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entire truth wins if you tell me tonight you will determine a good goal i would. flood to achieve every green. publishes the full couldn't the station between ground control and the call period of the jets which crowns the killing of the polish president continues to refute the official records and will make a statement. last media freedoms in the beer on the rational tourist series of go buy homes and journalists who have been investigating the activities of high ranking official. and strategic partners all strategic all wrong labels the chinese leave a rare visit to the united states discuss what lies ahead for the world's biggest economic heavyweights. of the business desk
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a recent deal between b.p. and wilson have could spark investor interest in other assets presidential. two companies will carry out exploration in russia's arctic shall join me in twenty minutes for a business update. a very warm welcome see this is the line from. poland's parliament on wednesday to discuss the final report on. the west and russia which killed president lech kaczynski with the official findings of the moscow based interstate eighty and she's going to see something super cruise. a different view as one of the main reasons for the tragedy well russia has now released the full transcript of the air traffic controllers conversation. with the crew off the wall so criticized the
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report doesn't complain. and it's now it is that. we do know that the parliament will be reviewing this report by the interstate aviation committee in detail of course it found that inexperienced polish crew bad weather as well as pressure from high ranking officials on board the flight all ultimately led to the tragedy so far we've had mixed reaction from poland we understand they're going to try to get on the same page and find consensus from the prime minister donald to use a relatively diplomatic reaction from the current president borderline anti russian rhetoric and from the late president's family blake to blaming russia for the crash we've heard from experts and have understood from reaction that there seems to be a bit of an internal battle inside the country as to how they should be surely react to this report but it is expected from these hints that we've had that the reaction could be less than positive we heard from the polish interior minister as
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well as other high ranking polish officials on tuesday and basically they're looking to put the blame with russian air traffic controllers now that's despite international aviation laws which basically state that any final decision to land lies with the pilot and his crew but also that air traffic controllers can never deny a landing they can only advise to land at an alternate airport which we know from the cockpit recordings that was done several times in this incident new in reaction to what we heard out of poland on tuesday the interstate aviation committee took an unprecedented move they published new transcripts of recordings that took place during that flight here's a piece of one of the conversations that was revealed. what are the weather conditions fog four hundred metres visibility temperature and pressure please temperatures plus two pressure seven forty five seven four five there's no opportunity for landing thank you but if it's possible we'll try
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a landing approach weather permitting if not we will proceed to the second circle one a one when you have enough fuel for a second circle after the landing approach yes we will making a landing approach is the captain's decision at the height of one hundred meters you have to make a decision minsk and vitebsk will be requested for a sidetrack have you ever made an ending at a military airfield of course polish one a one at one hundred meters be ready to proceed to a second circle yes or flaps and wheels down high control horizon make a second circle make a second circle make a second circle where is it make the second circle what i would call emergency crews hopefully that will add to poland who perhaps accepting this report we do know that the committee is confident that they have the evidence to prove their findings are accurate and thorough and that's also been deemed internationally by experts around the world the family of the late polish president lech kaczynski has denied all findings on the interstate aviation committee and pretty much blatantly
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said that they believe russia is responsible for the death of lech kaczynski his son in law to be more specific claims that the plane crash was a planned assassination in revenge for kaczynski anti-process rhetoric also to prevent him from being reelected but many experts around the world that we've been speaking to in the past couple of weeks believe that first of all not all of poland believes that second of all that people in the country who do support these kind of accusations obviously have had a hard time trying to break with the old stereotypes of russia as the enemy and it's certainly hoped at least diplomatically that that won't be what the polish parliament concludes today as they review this official report. always been critical when it comes to ross or in that the tragedy. no exception. of the air crash near smolensk became a big political problem is relations between poland and russia and in fact it is
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a hostage of the historical heritage between russia and poland which is certainly. by numerous awards blood should mistrust whatever is presented by the russian side or as presented by the polish side will always be interpreted through the prism of this historic mistrust. still to come on the program promoting peace president medvedev pledges the ports to renewing israeli palestinian on his trip to the middle east the palestinian president tells me what he thinks nasa can do to help. israel money here the temperature in moscow. apparently the temperature of the world so i guess it's going to be a little bit worse there's nothing left to do now but get in the halaal fearless
