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tv   [untitled]    January 14, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EST

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it's all falls down here this is on t.v. you should make use of real debate on the lam nuclear arms reduction treaty with washington the us senate house already approved the deal a mosque a promise is to wraps up by the trees even at the end of the mall it will slash the two countries nuclear arsenals while its. burden says it will want its own probe into the plane crash that killed the country's president who also accept the conclusions of an official report which found pilot error among but causes but called it incomplete like you could get much of it is political news died of the spill let's get dissolved last april. washington and american
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n.g.o.s stand accused of supporting both governments and opposition movements worldwide in the out attempt to hijack freedom us it gives itself a perfect score in terms of the past and society while claiming democracy is on the decline across the globe. although soviet times along. joining modern goes back in time to explore the culture of the u.s.s.r. in today's russia moscow. sure. your. turn on her.
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hello and welcome to the program on this week so i will be going back to the u.s.s.r. and even with its tumultuous history it wasn't all about politics and suppressive sevi it's how i was brought about amazing technological advances it's easy octets or soto you mustn't under is as we take a look at culture and life as it was decided. on top of the museum is the famous statue the look and collectors phone women old and how much the sickle at almost twenty five which is why the sculpture was made by vir most enough for the nine hundred thirty seven welsh in paris the sculpture is an example of the socialist realistic an object of style division to an impasse was almost twice as long the feature length which ran into the shit buster along innovation the sculpture was returned to his place of the oldest exhibition center in assembly two thousand and
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eight is that it of this culture was restored in absolute shambles go from finesse original some fragments however were made from scratch and they were more or less destroyed over time is no way to the soviets this exhibition area used to be a display of achievements of socialism killing selling the stock of texture and office there was several exhibition holes in the museum that teaches he highlight the busines progression to its current location is also impressive why collection of all that was created to help the soviet union from top again that's a soviet there are many holes inside the museum here a large pots on. and even though most aspects of culture was under government control. so we're all pieces of the highest amounts of various. around the world. and moving on let's take a look at this week's entertainment news.
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to become the place to shop for many of the capitals. with. fast fashion as it's. being sold. to a fast food restaurant with views of. the complex. exhibitions of contemporary art. world of richer kipling's jungle book the spine exhibition which is currently under splay at the state and. it features hundreds of illustrations to famous books by the british writer providing a glimpse into the amazing animal world rare editions of kipling stories provided by the state library are also showcased for the collections highlights of pictures drawn by the author himself. with a menu comprising of a wide range of traditional russian dishes the city
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a cafe on to the square is this is the center of. the experience of life in the soviet union and sixty's seventy's. various of the posters barons murals and statues decorate the cafe which because i don't think it's all under. seal is more like a museum meets a fiend restaurant. with its traditional service sounds playing this group back eatery is the place for cheap for various serving it's. back to the u.s. his song well i think we found out. that many. times they come here that bunch of berks and remember the past we try to keep the soviet atmosphere the reality here. and there we have it's a common enemy or three hundred and fifty rubles that's around five dollars gold
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price of land slightly worried about the quality and how it tastes well i'll find out syrian. this place is amazing this. is for the sick well i can't say the least bad for my soviet meal here you try this say it's all stand intrusively tradition and i've got bullish on the largest dollop of smithtown. more six like a crown great strength and that's. saying it's history is trying. this is. decency. actually it's not out of her reminds me of a cornish pasty which we have the. other
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soviet style experiences and you find in moscow today located next red square room number one is a rebuilt version of the traumas soviet food store founded in the one nine hundred fifty s. the fascinating architecture and styles of two shopping the new shop opened at the same place and has the same glamorous serviettes design however you may now buy food from almost any post the world here and any time as the stores open around the clock. reopen crane is one of seven six inches high rise buildings traces during the stone. it. is the. great museums.
