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tv   [untitled]    January 18, 2011 1:00am-1:30am EST

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israel's political infighting casts a shadow on its international image as no one is sad to meet russia's president during his middle east visit thanks to a strike and israeli foreign ministry. u.k. banks bailed out by taxpayer money for appearing to hand out bumper bonuses ignoring the staring cuts and public pressure to limit the payouts. and as martin luther king's birthday is remembered worldwide some modern day political figures in the u.s. are accused of using the civil rights icon to excuse their just wars abroad.
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is not i am of the russian capital you're watching r t with me rina joshie russia's president dmitry medvedev a set to visit the palestinian territories on a two day trip to the middle east he'll meet the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas but despite having to step onto israeli soil to get to abbas he won't come face to face with any top israeli figures because of industrial action within the government there are looks whether that's just a coincidence. it's russian president dmitri medvedev first visit to israel but he's not meeting one israeli official because the jewish state's foreign ministry has gone on strike it insists the strike was not planned to coincide with made bit of a visit and was simply a call for higher wages but some say bisan altieri a motor of the strike is a little bit selective because the visit of russian president was canceled while the visit of the council of germany on the merkel was and in a way i think about this is
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a result of in opposition of the workers of ministry of foreign affairs to the minister mr liberal. foreign minister avigdor lieberman is pushing for closer ties with former soviet union states while his department is pushing for him to be ousted born in the u.s.s.r. in present day moldova the former bouncer never came up through the ranks of the foreign ministry his views are right wing and he's been accused on more than one occasion of putting his foot in it makes it very clear that it is a good all of. this middle order then it is very likely that it is to do with racist ideas it is a guest of people put us under two years. but it's not the first time is really internal politics have soured the visits of foreign delegations last year just before the u.s. president joe biden came to israel the israeli prime minister announced the start of settlement building and that decision was a blow to the obama administration's peacekeeping efforts and cool down israeli
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american relations and many believe that such political embarrassments are weakening israel's position in the international arena it is not the government of those countries but growth of the people of those countries in the public opinion of those countries to public opinion israel is definitely unfortunately. doing its of these really foreign. history is the first to admit that made videos cancel visit is a missed opportunity particularly where. they're worried. about what the corporate remember gripper of the area across. it. but whatever the reason as medvedev meets with palestinian president mahmoud abbas and jordanian king abdullah israel will be sitting on the sidelines and watching policy r t jerusalem next hour we speak to in a bills shot has
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a member of the fatah central committee in charge of international relations and a former palestinian foreign minister he says russia can play a big part in establishing peace in the middle east with the u.s. failing to influence the netanyahu government. to try to convince netanyahu to stop further occupation through building new settlements at the gaza blockade to stop the measures they're taking in jerusalem and the americans failed to do this they admit it and now put more pressure on us trying to bring us back to the negotiating table and if you know who uses the current government as an excuse saying he cannot make a decision under this government russia recognize the independent palestinian state in one hundred eighty eight with the nine hundred sixty seven borders and with its capital in jerusalem and never denied that decision in other words many things show that russia is serious about its intentions it keeps reminding the world about the decisions that have been made before but enough forgotten.
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some of them may have been bailed out by the taxpayer but britain's biggest banks aren't letting that stop them giving their employees bumper bonuses it's a decision and defiance of political and public pressure to curb the pay outs and then the severe cuts being made elsewhere across the economy artie's lore and asked london's neediest what they think. this is all staring. the homeless and needy queue up for food handouts from charities all over london and the u.k. but just a few miles away it's a different world with different rules prime minister david cameron has shied away from regulating bankers' bonuses they might have to be a bit more open about them but pay because and there will be no windfall tax there was more than. i think needs to be over and bankers have taken that to heart u.k. banks including some of those bailed out by taxpayers last year will be paying out
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eleven billion dollars to their staff this year here on the street where the needy live literally from hand to mouth that's going down badly was seen as a disgrace. to british law they can't do that. and he's not the only one complaining last year saw thousands of students out on the streets demonstrating against austerity cuts about by a global crisis triggered by reckless bankers now the right to work campaign is calling for a fresh wave of protests against what they're dubbing the government surrender to the bankers and their huge paychecks but basically i think that the their money back is going to seem seem especially when their people struggling to pay their rent even feed and clothe their children when people are getting prepared three million pounds bonus is quite frankly excessive interest and discussing my money
