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tv   [untitled]    January 8, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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face with the news makers. and.
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all. in indonesia oh geez available in the ground you have a ton of shirts
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a media hotel the ritz carlton hotel motel hotel new millennium hotel in china you can seal it sends hotel mccown rocks hotel my car grand lido hotel macau seventy schmeichel resort hotel salted the south. wind resort mcmullen beverly plaza hotel macau riviera hotel mcconnell cintra hotel mccown. as a southern sudan prepares for its historic referendum on whether to separate from the north many displaced by ethnic violence in the country see it as an opportunity to return home. all we know is that fireworks or weather could not cause five thousand black merge to have a liquefied insides from doomsday predictions to media hype party looks at the fallout from the mysterious deaths of fish and animals across the globe.
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and the call of duty our team mates of the russian special forces unit preparing for the front line against terrorism. broadcasting live from the center of moscow where it is seven o'clock on a sunday morning this is r t i'm sean thomas and let's take a look at our top stories. millions of sudanese are preparing to vote in a referendum that could see one of africa's poorest and most troubled nations split into two countries in the vote that starts on sunday the christian dominated south is widely expected to choose independence from the mainly muslim know one of the week long ballot is being held as part of a peace deal which ended decades of civil war in two thousand and five thousands
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sought refuge in israel a place considered an enemy state by the sudanese government party's policy or met some of the refugees to ask about their hopes for the upcoming historic vote. the road to freedom is long and its role wasn't their first choice egypt was but as the thousands of refugees fleeing sudan found themselves under assault in cairo by a police force trying to clean up the streets the decision to cross over into israel seemed and logical one israel is near from here and israel is. and they do this country. but the journey was long sometimes on foot sometimes penguins to drive them you have to cross the border and coming to the israeli border with the. measure of the sort of not to see you otherwise you would be something shooting
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and to me a marshal made actually three years ago with his wife and four children he watched friends and family die along the way some were shot some died of hunger. but it's all doesn't really know what to do with these refugees last year alone eighteen thousand arrived just from sudan and eritrea is always a party to the convention on the status of refugees which means a constant way fiji's back home if this would risk their lives but keeping them here is becoming more and more difficult. benjamin corey arm works as a cleaner in a hotel and struggles to make ends meet. i didn't go to my unit. and thousands of sudanese share his story poor homes no jobs little money and it's too dangerous to go back to sudan.
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is is again . if you were going to northern sudan you would be king and sudanese leaders have said as much if the authority is. really the northern government of sudan finds out that the person has sought asylum in israel this person would be in in serious risk of persecution southern sudan is holding a referendum on whether to separate from the north and become an independent state it's the final stage in a peace agreement that ended twenty two years of war many of them have has spurred from being in israel for such a long time with no rights whatsoever the people realize that they don't really have a future here and people are also homesick and benjamin moore not sure what to do
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home beckons despite the risks. of those who don't it is pretty. i will decide. policy or r.t. southern israel a recent spate of unexplained mass animal deaths across the globe has conspiracy theorists and doomsday believers predicting impending calamity even scientists are struggling to find a rational explanation for all of the events or. takes a look to see if there's really something fishy going on or if it's just media hype sing a song of suspense one where the end is nigh has thousands of black birds so out of the sky and when the birds were found the news began to sing the end of days conspiracy does have a catchy ring. at first it was just arkansas grabbing the world's attention then who is e n a followed suit and your bra filled some feathers with mysterious avian
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death since wieden experts attempted to calm the public by suggesting the birds got scared of fireworks or flew into trees and cars because of bad weather and we know is that fireworks or weather could not cause five thousand black birds to have a liquefied insides that's what the fish and wildlife veterinarian sad they've never seen anything like it now we're seeing the same polarization of the insides of black birds they are dad when they hit the ground they are dying in the night while they're roosting in trees but then one hundred thousand dead fish joined up on us shores and that seem to have opened the floodgates i think the media is by and large not proportional actually under us meaning how serious it is so i believe there are multiple causes but basically they all mean that the entire planet i was an uproar that we have a toxic release of gases and changes in the oceanic currents that now means the
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entire well current system is no destructive for those not very impressed with the scientific explanation there's always the religious one fanatical bloggers have once again started flooding the world wide web with end of days posts and the international media storm for news during the slow post christmas month of january is having a field day. if you are asked to call sooner rather than later contacts today. you could not even get down the road without running over hundreds it was that bad with more and more mysterious deaths around the world fish in brazil australia and new zealand crabs in the u.k. the frenzy is growing and the headlines scream a coocoo lips these fishy stories looks set to continue stealing the media spotlight at least until scientists have had a chance to examine the dead animals or you know the world comes to an end whichever of course happens first. catherine as our r.t.
