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tv   [untitled]    January 14, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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this is r d seven thirty in the morning here in moscow and these are the headlines the russian state energy company of british petroleum have announced a major deal to jointly develop arctic oil and gas fields includes a stock swap between the companies giving both a. stake in each other. or arms reduction treaty between moscow and washington is approved by the russian parliament and the second of three readings the start which was signed last year has already been given the go ahead by the u.s.
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senate. just is despite no extradition treaty between washington and kabul terrorist suspects are being sent to stand trial in u.s. courts critics say the process could mean america is in the international wall. and the second part of the old yana show from our washington studios is up next. we've got. the biggest issues good voice ceased to face with the news makers. tonight we have a bit of an unconventional tool time segment they were how we first told you about the robot robot that's going to be appearing on jeopardy to take on real guests well it turns out that the robot named watson did his first test run yesterday
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against two jeopardy most successful contestants ken jennings and brad rutter and it turns out that in this demonstration around watson schooled the two brainiacs i mean it doesn't make sense right after all he is an i.b.m. computer who is capable of performing eighty trillion operations per second but now that we know how powerful this watson computer really is we're going to make our tool time winner tonight the human race and why because this is clearly the first sign of robots and machines taking over. the strategy. our it's a maybe we're not talking terminator level here but seriously is this the beginning first robots dominate jeopardy next the world or we come up people we are creating machines that are smarter than the smartest people on earth that's artificial intelligence and all i have to say is that when machines really do take over don't
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come crying to me because you should have never started this entire man versus machine thing to begin with and that is why the human race is tonight's to all time winner. now could cite if i meet real life in the military the department of defense has learned about a new report from a group of scientists who are proposing of the d.o.d. begin collecting complete genetic information. on all military personnel now why would they want to do this apparently the scientists claim that mapping genes could give the pentagon the ability to select members of the military for certain genetic predispositions in other words creating genetic soldiers now the report outlines factors in genetic mapping things like physical and mental performance response to medicine environmental exposures the ability to tolerate tough conditions the ability to heal bones lacerations or other types of injuries so basically the goal here is to find out the weakness and strength of every member of the d.o.d.
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and then learn where it was signed them based on the genetic data they collect it a little bit creepy right but wait it gets even more weird it turns out a group of scientists who are proposing this idea are part of a super secret society they're nicknamed the jasons and they're a group of high level scientists who spend each summer trying to solve problems for the government and no i didn't make that one up one of the jasons has come forward defending their wacky proposal saying that this will not only enhance our military capabilities but also provides a way to keep costs down when it comes to medical research so would a genetically mutated military really become a reality ok i guess i can see how those might encourage research but let me point out a few reasons why i don't think this should happen first let's point out the obvious the chances of abusing genetic research are far too easy to let this concept turn into reality and think about it your most personal data your genetic traits could lend themselves to government and corporate control they could be exploited by for profit groups and look i think it's great that there are scientists out there that
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are coming up with these concepts but how about we tone it down just a little bit a little less brave new world a little more like reality please. now currently here in the us the unemployment rate is at nine point four percent one in six americans are now living in poverty based on figures released in the two thousand and ten census but while millions survive on unemployment benefits and food stamps some places have proved to be reset. improve and clothing or perhaps especially the washington d.c. area artie's preassure the reports. across the united states unemployment lines and lines at food pantries and homeless shelters has marked what's been called one of the worst recessions in u.s. history but there is one special place that remains untouched welcome to washington d.c. the city full of power players pundits and politicians outpace nearly every other city in the country when it came to job growth this past year one thing is sure about this recession is that the public sector employees have been relatively
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sheltered compared to the private sector so just how well are federal employees doing according to the latest census numbers the average federal employee made a whopping one hundred twenty three thousand dollars last year in compensation and benefits a private sector employee cashed in at almost half that sixty one thousand dollars public employees i mean is are a powerful you know voter base for pro-government vission so of course they're they're very unlikely to go after them wait a sec it wasn't on wall street that you saw greedy fat cats sucking away america's cash at the expense of everyone else remember what president obama said about those guys i did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of you know fat cat bankers on wall street while politicians in the media seemed obsessive we focused on the lavish payouts on wall street who knew that at
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the peak of the recession last year federal workers in washington got an average raise of four percent more than double the national average they have more vacation they have job security lots of things that the private sector doesn't have in the first year and a half of the recession private sector jobs frank by almost seven percent however here in washington federal civilian employment glu by almost ten per. the divide between washington and the rest of america is even more evident if you take a ride to the sprawling suburbs just outside the city home to d.c.'s influential lobbyists and lawyers with those to potomac fairfax virginia if there is one man who knows the montra location location location it's eric stewart one of d.c.'s luxury realtors seven and a half million dollar home over ten thousand square feet it's in one of the best locations in all of potomac feeds a great school district very desirable for the average american consumer stewart
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isn't worried about sales we're sucking jobs into the washington d.c. area which is causing prices to actually have stability and it's not just stylish digs that d.c. is fat cats can afford. this upscale restaurant in georgetown the reservation list for a weekday dinner is fall it's called release the right side of the same table mrs clinton you know who is now secretary of state came many times just a lot of people come from the hill and big big law firms while one in seven americans rely on food stamps at me shelvey shards citron now an average couple isn't shy to shell out what most couples make in a month on a meal or the tax and the temperance and the six hundred dollar range or whatever it may be and some nights we do as many as forty fifty. and people love it at a time when most are struggling to survive it seems like the lucky in washington are living it up preassure either r t washington d.c. . it's also easy to see why so many americans feel
