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tv   [untitled]    January 18, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EST

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really happening to the global economy with. global financial headlines. in the headlines. president. to visit with reviving the stalled peace. but he won't be meeting any israeli officials because of a strike in that country. and the polish president lech kaczynski says he was assassinated by russia. the official investigation into the
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plane crash that killed. well after the failure of the latest direct peace talks in the middle east palestinians have been advancing their independence from israel by calling on the international community to recognize its sovereignty discuss the prospects with a member of the central committee in charge of international relations and the palestinian foreign minister that discussion is next. i agree that it gets on a muscle leave at the bottom of. the greetings dr shah. the. let me first ask you about george mitchell's recent the to the middle east and later we will talk about your current visit to russia what did the u.s. special envoy brainwave that was new or than a ticket he had. how. he brought with him this sense of loss of
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fresh air they tried to convince netanyahu to stop further occupation through building new settlements at the gaza blockade to stop the measures they're taking in jerusalem the americans failed to do this they admitted and now put more pressure on us trying to bring us back to the negotiating table that they however they promised to continue the bilateral contact with us and israel george mitchell really brought nothing new nothing specific that we would like to participate in serious talks which would put a stop to the occupation and lead to the establishment of an independent palestinian state but the talks with netanyahu don't inspire much hope on the international regulatory framework is being ignored everything that has been achieved in the last nineteen years has been denied israel is continuing the talks but at the same time building new settlements expanding the occupation zone of the of it's cheatin there's no other word for it and we told mr mitchell about this we are not the problem we are for the peace process for the settlement based on the
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one hundred sixty seven borders for resistance without violence ever the current talks are just a cover up for building more settlements that was we cannot agree to that are we supposed to start the talks from the very beginning canceling out everything that had been done in the last nineteen years it's impossible to say that. do you think the u.s. is refusal to pressure israel especially in the area that. settlements means that the white house refuses to hold the bill its obligations we have towards the palestinian leadership hold. that it is we asked them what will you tell us in the future that you are a co-sponsor of the peace process your signature is under the treaties including the oslo accords yes the treaty was drawn up in oslo but it was signed in the white house in washington you will witness did you demanded that we would fulfill certain obligations and we did then you adopted the road map plan which was supposed to be
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binding for all science involved we fulfilled all the obligations under this plan as well israel fulfilled none of their obligations today you're saying that you're not able to fulfill what you promised and sponsored how can we now believe that you will help the fulfillment of obligations which will be worked out in the coming talks so trust has been broken but the issue of israel settlement activities is a very important issue in and of itself but at the same time it is also important because it is an example of irresponsible behavior during the peace process of. president mahmoud abbas and the palestinian leadership on a peaceful solution he think that israel and with its current leadership is ready to give palestinians of their rights back. of course not we said this to the americans and the whole world we told them about what was happening during the talks what was happening on occupied territories that's why netanyahu uses the
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current government as an excuse saying he cannot make a decision under this government but he will be able to do that if you reforms the government removes lieberman and puts in the government somebody from the kadima party which has twice as many votes as lieberman supporters but he doesn't want that he uses it as an excuse to cover for all his actions we know this for sure but it doesn't mean that we think that he will never changes stance. governments change and it's already happened before when we started the peace process and the us was serious about promoting it and established the madrid conference jimmy had the same stance netanyahu has now. so you're saying that in the current situation the p.l.o. has resistance on its agenda. and. all constitutional choices are possible and the constitution gives every nation whose land was occupied by another state where the right to fight with weapons against the occupation therefore our right
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should not become an issue while we focus on military targets not striking civilians in accordance with the constitution hamas admitted that in response to the cold any position they launched several missiles at israel didn't apologize for the civilian casualties saying it was because of a naming error we have fatah has said that from the very beginning and keep saying that we target military objects only in the twenty years of combat we have lost a lot of people and the decision to return to comment during the intifada was made by the leadership and supported by the people after that it became obvious that there are other more effective ways to fight in order to reach the goal that we have set. the. we know that the palestinian leadership has prepared a draft that will be presented to the un security council in order to condemn israel for example meant activity if the u.s. see how uses its right to veto what will the palestinian leadership do and it is