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moscow miami based vet pedro luis of told r.t. that these types of events have indeed happened before and a thorough investigation is needed. it's impossible to say for sure what's happened to the birds and fish until proper investigations are held in fact i don't believe that these events are interlinked they followed one after another and that attracted universal attention it's not the first time that the world is observing such phenomena it's happens in other countries too the moment the investigation in arkansas claims an autopsy has revealed the bird suffered from internal bleeding but the research has yet to be completed we could also be dealing with some new virus so usually it is another possible explanation but i repeat that food investigation is needed to establish the cause of what's happened and find a scientific explanation for it and still ahead for you this hour communist boogey
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men. seems they're getting a new lease of life the fathers of socialism attract new admirers and financial crisis in america. a russian factory ship with hundreds of people on board remains trapped in the frozen waters of russia's far east it was part of a convoy stranded over a week ago the other vessels have been successfully freed from the ice now a powerful icebreaker is expected to arrive later on sunday to help complete the rescue mission strong winds snow and two meter thick ice ever hamper the rescue mission officials say the people on board are no danger though and they have plenty of supplies to get through the entire ordeal. the u.s. is planning to send another fourteen hundred marines to afghanistan to bolster fragile gains against insurgents the move comes as president obama's july two thousand and eleven withdrawal deadline approaches artie's military contributor
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says what matters is how this french fresh batch of troops is you. the latest technical shift that is supposed to happen in afghanistan it's an additional beef up of u.s. marines in the southern part of the country going to the latest data the u.s. marine corps is expected to beef up its deployment the question is who cares whether it's going to be just the same static twenty thousand or just another one thousand marines the kershner difference is to what purpose real this additional marines serve the key issue here is that helmand province is a u.s. marines sanctuary and it could make or break they new military campaign in southern afghanistan and define the future of afghanistan itself and the future of the u.s. military presence in afghanistan and beyond if american marines really gann be used
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and abused in full accordance with the policy of safeguarding the drug lords and their slaves in helmand province then they will be remembered in afghanistan in generations to come as the most expensive suckers of the exploit of the drug and warlords in afghanistan who are deployed to safeguard yet another record breaking opium harvest in hell manned and beyond. now on to some other international news in brief for you this hour a congresswoman has been seriously wounded and at least six others killed by a gunman in the u.s. state of arizona the shooting took place during a public appearance by democrat gabrielle giffords at a store in santa to sock and she was shot in the head at point blank range and is now said to be in critical condition some eighteen others have also been wounded
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police say the suspected attacker is in custody. u.s. authorities have ordered the messaging the web site twitter to hand over personal details of people linked to wiki leaks the district court in virginia wants all accounting information including user names phone numbers addresses and payment details with the leaks founder julian assange and the icelandic p.r. among them in the u.s. a criminal investigation is looking at a song his involvement in the leaking of thousands of classified documents. says it wants to reopen two way talks with saul as soon as possible to settle the situation on the korean peninsula the north offered to start negotiations without preconditions this month it's the second such proposal from pyongyang this week the south dismissed the first one is insincere relations between the two koreas abruptly deteriorated after the shelling of a south korean island in november that left four people dead each side blames the
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other for firing first. in times of rising unemployment and poverty in the united states the idea of social equality is beginning to seem appealing to some so much so that the works of marx engels and even lenin are going through a resurgence of sorts lord later went to meet a few of america's socialists. in the very first sentence of the economist manifesto in the. specter hangs over europe. like. in modern day us the specter of communism hangs over the bottom floor of a brick building on the west side of downtown new york city the wrexham started out actually as the new york marks of school in one nine hundred seventy five here communism is certainly no bogeyman and its poster a philosopher so to speak is revered marxist and i wanted to be around other marxists and and just to talk with them the more sense in the u.s.
