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tv   [untitled]    January 15, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EST

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the soviet. banks and. the u.k. team all visit will john suppose we have to be peace swap stocks and a multi billion dollar deal. to explore the untapped natural reserves on the arctic sea beds are possible from london in just a moment. federal employees at the heart of the u.s. capital if the high life new figures show that taking double the money of their colleagues in the private sector struggling to make ends meet the crisis group's country. and schools in india run kashmir g.'s education over separatism a bit of violence a volatile warning to cancel classes it's. a
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very warm welcome see this is our t. live from moscow i'm alice habits two of the largest oil companies in the world to russia's that b.p. are joining forces they've sealed a stock's warp and agree to extract the riches of the arctic sea bed together and it has the latest from london. this is a deal they've been discussing for months rosneft and b.p. are calling this a groundbreaking strategic global alliance and it's the first major equity linked partnership between a national oil company rosneft and an international oil company like b.p. and what's happened is that they've done a share swap process has got five percent of b.p. in exchange for nine and a half percent. so it's very important that the governments are on side as well and
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in fact a meeting was held with prime minister putin before this deal was signed let's hear what he had to say about the support that he's going to give this particular deal. i would like to let you know that the government of the russian federation supports this joint operation this is a project that could become global and have a significant influence on the world's oil and gas industry. arctic reserves are estimated to be five billion tons of oil and ten trillion cubic meters of. such a project may require tens of billions of dollars of investment and state of the art technology and we are fully aware of the risks and. they've agreed together to develop and explore three separate areas on the russian arctic shelf and that covers an area of one hundred twenty five thousand square kilometers b.p. has been working in russia for twenty years it was really the natural choice of course and there's a strong belief in russia in the competency of b.p.
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to carry out a project like this in spite of the disaster that we saw in the gulf of mexico last year and i spoke to. him who's the chairman of ross nafta and one of russia's deputy prime ministers here's what he had to say about why they chose b.p. for this. is working on a new strategy transforming the company into an international energy holding model bar do do you. b.p. is of course part of the strategy they've gained a great deal of experience including the gulf of mexico oil spill cleanup operation b.p. has learned from this experience and our joint venture will be carried out with the greatest level of measures aimed at protecting the environment we've been working with b.p. for many years they're competent and have strong experience of russian companies so she said i want to. so there is a strong relationship already in place between b.p. and rosneft before this deals even being signed and of course this is a large area this hundred twenty five thousand square kilometers is going to
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benefit both sides and the extra expertise technology and cash of course will be needed to be to be brought in so that's where b.p. comes in the piece incredibly contrite now about the gulf of mexico oil spill the new c.e.o. bob dudley was brought in the specifically to rehabilitate the reputation of the company if you like following that disaster and he's certainly going a long way towards doing that he talks a lot about it talks about how much they've learned and the chairman of ross sniffed actually said to me expression which basically translates as once bitten twice shy he thinks that specifically because b.p. suffered this disaster and was blamed for it particularly by the americans they will think twice about what they're doing next time so a company like that will have been versed in what to do when an environmental disaster like this happens so they're not they're not green in any way bob dudley
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again talks about how contrite they were and what they're going to do to make sure that another disaster doesn't happen let's hear what he had to say has been working with ross now for twelve years now and we've been working on the arctic for us since two thousand and five with ross stuff working with charcoal and i know our capabilities are exploration capabilities and i think to be honest we learned a lot about what happened in the gulf of mexico. can the company of the core we're going to remove focus on safety. technology for their environmental care what we do this is a project that they're looking at looking at over of about fifty years is so these reserves are still unproven in the oil and gas reserves in the arctic so one of the first things that they'll be doing doing is looking to see just how much oil and gas is down there. it's not clear when we're going to see them actually drilling a hole in the ground and bringing out so well and gas so we just have to wait and see well now experts are calling the deal
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a huge boost for both companies countries and southall trade consultant says b.p. has plenty riding on potential b.p. has invested so much in rush hours or they cannot step away. and russia still needs the expertise of western oil companies and it's mutual interest and it's interesting because you know they have to sell a lot of. oil spill in the gulf of mexico to put money aside for the recovery from well they are saving their money for russia and so in this thing they're investing more so it means that b.p. is there for the long term the potential of russia is so huge if it's not them it's going to be somebody else so it's really a question of who gets in first and they were world position be put aside their difficulties from the first the new so to move forward. and you can get more on this story in our business but as the news later in the program moving on the
