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finance minister is new to brussels to consider boosting the bailout for a struggling economy but the euro skeptics say the single currency isn't broken beyond repair its overall euro zone about personality growth. leisure forms a new national unity coalition government days after widespread protests top of the previous president was now in exile or get a machine will be hoping that it could all the development return of the country to its position as a vehicle most of. the tourists drop claims that nato was poisoned including depleted uranium let me tell you if you have to see meet with the silence would be a line seven taliban government mobiles
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a push over a period. of those were the headlines and coming up next as america celebrates the birthday of martin luther king we ask whether someone trying to reconstruct his message of nonviolence and racial equality for their own gain well more in this to show next year on our team. for the. we've got. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers . welcome the loner show where we get the real headlines with none of the mercy or can we live out of washington d.c. down on this monday many people are celebrating martin luther king jr's birthday but as time goes by is his message getting lost we're going to talk about how some
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people are reconstructing dr king's message for their own gain for georgetown professor christopher chambers next we'll discuss the military industrial military complex that's a term that president eisenhower warned of years ago where the u.s. would be permanently perched on the brink of war and sadly it looks like his prediction has come true now that we're involved in two wars abroad costing billions of dollars and we discussed the seemingly untouchable defense branch of government was quarantined also julian assigned is putting wiki leaks back into the spotlight next with banker rudolf elmer has publicly handed over documents revealing individuals who are guilty of tax evasion we're going to have a live report from london and we'll go over the very public nature of this situation then in a rare interview with the washington post china's president hu jintao says of the currency system with the dollar leading it is a product of the past so is he setting the stage for china calling all the shots were going to be currency wars of blogger edward harrison and we'll ask the
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question that's on everyone's mind where are the republicans we are less than two years away from the next presidential election and nobody has stepped forward as the clear front runner for the conservative presidential vote through hell connell drop by and will rue view some of the potential republican candidates for president but now it's move on to our top story. today many americans pas to honor the legacy of martin luther king jr as time goes on it seems as if his message is getting this control misconstrued perhaps lost altogether and some cases they're being reconstructed for a purpose as dr king himself may not appreciate it art is christine for south has more. those are our three. march. one day eleven a day will not be observed by a crowd of about them but by the content of. our our time. it
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was a dream so powerful it eventually came true its impact so strong it fractured the foundation of the society my fellow americans. i'm about to sign into law. the civil rights act one thousand nine hundred sixty four. and so every year on this day to honor the birthday of dr martin luther king jr. people gather to pay tribute. so it is no surprise then that the name of this american hero is often invoked but once in a while that legacy gets hijacked by come to tell you now that the truth shall set you free. first there was the glenn beck rally on the mall on august twenty eighth the same day at the same location martin luther king jr gave his i
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have a dream speech ladies and gentlemen the selling of conservative talk show host message was one thing now his name is being used to drum up support for u.s. wars in a speech given last week dr j. johnson attorney at the pentagon said i believe that of dr king. we're alive today he would recognize that we live in a complicated world and that our nation's military should not and cannot lay down its arms and leave the american people vulnerable to terrorist attack wait what that's funny because in addition to leading the civil rights movement dr martin luther king was one of the most outspoken critics of the vietnam war i think he shot a misquote that the king had put him inside of a war that he would have been again bear something strangely didn't trust in about a nation and a press that would praise you when you should be the balance could jam a car that will personally damn you when you say be. good brad vietnamese children
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his lessons are prominent in communities across the country but in particular and churches like this one in washington and although there are so many as one thing you need to hear time and time again martin luther king promoted peace his message was simply this either we learned to live together as brothers and sisters on this planet we were terrorists to get this foolish foolish what many people thing of dr king's name being invoked for the wrong reasons i think that became what a march with many of us. from the very beginning. needlessness of us going over there it wasn't about weapons of mass destruction it was about all let's be real in this city where the struggle for civil rights lives on many gathered here say there is a vast difference between honoring history and revising. in washington christine for sound party. dr martin luther king jr as i have a dream speech
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was probably his most famous but it was far from the only one maybe not even his best dr king spoke out against injustice everywhere they sought not just in terms of racial segregation but capitalism militarism. imperialism he died while planning the poor people's march where he was to leave thousands of poor americans black white hispanic asian indian all of them to washington d.c. to demand economic justice he believes in nonviolence and radical pacifism so why can't we get his legacy right here this guy with me is christopher chambers georgetown university professor and author of the blog as revenge for thanks so much for being here and i want to start with this whole statement by jay johnson you know i railed about a little bit on friday where he asserted that dr martin luther king jr would be completely ok he would understand that our world is so complicated and he would support our wars abroad right now i've never heard something more ridiculous in my