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and finally the place full of the communist era spirit is the hotel. suite used by gandhi and margaret thatcher. this is his most traditional restaurant located in the same building. from. this week's gets. to me. thank you very much. and you arrived. nine hundred fifty. light. i would say it wasn't very. very
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. no signs of anything no advertisement in the streets or anything i can tell you for one example but there was a big billboard in the city where first lived in the eastern ukraine a huge billboard saying eat ice cream it's nutritious and tasty but no brand marks it we. stayed on their wrists. there is only one brand of ice cream you could buy just as there is only one brand of beer you could buy it
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was a most of it was draft beer there wasn't any bottled beer at that time but as far as i can remember a final question george is that anything that you miss about the seventy i'll be honest with you martin i can never forgive the taste of the ice cream that was sold in the new department store in red square it's called. which means department store and i understand that people from all over the country who would come in to visit moscow. by all means go to this department store and taste the wonderful ice cream i can still taste the. face as well joyce it was lovely to meet you thank you . thank you and we look forward to hearing you more on all three. final location it was mostly outside. friends begin scouring the country to rescue
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these next machines. so far they've located dozens of them doing their best to bring them back to life in the cold war grapes. this next location will bring out all of the museum of soviets are paid games and there are dozens of. space invaders to ceasing galleys they range from nine hundred sixty five all the way to ninety ninety one and best of all is that they're all in working order you just need a fifteen pack piece in the same as the museum. provides. movie theaters train stations and recreation centers across the u.s. the south packs with these games sales to go after the first suv you arcade machines appeared in the mid eighty's quickly becoming popular with kids soon growing up so long and into people queued up in gaming who is known to run out of cooling so i could stay and watch other people play like i could get away with a supercomputer a little something people had knew it's a good time at least attractive millions of soviet people. they still largely on
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the japanese or american designs factories produced some seventy different video game models however the productions of the game ceased but the collapse of the u.s.s.r. . and from say the arcade games to museums cafes and shops there are many soviet fiend experiences still to be found in modern day moscow and today many aspects of russian culture are still influenced by the shadows of soviet life fusing such a vibrant past with the capital this present delivers a unique historic culture social diversity and present a deep rooted russian style well unfortunately that's all the time we have in this week's moscow out back to the u.s.s.r. i'll see you again at the same time next week from all cultural events is around the russian capital until then from a crew inside the crazy well it's a soviet occupation games are now. going to have to have another.
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the culture is the so much different there's a huge business there's a power on the mark was punching in fear increased violence and radicalism is tearing pakistan apart can ican treat it is so polarized printing.
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machines would be soon which brightened if you knew about zones from funds to question the subform. starts on t. dot com.
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russian law made reopen the debate on a new clear all introduction treaty with what's going to the u.s. senate has already approved the deal the moscow promises to wraps up by the new treaty by the end of the month it will see one of the two countries nuclear arsenals my. opponent says it will launch its own probe into the plane crash that killed the country's president also except the conclusions all the unofficial report which found pilot error of among the police and the police in complete like a kid skid marks of poland's political elite doubling in the smolinski dissolve last april. washington and american n.g.o.s down to cuba supporting both governments out of all position in recent world wide in an attempt to hijack the freedom the us gives itself
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a perfect score in terms of offense the society while claiming democracy is on the decline across the globe. it goes balls up they now would you go away. this is sports day here on twenty four hour r.t. i mean you know me these are headlines this are. all change the merry go round that is the top of the cage shell table has a new leader once again with up on guard taking full advantage of enough force. to reality on city rivals outlet eco in the first leg of their cup of the ray quarterfinal. club med we look at heart rushes the libyans have turned to their favorite spot in the sun in preparation for london twenty. more not just a moment but let's start with the continental hockey league where there is another
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new team at the top of the tree often card sitting pretty at the summit after they pizza beer akbar suffered a surprise defeat to beliefs they are making their move at the start of the second period to open the scoring but the home team equalized less than ten minutes after the alexander trying to cough them on tying perceiving that trend of treating goals continue with alexy who can funding a brief advantage to the visitors in the third until the fools then right there to answer minutes later for severe regulation neared its end the much winner toggle ever would belong to scoring in the ensuing overtime to put the game away three to how it ended. that single point for of unguarded enough to topple akbar's off the summit after the champions lost to want to after a list metre bourse second after their win over to. forest full of them while
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slipped to fourth after a seven six defeat to. elsewhere a truck tour lost two three two after a shoot out. because the nets fell to. a surprise win over burris. for at that brings us on to football where real madrid's quest for a first cup at the rate title in almost two decades looks only up today the. first leg lead in the quarter final clash with cross-town rivals athletico it was all going to plan early on though for the visitors to the burnaby zero clear of the tournaments up to twenty ten world cup a day before saving his team having to take the penalty half a dozen minutes in it was essentially one way traffic after that however because they're coming on fourteen minutes ahead of sergio ramos. when we came to only our mark a superb using ball in the atletico six yard box by a poem by christiana i heard they would enter their second leg to call the
