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tv   [untitled]    January 8, 2011 9:30am-10:00am EST

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and as investors increasingly turn to emerging markets but a select group emerged as big winners and potential gain was in two thousand and eleven float ended the year well as it was linked to a rebound in consumer demand and a recovering economy mark rubenstein from metropole explains why russian carrier will continue to interest investors in two thousand and eleven are for more on this stock said basically that you can use to play their theme of fast recovery consumer demand in russia which is fast recovering indeed and this is going to continue in my view in two thousand and eleven and there are flawed is certainly in the sector which is which is on the certain little sectors which has a high correlation with their consumer demand are flawed so there's going to be the beneficiaries of that growth because it's done in their line. and that's your business update for this hour but you can always find more business stories on our web site that's r t dot com slash business stay with us.
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the big.
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news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations are on the day. this is. a reminder now of our top stories southern sudan's upcoming vote on whether to become independent from the north gives hope to millions of refugees to they'll soon be able to go home christian dominated sound it is widely expected to choose to split from the mainly muslim north. thousands of total dogs falling from
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the sky becomes one of the latest examples in a series of unexplained animal deaths around the world some say in the making while others just. these young recruits to go through fire and water to protect their country has been given an exclusive look at how russia's a special forces trained to man the front lines in the fight against terrorism and . all those weather headlines up next is the second part of our special report on the difficulties facing the muslim community in the united states do stay with us. brooklyn surely is a place that represents the world community. the
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opportunity to teach arabic to students here in brooklyn i think is an opportunity that we we shouldn't we shouldn't miss. and so one people made statements that were truly discriminatory of course of pain me and said me. certain feel mongering groups the claim that the school would be a religious school which is a public school in america it could never be and it will not be these a situations with the scray strolled xenophobia and racist these outlets and groups should be ashamed of themselves we have a word in your dish a shine. i believe there is an apology oh to debbie on it's us that i've known her for almost twenty years and i can say that she has been a force of openness and cross cultural conversation believe me whenever there's a conference being organized to promote understanding between groups arabs and jews for example she is involved somehow either is the founder of or is an act of one
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just. after my forced resignation and really secluded myself from the public i knew that if i publicly spoke or indulge any information of what happened that it would have been danger and the schools opening. fire on the telly the early to reinstate m.p. on the task there as principal of the council on international i have. made. it i support this school because this school is a key. to understanding the great and beautiful tapestry which makes up this great city and even though the world has many conflicts and i'm assigned it i'm pro israel let me be clear about it. those are my commitments lifelong commitment but if the solution to the problems is to arise i believe will arise from new york if
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the solution to those issues that destroy the world and peoples that should fight then are much more in common then then then distinctions then i believe that the prophet the celestial will come from schools like this one confused me home oh. oh oh oh oh could it be him i would rather not go for important google play alone on elected officials to act as leaders not to plant or to racism or bigotry but to stand by what. i believe the old city needs to be careful not to mount the conservative element of the brands too many good jews understand this very healthy department of education is going to let tabloid newspapers influence policy is beyond me and it's atrocious and it's unacceptable if this is the deal only school why are they standing behind it as the mayor where is a. gray.
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area. why over thirty days is the arabic language such a threat. we found ourselves in the crossfire of a media war against dilute your brand academy because we produced t. shirts a few years ago that were the slogan in the fight n.y.c. . my name is money. i'm founding director of arab women active in the arts and media. the educational programs that we provide for young women are not your average kind of program that you would see for us we engage in media production. and the star from their backyards. the mission of a way to. basically encourage leadership among young women of color and community organizing with the focus being on empowerment through the media. once i was gone from school and then i stuffed inside the bus some old guy
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was sitting on his chair and he started cursing me and telling me all your tears you want to get rave go back to your country and he just comes out in no way says go back to your country you sound the latin would you stand me but that doesn't make me feel like i have to take my their life because it's part of my religion they're not going to change what i wear because other people hate what i wear and my be my religion but does that have to be that. you know they are and then. when the whole thing with the teacher blew up in august we were in the middle of our summer program. we got together with several other groups and formed the coalition communities in support of the senator brown international.
