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tv   [untitled]    January 4, 2011 4:00am-4:29am EST

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james howard kunstler you want to send me an email please do so have guys reported r t t v dot ru until next time this is nice guys are side by off to the.
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top secrets on line israel's military fide sick even stolen soldiers from the facebook generation leaking sensitive information on the web. and the u.s. for its billions into afghanistan but experts say there's no way to tell what the massive war bill is paying for amid future corruption and a lack of transparency. and a russian man of the forest has his isolation interrupted after becoming an internet sensation we pay a visit to and made home in wards outside moscow. watching
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r.t. live from moscow i'm marina joshie welcome to the program a massive leaks of classified information was a phenomenon of twenty tanna what the israeli army among the worst affected some of the nation's secrets are finding their way online through its own soldiers also looks at israel's struggle to keep its skeletons in the closet in a world of social media. the israeli army showing off its cyber unit telling the world's media how it connects the nation by phone radio and internet during war time their phrasing of. it communication in the hours is that we are preparing ourselves. for those threads but perhaps the i.d.f. should look closer to home israeli army secrets are beaming around the world some deliberate some unwittingly and they're coming from the inside now it's just one
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click anything and everything that a few years ago might have been off limits is available to millions of people. is really could not been see gruber received this trait in the post it accuses him of killing children in gaza his name was on a website listing the phone numbers and other personal details of his radio soldiers involved in the last gaza war he's worried they're now floating around cyberspace as they have in the. in this moment although. i don't think that this is for facebook or from my pov like this i think this is inside information but it's not just deliberately the connected generation finds it hard not to cross the line and that's a major military headache we're a high tech internet service society and of course a generation of people who are serving in the military or young people they are the most high tech internet of all just like for me israeli soldier even our visual who updated her facebook profile with pictures of herself in uniform posing in front of
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blindfolded palestinians and them it's tell us too much and i did nothing i have nothing to be sorry about the whole thing's been blown out of proportion you journalists take pictures of the same people in handcuffs why can't i the israeli army was quick to condemn but the damage was done tens of thousands around the world saw the pictures before the i.d.f. could react as an officer and commander i am disgusted by such acts but as a. i.d.f. spokesperson i can assure you that this in no way shape or form reflects the spirit of the idea our ethical code to which we all aspire these soldiers spend their army service keeping track of what's happening online but keeping a lid on their own colleagues is proving to be a cyber bashful too far people are expected to. behave with common sense and they're also not supposed to use their facebook to you know themselves they're running around it was supposed to have pictures of yourself up for especially not
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on a base secrecy has always been a top priority for military forces but when i was in the past it might have meant hiding documents or photographs today the challenge is that much bigger. israel afghanistan is turning into a black hole for america's finances experts say it's sucking in billions of dollars the u.s. simply can't afford and what's worse it's not clear exactly where it's all going to see it you're going to reports. money money money money money money money money money money money money coming up with money must be the easiest thing for the u.s. since washington is the fuse we hate with it being flushed down the drain. one big drain it's been washing down is that get a stamp about three hundred seventy five billion dollars has already been spent on the afghan war this doesn't include basic things like like care for soldiers in the future of what this amount also doesn't include is the cash that simply goes
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missing into the abyss from never completed ghost construction projects to arms that end up in the wrong hands billions of dollars talked by the u.s. into afghanistan don't end up where intended there's a significant portion of since reconstruction money that actually comes back doesn't ever make it to afghanistan it goes into the pockets of the experts corruption is one of the mead you reasons for the us dollar not finding its way to where it's actually headed according to transparency international afghanistan comes second only to somalia as the most corrupt country in the world i mean the relatives of karzai traveling with unspeakable billion millions of dollars in cash which is of course not not that i know any details but not the stuff that makes people not wonder about corruption the wall street journal the other day had a piece they figured out about ten million dollars a day was simply leaving from kabul airport the afghan g.d.p.