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page right out the death of mr who is ill saying thanks very much to me all let's see out there he called the fans three one was the school. on the n.b.a. hardwood the heats are cooling fast falling fell to a second straight loss this time to the denver nuggets miami all-stars to wayne wade and chris bosh are going to take the floor with it's raining m.v.p. le bron james to stop it with a sprained ankle and while the beach faithful are hoping for a what will likely be a quick return for james denver counterparts could be seeing the last of this month munting stranding the future of carmelo anthony ahead of the february twenty fourth trade deadline in the mean time he finished with twenty one points but no good showing some high tempo against the depleted g.r. smith contributing twenty eight points of his own team winning by twenty eight in what proved to be a high scoring one hundred thirty one one zero two victory. two other games on the
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night oklahoma city thunder are enjoying their time in the spotlight they haven't lost a nationally televised game all season pulling all. so they are under logic by the slimmest of margins in this one russell westbrook recording his fourth career triple double with thirty two points henry vi and thirteen assists in the timberwolves kevin love wasn't in the mix the fraction of moves against the wizards is thirty five points eleven rebounds have been washington stay with us on the road this. is all into boxing where britain derek just sora is in culture after adding another title shot against world heavyweight champion. british commonwealth champions that was originally due to take on the ukrainian shortly before christmas but the fight was called off after to school picked up an injury german based will start as big favorites on bill enjoy the packing of the vast majority of the crowd when the opening bell rings on april thirtieth however sora
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sees the expected hostile atmosphere will bring out the best and have. it won our books in front of like. two hundred three hundred people. i don't get my stride but when i'm books in front of thirty nine thousand people rooting for me to leave when i get my stride so i think the energy of the people in reno is going to boost me up with me being these guys so i'm just excited right. now it's all going to plan for the russian heavyweights the latest edition of the car rally which just two days to go six time champion can boast a thirty minute lead over compatriot fergus could be off in the truck section of the event the sorrow of the car with the title number seven within touching distance after winning stage. the forty one year old set to become so owner of most
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titles in the truck category with victory. is seeking redemption in the cars event the multi-talented kotori finished second behind for the suns last year two minutes . second the margin the smallest gap in race history the former olympic games clear pigeon shooter w.r.c. rally driver holding a fifty one minute lead this season in the bikes to time to car winner mark. fifteen minutes ahead of sort of the pray who won the stage. let's head finally to cyprus the training venue of choice for russia's limping team the decorated pentathlon section of the squad recently spent some time there now they've won medals at every game since nineteen sixty four an incredible record on one will be hoping to further in london next year among cos rev reports. cyprus has been one of the softer resists nations for many years but a couple of decades ago this mediterranean a lot and has become a training base for many russian and i think athens and this story is about the
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national modern that's a long seen first off a bit of history for those unfamiliar with this highly competitive olympic disciplines with roots that spread all the way to ancient greece just like in modern pentathlon back in the day the sport also consisted of five events at the ancient olympics the athletes competed in a stadium foot race discus and javelin throw the long jump and wrestling as the greeks modeled each event in accordance with the skills with perfect soldier at that time toward modern along with the new events was added to and south long by the founder of the present day when the games were on pierre de coubertin on now back to the present day russia and its predecessor the soviet union have been winning podium places in men's events in every single impi and that it's important since that celko games in one nine hundred sixty four that's a record the country would certainly like polled on the london games in one to twelve however the ladies are hoping to make an impact as well all battle muscle
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competition for a place on the national team is very high specially for the men steen the drop out rate for women is quite high though as the sport is not for everyone however i was seen as a healthier and able to get great results in very finest work some of our gals have even become european and world champions within just two he is cyprus has over three hundred sunny days per year and that works perfectly with the national team's winter plans when it's impossible to train outside practically anywhere in russia and saturates requires certain infrastructure for their preparation and this has been providing just that to separate hosts sometimes even go beyond traditional requests by their guests to get a spot hotel where we stayed provided us with a shooting range despite the. fact it is almost impossible to get a permit to shoot in a residential area but still they managed to find a way to make shooting possible for us so they do everything they can to help us in our training they're very hospitable and very attentive to separate economy depends
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largely on series and during the so-called off season most enterprising hotel owners welcome the athletes from russia and other european countries the hotel hosting the national modern pentathlon same has been doing just that for the last twenty years a successful business originally started by his father continues to thrive according to the current owner to get many athletes coming to such area due to the good with it and. we start from swimming we get out of paralympic teams and to from triathlon a lot of cyclists visit us because the weather is perfect for outdoor training and . financial that we see we get to meet a lot of athletes and movie come very good friends with them to separate government recognizes the financial gains from visiting sports teams and continue to modernize their facilities but in the case with the russian athletes all russians in general
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it's about more than making money and supporting the economy. superior russians because they consider them our loyal friends not just in learning but all across cyprus the russians have stayed by our side when a super republic was going through hard times plus your athletes show us a great example of russia has some of the strongest athletes in the world the russians win a lot of medals in the olympic games and world championships that we set an example to superheat athletes and we take great pleasure in the fact that they choose to come here to train each winter before the summer olympics the island of cyprus turns into a major sports training camp with athletes arriving not only from russia and other eastern european countries but western europe as well is a pretty big tournaments in the courts for this mediterranean nation well it certainly has all that directors it's room on cost of artsy learning cyprus. certainly beats the snow in moscow this month anyway and that is all your sport for
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now i'll see you soon where the weather's next. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on. it.
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