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a strong contempt for wall street and washington these days one in six americans are living in poverty yet seven million dollar homes are selling just outside the beltway i have perhaps the most important thing is that those who live in the recession proof bubbles of america don't quite get that they live in that bubble the legislation the public discourse that they shape doesn't reflect the average person's needs wants or. interest so is there any way to turn it around or has this division become irreversible joining me to discuss it is david sirota political journalist nationally syndicated weekly newspaper columnist and best selling author david thanks so much for joining us thanks for having me now when we say that there's this huge divide between america and washington or wall street these days do you think that this is divide that getting worse getting bigger or is it just more apparent to us because we're in a recession because so many americans are struggling right now. i think it is more evident i mean i think when you look at the economic statistics about for instance
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how washington d.c. has been insulated from the recession and so many people are really hurting right now i think it's become just more obvious but i don't think it's anything new and i don't think it speaks something that people didn't know it necessarily before i think it's become more irritating to a lot of people more irritating that there is this this sort of physical example of how we have a governing elite in this country that is really in many ways physically and economically dislocated from the people in which they to which they purport to govern in the name up. you know you can even see that when we say washington d.c. versus the rest of america i don't mean all of washington d.c. because you know you can find homeless people that are living on the streets just a block away from the white house that really is you know just the people that have this political sphere of influence that are up on capitol hill or perhaps on k. street a lobbying so they physically it's not even all of the same but it's just these are the only people that have any influence can average day americans average americans
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ever get back. well i think they can and i think that the on the right i think you've seen a move by the tea party to try to take on the republican establishment on the left you saw a move to take on the democratic party's establishment at least in the lead up to the two thousand and six and two thousand and eight elections now i'm not necessarily saying i agree with the tea parties and i certainly don't have a lot of issues and i do agree with those who try to try to move out the democratic establishment on the left i mean that's where i come from my point though is and i think it's what we're seeing on both sides is a is a is a change where people's is. the fact that they're upset with this disconnect is now becoming real tangible political activism in a very cogent way and i think that has the chance to really change things. but what about the media do you think the media is willing to accept the fact that people are really you know ready to go out there to become activists to change washington
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or is the media really a part of it to me and they're centered also right here in washington d.c. in new york i guess with the exception you could say of c.n.n. that's in georgia. i think the media plays a huge role in this and in two ways one i think that if you actually especially to the televised speak if you watch the television media what you're really watching is new york and d.c. me most guests most of the people who are commenting are actually physically in and living in new york and washington and it's not truly national media and i think what comes along with that is a sort of idea portrayal of political voices that come from outside of the establishment physically outside of washington or are fringe by definition by oh by only virtue of the fact not of their positions but of their physical location of the fact that they're not inside the establishment it's sort of this contempt for those who are quote unquote outside the system so yes i do think the media
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contributes to this but i think i think ultimately again it's contributing to a kind of backlash i wrote about this in my book called the uprising about how there is really an uprising on both sides against this but do you think the media and its in essence is considering itself part of that elite to you if they are you know looking at the outsiders the people and you know i live right here in washington d.c. you can say that i'm part of this bubble but i definitely don't consider myself a washington insider that looks down on anybody but i think that the you're right in that there is this kind of you know attitude about some of the media new you know mentions of it when you were talking about matt by the new york times the other day and what he wrote yeah and he you know he's a good example is a new york times political reporter who had suggested it is just a fantasy that what goes on in washington is disconnected from what what people are thinking out in the rest of america it's not a fantasy but but the power establishment in washington wants to push the idea that
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it is a fantasy that the washington and the new york media corridor and political quarter are the same thing as the rest of the come. when so many people don't believe that and rightfully so and i want to speak to your point you're exactly right not everybody who is in washington is not empathetic to or connected to the rest of america there are good members of congress there are good people in the media working in washington new york who are trying to be connected to the rest of the country but i think your all your your central point is right that too often much of our political media is sees itself as serving the political class rather than questioning that political class on behalf of the rest of us. thank you very much for joining us and of course that's why like you pointed out we see so much frustration from average americans in this country that thanks thank you. well
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still to come tonight we have our friday fireside chat and then comedian seton smith checks in for our roundup of the week we are just crazy of stories to ask of a sculpture of a german police film including this really art one had his take on the issues which . i got out of the military in one nine hundred sixty six i got up because it's the things i saw the things i was doing and this reason we were given for doing it was a personal protest. during the vietnam war an antiwar movement emerged that altered the course of history this movement didn't take place on college campuses but in barracks and on ships penetrated elite military colleges like west point and it spread throughout the battlefields of vietnam. today few people know about the g.i. movement against the war in vietnam. ask the army will we set free the army
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or fun travel and adventure but it really meant to be our. live. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from the realms. we've got the future covered. repairing a broken. highway construction and humanitarian aid. but as shady officials get the spoils of war it's the people who pay the price. for tearing here is no longer just down to drug trafficking. afghanistan the dollars.
