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tv   [untitled]    January 8, 2011 10:30pm-11:00pm EST

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i think russia is falling that has he chosen one thousand nine hundred ninety one but there have been ups and downs and i don't see any disk it was you know unity so i think we can become his future it started until ignoring the whole like you know when the country was afraid somebody asked you to describe it in russia in just three words what would those words be. the one who would be my pain was it wasn't gentlemen good to see them as a second to born your grasp of the modern russian to make small time nationality actually work multiple nationalities was what killed to solve it union on this. that it. would be dynamic. sometimes thank you very much thank you.
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children dow c.e.o. eight thousand by the end of elementary school five hundred sounds of violent acts by the age of eighteen. these television shows to video games to children. twenty four hour news channels is now the team every day's simulate a staple. in. places shakespearean those while those who say they are there first think about it while it is a good try to work hard to stick journalistic features but mostly the while it's good to see what i call have been coming to god came down from heaven and stopped oh. man oh man a mormon and a free one of one true or makes the pill easier to swallow.
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everybody was. wealthy british. what's really happening to the global economy. headlines tune into. broadcasting live from our studios in. southern sudan. from the north many displaced by ethnic violence in the country see it as an opportunity to return home and the vote starts on sunday the christian dominated south widely expected to choose
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independence from the mainly muslim north. to media you look. across the globe and the most recent. duty to the russian special forces unit preparing for the frontline against terrorism. now goes to the january sales. shows you where to find the best shopping deals in one of the world's most expensive cities.
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hello and welcome to the show that was millions around the world are recovering after the recent festivities most russians are celebrating the orthodox christmas this weekend but soon it's back to work for everyone and the colder weather is on its way to moscow but it's not all doom and gloom as january is the best time to go shopping subject this week's program the department store which we see here is one of the most glamorous places to buy clothes in russia. built between eighty ninety and one thousand nine hundred three located next to red square came one of the few stores in the soviet union that was not plagued by shortages of consumer goods today well it's all about expensive designer clothes first it's in to one of my favorite shops paul smith example of such design is that of open stores in russia
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this moscow shop opened in two thousand and six muscovites and. eccentric approach to the classical british style. now although the stores in cuba are generally expensive january is the best time to come shopping here you'll find terrific bargains during the sales and western designers such as paul smith. molly for example amazing clothes discounted prices striped fabrics smith's trademarks and those russians who can afford it have already joined the army of those already wearing. his goods on sale in dozens of countries here moscow was a huge step forward but this was a large event for the capital's fashion. store has been open for five years now. himself attended the opening of a special fashion show was organized with a cation and moving from boom to our next clothing location let's take
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a look at this week's entertainment news. the two hundred fifty fifth season at the bolshoi theatre has finished with the magical performance of the ballet the nuts. cracka states to peaceful music by tchaikovsky performance premiered at the bolshoi in one nine hundred sixty six and since then it's become the most popular show to see over the festive period. the ballet is a must see the perfect fairy tale treat for two thousand and eleven. this year has been announced as the year of italy in russia many events featuring the country's culture of being staged in moscow throughout the year a festival called the winter garden of arts has already taken place dedicated to the italian city body the event featured an art exhibition and showed concert by both russian and italian musicians and many other performances bringing the
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cultures of two countries closer together the. trumans close now but in a much lower price. to honey a second breath an english officer different to the moscow fashion scene it's. designer clothes that have been put to the back of unwanted presents sizes or simply. fashions secondhand old and decrepit. still find amazing clothes with amazing price tags. january sales. were out. of our first shop was opened over fifteen years ago the one we're in now is open just two years we get clothes from celebrities and less known people like their owners are tired of having them in their wardrobe we have very sales and discounts and only sell branded products from
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the world's top designers. second breath is among a group of small companies that understands. firing the. class from stresses to private school classes this is what most school needs more of and some retail industry insiders aim to change just that. located in the back streets just off the river this place is not easy to find but what's a gem is a must the code look as if they're brand new the collection is impressive the prices are low cost that's the regional price sounds good to me if i only did. sume one of the largest and most successful department stores in russia the stuff which is all gone is of moscow for the next for the israelis to shop to be seen after it's about chic and stylish prada gucci and dean g. code scanner was
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a lovely to meet you great to meet you so tell me about your position here in soon i'm a fashion their fashion director is the person who choosing the brands that supposed to be in the store to link this thread is the most popular this collection i have goal and. tell my buyers. what to buy how to buy so i know it soon as one of the best apartments souls in moscow but how would you explain the complex to somebody who doesn't know what it is to international department store in moscow. it's in the center of moscow it's been you know it alls toit's been building. and all this had a very patient with a pool while it's a closed and good service so. company mercury took it over six years ago i decided to do in that. department store most of us so everybody.