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government is in washington and taking home on average double the wages of their private sector colleagues according to the newly revised u.s. census meaning in the very people in charge of getting the nation out of its financial hole i'm living the high life. looks at whether they're really working twice as hard. across the united states unemployment lines and lines at food pantries and homeless shelters has marked what's been called one of the worst recessions in u.s. history but there is one special place that remains untouched welcome to washington d.c. the city full of power players pundits and politicians outpace nearly every other city in the country when it came to job growth this past year one thing is sure about this recession is that the public sector employees have been relatively sheltered compared to the private sector so just how well are federal employees doing according to the latest census numbers the average federal employee made a whopping one hundred twenty three thousand dollars last year in compensation and
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benefits a private sector employee cashed in at almost half that sixty one thousand dollars public employees i mean is are a powerful you know voter base for pro-government dish and so of course they're they're very unlikely to go after them wait a second wasn't on wall street that you saw greedy fat cats sucking away america's cash at the expense of everyone else remember what president obama said about those guys i did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of their fat cat bankers on wall street while politicians in the media seemed obsessive lee focused on the lavish payouts on wall street who knew that at the peak of the recession last year federal workers in washington got an average raise of four percent more than double the national average they have more vacation they have job security lots of things that the private sector doesn't have in the
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first year and a half of the recession private sector jobs shrank by almost seven percent however here in washington federal civilian employment grew by almost ten percent the divide between washington and the rest of america is even more evident if you take a ride to the spry. following suburbs just outside the city home to d.c.'s influential lobbyists and lawyers with the potomac fairfax virginia if there is one man who knows the montra location location location it's eric stewart one of d.c.'s luxury realtors seven and a half million dollars for ten thousand square feet it's in one of the best locations of all the potomac feeds a great school district very desirable for the average american upscale consumer stuart isn't worried about sales we're sucking jobs into the washington d.c. area which is causing prices to actually have stability and it's not just stylish digs that d.c.'s fat cats can afford. this upscale restaurant in georgetown the
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reservation list for a weekday dinner is fall release the right side of the same table mrs clinton you know who is now secretary of state came many times just a lot of people come from the hill and big big law firms while one in seven americans rely on food stamps at me shelvey shard citron now an average couple isn't shy to shell out what most couples make in a month on a meal or the tax interprets of a six hundred dollar range or whatever it may be and some nights we do as many as forty fifty. people love it at a time when most are struggling to survive it seems like the lucky in washington are living it up preassure either r. t. washington d.c. . well. we'll show you how wan in bed to boston is really wrong if you go to travel.
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the cold season view with speeds of up to one hundred fifty kilometers per hour. i snow as much. a russian journalist on a white house briefing has cool something of a media with a question some of compared to the cold. of old also offering his condolences over last week's arizona shooting rampage already set off on a stiff the spree walls and their first of all a byproduct of american style freedom of press secretary robert gibbs responded that the actions of the government were totally on the american saying the nations of values never allow for violence the government is in custody after a printing fine out of political rally in a. grocery store last saturday well six people were killed and injured including representative gabrielle giffords on the race itself told all to you think the u.s. is oversensitive when foreigners dash a question is domestic policy. after the briefing i was approached by
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a number of people and they talked to me very professionally. i would say some instances even sympathetically they definitely knew where i was coming from and i was coming from the simple desire for americans to have a discussion of this that is. help prevent such incidents in the future what i was surprised to find in the books by. white house press corps that many of them treated this as a resurgence of the cold war i think this is that it was definitely misplaced it looks like there is a double standard here where an american journalist in moscow was asking about internal politics of. a hero and the defender of human rights and democracy and if russian journalist in washington d.c. shows up on a sensitive subject of internal politics here then he is somehow and then you have
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the american people. russia has not taken up an invitation to to iran's nuclear facilities if follows the insistence of russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov that such visits shouldn't be substitutes for official u.n. inspections or seven international was the time looking around to clear signs other key powers china and also with eased the offer iran extended the invite to a number of nations but not the u.s. western powers say it was an attempt to divide them well there is international concern over iran's nuclear ambitions into iran insists its program is peaceful and the offer with millions goodwill gesture but experts believe any such attempts are doomed to failure. from ever there has been a start in negotiations or talks or whatever and it never worked out certainly there may be some people who thought that they could create a fish or or a rift but. never managed to really break up.