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to tonight's. you're. more quickly approaching martin luther king jr day in fact it's this coming monday and there will be as there always are improperly so tributes to his legacy to his words to his vision america and of course there will be those who will try to twist and misuse and abuse it so if you want to know what the department of defense is going to be doing on monday apparently they are going to be giving themselves one gigantic pat on the back and this was made very clear yesterday when the defense department's general counsel jay johnson posed the question if dr martin luther king jr were alive today would he understand why the united states is at war now most anybody who remembers dr martin luther king jr what he stood for would probably answer with a deafening no but not to johnson he in fact said the following he said i believe
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that if dr king were alive today he would recognize that we live in a complicated world and that our nation's military should not and cannot lay down its arms and leave the american people vulnerable to terrorist attack. what i think jeremy scahill sort of best when he called the answer one of the most despicable attempts at revisionist used of martin luther king jr he's ever seen and i for one second his statement did they forget that martin luther king jr became an outspoken opponent of the vietnam war that he called the u.s. government the greatest per share of violence in the world today and keep in mind that was that one thousand nine hundred sixty seven and we've only gotten worse since that is just the our world has gotten so complicated but waging wars based on lies waging other wars in secret occupying countries dropping bombs on civilians has in some way become acceptable. well that is the most disgusting twisted logic
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that i've ever heard martin luther king jr warned about using oppressive doses of violence to get the changes that we wanted he said that when bombs explode thousands of miles away specifically referring to vietnam that they destroyed the hopes for a decent america right here at home and when it comes to iraq afghanistan pakistan yemen i'm sure that he would say the exact same thing. well tonight we bring you a story of payback we're a bit irritated with an early morning or a late night phone call what is one father in prince george's county maryland just outside of d.c. who is a little upset with the robo call from his child's school a wednesday aaron titus got the call at four thirty three in the morning telling him that school was delayed two hours due to winter weather being as he already knew about the delay since the school district had announced the information the night before so aaron decided to put a little robo revenge since the school board didn't care about him getting any
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sleep he returned the favor take a listen to what the school superintendent and nine the school board members are greeted with the next morning at four thirty am this is the prince george's county school district parent calling to thank you for the robocall yesterday at four thirty in the morning i decided to return the favor while i know the school district wanted to ensure i dropped my child off two hours late on a snow day i already knew that before i went to bed i hope this call demonstrates why a four thirty am call does more to annoy than to inform quit robel calling parents at four thirty in the morning or at least allow us to offer these intrusive kohls you know something nice about the little guy winning and clearly aren't tired as was the winner in this battle over the robo calls now the washington post spoke to a school board member and the school spokes person they both apologized for the four thirty am robo calls that it was a mistake and i'm sure that they didn't appreciate their early wake up call i. there but i'm just thinking the next time that you get
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a call while sleeping return that favor call the person back twenty four hours later and see how they like it. i want friday we've got a fresh batch of stories to make you laugh cringe and wonder what the hell is going on tom hanks son has become a rapper really really really bad rap or a peeing female police officer has become art and germany and one traveling frenchman reminded us why everybody hates the french so here discuss these stories and more with me is comedian scenes with satan thanks so much for being here thank you for rising star with a story that we touched upon yesterday which is the song by dire straits money for nothing apparently has been banned in canada we have another link clip for you of why the word.