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taxpayer lobby group say they don't care what privately owned banks do but the ones that have been bailed out with taxpayer money have to show some restraint and can't possibly be expected to stomach at a time when the government's making spending cuts to stomach these enormous bonus payouts and to watch all this go on when these banks into. get that it was the public's money that saved them but not everyone sees it that way daniel hoffman from financial services says banks is still vital in supporting economic recovery and if bonuses paid the best bankers will move elsewhere it's very crucial that the banking sectors around the world i mean really need mean cyclone and these are getting healthier and can support economic growth but house on the streets those who depend on charity to put food in their mouths find that difficult to stomach with this latest backtracking on its regulation it seems banks on the governments have learned very little from the financial crisis just
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a few miles away bankers continue to feel left pockets and looks set to be able to go on on a base it's but this time they're doing it with taxpayer money which could have been used to help the needy you are at it oh it's he did. and in brussels eurozone finance ministers are meeting to discuss whether to boost the e.u. bailout fund which was only set up last year european commission and european central bank one to widen the fine to give it more flexibility if larger euro zone members like spain need help belgium's finance minister wants the pot doubled to one point five trillion euros however in germany the biggest eurozone economy has so far ruled out any substantial increase or reflection of the major tensions within the union. member of the european parliament for the u.k. in a panel's party says a bailout won't work because the euro is doomed to failure. this bailout
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fund is really a huge bucket of money which the only people putting serious cauldrons of money into it are the job. i'm calls the germans are getting cross because of the home at the bottom of the bucket so we're going to be humming it it doesn't matter how much money you put into this huge bailout bucket it's not going to work until somebody holes at the bottom of the building. portuguese broke the spanish it broke the greeks it broke the orange the broke plain to see that nothing's actually working the only thing that was working at the moment is the german economy and the dutch economy and some of the call come true is everything else is going badly wrong as i said it would do ten years ago when i was a guest lecturer at cambridge university this whole concept is absolutely absurd you can't have one currency for sixteen or seventeen different economies it's simply can't work it isn't working it's floating out like a picture the whole thing was ridiculous from the start and it's ridiculous now and moreover the most serious note a lot of very small people are going to be hurt by this and i think the people who
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drove this euro zone project through should be criminally culpable and i would like to see them win this finally breaks probably next year i'd like to see them go to prison we've got twenty seven members we've got stranded seven different cultures different languages different to call them is the whole thing has to be enough to be diverse because a few people have this dream of a political unity in a european union project they've stuffed everything into the same post and it's going wrong it's been going wrong for years and while europe miles over its economic woes china is offering its poor to help the continent tackle its crisis as program next kaiser a look so why the asian state is doing it the kaiser report is coming your way we are today but here is a preview. let me make this following projection china is buying european bonds. why are they doing this i think it's because at some point they will demand payment in the form of gold you know in the european zone there are about eleven thousand tons of gold which would be the highest concentration of gold in the world
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higher than even the u.s. is a thousand tons of gold china moving into europe buying those bonds of course europeans will never be able to pay off those bonds because their economies are in freefall and then china will turn around and pays back in euro's but will take the payment in gold. china's president hu jintao is due to arrive in washington on a high level four day visit and economics will dominate a half of the trip china's leader insisted the international currency system based on u.s. dollar is a product of the past but he also admitted it's not time for the one to step up as the world's dominant currency just yet and jim rogers who is a financial commentator agrees saying it needs to be more flexible. is not a freely exchangeable currency and likewise in india they worry do what they have all a currency which is also blocked so it's very difficult to think about replacing or using other currencies now the chinese have been opening their currency pretty
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steadily for the past two or three years up five years actually so but he can't really challenge the u.s. dollar at the moment he can say we have to have major changes in the world or we will stop financing you and that will put pressure on the u.s. but the renminbi cannot replace the dollar not as long as it's a blocked currency i happen to think that's a mistake the chinese are making i would open the currency this afternoon if i were china but i'm not china and china if they save and invest over thirty five percent of their income the way you build a successful economy if you build capital i mean every call marks and knew that you have to have capital in order to have a successful economy the way to get a successful economy and he and i would disagree on how to do it but you've got to build capital the way you build catherine you say that you invest the chinese have been saving and investing over thirty five percent of their income in the united states we've been saving and investing two percent of our income we've been
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borrowing in the consuming they've been saving and investing and watching live from moscow still have for you political opposition in tunisia marks the first time it's been given power as a former president flees into exile but some experts warn the address they are express to the wider region. when people across the globe join together to honor dr martin luther king on his birthday it shows the legacy of this moral crusader in america is race war lives on but as i discovered some are also taking advantage of his name to gain support for u.s. wars abroad. those are our three. who are more liberal. one day levon they were not being heard by a crowd of about them but by the content of back our appetite. it was a dream so powerful it eventually came true its impact so strong it fractured the