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they know they have to come to sort of a clothing industry has changed dramatically over the past decade. yes of course because you know. we have more and more stores more different with more of brands that will bring all over the world and of course you know twenty years ago we wouldn't even have a thing like this today. russia's international love me everybody here. our customers have a great days. with being the best. but the worst design is the. question that in this and this is the bell of a lot the last two years and we. know what does the russian design is and they explain you know we're looking at each season one one day for the russian is that it will have a space for them here and we. will be supportive of them and you also have many
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western design. showcase excuse me here. we have american designers in this we have any designers that. you know. they. have some love with it what they should everybody talks about i am the first one to run and get them for sale on the floor. to make it. very much. various international designers showcase the clothes that suit many of which are exclusively by presenting stool american brand recently launched his collection stance here the top model naomi campbell attending the event now moscow's fashionistas can join the label spans monkey research as in the co kidman janet jackson and brooke shields a controversial subjects in fashion many say that such glamorous coach wraps and
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hats on the city's. russian winter months living in america were almost soon before we all know that it's the biggest and the most important story here so for me. it's an hour's agree here to be able to bring my collection of very creative is wonderful department for me so i just needed to check so i didn't have to come back as the face of my company that really hurts everybody was crushed. not to spend a fortune on clothes even the most democratic brand sometimes give my clients a chance to explore design a fashion plate swedish company a.t.m.'s worked with several top designers to create special collections and the latest collaboration with one of the world's oldest fashion houses lundeen was a huge success london's signature styles box with h. and m. price tags sold out within a day in moscow and it's now called the sales in russia extraordinary. signature of is one of the best known designers in russia like sheep store in bars
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located in moscow is trying to select. a long search p.t.'s has been buried under its own cement charles has developed his own style mixing traditional russian patterns with contemporary culture in his designs the well known red black and yellow compacts into a centuries old as well as prince of serbia symbols on t. shirts and i closely associated with its name. there are several discount stores in. vintage here is one example they offer discounts between seventy and ninety of their. brilliant. credit card. calvin klein the clothes in here are cheap although from tasteless live the jackets to bright pink or green jumpers if you do you have to search for the perfect bargain in the eyes of the business i like to shop because there's a wide range of brands on sale here and you can find various clothes from casual to
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classic. isn't fashion heaven the high prices might put many off but still with many recent designers new shops and malls. hoping all the time things are changing here. if you're looking for something a little special i think with good research of local stores up and coming designers and new boutiques the city has a lot to offer. as a true sign of an evolving country recent crisis or not the fashion world in moscow is simmering with excitement but don't wait till it's all settled and up there with milan and paris. why not take part in the ride now and sales and discounts aside just remember to save you come. all this should definitely last me for a while unfortunately that's all the time we have on this week's program on clothes shopping in the russian capital i'll see you again at the same time next week so that for me and the rest of the by now.
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very. early. in the backyard i'm not landed we will not allow i'm not trying to prop up and then spread all over the country. virtually all terrorists today are muslim do we have the right to make such provoking of statements and do muslim schools have the right to exist. in do find new york city on our.