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reporter get on in temperatures of minus fifteen he gave away together with pals in the process marking at happening. now used to have a strong reputation for press freedom but now international independent reporting in latvia is media is under serious threat it's been prompted by a series of incidents involving raids on the homes of journalists who've been trying to investigate senior government officials. the story. with professional persistence latvian t.v. reporter. interviews a local politician in twenty years as a journalist she has done hundreds but one of them got her in serious trouble an expose on a security breach in latvia state revenue body and that with police in her apartment was forced open the doors and went into my flat and then they showed that they had
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a security search they had a search warrant one say took my computer and information i had i got they also acquired information all of them my information sources by a law i am allowed to protect and that was the biggest problem for me as a journalist because i could not protect my information sources use a story shocked many in law to be a country used to press scrutiny just a couple of years ago allowed to be a boast that one of the highest freedom of press writings in all of europe being placed seventh on the annual reporters without borders index but for one reason or another in twenty this country is down on the very same list this incident is far from an isolated case say experts this one received a lot of public attention but it is not the only one a skull from the still some cars school an economist was charged but the secret police and she was actually arrested for two days for disseminating alternative opinions of all to the future of the local currency. devaluation
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a lot was imminent we are losing the last. support the alternative information the liberal information. among the trees saltless in this country lotta love is and the other journalist who defined the insists freedom of the press is not being deliberately strangled he believes the reason is down to economics. newspapers when ben crowd just to the recession hit latvia others turn to their owners for money to survive so the only. started singlehandedly shifting the paper's editorial policies to their own preference simply for the sake of a few dollars in their has directly heat press freedom. there are other theories however some believe that lots of spearing down the freedom of the press writings simply because the people behind the index are biased and reagan has fallen out of favor geopolitically but not low believes that as long as nobody has been punished
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over the forceful search of her apartment concerns about pressure on the press may not be groundless. reporting from brega and a lot of fear and of course for across that story online dot com while that's a. goal of the russian orthodox church. as a senior marriage he says the country's women are dressing like records. plus so why that may seem a little investing in the sincere examine. into the life and soul of the society. now the chinese president hu jintao is in the u.s. for a four day visit the leaders of the world's biggest rival economies held
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a private welcome to. the white house while among the business at hand rick anomic strayed on human rights policies well it's all now designed into an assistant editor and foreign affairs columnist of britain's guardian newspaper this is the man as the joining us now will this visit do you think bring any coyote into war the u.s. and china are really all strategic partner. rivals. well the united states has been pushing quite hard in recent years ever since then the cold war the china's rise to the star bashir lation ship of partnership strategic partners rather than competitors or rivals or enemies. but recent events over the last year or so have suggested to many of us not least in the united states that china is not really interested in that kind of relationship that it wants. wants to start with some of its own priorities specially in the region around its borders and its
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interests in those the united states increasingly not coinciding. to the partnership whatever it states are coming under strain certainly in which leader would you say going into this meeting is on the more pressure a bomb up he's being eyed steve stands up for the u.s. interests. how he's in your time next year i think barack obama has a lot to do to persuade the american public and the american congress that he is sticking up to china he was accused when he went to beijing in two thousand and nine that was a bit unfair but he didn't get very much achieved and he's had his whole succession of administration officials in the past week for being trotting out a whole shopping list of demands or requests or wish lists for chinese action and a whole range of areas as you mentioned in your introduction on the economy on the security and on human rights and other issues which are which seem to matter more to obama than they do for a president who will as you've just been saying as you did write in
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a recent article the u.s. tells how a finalist in so many fields economic political and ideological how do you see that playing out as it wrestles to retain. well the historical context is the. climbing american power by very many measures and a rising chinese. influence is shifting eastwards as we see it from london anyway and. it's unlikely that despite the hillary clinton the secretary state the man must wait there must be so stunt of insubstantial achievements coming out of this summit i want to be very much. radical is going to change overnight in terms of for instance chinese currency exchange policy or indeed its attitude to some of the dissidents within his own society and particularly the noble place prize one of the of. those in jail at the moment and. the american press reports of
