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we will be back in the rights of the palestinians to create their own state. committed to supporting the independent palestinian state with. his middle east visit as the russian leader meets with his palestinian counterpart israel has been left on the sidelines due to political infighting. despite a simple seem especially when the people struggling to pay their rent even feed them played. in the u.k. as. the rest of the country. also the family of the polish president killed in a plane crash last april claims he perished in an assassination plot by moscow but
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experts say the tragedy is being used to gain political points. and in our business program find out what japanese company is moving. in about twenty minutes time. around the world around the clock this is the life from moscow russia. to back a palestinian state with a capital in east jerusalem that's according to president who's been meeting with. but that's years they have the news russia's position stays the same we made a choice at the end of the one nine hundred eighty s. we've been backing and we will be back in the rights of the palestinians to create their own state independent united sustainable with the capital in east jerusalem.
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now the initial plan for president of the middle east tour was to hold talks with israel as well but this was when us officials went on strike leading to the visits cancellation mostafa but a goatee the secretary general of the palestinian national initiative party says the reason for that is much more complicated. the issue of the strike of the foreign ministry is not a justification by any means the prime minister of israel could have arranged the visit. of the security apparatus is so big and is that this would not be a problem today surely it is that. feeling of superiority in israel a feeling of guns and impunity to international law that makes israel behave in such a manner with the leader of one of the most important countries in the world and i think that is the reason here which is a political one we have. a government knows that its policy is counterproductive to
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value needed many european countries that are leading most countries in the war devalue needed an american companies. need to many people even inside the united states so that also applies but i share with you seeking to have a more active role in. the fourth fifth and israel wants to look russia is the only country in the quarter that has a tickle denies the palestinian state back and nine hundred eighty eight so there is no reason why russia should accept to be proud allies and put on the shelf for more than two years that within the park just because the united states is one of the allies in the process and the united states' policy is totally subjected to the israeli manipulation and i think things have reached a point where their israeli policies even hurting the american strategic and that's why mr obama tried to mix on what action when he spoke about settlements and so on but he feels. all right now in just a few minutes here on out he will be getting
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a live update from our correspondent on a boy who's in jericho following president of the middle east who are also in about half an hour he talks to a top palestinian diplomat who says russians can make a difference in the situation in the middle east after america's failure there. but to try to convince need to know how to stop through the rocky patient through building used to. comments that the gaza blockade to stop the measures they're taking in jerusalem and the americans failed to do this they admit it and now put more pressure on us trying to bring us back to the negotiating table netanyahu uses the current government as an excuse saying he cannot make a decision under this government russia recognize the independent palestinian state in one thousand eight hundred eight with a nine hundred sixty seven borders with its capital in jerusalem and it never denied that decision in other words many things show that russia is serious about its intentions it keeps reminding the world about the decisions that have been made before but enough forgotten.
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now public fear is a growing in the u.k. where the biggest banks there are planning to pay out billions of dollars in bonuses to some stuff the cash bonanza comes after many banks were bailed out by taxpayers' money and amid severe public sector cuts across the crisis said economy . emmet has more. this is all staring. the homeless and needy queue up for food handouts from charities all over london and the u.k. just a few miles away it's a different world with different rules prime minister david cameron has shied away from regulating bankers' bonuses they might have to be a bit more open about them but pay because there will be no windfall tax there was more. and bankers have taken that to heart u.k. banks including some of those bailed out by taxpayers last year will be paying out
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eleven billion dollars to their staff this year here on the street where the needy live literally from hand to mouth that's going down badly. british. and he's not the only one complaining last year saw thousands of students out on the streets demonstrating against austerity cuts about by global crisis triggered by reckless bankers now the right to work campaign is calling for a fresh wave of protests against what they're dubbing the government surrender to the bankers and their huge paychecks but basically i think that there are bankers bonuses obscene especially when there are people struggling to even pay their rent to even feed and clothe their children when people are getting three pounds three million pounds bonus is a quite frankly excessive interest and discussing my money taxpayer lobby group say
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they don't care what privately owned banks do but the ones that have been bailed out with taxpayer money have to show some restraint and can't possibly be expected to stomach at a time when the government's making spending cuts to stomach these enormous bonus payouts and to watch all this go on when these banks seem to forget that it was the public's money that saved them but not every. and sees it that way daniel hoffman from financial services says banks is still vital in supporting economic recovery and if bonuses paid the best bankers will move elsewhere it's crucial that the banking sectors around the world i mean. are getting healthier and can support economic growth but house on the streets those who depend on charity to put food in their mouths find that difficult to stomach with this latest backtracking on its regulation it seems banks and their governments have learned very little from the financial crisis just
