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tv   [untitled]    January 7, 2011 10:30am-11:00am EST

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and with its population advantage is slated to capture the top spot from germany with a few yes much in the question of business. and that's your business update for this hour but you can always find more business stories on our web site that's r t dot com slash business stay with us.
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all to her. earlier. in the backyard i'm not landed we were not i'm not trust to crop up and then spread all over the country. virtually all terrorists today are muslim do we have the right to make such provoking of statements and the muslim schools have the right to exist. indifferent or new york city. down the official anti application your i phone the i pod touch from the. geology to life on the go. video on demand parties in.
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the wife. says she faced tough questioning from immigration.
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where he's being held in custody while awaiting trial. on the russian christmas. according to the old. is next.
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hello and welcome to the show that was millions around the world are recovering after the recent festivities most russians are celebrating the orthodox christmas this weekend but soon it's back to work for everyone and the colder weather is on its way but it's not all doom and gloom as january is the best time to go shopping subject this week's program the department store which we see here is one of the most glamorous places to buy clothes in russia. built between eighty ninety and eighty ninety three i'm located next to red square came one of the few stores in the soviet union that was not plagued by shortages of consumer goods today well it's all about expensive designer clothes first it's in to one of my favorite shops paul smith an example of such design is that of open stores in russia this moscow shop opened in two thousand and six muscovites and. eccentric approach to the
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classical british style. although the stalls in game are generally expensive january is the best time to come shopping here you'll find terrific bargains during the sales and western designers such as paul smith. money for example amazing clothes discounted prices striped fabrics smith's trademarks and those russians who can afford it have already joined the army of those already wearing his signature style his goods on sale in dozens of countries here moscow was a huge step forward as well as a large event for the capital's fashion. store has been open for five years now so paul smith himself attended the opening of a special fashion show was organized with a cation and moving from boom to our next clothing location let's take a look at this week's entertainment news. the two hundred fifty fifth season at the bolshoi theatre has finished with the magical
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performance of the ballet the notes. cracka states to peaceful music by tchaikovsky performance premiered at the bolshoi in one nine hundred sixty six and since then it's become the most popular show to see over the festive period. the ballet is a must see the perfect fairy tale treat the two thousand and eleven. this year has been announced as the year of italy in russia many events featuring the country's culture of being staged in moscow throughout the year a festival called the winter garden of arts has already taken place dedicated to the italian city body the event featured an art exhibition and showed concert by both russian and italian musicians and many other performances bringing the cultures of two countries closer together the.
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trumans close now but in a much lower price. than english. indifferent to the moscow fashion scene its. designer clothes that have been put to the back of. presents sizes are simply. fashions secondhand old and decrepit not. amazing with amazing price tags. january sales stores like this are out. of our first shop was opened over fifteen years ago the one we're in now is open just two years we get clothes from celebrities and less known people like their owners are tired of having them in their wardrobe we have very sales and discounts and only sell branded products from the world's top designers. second breath is among
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a group of small companies that understands firing the. classes from vintage dresses to private school purses this is what moscow needs more of and some retail industry insiders aim to change just that. located in a back streets just off the moscow river this place isn't easy to find but what's a gem is a must the code look as if they're brand new the collection is impressive the price is all low cost that's the regional price sounds good to me if only it did. sume one of the largest the most successful department stores in russia some food is all gone is of moscow for the next venue is nice to shop to be seen after it's about chic and stylish prada gucci and dean g. code skinner was a lover to me recently so tell me about your position here in through i'm a fashion their fashion director is the person who choosing the brands that
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supposed to be in the store late this is the most popular this collection i have goal and i'll tell my bias. what to buy how to buy now i know it soon as one of the best apartments stalls in moscow but how would you explain the complex of somebody who doesn't know what it is in its international department or in moscow. it's in the center of moscow it's been you know it alls boys been building. and all this had very patient with it while it closed good service so. company mercury took it over around six years ago i decided to do in that. department store most of us so everybody. they know they have to come to sort of a clothing industry has changed dramatically over the past decade. yes of course
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because you know. we have more and more stores more different with cheeks more brands that will bring all over the world and of course you know twenty years ago we wouldn't even have a living like this today. russians international love me everybody here. our customers have a great days. with being for them the best. design is the showcase the. question there's and this is the bell up a lot the last two years and we. know what does the russian design is and they explain beer you know we're looking at each season one one day for russia and it will have a space for then here and we. will be supportive of that and you also have many western design. showcase excuse me here. we have american designers
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in this we have any designers that. you know that they are. good at it with asian everybody talks about them i am the first one to run and get them for the sole on the floor. to make it. very much. various international designers showcase the clothes that suit many of which are exclusively by presenting stool american brand. recently launched his collection off stance here the top model naomi campbell attending the event now moscow's fashionistas can join the label spans monkey research as in the co kidman janet jackson and brooke shields a controversial subjects in fashion many say that such glamorous spot coach wraps and hats on the city's caution freezing russian winter months living in america we are almost doing what we all know that it's the biggest of the most important story