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true for. the international law allows for a wide range of actions that have structures through which we can take a number of measures of the u.s. rejects the solution to the u.n. general assembly a general assembly uses the uniting for peaceful means which allows it act in the same way as the un security council using a number of measures to make sure its decisions are carried through their international tribunals through which israel. the military commanders who committed crimes in our country could be prosecuted they have been a lot of those crimes there's a group of countries that signed the fourth geneva convention and that these countries can use sanctions against israel forcing it to make a certain decision but i don't think the u.s. will use its right to veto in the face of the other fourteen u.n. security council members based on what's really the u.s. agreed with fifteen resolutions aiming at the settlement activities in jerusalem it voted for ten of these decisions and abstained in five cases so we have fifteen
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precedents altogether the signs the freezing of our draft is very similar to that of a lot of his statements on this issue it says that construction of settlements should be stopped everywhere including the regions where it is justified by the natural increase in population and it is as if the us were saying we want to stop the settlement activities. if you can help us but what are we supposed to do. but it shouldn't be this way of. your your visit to russia you had a number of meetings with russian leaders did you hear anything you would not go. about. well how. about it. with all of the all new things are innocent old things because the u.s. forgot a lot of these old things but russia remembers that russia recognized the independent palestinian state in one thousand nine hundred eight with a nine hundred sixty seven borders and that's clearly a law jerusalem and it merely desired it decision we have an embassy in moscow it
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has the same rights as the embassies of other countries and when president it was in cairo addressing the arab league he clearly confirmed for the mission russia's stance on israeli settlements is firm and has not changed the russian foreign ministry's let us know that when we come to the un security council with the dam to stop the settlements bulk of russia would support us and try to convince other countries to make this decision and influence the u.s. so that it doesn't relate to veto. russia is flexible when it comes to other countries recognize and the palestinian state in the one nine hundred sixty seven borders the way that we have that we continue to work together with russia in different areas of culture economy the houghton's rights during the prime minister's visit we signed a number of agreements there was a fresh voice that stands on palestinian prisoners of war saying that they should be free to leave the foreign minister also met with and one of the wife of my own but it's about an imprisoned palestinian judge from dependence this proves that russia will continue to strive for his release in other words many finisher that
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russia is serious about his attentions only keeps reminding the world about sensations that have been made before but enough forgot that the other was just going to be russia's support the palestinians out of basra it will cut out that he's a block off that was dr shelton advisor to the palestinians president member of the leadership thank you very much.
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this is true he still keeps in secrets but now it's time to reveal. the soviet financed house on the embankment the. very first verses of the bible that all human beings are created but settlement of came. in god's image and it doesn't say just. sixty to seventy percent of what i did as a combat soldier territories. doing what we call making our presence felt to go out should some. doors run to the other corner and. religion and nationalism not just judaism have been a part of the problem they've been part of what leads to. bloodshed
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a few one. thousand four hundred people in a month and you want to expect that this will have no effect until a few you have to be either extremely naive or extremely stupid to hear a religious jew calling another joke and not the way they really did it. more news today violence flared up. and these are the images cobol has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are old today. in india ulti is available in the move go hard enough to join t. hoto the isle of villas the gateway hoto the grand imperial truly the top western
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pushkar lendell you can a with a tell close leisure photo seductive to go and talk live reza since the kennel was a hotel as used to retreat. to a failed state this is not a provocation but a warning that. the force it and should use staffers are you sure it's a pretty tree speaks they have no idea about the hardships to face. plate one it's the says it is all of them to listen for any army to life ever using them is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two the success of victory nineteen forty five dollars on t. dot com.
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the headlines. ignoring all. public pressure to limit the. president mandate that phased you in the palestinian territories on the middle east visit. peace talks with israel but he won't be meeting any israeli officials because of a strike in the country's a foreign ministry. and the family of polish president lech kaczynski says he was assassinated by russia rejecting the findings of the official investigation into the plane crash that killed. with richard.