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five plus one formula. the behavior of russia and china just shows once again that it doesn't work i think it's half expected such and such a reaction however during its wanted to show two things to their own domestic public that this we are ready to negotiate you have to see it with a second step the iranians did it again to which their own public namely to boost the blast about their own new newly achieved technological progress which is not true but again it sends a message to do also of course inside iran who are highly critical of any engagement with the international community that both things iran can be solved comfort them it wants to negotiate are important. ok let's take a check of international stories this hour and officials say used in the two fled to saudi arabia on friday will not return to power for the ben ali was forced to
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concede control of unrest and violence the speaker of parliament has taken over as interim leader demonstrators have been calling for more political freedom and better economic conditions human rights groups claim around sixty people were killed in the ships. pressure rains are hampering ongoing rescue efforts in southeastern brazil following the worst floods ever seen in the country at least five hundred people have died in the natural disaster and thousands have been left homeless mounds in villages have been swallowed up by landslides officials say the death toll is likely to rise. of dorothy's in india over one hundred pilgrims have been crushed to death during a stampede at a religious festival in the southern state of corolla schools all wagers with worshippers were on their way back from visiting a hindu shrine when the accident happened reports say the stampede was triggered by
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a car driving into the crowd sparking. to indian administration kashmir now west schools have decided to do without the traditional four month went to break in defiance of separatists demond they closed in support of calls for independence people would instead make up the academic days they lost over the last year due to massive protests against indian rule of charan singh met one of the young victims of the latest separatist attack in the area. in srinagar this is all that remains for the school bus it was good walking forcing a general strike called west separatists in the capital of we knew that mr bush meat luckily the only child on the bus six year old. was rescued. first they poured petrol under the bus then they smashed the windows the bus driver picked me up and took me out of the bus then those people so far that this attack
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was meant as a warning to schools which would mean defeat would strike school just one independence afternoon spread of the bus attack many shut down for the well not to shoot school i wanted to show. we are not. those miscreants maybe there are very few if you don't. have to live difficult to survive separatist leaders have condemned the attack which is at the center of a public backlash separatist independence focus we need which has been administered by india since british rule in india with most parents ignoring this great calls any separatists are we considering. it should not be counterproductive i mean we are giving a strike call because we believe that we do present a part of president people in it and i think of people are giving you a response that you need to think something else you need to have an alternate means other four hundred dollars than just strikes you need to come out with
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something else that's where we need to sit together and farm out a strategy during that won't spread violence over. some children what on evil to attend school for four months and lost their academic year and now you are just the love of god did you wonder then that with the firelands easing you know parents are adamant that you attend school with the militants like it or not we should be proud often think that the people in kashmir. very serious about educating the that area and especially the culture of the girl child may not change it has four children all of them affected by the shut downs fifteen or so who've spent most of her time off the glass in extra tuition trying to cover her civil suit will authorities meanwhile have decided to keep schools open during the hashmi winter so that students can recover the lost ground but no one is happy with
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this decision infrastructure in question it is so poor and it's all so pathetic that schools that even don't have windows and doors how can you how can you know how can you hit them how can you warm them. it's going to be freezing cold and it's not i mean it's a how. to have a window because it's not i mean they wanted as you know and they had died keith but then the suffering really had nothing to do with the view going to. be. cool. whether or not the academic future of global improvement back to life is entirely in the hands of militants but i'm saying r.t. . what you had to dot com for more stories were online p. twenty four hours a day he says the taste of what you'll find there right now the most demanding long
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journey that charges all freeze russian national. that he had been accused of spying for the kremlin although released on bail she has to obey strict conditions while awaiting a deportation hearing in october. and getting cash is difficult when a bank a.t.m. is fake people in ukrainian capital kiev had to learn the hard way. the million dollars worth of vases stole them from a russian businessman a country residence all paintings by prominent russian artists find out who used to blame on r.t. dot com. now it's the season for getting your. skates but if you're looking for a faster way to get around you might want to check out the window of
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a craft invented by a russian aviation engine is it go a long way and say with the snow at speeds of over one hundred kilometers per hour . i want to try towns. rush's snide remarks in the winter oh impossible slash in the screen can make life hard for many but on this one can go just about everywhere this. was. was was. was was was. was. was. was. the russian pounds kate to can travel at speeds of up to one hundred fifty kilometers per hour making it ideal as a snappy runaround or a had turning hobby emotion courts three decide varian man bought one his house is