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entire life well there have been more ridiculous statements particularly on the right concerning say the i have a dream speech but it doesn't surprise me and i really don't blame him because more luther king has become such a symbol is no longer a person i mean abraham lincoln secretary of war. got assassinated now it belongs to the ages he's become a symbol and a product and so people will use a product any way they can to sell what they need to so i mean and that's our fault as a society because he has become something other than what he is both his greatest moments and his faults but why is that i mean you know the so much attention obviously is given to his fight for civil rights for you know racial justice but what about the fact that he also railed on against the vietnam war he really you know railed on against capitalism he really fought for economic justice in iraq and that's the part of his legacy that kind of trickles often gets really doesn't quite fit in you
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know when he went to chicago for a poor people's march there and for jobs and things like that and he was roundly attacked by working class white people who probably think of all they think of now is the i have a dream speech and the colorblind thing well even that speech they've shown it was a political document put together by. a lot of people to appeal to a broader audience because the the social justice and jobs appeal well that would only appeal to a certain number of people if they wanted to to be broad we'll see now it's gotten so broad that it's just swallowed up everything and i think you know what about war in particular people have to understand he was a follower of gandhi and gandhi was the alternate nonviolent pacifist you know we're not going to have a violent revolution to get our freedom from england now what gandhi also said was we're going to we're subjects of england if we're going we're going to support england in world war one and world war two if england's cause is just and the only way it could be just is if anyone was attacked to protect your life and your limb
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well what he's also said was if their cause isn't just we're not going to support you and that's what dr king said about vietnam for dr king the say well support afghanistan and iraq and maybe attack iran he would never support something like that because that is not the the cause is not just and if even if the cause is just that the conduct of the war if somebody attacks you and bombs your house does that mean you get to kill their women and children he would say no why and he would say no right to our country spending more on the military while of course our poor people are unemployed it was about social justice do you think though that you know you said that it's kind of our fault right that he's become not a person anymore but rather a symbol but has also been a concerted effort on anyone's part i think no i don't think so i mean you can look at his his kids and the whole rigamarole about trying to get copyright and you know literally turn him into a product but i think it's just our society's need to find
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a prince or a symbol of good that that shields us from the shadow of the ugly stuff of what civil rights was really about which is about social justice and racism jobs housing all that stuff that's not very neat and not very clean so when you have the symbol that's very. repu or that person could kind of you know it's almost like gandalf in the lord of the rings you know only he can protect us from that he could be everything that's good and that's that's something that the media you know church has its p.r. and advertising people churn i mean it's not a concerted conspiracy it's just something that we have to do in america well you know it's unfortunate too because today we need a real life dr martin luther king jr again you know so much because of the way that a flood that flesh and blood what exactly are real when i'm sure that he would be railing against bailing out wall street railing against you know our endless wars and you know america needs that kind of
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a leader and it like chris thanks so much for being here. well as america marks martin luther king jr's birthday today the country is living through the second tier of obama's presidential term unemployment is bad all around but it's nine point four percent doesn't even come close to covering unemployment within the african-american community but those numbers are many are wondering if that community would be better off before they placed all their hopes on america's first black president artes as they see it short in the house the story. as the u.s. marks martin luther king day the african-american community is needed deep in an economic nightmare there is no question that that black america is worse off than it has been at least the last thirty years. the official unemployment rate for african-americans has been hovering at around sixteen percent for the last year more than the high unemployment number one. and home foreclosures in the
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mornin populating the prisons of our country. many say if these numbers represented any other minority group us would be in a state of emergency has long been high time for a rescue operation for african-americans a particularly poignant question. now with a black president in the white house new york's harlem neighborhood is one of the places that celebrated the most when barack obama stepped into the white house for two years into the presidency the cracks in the dream for life have become too wide to hide extreme unemployment with resulting poverty has created a pandemic of millions who need to be helped with in black america has been a. nightmare looking for work study say a year ago one in six african-americans were without jobs. today so for. a lot of people even for myself china find
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a job in this economy it's really hard it's really hard to there's no health centers and there's no opportunities that there's like we just stay at one like an economic level like a. low income level poverty many see racial profiling continues to be a major obstacle to winning in the job market literally hundreds of studies have shown. without doubt repeatedly that for example a white man with a prison record who applies for a job is more likely to get a callback for that job interview for that job than a black man with a college education experts believe that's exactly why obama should be putting in place specifically targeted policies so why isn't he it's just a community of people that he's probably believes that belong to him will vote for
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him will support him he's going to spend political capital he's not going to spend it on black folk but instead you could say that obama has destroyed more blacks the ku klux klan would have been able to spending money and effort on everything from saving wall street to enlist warfare takes a lot of time that's largely been the problem. already during the first half of obama's first term but the clock is ticking days and months passing african americans as well as the rest of the forty million battling poverty across the u.s. remain rejected there are not more jobs made available then he will lose a significant base of support in the african-american community and in the general community because people will be disappointed in the broken disappointed and forgotten could well end up rejecting in return. r.t. new york. fifty years ago today president eisenhower warned the u.s.
