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giora good greenman does the oil industry leaders the world we have to be peaceful stomachs worth billions of dollars. that teaming up to explore the untapped natural reserves on the arctic sea beds have moved to london in just a moment. the lavish mansions and gourmet restaurants of washington d.c. but not for everyone as government work is enjoyed bonuses and pay rises it's the point that states are bearing the brunt the reception. on schoolchildren in india run kashmir assaulting the winter break for classes in defiance of separatist militants.
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a very warm welcome see this is r.t. line from moscow on maleness habits to all of the world's oil giants are russians that b.p. are joining forces to explore the potential energy treasury of the arctic sea bed the companies have settled a multi-billion dollar strong planning to the reserves thought to be buried results at continental shelf well or editor falls from london where the historic deal was signed. this is a deal they've been discussing for months after b.p. all calling this a groundbreaking strategic global alliance and it's the first major equity linked partnership between a national oil company rosneft and an international oil company like b.p. and what's happened is that they've done a share swap ross nast has got five percent of the p. in exchange for nine and a half percent in ros now it's very important that the governments are on the side
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as well and in fact a meeting was held with prime minister putin before this deal was signed let's hear what he had to say about the support that he's going to give this particular deal. i would like to let you know that the government of the russian federation supports this joint operation this is a project that could become global and have a significant influence on the world's oil and gas industry russian's arctic reserves are estimated to be five billion tons of oil and ten trillion cubic meters of. such a project may require tens of billions of dollars of investment and state of the art technology and we are fully aware of the risks involved which they've agreed together to develop and explore three separate areas on the russian arctic self and that covers an area of one hundred twenty five thousand square kilometers b.p. has been working in russia for twenty years it was really the natural choice and there's a strong belief in russia in the competency of b.p.
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to carry out a project like this in spite of the disaster that we saw in the gulf of mexico last year and i spoke to. who's the chairman of ross nafta and one of russia's deputy prime ministers here's what he had to say about why they chose b.p. for. just working on a new strategy transforming the company into an international energy holding model our deal with b.p. is of course part of the strategy they've gained a great deal. experience including the gulf of mexico oil spill cleanup operation b.p. has learned from this experience and our joint venture will be carried out with the greatest level of measures aimed at protecting the environment we've been working with b.p. for many years they are competent and have strong experience of russian companies so there is a strong relationship already in place between b.p. and rosneft before this deals even been signed and of course this is a large area this hundred twenty five thousand square kilometers is going to
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benefit both sides and extra expertise technology and cash of course will be needed to be to be brought in so that's where b.p. comes in the piece incredibly contrite now about the gulf of mexico oil spill the new c.e.o. bob dudley was brought in the specifically to rehabilitate the reputation of the company if you like following that disaster and he's certainly going a long way towards doing that he talks a lot about it talks about how much they've learned and the chairman of ross snifter actually said to me expression which basically translates as once bitten twice shy he thinks that specifically because he suffered this disaster and was blamed for it particularly by the americans they will think twice about what they're doing next time so a company like that will have been versed in what to do when an environmental disaster like this happens so they know they're not green in any way dudley again
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talks about how contrite they were and what they're going to make sure that another disaster doesn't happen let's hear what he had to say has been working with ross now for twelve years now and we've been working on the arc to for us since two thousand and five with ross now working with cycle and i know our capabilities our exploration capabilities and i think to be honest we learned a lot about what happened in the gulf of mexico shaken the company to the core we're going to renewed focus on safety risk management and the technology that's new for. what we do this is a project that they're looking looking at over a term of about fifty years so these reserves are still unproven in the oil and gas reserves in the arctic so one of the first things that they'll be doing doing is looking to see just how much oil and gas is down there. it's not clear when we're going to see them actually drilling a hole in the ground and bringing out or oil and gas so we just have to wait and see well the deal boost the already long standing ties between b.p.
