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tv   [untitled]    January 8, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EST

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etc. and take. for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get. face to face with the news makers.
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thousands of dead birds and fish popping up all over the world are giving rise to a series of doomsday even though scientists are leaning towards environmental toxicity. sudanese refugees wave the upcoming in the pants referendum in the south of the country claiming it will help them leave israel without fears of persecution . plus the financial crisis has some americans looking to marxism for answers but communist views in the u.s. are being slammed as i'm patriotic. and russia's
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a new special forces show what it takes to serve and protect our team goes behind the scenes and brings you their training techniques. coming to you live from moscow i'm marina joshie authorities in northern italy say more than a thousand turtle doves have dropped dead over the past five days it's the latest in a series of unexplained sudden death incidents affecting creatures in the sky and underwater the events have sparked a media frenzy it was doomsday speculators saying it hails the end of the world but is there really something fishy going on or is it being overhyped. reports. sing a song of suspense one where the end is nigh as thousands of black birds fell out of the sky and when the birds were found the news began to sing the end of days
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conspiracy does have a catchy ring. at first it was just arkansas grabbing the world's attention then who's e n a followed suit and your feathers with mysterious avian death since wieden experts attempted to calm the public by suggesting the birds got scared of fireworks who are flew into trees in cars because of bad weather and we know is that fireworks or weather could not cause five thousand black birds to have a liquefied insides that's what the fish and wildlife veterinarian sad they've never seen anything like it now we're seeing the same polarization of the insides of black birds they are dad when they hit the ground they are dying in the night while they're roosting in trees but then one hundred thousand dead fish joined up on us shores that seem to have opened the floodgates i think. by and large not
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a portion are actually underestimating how serious it is so i believe there are multiple causes but basically. the entire planet i was an uproar that we have a toxic release of gases and changes in the oceanic currents that the entire well current system is no destructive for those not very impressed with a scientific explanation there's always the religious one fanatical bloggers have once again started flooding the world wide web with end of days posts and the international media storm for news during a slow post christmas month of january is having a field day and you are asked to call sooner rather than later now we do context because who officials so far to you cannot even get down the road without running over hundreds it was that bad with more and more mr. deaths around the world fish in brazil australia and new zealand crabs in the u.k. the frenzy is growing and the headlines scream
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a coocoo lips these fishy stories look set to continue stealing the media spotlight at least until scientists have had a chance to examine the dead animals or you know the world comes to an end whichever of course happens first. catherine as our r.t. moscow and we spoke to the miami based vet. who says the incidents are related but a full investigation is necessary to determine what happened. it's impossible to say for sure what's happened to the birds and fish until proper investigations are held in fact i don't believe that these events are interning it's they followed one after another and that's attracted universal attention it's not the first time in the world is observing such phenomena it's happened in other countries too at the moment the investigation in our comms is claims an autopsy has revealed that birds suffered from internal bleeding but the research has yet to be
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completed so we could also be dealing with some new virus starting to wave is another possible explanation but i repeat to that fool investigation is needed to establish the cause of what's happened and find a scientific explanation for it. and coming up in the program going rat and they had find out what's bringing more and more americans on the ground just or just plain common as movements. hundreds of people stranded on board a ship and this icy waters of russia's far east are closer to safety and it's the last one out of five a got stuck there a week ago and remains trapped a possible ice breaker is expected to arrive a waiter in a day to help complete the rescue mission poor weather has been hampering the operation of strong winds snow and thick ice have made it a challenge for the ice breakers involved in the freeing the vessels officials say
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the people on board are not in danger as they have plenty of supplies and the captain of the force ship currently on route to safety describe the situation for us. you know we're following the i.r.s. breaker on the car it's clearing our way through the we're moving quite slowly it's a long difficult route and we're only at the very beginning of it there's a thick layer of ice a mile or two ahead once we pass that it'll be easier but for now it's too early to make any predictions the ice may be up to. vic the problem is it's like a slice of pie consisting of many layers of wise one on top of the other the words being done according to schedule we have enough food and fresh water on board. and southern sudan's preparing to vote on independence from the north in a week long referendum and it claims to session will cause instability about as part of a two thousand and five peace deal that and of the two decade long civil war thousands
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have fled the country during the conflict with many choosing israel as a safe haven but as artie's polis lior has been finding out many are hoping to return home. but the road to freedom is long and its role wasn't their first choice egypt was but as the thousands of refugees fleeing sudan found themselves under assault in cairo by a police force trying to clean up the streets the decision to cross over into israel seemed and logical one. is near from here and israel is. and they do. and christian but the journey was long sometimes on foot sometimes penguins to drive them you have to cross the border and coming to the israeli border with the. measure. of not to see you otherwise you would be something shooting and to me
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a martyr made their journey three years ago with his wife and four children he watched friends and family die along the way some were shot some died of hunger. but israel doesn't really know what to do with these refugees last year alone eighteen thousand and one lived just from sudan and eritrea is always party to the convention on the status of refugees which means a constant way fiji's back home if those who risk their lives but keeping them here is becoming more and more difficult. benjamin corey arm works as a cleaner in a hotel and struggles to make ends meet. i didn't go to my unit. and thousands of sudanese share his story poor homes no jobs little money and it's too dangerous to go back to sudan.