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a few miles away bankers continue to fill left pockets and looks set to be able to go on base aids but this time they're doing it with taxpayer money which could have been used to help the needy you were at it. for years and governments are still divided on the size of the e.u. bailout fund which was set up only just last year the discussion on whether to boost the facility took place at a two day summit in brussels the european commission and the european central bank want to widen the fund if struggling euro zone members like spain and portugal need help belgium is a finance minister wants the pot doubled to one point five trillion euros however germany the biggest eurozone economy has so far ruled out any substantial increase . a member of the european parliament and leader of the u.k. independence party says the whole idea of the eurozone was wrong from the very beginning. i think what they're doing here is they're reinforcing failure
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at the end of the day countries like greece and portugal and possibly we. should never of joined the euro in the first place trapped inside the economic prism with a whole set of policies that don't suit their circumstances and i think the more we build up. the more in effect we're pouring. and this really is a try. because these people. you know. we have mass demonstrations we have had people actually killed on the streets. if they hold the eurozone together. in those countries are going to get worse and what it really needs is a frank assessment which is there is an argument. with germany holland and a few countries about possibly france as well but there is an optimal. can work together for the north and south of europe to be stuck inside a monetary union is never ever going to work but nobody inside these institutions
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wants to face up to the e.c.b. buying up its debt and now with this with this half agreement in brussels that the stability of doing the same thing you know you begin to ask yourself a year or eighteen months down the track will the european central bank itself actually be. a liquid functioning. all we are doing here we're reinforcing failure. well as the e.u. comes to grips with its financial mayhem china is offering to lend the troubled euro bloc a helping hand in this latest program max keiser looks at just why beijing is doing this because report is coming your way next hour but here's a preview. we're going to make this following prediction china is buying european bonds why are they doing this i think it's because at some point they will demand payment in the form of gold you know in the european zone there are about
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eleven thousand tons of gold which would be the highest concentration of gold in the world higher than even the u.s. has eight thousand tons of gold china moving into europe buying those bonds of course europeans will never be able to pay off those bonds because their economies are in freefall and then china will turn around and say if you can't pay us back in euro's but we'll take the payment in gold. it's now eleven minutes past the hour here in the russian capital this is r.t. the family of the late to polish president has blamed russia for his death denying the results of the official investigation lech kaczynski son in all claims the plane crash that killed him was a planned assassination in revenge for kaczynski is anti russian views and to prevent his reelection. kaczynski brother of the late president and leader of the polish opposition law and justice party has slammed the country's prime minister for accepting the findings of the official investigation its reporting includes
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a reconstruction of the flights last minutes as recorded by the plane's black boxes it suggests the crash was caused by the errors of an inexperienced polish crew bad weather and pressure from high ranking passengers told a news presenting the analysis of the recordings of the conversation between the pilots and russian dispatchers at a news conference in warsaw now for more insight on this let's talk to and on best spun off from the voice of russia radio station it's good to see you so now polish investigators want to blame russian air traffic controllers but many aviation experts say that the ground services didn't have the right to ban the landing why the accusation that. well it's absolutely true for international flights into russia when the air controllers job is just to give a clearance to the crew if there is no obstacle on the runway and it is not in a position to burn the landing so in fact the polish investigation of the polish
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society in general probably even at the highest levels are looking for a missing link which is a breeze you. order from moscow to the small and scale controllers to to give the clearance because they believe it would be embarrassed if the polish president had to fly elsewhere so they're trying to find it and i think it's so far it's an and untenable proposition. because. we have no words from the records coming from the kremlin say to small and to. give that clearance but poland has received the transcripts of the controllers conversations in small in scale and has promised to release it in february so i think it will be the next step. in this process now there are many controls the brother is claiming that some sort of assassination attempt by moscow was what took out his brother and many members of the government at that point some say kitchen's he is simply courting neo
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conservatives and nationalists for his political gain do you think that could be behind why he's claiming assassination is taking place. surely there is a personal dimension to that and also it is a national and personal when there is enough of syria in the country that says that if a see a polish head of state dies it cannot be done otherwise than we some assistance from russia it is self-evident to many people and it's the atmosphere and maybe you want to call it paranoia but it does exist and so it just shows how apps russian diplomacy should be in trying to manage these expectations and the sentiments conducted its policy with with poland now after this tragedy in april both sides started a warming in the relations between war story moscow do you think the current situation could be a possible setback well let's not forget that a crisis is a kind of normal state of affairs between russian problems over the past twenty