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and russia's energy industry and paris from the business magazine says it's equally beneficial to both partners. i think it's in everybody's interests and both sides are very happy to to do this still on the one side russ their needs help they're not very good at deepwater exploration and b.p. has bases and on the other side b.p. pressure is already the most important source of a quarter b.p.'s total reserves in russia and securing oil supplies going forward is key for the company the world is changing in the in the past the big oil companies to b.p. the others have been taking the lead but going forward increasingly it's national companies going to states that are increasingly claiming control over the resources of their countries and so the international companies are having to change their game i mean it's no longer that they would go into a poor country and take the oil and take the profits now they have to share with
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governments and of course that's a very tricky relationship to manage but having said that b.p.'s been working in russia pretty much since the beginning i mean this is their joint venture and they become experts at making these managing these relationships although the they could be problems they probably will be arguments nevertheless both sides are committed to making it work. i have as a crisis head america now and it seems all everyone is down all that particularly government workers in washington d.c. they're dining at exclusive goal may restaurants and living in multi million dollar mansions all while the like that sets a colleague's suffer from job cuts on unemployment appreciate it takes a look at the fat cats. across the united states unemployment lines and lines at food pantries and homeless shelters has marked what's been called one of the worst recessions in u.s. history but there is one special place that remains untouched welcome to washington d.c.
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the city full of power players pundits and politicians outpace nearly every other city in the country when it came to job growth this past year one thing is sure. this recession is that the public sector employees have been relatively sheltered compared to the private sector so just how well are federal employees doing according to the latest census numbers the average federal employee made a whopping one hundred twenty three thousand dollars last year in compensation and benefits a private sector employee cashed in that almost half that sixty one thousand dollars public employees i mean is are a powerful you know voter base for pro-government dish and so of course they're very unlikely to go after them we to second it wasn't on wall street that you saw greedy fat cats sucking away america's cash at the expense of everyone else remember what president obama said about those guys i did not run for office to be
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helping out a bunch of your fat cat bankers on wall street while politicians in the media seemed obsessive we focused on the lavish payouts on wall street who knew that at the peak of the recession last year federal workers in washington got an average raise of four percent more than double the national average they have more vacation they have job security lots of things that the private sector doesn't have in the first year and a half of the recession private sector jobs shrank by almost seven percent however here in washington federal civilian employment glu by almost ten percent the divide between washington and the rest of america is even more evident if you take a ride to the sprawling suburbs just outside the city home to d.c.'s influential lobbyists and lawyers with the potomac fairfax virginia if there is one man who knows the montra location location location it's eric stewart one of d.c.'s luxury
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realtors seven and a half million dollars over ten thousand square feet it's in one of the best locations of all the potomac feeds a great school district very desirable for. average american upscale consumer stuart isn't worried about sales we're sucking jobs into the washington d.c. area which is causing prices to actually have stability and it's not just stylish digs that d.c. is fat cats can afford. this upscale restaurant in georgetown the reservation list for a weekday dinner is fall it's called release the right side of the same table mrs clinton you know who is now secretary of state came many times just a lot of people come from the hill and big big law firms while one in seven americans rely on food stamps at me shalvey shard citron now an average couple isn't shy to shell out what most couples make in a month on a meal or the types of a difference in the six hundred dollars range or whatever it may be and some nights we do as many as forty fifty. people love it at
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a time when most are struggling to survive it seems like the lucky in washington are living it up preassure there are t. washington d.c. . still ahead this hour teaching separatists a lesson. in india it is that kashmir to follow warnings to close as they choose to make up a long time. for all eyes on the scene for you all footballers capable of speedy travel whatever the web. now a tool of iran's nuclear sites is it going ahead despite many key powers including russia declining to rounds of visitation refused along with. china and other members of the un's nuclear watchdog iran's that may allies turkey and brazil also not taking off while the u.s. wasn't invited russian foreign minister sergei lavrov said such
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a visit should not be substitutes for official inspections all six policy talks the west suspects arounds. a nuclear bomb while turned around insists it's only working on peaceful atomic energy ahead of crucial six party talks on its program rounds being accused of trying to create a rift in the med is by inviting someone to torrance facilities while clearly nothing else has but experts believe any such attempts are due to failure to do so from ever there has been a start in negotiations or talks or whatever and it never worked out certainly there may be some people who thought that they could create the fish are already if but. they never managed to really break up. b.p. five plus one formula. the behavior of russia and china just shows once again that it doesn't work i think it's have expected such a reaction however during its wanted to show two things to their own domestic