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is again is. going to northern sudan you will be killed and student leaders have said as much if the authorities. really the northern government of sudan finds out that the person has sought asylum in israel this person would be in serious risk of persecution in january two thousand and eleven southern sudan is holding a referendum. i'm with the to separate from the north and become an independent state it's the final stage in a peace agreement that ended twenty two years of war many of them have the has the spurred from being in israel for such a long time with no rights whatsoever the people realize that they don't really have a future here and people are all saw homesick and me and benjamin moore not sure
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what to do home victims despite the risks. of those who don't to is pretty do. i would decide the world. r.t. southern israel. and alice take a look at some other stories from around the world n.p.r. yanks as a once just started by literal talks with so let's soon as possible to settle the situation on the korean peninsula and north issued a statement offering to start negotiations without preconditions in late january early february this is the second such proposal from pyongyang this week south dismissed the first one as insincere and relations between both koreas abruptly deteriorated after this shelling of a south korean island in the vampyr which killed four people and the sides blame each other for first opening fire. and a radical shia cleric has declared the us britain and israel common enemies of iraq in his first speech since returning to the country after four years self imposed
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exile speaking in front of thousands of supporters of a total solder called on them to reject the us his return from iran comes a month after his movement gained thirty nine seats in iraq's new foreign parliament a solder pads an army which several times with u.s. troops after a two thousand and three invasion. german authorities say they may prosecute the company responsible for contaminating animal feed with a poisonous chemical tests show levels of dioxin at seventy seven times above that legal limit almost five thousand farms are closed down after investigations found ag. produced in the northwest of the country were tainted the scare has prompted some countries to blog german pork and poultry imports from reaching consumers. want to be as extradited a woman known as the queen of them fed amends to the united states where she is wanted on drug trafficking charges. now is accused of having sent massive amounts
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of synthetic drug pills to america spain and the netherlands she was arrested in september two thousand and nine and was one of interpol's ten most wanted women and now face trial in a new york court. severe floods in brazil have killed at least thirty five people and forced over thirty five thousand to abandon their homes since late december heavy rains have been battering the country for weeks at a state of emergency has been declared in some sixty towns a powerful storm in the state of some power left hundreds of houses submerged in water it's the worst flooding in twenty years and more rain is forecast in the region in the coming days. now still ahead of the program it's a long road to becoming a russian rather find out what the elite that's now it has made off and why its members have to face in the line of duty. was the united states
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gripped by the global economic turmoil some americans are turning to the roots of socialism to face up to the country's problems that the new york marks the school people have a chance to voice their plans for a better society lauren lyster has more. the very first sentence of the commons manifesto in the. specter hangs over europe the spark of communism like. in modern day us the specter of communism hangs over the bottom floor of a brick building on the west side of downtown new york city the wrexham started out actually as the new york marks of school in one nine hundred seventy five here communism is certainly no bogeyman and its poster a philosopher so to speak is revered i'm walks in and i wanted to be around other marxists and and it's just a talk with all the marxists in the u.s. that may sound a little taboo even unpatriotic to the average joe but these days amid rising poverty and inequality in the country more and more people are joining in the
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discussion certainly since the kind of the economic crisis or the financial crisis kind of hit home and a lot of people realized you know there are some systemic problems we saw a huge increase in influx of traffic here people opening their eyes to a different view here people's histories poster project wherever you look you can see a chapter of events not found in history books they don't realize that that haiti was the first free black republic in the western hemisphere you know and historically they've been punished because of it. choose a door and behind it you may find any number of leftist social movements left out of mainstream news here are. these carolers are urging a boycott of israel because of its policies towards palestine and the building of illegal settlements in the west bank is only a short it. was