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world to. bring you the latest in science and technology from around russia. we've got the future covered. forces. during his service scorched the streets. participated in keeping down a military revolt. a sergeant in the u.s. army. tried to become an american by digging part in the. ranks and reasons but one thing brings them together once they decide.
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today. these are the images. from the streets of canada. today. as the southern sudan prepares for its historic referendum on whether to separate from the north many displaced by ethnic violence in the country see it as an opportunity to return home and the vote that starts on sunday the christian dominated south is widely expected to choose independence from the mainly muslim north. from doomsday predictions to media hype party look sad with the fallout from the mysterious deaths of fish and animals across the globe in the most recent
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incident over a thousand dogs have been found dead and italy. and the call of duty are teammates of the russian special forces unit preparing for the frontline against terrorism feared and revered the spetznaz are typically approaches the military. is here now with all the latest in sports. hello and welcome to the sports update here not see thanks for watching and here is what's coming up in the next ten minutes. liverpool manager roy hodgson leaves the glove with former red star canny dalglish replacing him at anfield until the end of the season. better as star season in style edging out of a damn go in because our open final to claim his first title of the year. and also
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russia's junior hockey team are still winning the under twenty world championships in the u.s. . and will begin with hockey as the newly crowned junior well champions are finally back home after spending a couple of days a buffalo airport the youngsters booted all of their fast fly due to what was described as behavior russia claimed the other twenty well title for the first time since two thousand and three the junior red machine boasting a series of stunning comebacks which saw them beat them up and sweden on their way to the final wedding faced bitter rivals the russians were trailing by three goals at the start of the size of period but full back in style scoring five without supplies for a five three fake tree when they finally made it back to the next generation of russian hockey stars received a hero's welcome at moscow's sheremetyevo airport. going over every mission throughout the tournament will playing better in that it. will reach
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the. liberal losing we just all got together some of those running for everyone who loves us inform the only don't follow tremendous victory is announce we've got a great team with great relationships between the leaders in the. moving on to the continental hockey league now well it might save all the new. overall he does despite these loss to minsk the game and in a shootout many locos still air in the point which was enough to replace. the rest of the schools out there as well that has been admitted over time for bids and. scott for two regions to register a five three one win over. and spartak moscow defeated struggling to beat is by saying you're in the capital. now the english premier league where kenny dalglish has replaced or hodgson as livable manager according to the club officials the
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previous coach left his post by mutual called sound. as their as manager last summer but has been on the pressure poor out of results recently a home defeat to wolverhampton and a loss of blood borne so the team dropped to twelfth place in the standings to just cool points of the relegation zone fifty nine year old dalglish will take the end of the season in what will be his second spell in charge at tanfield he won eight titles as a player and manager with the reds and also led them to their last league title back in one thousand nine hundred nineteen however dalglish has been out of management for over a decade since leaving celtic in two thousand. and stay with english football where the pick of seven days third round afaik up action so also will survive against leeds thanks to a late equaliser fabregas the birth of the spot in injury time to make it up to the gun as little league opponents open the scoring in the fifty fourth minute with another panel they want to draw means there will be
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a replay to decide the winner elsewhere stoke also drew the match with cardiff from birmingham where easy when i was. their fault and see that savile thing the premier league new york city suniel with blackburn posting on their own we know about rangers while sunderland went down to want to discount more fixtures involving top flight sides. ah there on your screen as well. and same with football as we had to doha where respect is stong asian cup hosts qatar in the tournament open to the first goal came in the fifty eighth minutes midfielder or do a member of taken over the bow midway inside the opponent's half to break into that normal range africa so one neelam with last on a quarter of an hour left in the midfield a set of a just par with two good vantage away clumsy defensive mistakes asia's player of the year intercepting guitars fast to deliver a confident finish. to neil forsberg stop.