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years so it would be nothing strange if they reverted to that state but i think that a deterioration can be averted if certain steps are taken and i think of it at this stage russia has to take certain steps like showing its able to be completely transparent in this investigation and even eve the accusations of paranoid to russia should be. delicate and sensitive to those fears into those sentiments and so far the russian foreign ministry has dual straighted its sensitiveness to sensitivity to poland. to poland status and claims right and on best battle from the voice of russia radio station thank you. well when i go back to our top story russian president dmitri medvedev reiterates that russia's commitment to back a palestinian state with the capital in east jerusalem he says this during his current middle east tour let's get more on this now live from on a biker who joins us live from jericho. hello to you works on
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a sort of the palestinians describe this visit by the russian president as historic tell me why is that. well you know it's already clear that this visit is not going to result in any diplomatic breakthrough or lead to any multi-billion dollar contracts but you're right the palestinian officials have already described it as historic first and foremost because it allows russia to make a political statement make sure me that it has not the first russian leaders to visit india policy in territories pushing the us here back in two thousand and five but maybe even if it is the first ever russian leader to come to the west bank bypassing israel and he read to rated strasse this fact during his news conference rich received a very very loud the applause from the palestinian officials and a journalist present here now medvedev also said that the russian position on the palestinian cause hasn't changed the soviet union was one of the first countries in
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the world to recognize the state of palestine in the with the in the nine hundred sixty seven borders with a capital in is jerusalem and with it is said that russia is still committed to making everything possible to bring this scenario about here's to what exactly what he said on the issue. as you said. russia's position stays the same we made a choice at the end of the 1980's we've been back and we will be back in the rights of the palestinians to create their own state independent united sustainable with the capital in east jerusalem. now now these statements doesn't can. in anything new but the simple fact of making it in the west bank is extremely important for the polish facials because it comes at a very very critical and important time for them ever since these israeli palestinian talks broke down back in fall of two thousand and ten mahmoud abbas has
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been working behind the scene to drum up international support for the recognition of the palestinian statehood and most recently he secured support from several latin american countries including brazil and argentina and it is expected that the palestinian authority will bring up this issue for a vote at either the u.n. general assembly of the un security council later on this year or so. president medvedev president of russia reach holds power in the security council making such statements in the palestinian territories is extremely important and extremely supportive for the palestinian cause and as you were saying to the russian president meeting with his palestinian counterparts president said that he bypassed the other state meaning israel far as we know the visit there was planned was canceled tell us what happened. well let me begin a bit far off here russia in the soviet union traditionally supported the
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palestinian authority back in soviet times. israel as a puppet of the united states their relations were somewhat strained but most recently ever since i would say the early ninety's ninety's mosco was trying to play it both ways and was trying to maintain workable relations with both israel and the palestinian authority and you're absolutely right that initially the middle eastern trip was. expected to bring president medvedev both to israel and to policy in authorities but he to the palestinian church officials say but he's israeli was canceled at the very last moment because of the straw. the israeli foreign ministry and it needs to be sad that both countries tried so you. don't play any harm that may have been caused by these consolation in fact the israeli minister and israeli president shimon peres said the president will be expected to end the
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welcome in israel at any time once the strike is over and he also agreed to. meet and hold negotiations with president medvedev later on this year the international economic forum in davos so both both countries tried to downplay any harm that may have been caused and present it again said that he's looking forward to making this trip is a real some time later in. life for us. thank you. all right now let's get to some other world news in brief for you this hour here on arts and a suicide attack on a police recruitment center in iraq has killed up to sixty people and left one hundred injured in the blast occurred in the city of crete the hometown of the late dictator saddam hussein witnesses said the bomber blew himself up in a crowd of people queuing to apply for jobs with police officials believe al qaida is behind the attack insurgents have intensified assaults on iraqi police since
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u.s. forces and that combat operations that just last august. taiwan has test fired nineteen surface to air missiles the drill was the first to be held in the full view of the media for almost a decade the country's president who attended the test said he was not satisfied with the results as a quarter of the missiles missed their intended targets experts say the exercise comes as a response to last week's successful test of china's twenty eight stealth aircraft . and this is the three opposition ministers have resigned from a day old unity government headed by the former prime minister said to be. unhappy with the leftovers from the old regime it comes amid a fresh wave of violence across the country as angry demonstrators clashed with the police over what they call a betrayal of the revolution the new head of government said they experienced ministers were needed to make the transition into