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foundation of a society my fellow americans. i am about to sign into law. the civil rights act one thousand nine hundred sixty. odd. and so every year on this day to honor the birthday of dr martin luther king jr. people gather to pay tribute. so it is no surprise then that the name of this american hero is often invoked but once in a while that legacy gets hijacked i come to tell you now that the truth shall set you free. first there was the glenn beck rally on the mall on august twenty eighth the same day at the same location martin luther king jr gave his i have a dream speech ladies and gentlemen the selling of conservative talk show host
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message was one thing now his name is being used to drum up support for u.s. wars in a speech given last week dr j. johnson attorney at the pentagon said i believe that of dr king were alive today he would recognize that we live in a complicated world and that our nation's military should not and cannot lay down its arms and leave the american people vulnerable to terrorist attack wait what that's funny because in addition to leading the civil rights movement dr martin luther king was one of the most outspoken critics of the. war i think he shot the misquote of the king and put him inside of a war that he would have been against bear something strange made in going about a nation on a pretty bad would praise you when you should be the balance jim clark bird will curse and damn you when you say it be no problem. vietnamese children his lessons
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are prominent in communities across the country but in particular in churches like this one in western washington and although there are so many more than one thing you seem to hear time and time again martin luther king promoted peace his message was simply this either we turn to live together as brothers and sisters on this planet we work there is to get this foolish foolish what many people thing of dr king's name being invoked for the wrong reasons i think that the king would a march with many of us. from the very beginning on the needlessness of going over there it wasn't about weapons of mass destruction it was about all let's be real in this city where the struggle for civil rights lives on many gathered here say there is a vast difference between honoring history and revising it. in washington christine for sound r.t. and marc rod is an anti-war activist who believes that under the influence of
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technology young people today are growing less empathetic towards others when compared to martin luther king generation. there's a general feeling that nothing can ever change which i think is wrong we have the advantage of the of the labor and civil rights movement to show us that what an individual does can make a difference in it when a movement so we have the advantage it is of understanding the men seen the methods and the growth of the labor civil rights and antiwar movement eventually now young people don't have that they they don't have apathy i think they do they are somewhat defeated however i think that through studying history and through learning about. historical movements social movements in the united states they will be coming back to it as i believe very strongly that their rationality wins
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out in the end over irrationality however just one more thing if i may i believe that people are too distracted now with entertainment. entertainment seems to be the the goal of life and that was not the case forty five years ago. and for any of the stories we're covering here in our team you can always log on to our website r t v dot com here's a look at what's on the line for you right now find out why a two year old of possum in germany has become a worldwide that sensation with more than one hundred thousand fans on facebook. and a group of artists have built an entirely new community it's a place where gas can create a new identity using cardboard all that and more at our website r.t. dot com.
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and tunisia has formed a new national unity government to prepare the country for elections days after the former president went into exile following widespread violent protests the new administration led by the prime minister marks the first time be opposition has been given a share in power president ben ali was ousted after twenty three years in office and is now in saudi arabia tunisia remain stands with some protesters demanding radical changes in government or faster all of our new from the american university of paris says what he used to be a relatively stable country could now bring instability to the whole region. the main problem for most of the middle east countries and islamic countries in general is what i call the youth bulge of the youth a large percentage of young men entering the workforce who don't have opportunities for jobs and this is a problem for pakistan afghanistan throughout much of the middle east it needs more competition needs more investment it needs it needs some international
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encouragement if it doesn't get that then it could simmering it could begin to create fissures in the rest of the region but to these are highly educated they're very westernized they're on the internet the young people all want to identify with europe i really don't see them identifying with this but if the economy doesn't pick up who may see more turning toward towards this if if you can't get the the new democracy or the move. now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world and italian prosecutors have accused prime minister silvio berlusconi of having sex with a number of underage prostitutes they have requested to search the premier's home as part of an investigation there as kone has denied the allegations which follow a number of other sex scandals surrounding him the latest revelations come a time when berlusconi's government has been struggling to maintain its majority while prostitution is not illegal in the country exploiting or helping to arrange sex with minors is. more than three and
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a half thousand people have fled their homes after raging floodwaters reached the australian state of victoria falls weeks of flooding in queensland to the north where the death toll from flooding is now risen to twenty authorities are still searching for missing people. the for fear of haiti's own claude duvalier has returned to the country twenty six years after he was overthrown he greeted crowds of supporters but did not say why chosen to return or what he planned to do also known as baby doc he inherited power from his father at nineteen and presided over one of the darkest chapters in haitian history he's accused of torturing and killing political opponents ruling in an atmosphere of fear and repression. and he has been touted for more a military honors and a nato commander in afghanistan general petraeus has even been tipped for a tilt at twenty twelve u.s. presidential elections investigative journalist ross baker says