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of a dangerous and growing military industrial complex that could be a threat to american democracy we'll show you a story from r.t. correspondent lauren lyster was asked whether our current wars are simply too profitable to end and i'll speak with editor of the blog wars business korea trying to get a report on the status of the military industrial complex fifteen years after eisenhower warned of its dangers. the latest sign. from. the future covered. for the full story we've got. the biggest issues get voice face to face with the news makers.
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are you guys it's time for show and tell now last time we wanted to know what you thought of obama's speech that he made at the tucson memorial service if the election were tomorrow we wanted to know would you vote for obama at the president's and so many people were reminded of the old obama and the way in which he spoke so here's what you had to say. brian mcgee gives an emphatic no he says not only did i vote for him i volunteered for him but let me repeat hell no seven bore also responded on facebook by saying if pailin is the alternative obama looks just great pauline murphy tweeted her answer to this she said i live in the u.k. and i would i felt like two thousand and eight when i was listening to him i was always ways we were appreciate your response and here's our next question for you so secret that china is on the up and up when it comes to the global economy now chinese president hu jintao just gave an interview to the washington post where he said the currency system with the dollar in the lead is a product of the past so we want to know what you think do you think of the yuan
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will ever replace the dollar as the international reserve currency you can respond to us on facebook twitter and you tube and who knows your response just might make it on air. now you've heard the phrase before commit to staying the course whether it comes to the us wars in iraq or afghanistan that phrase may be implying that america will have a very long term presence in those countries but could there be an underlying motive to stay the course maybe has something to do with certain groups profiting from these wars lucrative government contracts great influence from defense contractors artie's lauren lyster explains who profits from our your wars abroad fifty hears after dwight eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex. when it comes to the afghan war well over half of americans oppose it and after a year of record casualties and having ploughed in over three hundred sixty six billion dollars why is the us committed to staying the course they're all trying to build if for that warry energy motives and profit motives and strategic motives and
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if you're wondering why some in the us just might not want to see the war and ever hear of three reasons thirty six billion twenty five billion twenty three point five billion those are roughly the dollar amounts the top three american defense companies were handed in government contracts in two thousand and eight the president wants warned about this industry we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence whether someone runs on by the military industrial complex it was fifty years ago than us president eisenhower said those now famous words let's look at though were u.s. defense spending has gone since then it's skyrocketed from just around five hundred billion during the vietnam war to more than seven hundred billion dollars now during the post nine eleven wars and some argue that escalation is tied to exactly what eisenhower was warning about but there's a whole range of business that just you know lives off fighting wars and i think
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it's you know particularly arms companies because they have representation every state and district in the country in many cases. they have a congress on their side here to build the weapons or if necessary to use them lawmakers cast the votes that ensure a military contractor such as lockheed martin gets two hundred sixty dollars from each household a year according to hard time three search making it the single largest recipient of taxpayer dollars meanwhile companies like lockheed dole out millions in political contributions and for lobbying each year and promise to deliver politicians not just weapons but jobs sometimes they will even say you know if you vote with us we'll put a factory in your district those who agree with hard time save the defense dollars are sure to keep coming for contractors as long as the influence continues and as long as the empire continues to expand you're suggesting then a permanent u.s. presence in afghanistan something which you consider we have bases all over the
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world when you think strategically you may wonder if the u.s. really wants to end the war or ever leave afghanistan in a stand is next to the middle east and it's next to russia and it's next to china it's a wonderful place to have bases and weapons and nuclear weapons it's a place where they very much want to look at natural gas pipeline looking at recent history our combat mission is ending but our commitment to iraq's future is not what does it mean to say a war the united states would like to end the iraq war by keeping the military bases there keeping fifty thousand troops there keeping enough control of the economy so that if the iraqis do anything at all that the united states and its investors don't like we can immediately kill another hundred thousand iraqis and while in afghanistan the u.s. is still spending billions trying to win the hearts and minds of the people looks to some like resources are going in a different direction you can drive
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a lot and for at least a mile and a half there will be a wall and there is some kind of big american construction of ammunition depots and . i was seeing happening on the other side of that wall in the other side of the road you see the people who are displaced are actually living in tents without heaters and with blankets and through cold winter afghans left out in the cold war as the u.s. government and corporations appear to capitalize on a war that looks here to stay in the stor r t new york. the war in afghanistan looks here to stay but it perhaps is only scratching the surface what about our rather new fairly secret military operations in yemen what about pakistan can there ever be an end to a war that's described as global against the elusive threat of terrorism eight years before his farewell address president eisenhower warned of a world permanently perched on the brink of war humanity hanging from