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on one side of the linda river his body out on the other he said i'm so lazy to travel over with cares it's so easy for both of us to shoot one man called me and asked whether we can add a trailer with two beds and a hatch inside the cockpit for fishing on the ice. garry's was designed in the town of cough ski ham to russia's annual international asho and buy for my avocation engineers not surprising than it has a lot in common with its weaned brothers some of them is patented features a great handling an improved safety is good a very strong roll cage even if you capsized only going to get is lots of adrenaline with thinking about installing an airbag another bit of know how is the propeller that's mounted up front or it's covered so there's no chance risk of getting into it and dragging its owner into the glades besides it's warm and dry in that part of. the raw currently only four gary says in the world but soon its
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creators say it could become mass common as scooters and bicycles. there are plans to start mass production next year now we're looking for sponsors and facilities and for those who want one they're queuing already so there's no problems with demand justice for. today it may only be two seats floating in a question of ara but if you float an upgrade idea past angel years they're more than happy to listen that is of course his stump up the twenty thousand bucks price tag if the gary's floats your boat. race nationality mosca region. way back to the u.s.s.r. modern day moscow is full of relics from soviet times you can reminisce about music art culture and even games from the era. this expectation will bring out the child in all of this is the museum of soviet arcade games and there are dozens of red
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term a c. in c. f. about zips the space invaders choosing galleries they range from nine hundred sixty five all the way tonight to ninety one and best of all is that they're all in what order yes the nicest thing to practice in the soviet era is the museum provides. on our seeing around ten minutes time their first one is get a check of the weekend financings with dmitri. hello and welcome to business r.t. good to have your company b.p. and last may have to happen to get agreed to jointly develop a number of projects notably on russia's arctic shelf the fields potential capacity
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is around three and a half percent of the world's proven oil reserves and roughly five percent of the world's gas reserves the all majors have also agreed to swap shares b.p. will provide five percent of its shares worth around eight billion dollars in exchange for nine and a half percent of rawson yet now earlier we spoke to constantine seaman of the head of the national energy security fund and he says the deal will promote investment in russia. there must be some kind of technical mistake to go hopefully bring you that comment a bit later. let's take a look at how the markets closed on friday session hopefully will be able to bring you those figures in russia there was a slight correction on friday. there was a slight correction on friday the markets were down around half a percent but overall the week was indeed very good to my six games three and a half percent the r.t.s. around five percent making russia the best performing emerging markets of the year
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today now we finally see those figures rosneft by the way it was down zero point six percent in the session before the news broke on the deal with b.p. of course we'll have to wait and see until monday to get the reaction on the news actually but. i've been saying that it will be positive. and now hopefully we can bring you that comment from a concert in seaman of the head of the national energy security fund on the deal between b.p. and rosneft. i think it's an excellent deal for both companies and not only for companies we can also mention the interests of russian federation us speaking about b.p. company of course we know where will the story in mexico and gulf and after this be easing the serious need in a good news if it's possible to say it's also better is why for b.p. of course it's an excellent use because. during the last half of the year b.p.
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was sailin satan cillian its assets and now with very serious increase in possible increase of the role of b.p. in the russian business for was nifty it's also good news why because. now it was found the really serious partner in the west and we know that. he's preparing for war. we can see pretty zation of this camp and i fusilli our government said the song in the few years it's possible to sell more than fifty percent of the private investors is think for the russian business climate having such a such a deal is is a good idea absolutely because you know that i said about last year because russian government during all two thousand and seven soon we will have the realization of. weeks of tax regime the british of our world war you were speaking about for the lesson because when he made two thousand eight. and signed this law about foreign investment it was through the jiko industries and there were huge discussion that
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now we see because in the russian market now we want to show it because and portal said yesterday that there will be a special tax through them all these are the project because of course we know the price of production we will be serious and first of all we know that there is a special tax if we mount elegy project i think that maybe there will be a special tax issue for spokesman project that there will be a special tax regime for b.p. of this new joint venture no shelf project so i think it's a good move knew full well that is where now russia will show that the really. we want to change i would like some more reason for the west. welcome to offer what you think the most immediate investor reaction on the stock market on monday will be. the price on the. company google company will be increasing and so we're headed to a very where is it before christmas well that's all we have time for now the headlines are next to stay with us.
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