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gross domestic product is only about thirteen billion dollars that's a quarter of the g.d.p. going out a year just out of kabul airport with the war not going away any time soon but it looks likely to last for at least three to four more years where we'll billions more of taxpayer dollars and up i think we're going to see them at the gambling tables of abu dhabi by the sound of it i mean this is not situation where the money is going to be traceable the cash fraud mis man. and sheedy recordkeeping have been going on for quite a while to see the least the u.s. has already been fighting in afghanistan longer than it was involved in the second world war accidentally losing a few boxes here or there can happen to anyone. but consistently sending enormous amounts down the dream takes real effort and persistence. moreover
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this is far from the only war that has seen billions of dollars gone missing simply swallowed up by the shadows the united states had nine billion and then a little bit later another nine billion that simply went missing in iraq so you know this is old stuff that money disappears and it's old stuff the money that's put into the pentagon in this country can become part of a so-called black budget that we never really get to see much about there is no one more upset about the situation than those americans that are flat out broke and jobless one out of millions of people to ask is larry heels who has been unemployed for over a year and a half it's infuriating because we're the ones are always left out in the cold while we're bombing and murdering people in afghanistan the poorest country in the world this is also upsetting to countless experts who say that the u.s. afghan strategy has been flawed all together what we need is not a surge of money of troops we need a surge of diplomacy in the region because to begin with i think it's a misguided war i think we need
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a quick and responsible and exit from that country but until that happens the question of why the u.s. can afford to waste so much money abroad when so many have nothing but hold may never be answered and you're going to new york. and washington live from moscow stay with us because there is more coming up including for us outcasts when you're . in an isolated live in a russian forest find out how the outside world is taking a welcome interest that's ahead shortly. meantime two russian eyes breakers are rushing to rescue an entire fleet of vessels stranded off the country's far east coast five ships have been logged in ice for days in the bay of one of the vessels is now in danger of running ashore as the ice surrounding the ship drags it towards the coast and total there is around five hundred people stranded aboard the fleet and the captain say the lives of their crews are not in any immediate danger
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. work is still going on to fully restore electricity supplies across the moscow region after a new year blackouts and emergency situation was declared on sunday after power was lost and hundreds of homes massive blackouts began before the new year after an ice storm broad downed power cables the extreme weather forced more than seven hundred villages to welcome in two thousand and eleven in darkness authorities managed to restore the supply in most areas but fresh snow and gales are still causing problems. and a real live for russian man of the forest has become an internet sensation but that wasn't what victor was hoping for when he decided to make a home for himself in woods close to moscow after failing to settle in the city he chose to live in isolation preferring to stay away from people are went to see for herself. we've come to
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a freezing forest in the musky region it can be a treacherous place. but one man has taken on the elements we've tracked down victor his secret shelter here has made him an internet sensation will be walking about fifteen minutes from the main road through the forest we can see where victor staying just up ahead in the clearing so we're going to go and give him the water that we bought for him. as. a troubled upbringing caused him to flee his home on the other side of russia. she knew he was just born your brain yet since the age of seven i felt i had to run away from hard lives and bad luck so i came to moscow but i lost my documents i couldn't work or travel anywhere else because of this i choose to live in the woods and build the shelter. inside the shelter is surprisingly k.z.
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it's a simple life here and also perhaps a bit of a lonely one. i'm not a sociable person i never drink and i don't like noisy policies when you can walk this way of life suits me better than your. and impressive craftsman it is even built his own generator to power electrical equipment i have good hands and i love to build and create these things. so went viral after pictures of his handiwork were posted online since then he's had trouble from people who've come to track down his cabin themselves. the people who are sometimes rude and threatening that they go through my things and take photos of themselves then they post them only internet and write with nasty things about me. when little of the king came across victims story she tried to help her and.
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offer exactly her house which here accepted at first nobody thought was a warm gas heater of house with a power supply and then returned he did help out with manual labor but he decided not to stay because i think he just had been urged to be back in the forest. conventional living just doesn't fix he's clearly extremely self-sufficient but he does rely on help the feed and equipment supplies and you you know for the first time in my life i have a home my own home i feel happy here i'm a lone wolf if you like. amongst the trees and the victims found a way of life that he enjoyed. the any of that now other people respect that. self. region. and all the way here in r t under reported crisis find out why some experts think the world health organization is now playing the
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magnet here in the years malaria problem. two militants have been killed in a counter terror operation in russia's southern republican doug stone the man refused to surrender when special forces encircled the private house they were hiding and on the outskirts of the capital nearby buildings were evacuated before the militants opened fire and the two were part of a gang that has targeted police officers in the region the southern republican is the center for terrorist attacks in russia with already saying several were averted in the last week alone. and afghan and pakistani officials are urging the u.s. president to appoint a replacement for richard holbrooke who passed away last month he was washington special envoy to the war stricken region which is also the world's main supplier of opium artie's military contributors as it's high time obama listen to his secretary of state and address the root of a gap stance troubles. after yet another review an overview of the u.s.