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a free society. more than three and a half thousand people have fled their homes in southeastern australia with fifty one towns affected by rising flood waters sweeping through victoria officials warned that the waters will reach their peak in the northwest of the state later in the day the warning follows weeks so flooding in the worst affected queensland killed at least thirty people and left left at twelve missing. well as the international community invests billions of dollars to help rebuild afghanistan the war torn country is a lagging far behind on its path to development critics say rampant corruption undermines reconstruction efforts and breeds further instability in the country later today he will guide you along the afghanistan dollar trail. repairing a broken. construction and humanitarian aid. to shady officials the spoils of war it's the people the price. for tearing here
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is no longer just down to drug trafficking. the dollars. are now it's about twenty three minutes past the hour here in moscow you with r.t. bear in mind that any stories you missed you can always catch on our web site twenty four seven that is r.t. dot com and coming up next it's showing up with the business news. hello welcome to our business program. russia is interested in buying bonds to be issued by the european financial stability fund next week that's according to finance minister. the e.u. is currently preparing a five year bond size between three and five billion euros in order to help protect the euro and sovereign market stability and however dismissed the idea that russia would be interested in buying spanish sovereign bonds. andrew snow has pledged to
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invest up to six hundred fifty million dollars into u.k. microchip from plastic logic the state owned high tech company will initially inject one hundred fifty million dollars for a twenty five percent stake in a cheap plastic microchip maker if the venture becomes financially viable the russian government could take a controlling stake the deal is an effort by russia to diversify into a promising technology while plastic logic hopes to generate one billion dollars in annual sales by two thousand and sixteen. and the go for russia's entry to the world trade organization could be completed this april so says maksim medvedev called head of the country's delegation to the talks he also addressed existing doubt that a session will have a positive impact on small business in russia. could be progress some companies because it's true is its position. conditions.
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respect influence. market place but it's close to. this new situation that is in no. home to bad terms of session for many. years. the board of impulse com has approved the purchase of telecom assets owned by egyptian billionaire now good so where is for a total of six and a half billion dollars this despite opposition from norwegian shareholder telling our russia second biggest mobile phone operator wants to take over so we are says italian mobile operator where the telecommunications reality and his fifty one point seven percent stake in egypt boris com telecom holding this would create the world's sixth largest phone company simple calm signed a new agreement after telling norwegian acted in earlier six point eight billion dollars proposal which owns over forty percent in vimpel com says it's disappointed
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by telling the us position. were disappointed by their growth in this silly geisha and some made in their statement. we are the position that. difference in views on business development and shouldn't be no place to go to effectively develop into a corner into what if we didn't global to the corporators. tell norris says it will fight the approval by viewable com board at the company's shareholder meeting suggesting shareholders will face considerable additional dilution if the acquisition is completed on the current terms telenor warns the deal could make simple com less attractive for investors. and let's have a look at the markets now european stocks rise with banks and mining shares strong across the board for every one of the top gainers on the footsie advancing close to
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five percent after a strong third quarter sales report on the downside watson smith kline pharmaceuticals thought close to three percent on news that the drug maker will have legal costs of three point five billion dollars because of a product liability case related to one of its diabetes drugs. and here in moscow the markets closed down on the day about half a percent rosneft however is the biggest winner so far up over ten percent on the r.t.s. shares are trading higher after rosneft agreed to swap shares with b.p. on tuesday ross now also said it was selling russia's sokol oil to shell out for march loading. and british billionaire and virgin founder richard branson is in talks with russian businessman and media tycoon alexander lebedev to acquire a stake in his low cost carrier red wings that's according to r.b.c. daily the talks are political with both parties interested in striking some kind of
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cooperation in two thousand france and claimed he would create a russian airline as a way to enter the country's aviation market however all investment programs were halted during the financial crisis. and mitsui has acquired an almost fifteen percent share in kiwi russia's biggest operator of self-service payment terminals the japanese company aim to move into the field of electronic payments which is fast developing in russia kiwi share of the payment service marc. in russia totals forty five percent with around eighty million users every month. and that's all the business news for this hour but you can always find more stories on our website that's our team dot com slash business thanks for watching.
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wealthy british style run. down to the tires on. the. markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger or no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into a report on our.


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