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a hero i think that was behind another door you could hear the discourse left out of many american colleges i feel that it was just an amazing wealth of knowledge that i had never been exposed to so. people also just play poker with the side of political analysis you don't hear on cable the whole struggle. you know the immigration story. is cause that kind of proves that stranglehold. though we're at the marxist school the people we've spoken to here are calling for any kind of proletariat revolution no violent political uprising but everywhere you look at the history in the philosophy of communism is here you can see all of the works of marx engels over here is lenin even here the writings of joseph stalin and the version of monopoly that they play is called class struggle to prepare for life in
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a capitalist america where the object is to win the revolution of workers when it socialism and capitalism when it's barbarism talking to people around the bric forum it seems many are trying to implement the change they're studying without uttering the s. or c. isn't communism word now it's become more positive to say progressive or less whatever you want to call it they are actively trying to solve the problems and inequality they see in the country which is an attempt to make change but maybe right now it's not in terms of a revolution but of working from within which you can call any number of things but probably not unpatriotic lauren lyster r.t. new york and hundreds of u.s. troops have returned home after a treacherous tour of duty in afghanistan officials say they're the first of some seventeen thousand due to be pulled out in the coming months but other soldiers will be sent to replace them archies military contributor says what matters is how the fresh batch of troops will be used. well the latest technical shift that is
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supposed to happen in afghanistan it's an additional beef up of u.s. marines in the southern part of the country going to the latest data the u.s. marine corps is expected to beef up its deployment up to additional one thousand troops well the question is who cares whether it's going to be just the same static twenty thousand and four just another one thousand marines well the kershner difference is to what purpose real this additional one thousand marines will serve the key issue here is that helmand province is a u.s. marines sanctuary and it could make or break the new military campaign in southern afghanistan and define the future of afghanistan itself and the future of the u.s. military presence in afghanistan and beyond if american marines really gann be used and abused in full accordance with the policy of save guiding the drug lords
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and their slaves in helmand province then they will be remembered in afghanistan in generations to come as the most expensive suckers of the exploit of the drug and warlords in afghanistan who are deployed to safeguard yet another record breaking opium harvest in helmand and beyond and it was artie's military contributor carl again a question of their. revered and fear and they are the cream of russia's military crop the country special forces spetznaz are the first and often the last line of the fans against many of today's threats including terrorism and as our teams more international reports it takes blood sweat and years to earn one of their red berets. these young soldiers part of the country's internal forces
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are preparing to meet and his friends their country may face history or special units or threats not goes back centuries but tactics and techniques have evolved dependent on the key challenge of the time but these guys have always been the lead and in the twenty first century they are on the front line of the fight against terror a siege hostage taking for these youngsters these are life like scenarios from training. known him get taken part in a real operation. by day they learn how to act effectively face to face with an enemy that is exhausting both physically and mentally but for many facing their own fears remains the hardest thing. for him said to belong to the elite but of course i am human and i do fears to cope with them is a reason soldiers number one most challenging target. left turn and colonel and dre
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for rye if he's here to help the envoys deal with that oh no the order of courage was serious in chechnya and the crimson berry they talk space now it's all a similar term erika's greenberry he knows how to take control of human nature was approached many sportsmen come to us and failed only twenty percent managed to prove they deserve it as a true spitz not soldier is a fusion of physical insurance and what may be even more important emotional maturity and. countering terrorism is a spats not spatiality but they could be sent to any kind of emergency if it threatens the country's security in mid december when the russian capital was hit by a wave of violent nationalist riots spetznaz soldiers were on standby close by so normal russia sort of some may say that's a. for special forces but for the police we don't agree there is the order and we
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have to carry it out as well as we can that's it. all of these young soldiers are conscripts it means to stay for a year at least. many say they'll stay for longer sign a contract and continue as professionals in the. various notion r t. now the christmas holidays in russia also mean it's sales time a little later we go bargain hunting in the capital's best takes. located in the back streets just. remember this place isn't easy to find but what a jam it is most of the code look as if they're brand new the collection is impressive the prices are low cost that original price sounds good to me.
