenty six year old scored a stoppage time winner against bitter rivals spartak moscow. on a string of good results coupled with the need suffering the first two defeats of the season of young women to cut the gap of the top of the table to six points with a third of the season left to play. for the other end of the table things were starting to look very bleak disappear a couple novosibirsk were rooted to the bottom of the table and to make matters worse just lost their top goalscorer and exactly did you join the reigning champions rubin cousin. team from top to stand still managing to mount a challenge as they look for a hat trick of trying to alls however this was looking creasing unlikely especially after the departure of key players and it's on the front of city cement to follow title challenge is seen through being had no problems getting things time to the
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bank a spade had by far the best defensive record in the league. he was at the other end where could be good sign but having problems as his goal shine time one table turned drools into a much needed wins the introduction of aiden mcgeady getting sponsor at moscow a new lease of life the red and white still had aspirations of a champions league spot and they went on an unbeaten run that would last over two months now that everything started to go wrong to sponsor hank of a conceded a last minute goal that redeemed their main challenges for a final spot in euro's premier petition from their sporting season look forward to pieces as they were not tired of the champions league and the leading companies men would have to settle for spots in the table dick she would eventually go dizzy needs to disappoint a slight wobble in october we're going to lift a fur you deserve time told us a scone ravine would pick up the other champions league sports of the other ends to be a really gated and what proved to be a tough season for the sign. novosibirsk and they'll be joined by one year he
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missed out on safety by goal difference as i'm come manage to stay on for the season belong to seen each with a channel spend eighty the next one job in his first season should be just to try and ruthless up from scoring at sixty goals a minute the bank can see just twenty one and bale take some stopping that season. which from the fleet on three. legs had to brazil and copacabana now where around two million people gathered on new year's eve to witness the unveiling of the twenty sixteen olympic logo hosting the ceremony alongside local organizers was i.o.c. president jacques rogge aim the emblem he's inspired by the ideas of light color and movement and reconsidered in the cutting edge design for reo speedwagon the right to host the games beating three of the show me state cities chicago to you and the dream job for two thousand and nine the main construction work of the
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venue's divided into full zones will begin in february. your c.v. you. see you see over the you're going to see the c.b.c. this is the. worst part. is that these. now russia's future hockey stars have been shining brightly in the united states the youth team easily defeating the czech republic in new york to move into the quarterfinals of the world under twenty championships a jacob orse of a goal to minutes in work of the russians in a major way they answered back with an ultimate team effort which saw a different players find the net against two different buildings and while the huge victory over their historic rivals is plenty of cause for celebration the youngsters know exactly what challenges lie ahead finland are awaiting next in the quarters and russia will then face with this. i mean if they were in that clash.
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and staying on the eyes there were plenty of girls scored in the cage shell with the legs that season in full swing and of course some of those efforts stood out above the rest and deserve another look here is our choice of the shells of the pasta. i. i. i. i i. i.


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