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policy in afghanistan the issue of the drug cancer has been completely ignored and relegated to the benefit of political expediency despite the consistent efforts and pressure from the russian federation the united states has done it best to ignore the most and crucial issue for afghanistan and its neighbors that is there no aggression that comes from the southern part of this country and now we have the afghan drug being special envoy gonta the better world and this question and responsibility should be squarely placed on the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton because it was hillary clinton who was the first openly admit it and recognized afghanistan officially as
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a narco state in effect implying that that's where the main challenge to the world security comes from now the u.s. secretary of state has two options first she could descend big her previous statement that afghanistan is a narco state or she could finally pass this information to the secretary of defense and encourage him to take a drastic and decisive action the sooner the better then you all pym harvest this coming there is no time for vacillation and lip service but it's high time to act better later than never. and i was artie's military contributor colonel we began there let's take a look at some other stories from around the world and it really is military flying medical aid and food supplies to queensland as major floods continue to devastate the country's northeast roads and airports of close marooning more than twenty tells it affecting over two hundred thousand people hundreds of homes are being
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evacuated had been expected to peak in flooding later this week prime minister you want to. damage will cost the economy billions of dollars. iran has invited foreign ambassadors to tour its nuclear sites ahead of talks with world powers of the country's atomic program envoys from russia china and the e.u. are included in the offer but it's not yet clear whether officials from the u.s. have been asked to join them there is international concern over iran's nuclear ambitions which the country insist peaceful. and up to eighty african migrants including women and children are feared to have drowned after the air boats capsized off the yemeni coast the first vessel carrying mostly overturned in the red sea while another went down to the gulf of aden rescuers have found three survivors believed to be from somalia and thousands of africans try to reach
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them every year in a shabby and overcrowded boat run by smugglers. now they have a vigil coptic church has urged for calm among his followers after days of christian protests against religious discrimination in the country thousands of demonstrators took to the streets demanding more protection from the government riots were sparked by a car bombing outside a church. on saturday which killed twenty one people in a van. in iraq war and of an increase in attacks against christians in egypt. and a partial solar eclipse has begun in the skies over northern africa and the middle east. it will be visible for three hours with the best news coming later in northeastern sweden the moon's shadow hides between a half and two thirds of the sun's surface turning it into yellow or red crescent for much of europe it starts at sunrise whereas in russia and china it occurs at sunset observers are warned not to look directly at the sun.
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and new statistics suggest malaria is a much bigger problem in india than first thought a study calculates the number of people killed by the disease could be over ten times higher than official figures and many blame the country's health care system for failing the rule of poor who are most at risk are seeing reports. they named eastern state of bihar one more victim succumbs to malaria it's a treatable infection yet it still dicks more lives anemia than each i.v. this family's loss is just another statistic in the country's battle against the disease. that malaria has spread everywhere around religion no medical teams come to help us and hospitals are far away poor people like us a dying at this hospital and but many patients believe they have the parasite to
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infection down and then for so thinking my have a very high temperature and i think i have malaria i've come to the doctor for treatment because many people in my neighborhood have malaria i suspect i've got it to a new study has found that malaria kills more than thirteen dimes the number of people currently estimated by the world health organization since many malaria deaths occurred at home and included lydia's they don't get recorded so researchers with the dude families and asked them to describe what had happened to the victims a method known as verbal autopsy we estimated something like four percent of the deaths between one and sixty nine years of age were due to malaria and if you multiply that percentage by the national number of deaths at those. two hundred thousand deaths before age seventy in india it's a staggering number is specially compared with the world health organization's estimate of just fifteen thousand then more fatalities it disputes the studies
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saying see responders could mistake muti is commonly shown symptoms it is true that you can confuse malaria deaths with other causes of fever and that is a problem with. however. when we looked at the where the malaria deaths occurred they were the same places where transmission occurred i would also. accept the use of verbal autopsy and for estimating childhood deaths from malaria in africa so puzzled why they would think a method would work in one continent and not two thousand miles away in another most medical stuff and indeed hospitals the number of malaria deaths is far more than the w.h.o. figure they had also seen the shop in the cases of drug resistant.