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here so for me. it's a non-emergency we're going to be able to bring my collection very creative is wonderful department for me so i'm just very much excitement and to come back to the face of my company that really big city was crushing. not to spend a fortune on clothes even the most democratic brands sometimes give my clients a chance to explore design a fashion plate swedish company a.t.m.'s works with several top designers to create special collections and the latest collaboration with one of the world's oldest fashion houses was a huge success london's signature styles but with h. and m. price tags sold out within a day in moscow it's now called the sales in russia extraordinary. signature is one of the best known designers in russia it's like ship store in bars located a moscow's trendy selection of long six b. cheeks as black berry and
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a bit tongue symmetry and has developed his own style mixing traditional russian patterns with contemporary culture in his designs the well known red black and yellow compacts into a centuries old as well as prince of servia symbols on t. shirts on are closely associated with his name. there are several discount stores in moscow that are open. vintage here is one example they offer discounts between seventy and ninety of their. brilliant to get credit card. calvin klein the clothes are cheap although from tasteless little jackets to bright pink or green jumpers if you do you have to search for the perfect dog in the eyes of the business i like the show because there's a wide range of brands on sale here and you can find various clothes from casual to classic. to many isn't fashion heaven and high prices might put many off
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but still with many recent designers new shops in malls. hoping all the time things are changing here. if you're looking for something a little special i think with good research of local stores up and coming designers and new boutiques the city has a lot to offer. as a true sign of an evolving country recent crisis or not the fashion world in moscow is simmering with excitement but don't wait till it's all settled and up there with milan and paris. why not take part in the ride now and sales and discounts aside just remember to save before you come. to. me for a while unfortunately that's all the time we have on this week's program on clothes shopping in the capital i'll see you again at the same time next week so that for me and the rest of the by now.
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very. early. in the backyard i'm not in atlanta. i'm not trying to crop up and then spread all over the country. virtually all terrorists today are muslim do we have the right to make such provoking of statements and do muslim schools have the right to exist. in defined new york city.
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sergeant of the israeli defense forces. during his service scorched the street fight. colonel of the chilean armed forces participated in keeping down a military revolt. sergeant in the u.s. army. trying to become an american by digging part in the. ranks and reasons differ but one thing brings them together once they disobey.
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he. says. the headlines here on a green light to the land of opportunity proves of bad bad for some immigrants into the us doctors and engineers who when the green card lottery often end up sweeping floors to scrape a. wife off alleged russian arms dealer viktor bhutto faces a tough questioning by new york immigration on her arrival in the u.s. . travel to new york where he's being held in custody while awaiting trial. on the
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holy day has come to russia asshole photogs believe us celebrate the birth of christ with family dinners and winter fun outside of the russian church mogs christmas thirteen days later than most christians according to the old julian calendar. and time now for the sports with you don. good to have you with us this is sports today i'm you know these are some of the stories we're covering this hour. bottle of moscow sparks secure the capital bragging rights early in twenty eleven after a full thriller with. top of the pile khimki continue their impressive form on the v t v league hardwood with a closely will win over the three new. supreme in sydney in germany against australia once again to wrap up the ashes on us.
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but we begin with ice hockey where we didn't have to wait too long for the first big darby of twenty eleven in the kontinental hockey league sports consigning moscow rivals de nama to their sixtieth the feat constantine to top off reports. after a tough wino was cutscene bitters move spark host and bitter rivals who despite a host of problems including an injury ravaged mansion set second in the conference in the opening period both sides were careful not to give away too much into fans spartak with a great opposition early on but who wasted their few clear got scoring opportunities however they still managed to secure the lead in the six minute through pass was blocked but it was for the better as a mark in the sport and easily send the blockbuster goaltender one nothing by the end of the first the second pew internet to be a real cricket three minutes back into the game dynamic wise this corps can bring on a ballplayer more interested about just me stuff to such
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a great bass but seven minutes later carole king as it showed his individual prowess the twenty seven year old picking the puck up in his own zone before ghosting buzzed in the most defenseman to make it to one sport and just thirty five seconds later the reading was further dead vantage from under the chin from an acute angle adding his name to the school board game oh no not this time sputnik they have so little overconfident alone do not want back into the game for a blazing shot cognomen in question on the where and then just after the restart read did quick us to push the puck into the net to tie proceedings in a dizzy eighteen second spell how us barak foldback two minutes before the intermission a seismic shot from the blueline c.z. going to kyle a first to respond and in goes that block to the empty net six goal be read this big data is loving it we started good and then you know i guess everybody got a little confortable there and everybody got to relax and you know they tie the