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because it. was. in about ten minutes time here on our team before that will take a look at what's happening in the world of business with your own. welcome to our business program. a high tech country needs to make high tech products the government is putting its political and financial capital behind modernizing the economy but it also needs to find innovative goods the rest of the world might want to buy that tell you how close reports. the gigantic ultramodern building obstacle cover innovation center these days it's attracting a lot of interest from those who in the near future could change the face of both
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russian science and its economy speaking at the forum the presidential aide even went as far as saying that russia may become the world leader in innovation within the next five years but for that to happen talent needs to be nurtured and harnessed such as that belonging to this fifteen year old muscovite was not so this model is built with construction cage it's intended for people with limited hand movement which is constructed on the principle of human biomechanics and fully replicate science function i'm currently expanding my project and i hope it will soon help even those who are paralyzed three times a year as they had a roof not a was more cautious and preferred not to unveil details of their breakthrough projects but assured that there were at least three that could change the world and it was the sense of exciting potential that was attracting a new wave of private capital to come to russia a number of. other what you got this is what this is about
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eleven billion dollars. what is the point of for me yeah we. are investing eleven you know less than fifty percent. more so. that it's up the road to the top five sectors prioritize to drive russia's modernization our energy efficiency nuclear in space technology medicine telecommunications and aunty but some of the most interesting projects have universal appeal and cut across all areas. of the economy and society this is what the library of the future should look like in the eyes of some young russian inventors they believe it could be a real money spinner into us the last year more than one hundred thousand people have paid to join their start up service booth scientists and businessmen agree that finding talent in russia is not the major problem the skulk of a research group has already found many exciting and innovative candidates the
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trick will be to harness that into primary or energy to produce goods that will make the whole world sit up and take notice and then get out its wallet. r t moscow. two thousand and eleven will see more changes in the banking system with some players leaving the market and the rules getting stricter speaking exclusively to r.t. deputy general director of russia's deposit insurance agency under miller cough spoke about the upcoming reforms. to the post the only changes we think we should make is to create procedures so that the assets and deposits of a bank or bank are given to a healthy one that's the situation we see in the states at the moment in the us in ninety five percent of cases this mechanism is being implemented the clients of the bank are banks are given access to their deposits quicker also the agency together with the state doesn't have to spend a lot of money and the liquidation process is faster so now we think this mechanism
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could be used in our country we have already tried it several times and found that it works we think it is possible and this will also give us more but unities to save capital reserves the central bank plans to raise the minimum capital requirement for retail banks do you think this will force a more banks into liquidation starting. this move lies in the overall strategy to develop the banking sector last year the minimum level was three million dollars the next step is six million dollars until the end of two thousand and eleven for all banks to fulfill this obligation the system needs capital reserves of some three hundred million dollars i don't think this is a crucial figure so i believe the russian banking system will see another minimum level increase and this will prompt further reduction in the number of banks present in the market next year i expect this to for some ten to twelve banks to
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leave the sector but this will not be critical for the whole system. do you see more consolidation in the banking market next year and i think on the every year around fifteen. banks leave the market our forecast is that some thirty banks will have to be shut down but you can never really see exactly how many banks our country needs the main aim is for all of these banks to function properly currently we have around one thousand banks in the market and they cooperate quite well with each other. and russian companies enjoyed a successful rebound from the crisis in two thousand and ten as investors increasingly turn to emerging markets but a select group emerged as big winners and potential gainers in two thousand and eleven and float ended the year well as it was linked to a rebound in consumer demand and a recovering economy.


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