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intifada and why see it's not a call for a violent uprising in the big apple like the new york post stated it's actually a call for and power meant. it's also not of respect to the palestinian resistance against an illegal apartheid occupation people don't understand the word or they don't understand the palestinian struggle that's fine that's an opportunity for discussion and learning one of the videos that the girls have which is silence. and it really represents how drastically our were changed after the breaking of the news about our intifada t. shirts i'm still not dismissed that been discriminated against. and call the terrorist because that's a false statement. but he is good why the night and if it did the media know that thank you so much fun justice he should have the word intifada written on them so it all comes down to is who gets to define the father provocative or yes. do we
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have a right to use it yes. you know do i have regrets. what i regret is that we can't even have a discussion about the meaning of the word i regret that we had to play into the story in this way and that it had to turn out this way. as soon as the controversy head. hundreds of emails and continue even now receiving emails asking for t. shirts and we haven't gotten around to replying to any of them we weren't set up to deal with you know hundreds of demands for t. shirts and then there were also people who set up their own intifada n.y.c. websites and selling into fight and i see teddy bears and. you know doggie coats and the random as things it's really interesting. couple of stops from ground zero in new york city's first all arabic school is opening its opening today in the borough of brooklyn critics though and there are
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many say that it could become a city funded breeding ground for extremists on the first day of school we put together a welcome table we engaged in a lot of activities to show the parents that we were really welcoming them from the community at least they saw friendly face there and somebody who was smiling at them and had a big sign saying welcome and then when we all went home and watched our televisions that night the publicist who was not good at all. we need more arabic speaking people because we're in a war with the arabic speaking world right now or at least members of it and you know it's like in world war two we. should have more people that speak german but what this class is from what i understand what the school is is an arabic culture school we don't need to be teaching the arabic culture we don't need to be cheating the canadian culture we need to be teaching the american culture.
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my name is my cure my daughter serina mohammad she attends international cademy. my daughter was living with her mother she came to live with me last year so i had to get her into a public school and you took arabic every day. you know a a ticket to egypt. is there also a culture class or an arabic history class it's a story. we've actually been learning about like ancient rome greece a lot of stuff none of the other classes are based on anything we learn in immigrants.
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and early august of this year under pressure from the new york post and right wing bloggers representatives of the mare demanded that i resign as could be as principal as an arab american muslim born in yemen and raised in the united states establishing was my american dream. and how other turned into an american nightmare i have today my application to be climbing the principal of the polio gibran international academy right. i had also asked my lawyer to begin preparing a lawsuit against the department of education for violating my constitutional right .
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from the beginning. that. the first amendment issue was open and shut she quite clearly was discharged because of what she said about the intifada t. shirts what she said ought to be protected by the first amendment i think it's all wrapped up with the wider phenomenon of islamophobia and the enormous sensitivity by supporters of israel to anything that smacks of criticism of israel. i remember that day walking into the courtroom. and really. not having any you know feeling of confidence or you know i left it all in the hands of god.
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when the cross questioning took place by the lawyers from the city side it was just really intense the hardest moment for me was talking about my relationship with mayor or maybe trail reminiscing and all of the work that i had done to build bridges between the arab and muslim communities of new york city and his office and to see all that go down the drain was just really really painful. we all felt that testimony went well and i came out if they're feeling that. we had made our case. as the judge began reading the decision. there was sort of a visible and an auditory and some cases. you know of oh this is not the way this is going to go the judge didn't believe that my
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speaking to the new york post was protected speech and that my employer had the right to remove me if they wanted to know to me i thought that everybody get that we lost this i just found it stunning i thought of the study decision. to have a. three cabbie back afterwards we just walk over. to my lawyers office and we just sat there and we consult on next steps and immediately my lawyers were like we're going to appeal this for not letting this. it is. saying the thing in me and in the interview that
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was incorrect. to tie their. took it up when you look it up similar when you look it up you found me don't interrupt me when you looked it up you found her oh oh oh. interpretation of it was precisely correct fish fish or if it was a lot of words have more than one definition. you better not tell anyone what you found on google you're job may be in jeopardy here. for quite encouraged this was the first hearing at which there was a recognition but on the part of the judges that there's a real issue of substance here free speech discrimination free. speech is for the you can see it's need a reminder conference but we're just not usenet it's the response to her
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it's people believe i can't believe the city really wants to take that position that there is a disruptive response to a misleading article. today that unfairly quotes a city employee then then they get disciplined that that's a that's a very unattractive position for a city to take i felt that that day and the court of appeals there was just a sense of justice and a sense of accountability you know of holding the city and the department of education accountable for their actions against me and made me feel like ok we're going to get somewhere here the underlying issue is whether or not. merely by defining the word intifada to a newspaper reporter and generating some controversy one can lose a position with the lifo you see keep this she was denied the position on
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constitutionally she should get the position back several weeks later we received the court of appeals decision and so their decision was not to grant me the relief . however what they did. insist upon was that the case go back to the lower court. for a reexamination of the first amendment claim. a new principle consumers first entered the public school holly reich a former city teacher who also has international education experience this is the time to move forward to create the school that we all want and so i think that this is a challenge and it's it's a positive challenge we will have a dual language program and it will be outstanding.