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hello welcome good to have you with us. so if you're free world number two. problems in making the second round of the australian open. also fruits makes wrong with a minimum of. cold be in focus bryant showing. the home of the n.b.a. . and start with tennis and the australian open middle youzhny proceeded to the second round following a straight sets victory. from turkey will usually break his opponent three times a new thing to science and spend time breaking the third science phase. of slovenia in the second round the two thousand and nine us open champion juan
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martin del potro defeated also in three saints. carle thank the sylvania in the retiring in. the first two one and top seed dollars for as well marcus daniel retiring in the second set of damage. to game by the way and he hopes his opponents injury isn't too serious. you never know know the words think this. but he had been injured it. was a really nice. and i had when i. really started working with him all the best. for the recovery hopefully is not nothing really really important but. i think. there's a big difference. from all of the women inside the second seed as one of the all these fruits of the next round of a very straightforward victory against obama she'll be joined by maria kirilenko to
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supply the top three setter italian opponent. is also proof. of our least likely of. the russian drop in just one game in the one. in the evening session former world number one dinara safina was sent packing by kim clijsters the russian has been playing pool for the injuries last season was no mimes for the third seed who despite a. lot of just fifty four minutes much better news for you concerning the macabre with the team see that an advantage in american free sense the russian taking the decided ten eight to move through to the next round. meanwhile on monday nickel i'd have a dang go had a day to forget as before rush number one clash in the first round of a grand slam the first time in eight years studying that in two thousand and ten
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going down to unseeded german four in my own. for a man who had already beaten world number one rafael nadal this season also on day one third ranked player you go on drift apart a better lock saying often people the laundry in straight sets. the time to the fans in style to sting a masterful win over. last score and second seed swiss needed just an hour and a half to send his opponent packing five games to the second stage six one six one six three the final score the third expressed gaining momentum in melbourne. a great. joy to play offensive from the start and see. where it takes me then we're in a group more or less risky and so forth but i was able to keep on pressing you know put them on the back foot. it was no surprises you know get into the match
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at one stage and. you know i thought it was a good match. joke of it and andy roddick also made it into the second round on monday all of the women's part of a draw maria sharapova started her campaign with a win over toyland. former champion powering through in straight sets six one six three to claim a first victory at melwood pong since winning the all zero point three years ago seeded fourteenth is she is tall and will take on the junior razzano next frenchwoman the minute this month. but first game definitely wasn't great on the morning so. during the match but i didn't either otherwise you know she was close to being for one second so. i was able to end six one six three so now that the positive. world number one caroline wozniacki had few problems against a player which was regarded as a tough first run tests don't go a day moving through six three six four to set up
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a second round the americans came. this way on just. tough opponents question the first round she changes the rhythm quite a bit so it's tough to get there i'm unclear on damn about the first wrong it's always tough and really have to be through and through tonight. most of all now in the n.b.a. kobe bryant and sol scored twenty one points each as the los angeles lakers defeated the oklahoma fund and the lakers struggled to defend against evans runs early on to go home a forward one fourteen of a fungus twenty eight points in the first school turn however the home side began to change into the us does leave. this. double digits i'm going to leave my free of the interval will be twenty in the shine of a third as well three points this side ten point lead funday kept in touch with cutler got eight points hopefully through the final rose and it was time for another late to lead apologists all to step up to the plate
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a couple of slice advance pizza late on ellie's when. one hundred one minds for final score the lakers secured their eighth victory against. cycling and lance armstrong didn't get off to the best of starts up a told and as he could only finish in the main group the ball's going to go home favorite so you go all split the seven time tour de france champion who's running for radio shack is hoping for a good performance from his team during the events well i think we i mean i'd love to have a great performance from the team for me at least one of the stage i would think with that with the talent and the type or riders we have here i don't think. any of these stages are suited to an all around rider and i think this is still a sprint race i think more so now than ever before you've got a lot more. sprinters here this year you have greipel on a different team than cavendish cavendish is here so you have that head to head battle people are going to be waiting for that japan to book their place in the
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last day to be asian come falling a five no victory over saudi arabia shinji because aki opening the scoring in eight minutes. people want to run. in the. same not designed to be doubling the lead five minutes later. cross clear. with little chance it was for email nineteen minutes. turning the ball into the net for his first goal of annoyance. break to continue to dominate. of my having his second to make it four nil this. time they were still hungry for more goals. and they completed around ten minutes from time because i'm too completing the goal first and grabbing his trick in the process to make it five nil . it was the jordan. and spent. time with football where i'd like to go to dread of climbed up to six in the spanish league
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standings out of a french to majorca for a no home or otherwise into the clash after a disappointing defeat to city royals ryall in the top of their already and they got off to the best possible stone breaking the dead long twelve minutes on the layer of power in your head. and saw double belly twenty minutes later before i was run the prediction you all saw in triumph simply goal of the season. could have pulled one bank off way through the second home often tell you luke is. unsure in the penalty area seeing a straight red card. topless baykeeper david to be and managing to see where those who respond take. on turning a ray is sealed the deal for the madrid side in injury time. comprehensive win for a place to go. up in the cage hell finally look mighty have joined up on guard at the top of the standings following a big winner trying to alexander got the most over double in the six two when
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elsewhere one sorel of money to go to the shootout of defending champions i baas speeds up the middle east on bodies on the road and some of other diet torpedo. flight routes like most all coming up in around two hours time it's a change watty weather is coming up next. very first verses of the bible is that all human beings are created but sentimental came in god's image and it doesn't say just jews or non jews. sixty to seventy percent of what i did as a common soldier in the occupied territories. doing what we call making our presence felt to go out. so they are not in some doors run to the other corner and . religion and nationalism not just judaism have been
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a part of the problem they've been part of what leads to. bloodshed fume one. thousand four hundred people in a month and you want to expect that this will have no effect until a feat you have to be either extremely naive for its terms we don't need to hear a religious jew calling another jew on not not the way they really didn't. download the official placation. i pod touch from the. life on the go. video on demand. gold costs and already feeds now in the palm of your. question.
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