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a cross of iron not there he didn't seem to scare people enough our defense spending has doubled in the past decade to more than seven hundred billion a year the pentagon makes up the largest portion of our discretionary spending we have not one but seventeen intelligence agencies assessing the constant threats to our country then in his farewell speech fifty years ago today he described the more tangible correlation of the military industrial complex the growing fusion between corporations and the armed forces you know fifty years later it looks like those concerns didn't really sink in either with the revolving door between the pentagon defense contractors k.-street the media turning nonstop so i guess the most important question here is why didn't anyone listen to earlier i caught up with corey pyne out of there and creator of war is business dot com and i first mentioned the in the one nine hundred fifty s. war was a business for all americans defense spending was looked at as a permanent stimulus program thanks to world war two but today how does spending
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a million dollars for each american soldier trucking fuel across pakistan to afghanistan how does that benefit americans here at home. that's a good question. i think the average american has a good reason to ask it the fact is for most people it doesn't benefit them whatever whatever benefits of what they call military keynesianism that we enjoyed after world war two don't really work with the way the economy is structured today not everybody is working in manufacturing. for the arms industry for instance not everybody works for a defense contractor with a security clearance the benefits just aren't spread around in the same way if they ever work now do you think how they got to be out there would suggest that perhaps eisenhower's prophecy did not come true but do you think that it's become even worse than what he originally imagined. well what he was worried about was the accumulation of unwarranted influence and certainly i think you could say that
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that's worse even though there's a lot of noise about defense secretary gates cutting the military budget when you look historically they're not really cuts to speak of at all this is still a sacrosanct area. the u.s. federal budget and in that sense sure it's worse than it was. back in one thousand sixty one well perhaps he also didn't think he would have retired generals coming from the pentagon that then would be working for defense contractors and then also working for the media and advising people i mean it's really become a revolving door that's you know perhaps a little larger than that anyone could have ever imagined but tell me this and you mentioned americans the average american is not better than from this right now it's not trickling down to them we have nine point four percent unemployment so why aren't americans standing up against this more even eisenhower warned that you know it really lied in the people to defend democracy to fight against this why don't we hear more of that. you know i think the main reason for that is that most people
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aren't really aware of the problem in those terms it's one of the reasons i started the website wars business and called it that or change the way people think about. problem. the other thing though is you know there's a there's something special about military affairs and most american people are in their heart of hearts considers that consider themselves patriots so unfortunately one of the things that makes the defense industry lobby so punish is that these people can wrap themselves in the flag in a way that not every industry can well how about the fact that they like to scare the american public to know how good of a job have they done with that you know you've even seen memos post nine eleven from donald rumsfeld where he's telling his people that you know the key is to make americans realize that we're surrounded by violent extremists really to keep elevating that threat to do you think that americans also are just scared that there is some kind of a constant threat that we're constantly on the brink of
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a new war. oh sure you know it's a good question how much of that. fear mongering is done to further certain policy goals and how much is actually done is kind of a marketing campaign right the problem with the conflicts of interest having generals and security professionals go back and forth between government and industries it makes it really hard to sort out those motivations that's what people need to be on guard against but is it also so powerful i mean i feel like you have to question why eisenhower did to really give this speech until it was his farewell address perhaps and for that he may have warned about the idea of being constantly on the brink of war but he didn't talk about this military industrial complex until he was on the way out we've seen barack obama as bob woodward you know detailed in his book who was couldn't believe that he was only given one option when it came to the war in afghanistan so can a leader even fight against the system. you know i think there was
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a quote i think it was president kennedy told some of his advisors that in order to take on the pentagon would take two terms and you'd have to spend the first term doing nothing else but focusing on getting the pentagon under control and then you probably wouldn't get reelected to a second term so you know part of it definitely is that this system is bigger than any elected official or branch of government and that's what makes it so pernicious and that's why eisenhower chose to highlight it he did mention some of the consequences of military overspending at the beginning of his term as well but he just didn't have that catchy phrase you know. yeah i guess the military industrial complex just sounds so sweet when i was there in london so it's so interesting to see how people from abroad will look at america's military spending america's military industrial complex i mean of course the u.k. is one of our biggest allies when it comes to fighting these wars but still i mean do you see the critique even there they've decided to cut their defense budget
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recently. as has most of europe i mean i just saw a chart today where as a share of g.d.p. military spending in the u.s. continues to go up but in the other nato countries it's been going down for the last decade or more and you know that i think there's there's a somewhat bigger understanding of the consequences of militarism and some of these european countries because they've felt the last world war a little more. closer to home i guess you could say. well thank you very much for joining us and here we are fifty years later after that speech and seems like everything eisenhower said didn't come true thanks thanks for having me. coming up next starbucks doesn't think you're drinking enough coffee wanted their latest attempt to create the big gulp of coffee with a fancy name and a prominent swiss bankers release the information of several rich and famous tax cheats to wiki leaks after governments and media publications.


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