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brandy centers and baby food he is not that much to handle this the friends who put in media because the treatment needs to be hones the delays to treatment and also the costly injections and the just sometimes not to do them because of that of them one could be becomes high as in their faces this killer disease it's important for the government down the w.h.o. knowledge the scale of the problem only then can they upgrade their disease control strategies and resources to fight malaria effectively in all its forms about and saying r d new delhi. and we're also online for you twenty four hours a day with plenty more stories for you to explore and here's some of what you'll find right now at r t dot com. tragically appealing to the turn novel zone is to be officially open to tourists in twenty eleven but before the planned trip gather details about the city's past present at our website. plus if you are feeling lonely at this holiday season and in need of
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a friend you can now simply hire one find out more about the drink and body service on our website. in. time now for a business update with a way. this is our business update welcome to the program here since has launched the trilateral customs union proved a success according to all its members it also had some unexpected effects it stirred up the long lasting negotiations on russia's entry to the w t o off to russia said it will seek the session to go with better rules and kazakhstan but has not article quote reports that still has been a fly in the point and. russia belarus and kazakstan are speeding up the next phase
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of their customs union the single economic space with a free trade area and a common external policy the trilateral union was launched at the beginning of twenty ten just simplify the movement of goods and capital between its members stooping into groups we are creating the terms for fair competition for all the member countries to help the producers be competitive on external markets the simple economics piece one of unified regulation rules and single economic policy russia belarus and kazakstan with a combined population of one hundred seventy million account for more than eighty percent of the former soviet union's economic output the combined g.d.p. is worth two trillion dollars annually according to the prime minister of kazakhstan together the three countries may gain a prominent position on the global market i think that gives the possibility to set up a new enterprise system to turn it off for the benefit of customers good incomes of
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time and there would have a field if interest from the. rest of the first year of the customs union has revealed some teething problems that arose imports russian oil at a preferential prize we export the most of it to europe at a high price in response russia introduced export duties and that almost brought the countries to an oil war only after valorous ratified the agreements on the single economic space run. agreed on a duty free oil delivery this will eventually benefit all of the union members and provide the springboard for the next stage of the degree. of our business. one of the most significant portion and acquisition deals in russia in twenty ten was retail giant x five purchasing the walmart targeted supermarket chain of pekin effectively pushing the after russian market in style from reporter told r.t. how this will help to boost a month for stocks in the retail sector in twenty eleven. it's far just acquired
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the. retail chain which is just. that it gave x. five much more clout it's far as it is a very well established retailer on the market leaders and the segment operates and is slightly above the economy segment where we're coming out of the crisis and early imports crisis environment i think there are mid-level retailers are going to do really well there the next one in the line to show strong growth. through but has hit a two and a half months higher last december and continue to grow and less predict the strengthening of the currency as oil prices remain high with market watchers confidence in the global stock exchanges but in a question of reports. the russian ruble strength in two point eight percent against the us dollar and nine point four percent against the euro between january and of the twenty ten december has brought get more games rising oil prices and
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returning confidence in russia after the crisis fueling the rally of some of the forecasts for the rupee remains flat even though it's hard to make predictions i believe the ruble be strengthening twenty level and remain stable. the central bank of russia says it may relax controls on the ruble further next yeah i said aims to make the currency free floating. this is key in realize the the government's ambition to promote it is an international reserve currency the importance of the ruble has also recently been giving a boost by the start of trading against the chinese yuan on the my six given all this practice to get us off use of the chief economist from do each a bank things the ruble has chances to strengthen in twenty eleven do not foresee a complete. free float for the bull in the next several years i think given the dependency on oil prices given the. the volatility that we see in the markets the
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central bank is likely to be cautious although i have to say that the flexibility of the will ball the volatility of rubles movements will certainly increase in the coming years but when it gets down to it the ruble is still have a lead depended on commodity prices to diversify the economy and slow in bearing fruit that so many analysts expect commodity price inflation in twenty eleven particularly as u.s. authorities print more dollars and that bodes well for the ruble minds in the business r.t. . that's your update for this hour but there's always more on our website r.t. dot com slash business. thank you.


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