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public that this we are ready to negotiate you have to see it with a second step the iranians did it again to which their own public namely the blast about their own newly achieved technological progress which is not true but again it sends a message to do also of course inside iran who are highly critical of any and gauge with the international community that both things iran can to solve comfort them it wants to negotiate are important. in india and minister kashmir schools are doing without the traditional full month of winter break they decided to play catch up after separations violence and cathy's falls then closed in the summer but is asking of counseling reports the move is also in the beginning of a backlash against separatists demands which they claim are paralyzing daily life. in srinagar this is all that it means for the school bus it was good by
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a walk in forcing a general strike called by separatists in the capital of a needed minister meet luckily the only child on the bus six year old. was rescued by first they poured petrol under the bus then they smashed the windows the bus driver picked me up and took me out of the bus then those people so far that this attack was meant as a warning to schools which would mean the frequent strikes school by separatists who want independence after new spread of the bus attack many schools shut down for the day but not on the issue of school i wanted to show the dead we are not. those who miscreants maybe every feel if you. had to lose difficult to survive separatist leaders have condemned the attack which is at the center of a public backlash separatist independence focus we need which has been administered
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by india since british rule in india with most parents ignoring this rankles any separatists are we considering that meant it should not be counterproductive i mean we are giving a strike call because we believe that we do present department president people in it and i think if people are giving you a response that you need to think something else you need to have an alternate means other four hundred dollars than just strikes you need to come out with something else that's where we need to sit together and farm out a threat of during the widespread violence of children what i'm equal to a school for four months and last year i know you are just a lot of it was no wonder then that with the violence easing no better that you attend school with the militants like it or not we should be proud of one thing that the people in kashmir. very serious about educating the children. and especially the girl children the girl child. has four
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children all of them look back to. fifteen and spends most of the day looked at last in extra tuition to cover the syllabus in. order to use meanwhile have decided to give school during the winter so that students can recover the last. one is happy with this decision but infrastructure in question is so poor and it's all so pathetic that schools that even don't have windows and doors how can you how can you how can you hit them how can you want them it's going to be freezing cold and it's not i mean it's a have. to have a window because it's not i mean they wanted as the you know and they had but then why are we suffering if we had nothing to do with the as i believe you going to. go next schweder issues clearly affecting people going about their lives with these children now we caught up in the political tussle this is called. whether or not
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the academic future is going to be impacted life entirely in the hands of religious right and saying r.t. . and you can watch more on these numbers stories from our web site www dot com here's some of us on line right now for you are on the scene journalist caused a bit of a start of white house press briefing after offering his condolences over the recent hours later she sings he also questioned the raised i feel like ralph find out online exactly what he said adams. what are you doing in the dark with just the way five filings really played by falling for your russian spy or so to. see our eyes hockey player alexandra vance kind of peers to be the latest russian to get involved in espionage in cheek head to our website point or visit our you tube channel from already here.
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it's going. to. be. some other world news in brief no. one in the column and speak. as interim president who in turn as the prime minister has of course we've unity government it comes up to win the white spread all the rest across the country hundreds of security forces to train in the street in an attempt to restore order on friday president but i believe fled to saudi arabia and officials say he won't return until this elections are expected within two months so. rescue workers and sounds
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beings in brazil are still struggling to find people trapped on the landslides because of renewed it rains in the country as five hundred fifty people have been it's. been left homeless on to the worst flooding in the country in decades four calls as predict more heavy rain will hit the region over the next few days with official saying the death toll is expected to rock so. a group of gunmen have attacked a convoy in southwestern pakistan at least a fourteen oil tankers carrying fuel for nato troops in the country were set on fire by the militants the driver was also injured during the attack all that all of the supplies the u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan paul to pakistan. more than a hundred pilgrims have been killed during a stampede at an angle when. a spectacle in the southern indian estate of corolla
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dozens of others were injured who reports say the stampede began when a jeep plowed into people on a crowded road the worshippers had been on their way back from visiting a hindu shrine authorities avoided an investigation into the tragedy. now russia may not be the easiest country to get around in the depths of winter but a team of inventors believe that they have the solution they've come up with a new have a craft capable of travelling both on and off land at speeds of up to a hundred fifty kilometers per hour where for the last hour to check it out. russia's snow drifts in the winter oh impossible slashing the screen can make life hard for many but on this one can go just about everywhere.