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good morning my name is khalil of all i've come stop them and draw some way here this morning because we are concerned about the students being educated at. international academy what are you going to be taught at what we are afraid mike is a doctrine which would be empty western civilization the surrounding circumstances have given us enough cause to be very concerned about the teaching of arabic culture can be a form of indoctrination into a radical islamist regime i think what's interesting here is that it chews way despite how weak the argument is deprived of education actually caters to these organisations and they're the reason that the school is in trouble right now that we should find out who this lady is you know you can you tell if you are one of deputy from communities in support of them and this is one of the families just k.g. are you so she has an agenda i don't know what to. choose and a lot of you know contracts to go to her excuse me mr finkelstein if you want to
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tell you a miser a fine so you would please. refrain school you come to be an american you come to school not really i don't even know if your school is open to everybody and it's over everybody the main goal was to have fifty percent add to the fifty percent on average i would grow up and we would go into the country if you're over it to try. to oppose our religious christian what would happen would be could i have started also hope i am. the kind of stuff that you guys like to spread as not love everybody i think you'll hear it got a head scratcher oh it's how i am and am i what i thought you had a that out but i think oh i don't know i just speak out rejoice i doubt it is i say i could jam this now oh why would i see why when i go up and i think this is the most american institution or the window out of town again how come you're stressed out the door well go on down and this has no use trying to sell it as a gift or ways to help you trace out on i thought i was
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a discussion i ran or i think remember your goal to always with a fine for you is to think it's. ok you don't know who's using what he's doing here you also make fun of jewish friends is not the true way to go off and look for the jewish way. i do is i condemn jews who play to the church like. the energy here was intense and the attitudes of the people who are defending the school are aggressive i hope that you saw that i hope that other people saw it they are very physically aggressive at one point they were chasing me and all i was doing was taking pictures like you but you can play that again for the camera you called me a thinking that you know me your lawyer like you did they who are more here think very big thank you. for being with me. but. i've done more for public good for the love of the euro to get you into
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a war that. would work for the one you like that will go you go come aboard on a boat with a loaded gun. once you've got a good job like. it's a normal public school it's cute little energetic eleven and twelve year olds and that's one of the most disturbing things for me is that all these attacks are coming and then you look at our students and their kids here's a school that's meant to be innovative. and you cannot be innovative when you're under a microscope. the whole idea is to help reform public education and the main thing that the school was about is creating a high quality excellent education this will increase the understanding that our
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young people about the world. this is the world struggle in this tiny little ploy. was when you know what look. the left is always looking for a course on sunday they can go to demonstrations bush monday to go demonstrate for all my days are always it's love pro-american therefore. i've seen specials on t.v. about everyday americans who actually spend their time on the internet browsing sort of islamised chat sites and websites and kids are hunting down terrorists so that's how i see stuff in the major us i feel that they really think they're hunting down terrorists their primary objective was to shut down this school. and you know in figuring out how to do it they realize that the best way to go about it wants to go after its founding leader.
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and i just about are about this goal but there is a far bigger worry here and that is i do arabs and muslims and the post nine eleven here. is right wing groups fear the shit and the imbalance of the judio christian society that this country has been identified their biggest fear is this whole notion of this country becoming i think you know christian muslim society. what is wrong with that.
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