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that may sound a little taboo even unpatriotic to the average joe but these days amid rising poverty and inequality in the country more and more people are joining in the discussion certainly since the kind of the economic crisis where the financial crisis kind of hit home and a lot of people realized you know there are some systemic problems we saw a huge increase in. traffic here people opening their eyes to a different view here people's histories poster project wherever you look you can see a chapter of events not found in history books they don't realize that that haiti was the first free black republic in the western hemisphere you know and historically they've been punished because of it. choose a door and behind it you may find any number of leftist social movements left out of mainstream news here are. these carolers are urging a boycott of israel because of its policies towards palestine and the building of
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illegal settlements in the west bank five days forge a great nation sure it. was a hero i think that was behind another door you could hear the discourse left out of many american colleges that failed that it was just an amazing world of knowledge that i had never been exposed to so. people also just play poker with the side of political analysis you don't hear on cable the whole struggle. you know the immigration story this is cars that have stranglehold. though we're at the marxist school the people we've spoken to here are calling for any kind of proletariat revolution no violent political uprising but everywhere you look the history in the philosophy of communism is here you can see all of the
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works of marx engels over here is lenin even here the writings of joseph stalin and the version of monopoly that they play is called class struggle to prepare for life in capitalist america where the object is to win the revolution of workers when it's socialism it capitalists when it's barbarism talking to people around the breck form it seems many are trying to implement the change they're studying without uttering their ass or c. is in communism word now it's become more positive to say progressive or less whatever you want to call it they are actively trying to solve the problems and inequality they see in the country which is an attempt to make change but maybe right now it's not in terms of a revolution but of working from within which you can call any number of things but probably not unpatriotic lauren lyster r.t. new york and you can check out our t.v. dot com for more news and analysis of what's lined up for you right now. in europe
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sees a spike in the number of arrested terror suspects question whether poor background checks among asylum seekers are to blame also. i've been trying to figure out how all my would find out about your country is that mystical messengers between humans and spirits the ancient tradition of shamanism lives on in some. remote parts of russia for more head to our team dot com. download the official. called touch from the. life on the go. video on demand. and r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. question on the dot com the kremlin telegram of russia's armed forces spetznaz are on the front
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line in the fight against terrorism with a reputation for intense training and tactics they're revered and feared the world over. i. it may look like a scene from a hollywood blockbuster but the special forces are very real. these young soldiers part of the country's internal forces are preparing to meet and his friends their country may face the history of special units all spetznaz in the russian army goes back centuries that tactics and techniques have evolved dependent on the key challenges of the time but these guys have always been the lead and in the twenty first century they are on the front line of the fight against terror as siege hostage taking for these youngsters these are life like scenarios from training none have yet taken part in a real operation. day by day they learn how to act effectively face to face with an
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enemy that is exhausting both physically and mentally but for many facing their own fears remains the hardest thing. for him said to belong to the elite but of course i am human and i do my fears to cope with them is a resolder is number one most challenging. left turn and colonel and dre for ryan face here to healthy young boys deal with that oh no the order of courage was serious in chechnya and the crimson berry the top space not all are similar to america's greenberry he knows how to take control of human nature was full of many sportsmen come to us and fail only twenty percent managed to prove they deserve it as a true spitz not soldier is a fusion of physical insurance and what may be even more important emotional maturity. countering terrorism is pat's not spatiality
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but they could be sent to any kind of emergency if it threatens the country's security in mid december when the russian capital was hit by a wave of. nationalist riots spetznaz soldiers were on standby close by. some may say that's no job for special forces but for the police we don't agree there is the order and we have to carry it out as well as we can that's it. you are . all of these young soldiers a conscript a year at least. many say they'll stay for longer sign a contract and continue as professionals in the. race notion r t. indeed with the barry on top now up next our two talks to a renowned french historian about russia's past present.