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a military container for the white house would hardly bring about any change to the country's backing for foreign wars. a person like betray us would be there primarily because of the attraction of his celebrity to the public it's sort of interesting that military again is considered to be a proper. into c. of leadership but certainly he would have behind in the same exact interest of financial banking interest a large industrial interested benefit so much from this state of perpetual war this is the largest industry this country has ever known it's the gravy train and they're not going to get off of it anytime soon without something drastic i don't think there's any chance that a military man like betray us put into the presidential race would possibly buck that establishment and whether us boring so much money and to help restore ghana stand some locals say they're struggling to sienna results after a long spell of war and occupation corruption is taking you have until later in the
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day our team needs you along the afghanistan dollar trail. repairing a broken. highway construction and humanitarian aid. officials get the spoils of it's the people who paid the price. profiteering is no longer just down to drug trafficking. afghanistan don't. last as a business update with korea coming up in just a few moments. good to business good to have you with us ross now though has pledged to invest up to
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six hundred fifty million dollars into u.k. microchip firm plastic logic the state owned company will initially inject one hundred fifteen million for the twenty five percent stake in the cheap plastic microchip maker if the venture becomes financially viable the russian government could take a controlling stake the deal is an effort by russia to diversify into promising to acknowledge it while plastic logic hopes to generate one billion dollars in annual sales by two thousand and sixteen. now the board of the call has approved departures of telecom assets on by egyptian billionaire and that gypsy various for a total of six and i have billion dollars ignoring norwegian shareholder telling r.'s opposition to the deal which is second biggest mobile phone operator is seeking to take over severities italian mobile operator when silicon we could see only in its fifty one point seven percent stake in egypt r us called telecom holding to create the world's six largest phone company and signed
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a new agreement after telling all rejected that only a six point eight billion dollars proposal saying the transaction wouldn't help the business however telling our set it will fight at the company's shareholders meeting suggesting the deal may be headed for trouble particular from troika dialog believes this move will be met negatively by the market's. turn nor. do you know why it should be. treated between two major shareholders and therefore these can be taken negatively by the market also in my view it increases chances. going through and therefore those investors who are betting on the t.v. been taken off the table right now start selling their stock. they're going to take a look at the markets asian stocks are high. and on tuesday japanese stocks are up with the nikkei trading marginally in the black property developers are gaining
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after the moral holdings looked at their share price targets hong kong shares are posting modest gains as well russia's stock markets open the week with its highest postings of the r.t.s. and my six in summer two thousand and eight the main engine behind the upswing for shares a ross there are news of a share swap with b.p. both reality is in my eyes it's closed monday trading up one point seven just over one and a half percent respectively was not share swap an ounce would be p. helped boost shares in both companies but analysts say the russian oil giant stands to gain the most jacob now at morgan stanley explains what the authorities are doing to help make russian venture for foreign companies more profitable i think the russian government is giving tax breaks and he saw a period in the caspian in new york to which are quite substantial and for the steel to work b.p. would have had some of those tax breaks i think the bigger question for the russian government is will it rebalance its petroleum tax system from the upstream to the
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downstream and will it move from taxing revenues to taxing profits both those changes would make a great deal of difference to the attractiveness of all the gas as a sector to invest in. enter jets mexico's second largest airline has signed a six hundred fifty million dollars deal to buy fifteen project one hundred planes under the deal in the jet has the option to purchase five more planes first deliveries are to begin in late two thousand and twelve this is the first delivery contract for russia's new type of super jet airplanes to a latin american country so for international a joint venture between russia sukhoi company and italy's or not it currently has one hundred seventy orders for it so protect. the creator of the term bric countries has suggested the group should now welcome mexico south korea turkey and indonesia to the fold he says the nine year old term is no longer helpful as
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a unites countries with too great a range of economic prospects she won't he also said the term emerging markets should evolve into growth markets new approach would take g.d.p. as the primary criteria currently china is the brics largest economy totaling one point three percent of global g.d.p. india and russia might provide combined provide eight percent. that's all we have for you at the moment is more about the market's performance in the next hour trying to.
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repairing a broken ancient. highway construction and humanitarian aid. but as shady officials get the spoils of war it's the people who pay the price. profiteering here is no longer just down to drug trafficking. afghanistan on the dollar. on alt.


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