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and was staying in doha where roger federer got off to a great start to the new season claiming his third qatar open title on saturday and federer unstoppable on his way to victory which was also his first in two thousand and two lab on the swiss were beating russia's defending champion nikolay davydenko in straight sets six three six four but actually great form i had of the first grand slam of the year of the australian open in melbourne. complete the season has already started and gone on the way and i'm already on the board was a title and this one is a big one you know rough it was part of it as a part of its own has been part of it so it was a really strong tournament to start off the two thousand and eleven campaign and you know. the top ten player not really what his ranking says at the moment he was really injured last year but he seems it's really come back and i'm very happy. and in perth the u.s. team have won big hop on hop off the beaten belgium have made the final episode on
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the beach with drew with an injury from a wild spassky steen a man first for them one out following her straight sets win over gaffney maddox and spa the americans are back on track thanks to john hughes there was a relatively easy victory against belmont is there a natural sounds and panned out to defeat belgium in the size of mixed doubles six one six three and flew into. a record six months. on the greens marcus briere and british open champion louis aust husan share the lead after three rounds of the africa open bria propellants himself through its all thanks to a solid three under seventy on saturday while also using carded a fool and sixty nine helped by and they go on the fifteenth the local favorite was able to match bri is overall result finishing the day on the park so. watch out adrift while drawing a line i believe the brandon grey stumbled through seventy second after this triple
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bogey at the sixteenth held. over in chile russian drivers retained the lead in their car elite trucks competition while in the bike section helder a druggist's was awarded stage six victory despite finishing second the boogies crossing the line behind can patch. was later reviewed as it did not follow the rule over a fifteen minute stop for a fueling the only spanned five minutes of the remaining time then added to news result. drop down to seventh wild or drug use claimed the stage of a trade mark o'mara however retains the overall lead while in the cars category carlos signs one hundred twenty four as the car stage style extending his overall advantage in the process the action resumes with stage seven on the following day. on the slopes saloon spindle and. victory in the world cup giant slalom in adult
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gold in switzerland the frenchman was down in twenty first place out of the for a strong but managed to prove dramatically wrong number two this time of one minute forty nine seconds moved into a lead that would be beaten had been six boston the morning and also improved his result later on which gave him a combined total of two minutes twenty five point eight seconds. equaling in the shah's time elsewhere american time the jedi finished in a disappointing twenty place to assume that all the long haul falls there weren't but here in kabul to remain on top of the giant overalls and the screen go in second and rashard. and finally two thousand and ten ounce all the formation of a new league in russia the country's basque loves united and the professional basketball league why do most of the look at how the p.b.s. is improving.
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this is one of the best leaks in europe at least in terms of the playoffs and every tweet just be that's until recently russian flag basketball was like in a structure that was also shaken by jussi referees stand a lot samari therefore the ration of in a tone of the street was just a matter of time and modern standards normal we need to provide a professional petition is to organize there in the best we've the marketing. what's wrong with the clubs or. towards some serious decisions that the leak now consists of dan lots from several different regions of russia the c.b.l. we'd like to extend his geography but so far the study on the glass that they're rated to meet their requirements each team has to bear on different hundred thousand us dollars and for us to be at the beginning of the season and their arena
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should have a capacity of at least three dollars. something so radio look solid in the d.l.c. for example the leak is very competitive it was only around twenty percent there was also initially it was a wider than ten point margin between the teams but there are just a song for now each has to be t.v. for games to be shown something unimaginable for well established beasts there is a big problem with sports marketing russia's gross ratings or for sports programs is very poor compared to the shoals in some things programs and russian television. of course he said that it's not interest income to produce those programs there's. custody and now the big concern over recent years has been the quality of french fried. in the game it's called just world from the unhappy this is the season it's against them the league has hired some young officials but
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so far still has to abide foreigners to officiate the big games almost that much else i just say the refereeing was high quality at the beginning of the season but at least it was more neutral i think there should be a competition between the referees as well which would make them better. get back to the e.p.l. is only coffee year old and has a mountain to climb to make a big spectacle out of russia plop a basketball stamp stover's piece of the meat and the league has set a date of march twenty seventh for its first ever star game but in mr mock our team . that's led doesn't spoil for the moment coming up shortly as the weather stay with us. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice faced.


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