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tv   [untitled]    January 8, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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altera. noel. in the backyard i'm not i know landed we will not help out i'm not trust us to crop up and then spread all over the country.
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virtually all terrorists today are muslim do we have the right to make such provocative statements and do muslim schools have the right to exist. in defined new york city on our. world to. bring you the latest in science and technology from the realms of russia. we've got the future covered.
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is. it what you need to live from moscow reminder of the top story sticks to city or doomsday thousands of dead birds and fish are dividing opinions and causing a media frenzy more deaths have now been reported and it all we were over a thousand dogs have been found dead in the past five days. sudanese refugees in israel say they want to return home but they fear persecution for
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seeking asylum in us that so cold and only stay this comes ahead of a referendum in southern sudan over whether to split from the north some say authorities there will have refugees killed if they find out they have returned from israel. and they're trying to serve and protect the country but it takes a lot more of bite off modern threats brings you a day in the life of russia's elite special forces. well we'll have more on those stories about thirty minutes time right now though let's take a look at the special report that we got for you on the difficulties facing the muslim community in new york city. now her oh i.
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know you know mall me. guys hitting. the status of. all i know there. are ya. arab speakers hijacked a clip. that's where it starts. and muslims were always stereotyped but after two thousand and monday after nine eleven there were the scapegoat for everyone's fear else.
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we go through periods of time. where this hysteria sweeps the country. as it you can i sit quiet like a whole group is being profiled. form the whole thing that happened to brown school is mind blowing to me who could even concoct for a film. nobody would believe. me. i
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thought it was a brilliant idea and i absolutely welcomed the opportunity because i have dedicated my life to this kind of work and felt that this was really the next step in my life . became a part of who debbie was how she identified because she was very much engrossed and involved in every aspect of the school that it was immediately a very family were in this together feeling where everyone had a sense of this was going to be something important. just school is targeted at all
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of new york city kids here it is the vision the hope would be that it would be half english speakers half arabic speakers and the reason for that is if you have a dual language school you want the students to be able to teach each other. we want to have arab americans we want to have african-americans we want to have white kids asian americans latinos that's what we wanted we want to a multicultural environment. closer brown was chosen as a namesake because he was lebanese maronite christian so he has the arab background but he was also a new yorker he was all about multiculturalism and we just felt that his words embodied what the school would be and what we wanted our students to be.
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when they think new york city from that state bus love i was in awe at the diversity and the acceptance and tolerance of people and it was the first time that i met people who are jewish it was the first time that i saw people from south asia and seeing the diversity and seeing how people were really able to coexist and less side by side was really incredible and. i really found myself immediately calling myself a new yorker. i first heard of the international company when there was an article in the new york sun about it i was wary of it because i have seen over and over that there are
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problems but go along with instruction around. i'm trying to raise awareness. my initial concerns about the k.g.b. were two fold one that our destruction brings with it an air of this ideology of politics and the other is the prince with the radical islamic. ideology in other words religion and politics. it was obvious to everybody this was going to be a controversial school you cannot have a school teaching arabic in new york city post nine eleven and not know that it's going to be controversial that he said they were because your first thing i thought oh that's ridiculous what. is new york thinking you don't teach arabic culture in america especially of public school system. because what that does that.
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stop them not just in brooklyn new york these are the terrorists ok this is a way that we can stop as lone from spreading in america folks it starts right here a group formed called the stop the madras the coalition. there were a lot of internet buds from the stop them atrocity coalition. what was coming out was just so absurd and wrong and misguided. it was racist it was in a four way it was like it was everything that we're not about.