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now apparently there's one radio station that's protesting said they were going to play it for an hour straight and edited today what do you think i mean it's twenty five years old it's weird too because i mean i mean being able to understand where gays come from i mean you want to you want to race history you want to like but you can't listen to music enjoy it anymore like i can't watch what dumbo anymore without watching the black crowes and i don't see everything as depressing you don't want to hear it anymore. i don't know that it is a good j.m. one of those white music i don't know is a good i mean what i like is being played so hard in canada that they just this need to be played they got a grammy ok because i never once saw those back you know i did i have to let me this is all really that important that this is this playing little more gather they can't let this let it go i mean let it go you know whatever years this is i mean ok britney spears came out what is every rotation but like what are the what. doing with the song is this i mean literally i mean is it going to play there i really
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saw him clearly you are just completely out of the loop when it got completely out of the loop while there was this new play every day and i want to buy you something maybe that's a little more your style the way but i think ben should is tom hanks the son who goes by. who now wants to be a rapper take a listen to this horrible horrible clip. i would love. to. see. prison. he'd leave. speaking my language let me tell you why i hate this man and this is completely racist again this man is just like the new asher ross humor that guys do it because it's all about the college and stuff it's guys really slow for the good midwesterner and and those kids for some reason downloaded still by their c.d.'s unlike the city folk who all bootleg all their stuff is going to be a billionaire and i hate him for he's already
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a billionaire he's tom hanks and if i was tom hanks i would just kick his little ass because he's making a fool of the entire family but let's move on but it's invent a lot of bad music out there i don't know that i want to thirty years later he will be protesting this i don't know there's a great actor he's embarrassing the entire family he. would be yeah you're right oh man he's going to really mess up by this is going to mess up the third was it was sort of not forrest gump is one of the best it was about twenty years ago to. a library but there's one french guy that got kicked off a plane because apparently he pushed the flight attendant after he was caught smoking in the lavatory and then when the cops arrested them he just screamed and i feel i'm french this is i a this is so we are so racist today but this is so evil why is this this is so listen world it's great to be white and i can't wait to get my surgery and get the michael jackson surgery tomorrow because this man is literally it's funny to push a u.s. marshal while wow smoking if this man was anywhere darker if he was as dark as the
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camera man right now guess where you'd be right now he disappeared in a place called black town about all right nobody not even obama could get him out but yes he sprints and white i mean he gets to talk about because i don't erase think they get away with everything because i guess they do right now very quickly i want to bring up a story that we thought the t.s.a. was bad but there is a story. they have an al-jazeera reporter it israel known for their tight security who was going to a press conference to speak with netanyahu she's pregnant by the way they forced her to take her bra off now i get security but are they just really taking advantage of this to be perverts. i want to be funny racists but we start talking about israel i'm going to back up israel scares me there's no everybody is too sensitive about israel i have no idea listen israel i have nothing negative say about you i have not caring if you want to if you can you can strip search anybody you want go here you win on the flipside if you think you're pregnant wife they can take her bra you don't care about that was really messed up when she was going to work and the frenchman was just being
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a jerk and the first male was like oh look at me i'm cute she's like really getting raped just to go go to work that's just i mean that's not funny i just crazy but i got a very good and when we got to move over there is one last thing this is now being considered a piece of art is a german police officer a female peeing a sculpture of her people are freaking out do you think that's are let me tell you what's beautiful about this i don't understand they're taking a very powerful figure and putting them in the most vulnerable figure position ever would maybe even more vulnerable if they had to go that same israel checkpoint and had to take off were brought up that we're crazy i mean yes this art was almost there but oh my god israel you listen i play with all these you crazy you scary you scare me go go pro israel. ok ok so that's art but maybe in israel. thanks for joining us try to get me fired producer thanks for today and make sure you guys come back on monday it will be martin luther king day and this here the in thing i guess every year since he's using his legacy to give merit to
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any all sorts of causes i mean speak with georgetown professor christopher chambers about whether or not this legacy is being used now in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of a lot of show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's show or any other rights you can always catch a dog. show or post the interviews as well as the show you can from time. coming up next is the news of the latest headlines from the u.s. and around the world. there were times filled with joy with parades and marches. inspiring people with enthusiasm. but it was everything really that good and the loud seemed to speak out. though she shared her thoughts only with her diary it all
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became evidence in the trial for counter-revolutionary activity. the evidence which condemned to a label. the diary of a soviet school on cd. i got out of the military in one thousand nine hundred sixty six i got up because of the things i saw the things i was doing and this is the reason he said we were given for doing them ever as a personal protest. during the vietnam war an antiwar movement emerged that altered the course of history this movement didn't take place on college campuses but in barracks and on ships the penetrated only military colleges like west point and it spread throughout the battlefields of vietnam yet today few people know about the g.i. movement against the war in vietnam. after the army we always set free the army or fun travel and adventure but it really meant the army.
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