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and i'm going to have them call structure of history and humanity when i was secretary of the french science academy and the woman who predicted the breakup of the soviet union in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight in her book the laps of an empire is here with us today. thank you very much my dumbed down course for your time. in your recent book between two walls you talk about russia can we presume
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from the title that you think russia still hasn't found its place in the wall. at the knees so. we're not exactly what the book says that russia. made these kind of decision but over the past ten years he's been pursuing two different paths rather than one word what i've been trying to explain is that after the soviet union disintegrated russia rushed to your door but as you have does not offer a warm welcome it's just a beginning of this century a russia's foreign policy has been focusing on two directions rather than on one on the one hand which fall courses on the west and the other hand because it was joe graphical physician has decided to position itself as a nation we can't really quickly it gives it a greater pristine and influence in the world has been pursuing this policy for more than ten years now and has broad great success as out of the twentieth century russia's international reputation around the world was not very good but now after
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the past decade it's our office that is even reckon it's a big change russia has taken a very important step forward and in my opinion this president is irreversible you know russia has become a world of power with a fair proportion to be there next to him in your introduction you raise the question of whether russia should be fear of it do you mean that being pirogue russia and the other soviet union which you were used to be afraid of and you are still alive. to think that gave up on this there not only in europe with the collapse of the soviet union it was not until. it happened overnight many countries primarily love to solve it influence the eastern european countries and countries that used to be part of the soviet union but are now independent states did not understand russia and are afraid of it as eastern european countries have become e.u. members have showed a few years and passed them on to the law saying that russia used to be an empire
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so why should cease being an empire and can't be trusted now that is in the past has been forgotten by now people have already. russia is missing its own past but time has shown the georgia for example which has always been saying that it wants to save itself for russia that's why it wanted to access need to feel that russia will dominate georgia again in york i think that's a few years originate from some kind of misunderstanding on the breakup of the soviet union because it was so sudden no one could adjust themselves to use immediately all the european amma prior's have a collapse but he collapsed after decades of preparation you were in russia itself was not ready to throw you don't believe in russia's imperial ambitions just right i don't believe it or i'd rather say there was some kind of innocent algeria but that's a completely different saying ok what your country can forget overnight that it
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used to be a powerful empire but russia has common sense despite the fact that some russians say used to be so good and that is a shame is forgotten about it for a still russia where people in specifical is an hour ahead of common sense and there to stand too well that it's over and it's russia's future is not to be an empire but rather to build up its reputation and eloquence via subtle our rather than by force. that's why does europe and yet russian out. a russia is needed because the entire history of international relations is moving away from europe it's played out in asia even the us a significant role is refocusing its foreign policy on asia so you're aware of the huge current that will plays a big role loci in asia or latin america but that's a direct question now what is the current state of european asian relations europe
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is of no interest asian view europe as a landmass that tweeters the pacific ocean the russians you're of are not a whole picture. there was an alliance of resentment is sailing europe reaches the pacific tough and this is the reason you're a flea's russian and i'm not sure if russian is europe but europe at the moment of need for russia well of course so worth my time and on course at one point you predicted the collapse of the soviet union any new forecasts for more than russia. that's the fear now i don't really feel very good as you saw when i was writing about the soviet union i didn't see it as a full cost or a look is it good to eat and saw so many there negative elements that i couldn't help but ask myself how long will it last i don't make forecasts as a rule the story of how i look at the past and try to figure out what's happening in the present i think russia has come
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a long way over the past twenty years it is having some difficulties as countries do it's not easy it is reducing the marquess of capitalism it didn't bust in europe centuries to do that or it's doing it within twenty years ending so easily i think russia is following the path he chose in ninety one ninety one but there have been ups and downs but i don't see any disk it was your duty so i think if we can become about russia's future it's starting to look the more of the like you know around the country as i was before if somebody asked you to describe modern russia in just three words what would those words be. the frost one would be might say which it wasn't until years ago and this is the melissa this second newborn aspect of the modern russian awakes multinational ety actually work multiple nationalities was what killed the savage union on this. this year the so.


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