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there was. the russian pounds kate to can travel at speeds of up to one hundred fifty kilometers corolla making it ideal as a snappy runaround or a had turning hobby courts decide derian man baldwin his house is on one side of the linda river his body out on the other he said i'm so lazy to travel over with gary as it's so easy for both of us to shoot when mom called me and asked whether we can get a trailer with two beds in the hutch inside the cockpit for fishing on the ice. garry's was designed in the town of cough ski had to russia's annual international asho and by for my admiration engineers not surprising that it has a lot in common with its wings and brothers some of them is peyton did features a great handling and improved safety it's got
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a very strong roll cage even if you capsize only going to get is lots of adrenalin we're thinking about installing an airbag another bit of know how is the propellant it's mounted up front or it's covered so there's no chance of a scarf getting into it and dragging its owner into the blades besides it's warm and dry in there. there are currently only four gary says in the world but soon its creators say it could become that's common as scooter is of bicycles. there are plans to start mass production next year now we're looking for sponsors and facilities as for those who want one they're queuing already so there's no problems with demand. today it may only be two seats floating in a cushion of air but if you float an upgrade idea past the news they're more than happy to listen that is of course if you stump up the twenty thousand bucks price tag if the garry's floats your boat. or if an ocean r t moscow region.
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now a little asia we reminisced about soviet music art and culture as our moscow allen team takes you back to the us. from propaganda to serve your art there are many rules inside the museum here a large part of the exhibition is on industrialization and many aspects of the cultural worlds were under government control but the art world still flourished in the u.s.s.r. and today. in the highest prices at various art auctions around the world. i hear about check back in time coming your way in just over an hour here on our c. right now the lead in just
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a few minutes that we discuss the pivotal arms can't steal between moscow and washington with one of russia's key lawmakers that's going to business update now to the tree. welcome to business r.t. good to have your company b.t.n. draws near to have indeed agreed to jointly develop a number of projects notably on russia's arctic shelf the fields potential capacity is around free and a half percent of the world's proven oil reserves in roughly five percent of the world's gas reserves the oil majors of also agreed to swap shares b.p. will provide five percent of its shares worth around eight billion dollars in exchange for nine and a half percent in rosneft earlier we spoke to confirm hundred seamen of the head of the national energy security fund and he says the deal will promote investment in russia. i think it's an excellent deal for both companies and not only for companies we can also mention the interests of russian federation us speaking about b.p.
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company of course we know where it will be story in mexican gulf and after this we ease in the serious need in a good news if you're supposed to say it's also bad is why for b.p. of course it's an excellent use because. during the last half of the year b.p. was sailin satan cillian its assets and now with a very serious increase in possible increase of the role of b.p. in the russian business for it was nifty it's also good news why because. now it was from the really serious bottom in the west and we know that. he's preparing for . we can see it with his ation of this company i fusilli our government said assume in the few years it's possible to sell more than fifty percent of the private investors you think for the russian business climate having such a such a deal is is a good idea absolutely because you know that i said about last year because russian government during all two thousand and seven soon we will have
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a realization of. weeks of tax regime the british of our world war you were speaking about for the lesson because. he made two thousand and eight president signed this law about foreign investment it was through physical industries and there were huge discussion that now we see because in the russian market now we want to show it because and what you said yesterday that there will be a special tax regime all these are the project because of course we know that the price of production we will be serious and first of all we know that there is a special roof we project i think that maybe there will be a special tax issue for stockmen project there will be a special room for b.p. of this new joint when she know what. project so i think of all that is where now russia will show that really. we want to change our tax and the reason for the worst one. welcome to us what do you think the most immediate investor reaction on the stock market on monday will be. the price on the. scalp in good company will be
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increasing so we're very very very very easy to focus. let's take a look now at how the russian markets closed on friday and there was a slight correction but overall the week was positive and it was positive for ross neff but on friday session it was down zero point six percent before the news of course broke on the deal with the over the week the my six came three point four percent the r.t.s. five percent making russia the best performing merging market of today. so the russian stock markets indeed came out strong in their first week of trade after the long new year holidays especially with one of its traditional drivers oil at a two year high sales traded on highs all from citibank explains to the stocks that were the main drivers i would say this week were rosneft stocks a lot of the large energy names in two thousand and ten lagged the market in general this week both of those stocks traded above key resistance levels and were
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able to hold those levels which are quite a bit of demand of them one of the reasons why the russian market did so well this first week commodities are generally very strong crude oil held above the ninety dollars level. we've seen brant closing about one hundred dollars level once again so as i was a very supportive for the russian market also metals were quite strong and so we are for now but you can always buy more stories on our website that's r.t. dot com forward slash business headlines are next stay with us.
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children now see about eight thousand by the end of elementary school five two hundred thousand violent acts by the age of eighteen from movies television shows to video games to children. twenty four hour news channels is national team every day formulate a staples industrials in. those while those who say if this link above is a good job the artistic and journalistic future but most of the violence to see what i call have been. god came down from heaven and stop. there amen a mormon and a pretty one it. makes the pill easier to swallow.


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