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game but. we have good players on the ball and score some important goals not surprisingly in a final twenty minutes that teams will expand with just that single strike or single line and that belong to spartacus. waited one more took his daily to salute final score five three this same result in buffalo. the russian junior team lead to the world crown beating canada after a stunning comeback and forty five year old hotshot who was named the best goalie of those world junior finals in one thousand nine hundred three even a piece of advice to the russian younger sisters if you have to i think enjoy his game or teammates and everything about hockey and then you can maybe play like i did. because i know that but you have to enjoy your body your way and i'm going to enjoy hockey because he's a great supporter of. getting back to the cage it's dinara eight defeats in ten matches now and this sixth straight while sport to claim this second win from two
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extra sweet considering it's their first win over denial of this is a concern about out of r.t. . ok let's talk spawn if football now or real madrid are through to the quarterfinals of the king's cup the spiked a two nil second leg defeat a face cross-town rivals a classic zero who booked their birth with victory over espanol now athletico lead one nil from the first leg not advantage with double twenty four minutes in sergio agüero great strength and an even better finish from the argentinian espanol give themselves a glimmer of hope deep into injury time at the end of the much through the sublime free kick from this car sia but two one on the i get how it would then set reale up next. also moving through to the last eight r.v.o. ryall who don't tie palencia after a thrilling game of the study or mother girl goalless after the first leg of
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a tie looks set to be heading the visitors way after twenty three minutes lynsey it to nil to the after this takedown on finish from a back to soledad oh but the second half proved a very different story the comeback beginning just two minutes after the breakthrough him something. one of four straight goals by the home side view reality third the pick of them marco ruben the man with the final top in four two how it ended save the lie in wait for the informed. ok that brings us to basketball for him key start of the new year on a high the moscow region man sing off of lithuania to top group b. of the v t v league a competition which features the leaving clubs from eastern europe the team are spivak took up a seat for this one. it was a case of deja vu on wednesday in the moscow region these sites met each other just before the new year in the euro league when he came out leaner cindy close us of
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encounters but the euro league campaign is now all of for the russian side and they will concentrate on the local chain been shaped and they need to be under the new head coach mediation. mediation hasn't changed a lot in the team system but the team could have certainly started to play was more infants after the departure of sears or sky yola one thing remained the same bill lann first lead that sex and not the high scoring game for them married in who finished the night it was twenty three points. move the record i play for was getting a lot of help from the big santa benjamin as a force playing his best game of the season and in six rebounds to eighteen points it was referred quarter way the home side managed to establish their lead the were up by as many as nine points but they did tweenies didn't give up and tied the game
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by the end of the fourth quarter. i am banned as a then food in front by two points with this jumper was san seconds remaining in that match the memphis. challengers to get time out but failed to score in the last possession of the game i was that's what i brought me here i mean if i'm not good enough to. be here so nothing like i say. i don't know. what i got a good to have a team when you know british vessel. just want to help and that's what i do to not let this person is mine out alone together not that we have a lot of guys one on different teams you know but. bring us together and try to this is it was a difficult thing so i just think that you know when these last two games against us is something you know
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a month ago today we would have lost so it was because of positive you know keep trying to get seventy to seventy six the final score to get over to the best possible start in twenty eleven and we'll hope to continue in this c b but you spivak our team meanwhile stateside last season's n.b.a. rookie of the year submitted a royal performance at the home of the kings tie ricky evans amassing a double double for sacramento in a rut of denver the struggling kings going on to beat a team with a winning record for only the first time this season the nuggets committing our walking twenty three turnovers along the likes of evans to take advantage down the other end the twenty one year old putting the kings forty nine thirty nine up in the second he finished with twenty seven points twelve that sets a similar sequence minutes later seeing denver and dan struggling to control the ball a spectacular finish coming from jason thompson on the breakaway sixty one forty
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nine evans playing his point guard role perfectly late in the fourth an excellent point setting up another easy finish for the n.b.a.'s first is really pear tree house being one hundred twenty two one zero to the final status. some of the n.f.l.'s top teams are busy preparing for the upcoming playoffs on saturday but the dallas cowboys aren't one of them after a lackluster year interim coach jason gar it's will take on the job on a permanent basis team owner jerry jones also looking as if he'll finally hand over more control over personnel matters to the former dallas player. jason will have the final say on any person that leaves the coaching staff or comes to the coaching staff. there will be a player bonus team that jason. does not want on the take. and finally england have wrapped up their triumphant ashes series
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on a three one scoreline their first win done under in twenty four years a truly dominant tour by the tourists who neil the final test by an innings and eighty three runs no less a memorable way to retain the earns his england captain under stress feels pretty special them honest you know it. until ashes series is finally over you're always kind of how often i see columns even after melbourne we're still very conscious that we wanted to finish the series on a high end and kind of show people that we deserved to win the series and now we've done nothing we can you know have a big sigh of relief and be very proud of what we've achieved this is probably as close to rock bottom as it gets think he's strong in public and fans can certainly . on the say he's going for a no as players. now we feel disappointed roy and now that we see. we do see
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potential we do think we want some talent in that china and we do see we have better cricket isn't what we're showing at the moment. and that wraps up the sport i'll see you soon the weather's coming up in just a technical. culture is that so much could be really made a lot of people care enough but look at your g.c. how we use energy in what coming will most likely determine our energy future the decisions we make now will define.


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