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continually and some of these blogs cami on nine eleven denier. my son was one of the first responders as a national guardsman who served for six months at ground zero he was activated on september eleventh the next day they were down at ground zero and he was there for six months witnessing what happened. hamill hall is with stop them a draw the group believes the killing will gibran international academy will impose a radical islamist agenda in its classrooms we are paying with our public dollar for a religious school a madrassa the arabic immigrant students will be isolated whether that materializes instantly into terrorists that's a huge statement to make but are these students not assimilating and becoming part of the american fabric and is that potentially
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a problem we think so yes. what you want more. like someone goes there to walk to where you know pizza place and blows up innocent civilians it's not that kind of shot to soft tree hog where you. in a show to watch a fashion you create institution try not to make waves and you move it in that fashion little by little of course in the states. it's so ridiculous i have to smile i don't believe in having state sponsored religious education department of education would never have approved a school that has religious education there is nothing islam assisted about it there is nothing religious about it and so they are really seeing ghosts in the closet that aren't there. enough backyard i'm not i know maybe we were not oh no i'm not trying to crap and
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spread all. over the country people like me are don't fall for this we're new yorkers we're not easily we are americans we will fight back we have to be concerned with this type of school on a different level for the simple reason that while most muslims are not terrorists virtually all terrorists today are muslim you maybe see the other two like a school that is. taking. this this school has taken us to a different level if you ask me in principle i'm not here to deny it's not my function to start to tear down what's been built for the last thirty forty years if you ask me a principle i prefer a certain specific standard for american public education but this school takes us to a different level you ask me to assume the innocence of a situation that's not innocence come out of the get real get reader with the word intolerance was raised i just want to say that that that can't go unchallenged no one here will accept that word is applied to us we are in favor of the teaching of
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the arabic language we are in favor of teaching arabic culture we are not in favor of teaching it and in so late it's a situation where the public really has very limited at you know. writing a game about say differently work were done for dummies with nothing the threat today does not come from jews and catholics and protestants the threat in the world today comes mostly from muslims they don't separate politics and culture in their societies that's not true of christians much of jews the burden is on muslims. we ask what are they teaching the children we would like to have the answers and in
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spite of what the department and that like. claim they have not given us outsiders it is lunacy it makes no sense so we'll see them on point. this is a new york city public school with a curriculum that is mandated by the state of new york all of the classes and the whole curriculum is set up by the department of education. having spent a good part of my life. fighting against racism. what
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happened today and what has happened to the school. is is nothing less than races. when we were in the cell. the discrimination and the terror against black people. the stereotypes about their behavior. some of these derrida types are playing again and it's forty five years later. it's a coup or sixth grade curriculum that these kids are starting with which is the basics math english history science and the kids are also going to be learning arabic which is an incredibly exciting and unique opportunity for these kids religion plays absolutely no part in the school this is a public school that wouldn't play a part in any of our schools the idea i mean the church does new york city support jewish schools back to schools catholic schools the school is absolutely not a religious school it's a public school without a public curriculum and kids are learning arabic language this you know this
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country sometimes we can come up with some doozies but this city is subtypes is a league all over. i had my camera we picture of it. the star of the madras a coalition found out that this organization that developed least teacher called arab women in the arts and. this organization share is a space with an organization to which i sit on the board there is absolutely no
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affiliation between me and the organization and its t. shirt. to stop the madressa coalition put out a press release saying that i am personally connected to these t. shirts and this t. shirt is calling for an uprising gaza style in new york city and therefore i should not be leading the school. i never saw these t. shirts nor knew anything about the. news outlets all over the country all i'd go except for the new york post which is a local new york city based paper. the new york post
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called the department of education and sister i do an interview. on the departed. vegetations insistence i ended up speaking to that reporter. we began the interview with him asking about my filiation to this organization after saying to him i would never affiliate myself with any organization or individual who would be violence in any shape way or form i basically is that to him i don't believe that these young women are going to being aging and he. the reporter asked me for the root word the word intifada and my response to him was if you look it up in the arabic dictionary and it is taking off and i went on to explain to him that this word has evolved and has different
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meanings for different people based on the palestinian israeli conflict for thousands of people have been killed. i answered one other question for him about the school and at that point he said ok well thank you i'm done this is good. there was someone from the press office of the department of education on the phone after we hung up she called me back and said to me i think it went well you know you did a good job i think you did well. you know we'll see how it comes out tomorrow. but why would this principal defend t. shirts celebrating a palestinian uprising that is seeing suicide bombers killing hundreds and hundreds of innocent jews they included a part of my quote where i defined the intifada to make it sound as if my ultimate
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goal in that article was to defend the t. shirt and that was not my intention. you know very. cool if you don't. vote for clothes for you don't wait and see what was doa. you know what i find so ironic is this is really
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a perfect time to have some kind of forum to talk about the word intifada this is the kind of thing debbie would have done with the school you know if kids had come in distressed about this she would have sat them down and said let's talk about what this means and some kids would say to us this means freedom fighting into other kids this means violence and terrorist bombings and then you get to hear stories and that's how people connect people connect through stories they don't connect through demonizing and disconnecting the word intifada is very loaded and particularly in new york you know a lot of people have personal connections to the war doesn't matter what side you're on. for us it was just now let's wait until this calms down we have. the department of education had a knee jerk reaction saying well you know you have to issue an apology and i said
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how do you for what i've said or done nothing wrong the department of education wrote a statement apology statement for me and. apologies exacerbated a tire situation. the next day politicians and others were calling from i had. basically said if you don't resign we're not going to go forward with the school i want you. to be prepared to announce on the radio. just felt so. one dream because you have no other choice but to go. on his
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radio program today the mayor spoke about ms allman tosser and the mission of the school principal resigned today. she know the woman she's worked for the city in a variety of capacities sees a very oh my certainly not a terrorist. really does care she said something couple days ago she got a question she's not all that media savvy maybe and she tried to explain a word rather than just condemn but i think she felt that she had become the focus rather than having the school focus and so today she submitted a resignation which is nice very do and i appreciate all her service and i think she's right to do so but now let's look to the future there was no discussion she was out and she was going to stay out and. it was shocking.
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for the full story. the biggest issue. face to face with. more news today. the first these are the images. from the streets of canada. today.
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