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our house official say that obama is going to be much tougher this time while they're in on a very diverse reception from as to who is behind the scenes to do much tougher pushing some of these issues particularly trade practices access to the chinese market and so on but whether he'll get anything substantive out of it in the short is i think questionable almost it is though you mention the chinese currency that let's talk about battle but more is likely to come into focus is that special beijing's as the gesture that it's time the u.n. had more global clout so what can the u.s. do you to keep support for its somewhat beleaguered dollar in the. well there's more than one view about this in china of course the chinese central bank has actually argued in favor of an appreciation of. because they're worried about inflation and inflation is a very big problem in china there's not concern that the economy is overheating
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following the stimulus package that was introduced in two thousand and eight following the global. downturn and. there are also forecasts of of falling growth in china so this is the two schools of thought at least one is that they should keep on exporting our low prices as much as they can to keep the grocery going in the other one is saying well actually we're going to face a big inflation problem here which could upset or economics from budgetary forecasting so some chinese officials might agree with the americans that we need a more balanced currency rights across the world but. policymakers in beijing are divided as they are in washington about exactly how you do that how quickly you do that so i think actually the. solution for americans rise at home other than blaming the sort of thing on the chinese they are running a extraordinary large deficit they have an extraordinary large debt most of which is owned by china and they need to get their own house in order which is basically the message given to obama by chinese and european leaders that at this so twenty
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summit last november. and just one three three it's impossible to soak up something that seems about mentioning human rights and not subject on down to the balance of common how willing do you think china is now to listen to this axes me and does america cause any sway that almost if you off human rights. well that's a very interesting question you wrote rose is actually necessary to raise human rights for the chinese every time you have this kind of meeting i mean obviously she writes issues in china of enormous concern to many people in the west and to many chinese not least those who suffer from human rights abuses but in the end it's an internal issue i would argue i would suggest anyway that western pressure on human rights whether it's been in tibet or whether it's been over the treatment of muslims in western china or whether it's been the treatment of human rights defenders. political reform is has not had much positive effect.
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the chinese have never apologized for town square they never apologize for the shutting down the phone on going sect. and it may be that it's better to if you want to raise issues at all raise them privately rather than do as obama plans to do at a press conference to to address the issue publicly and risk about embarrassing and offending his guests in a way that would be counterproductive for the other policy objectives he have would be interesting indeed to see how that four day visit of president is in tatters panned out over and the state simon tisdall is an editor of foreign affairs columnist the guardian the guardian newspaper in britain many thanks for joining us live from london thank you. now presently that is the middle east is in jordan where talks are being fueled by potential energy deals made better than the king abdullah the second likely to touch upon religious extremism and the
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prospect of russia constructing a nuclear power plant in jordan that is the most pressing regional and international problems involving the middle east peace talks medvedev has already spent time with palestinian president mahmoud abbas discussing russia's role in the peace process the president reiterated moscow's commitment to an independent state with the capital. in jerusalem speaking exclusively to the president about explained what the palestinians expect from moscow. russia will really recognize palestine in one thousand nine hundred eight it was also recognized by ninety other countries not what do we expect from russia now. the first concern is the middle east quartet it's necessary to do everything possible to boost its activity so that it's similar to the role of say the european union we would like russia to convince the us because it's the only country that you're going to the final statement containing. it will help us to have
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a better substantiated discussion with israel while promoting the peace process russia could also insist on its position in stopping the settlement activity in its relationship with the u.s. and israel and on getting back to the negotiations table i think that russia is ready for that that's what president medvedev has reaffirmed during this visit. the global headlines here now that the thing that. filled with explosives has crashed into a security headquarters in central iraq killing over thirteen people more than sixty four others were it happened in the ethnically mixed city of baquba north of the capital baghdad it's the second suicide blast in the last two days on tuesday almost fifty people were killed. a line of police recruits in the city of to create . a seven point two magnitude earthquake has hit south with pakistan in this. area near the borders with iran and afghanistan officials say several houses were
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damaged but there's been no immediate little to the aftershocks that were felt as far away as to buy a new delhi an earthquake of similar intensity in pakistan administered kashmir killed more than seventy thousand people and five. hey she's a former dictator search zone no colder duvalier has been charged with corruption during his years in office he ruled between one hundred seventy one thousand nine hundred eighty six a brutal military regime he's accused of embezzling hundreds of millions of dollars from state funds during that time the valley is also suspected of torturing thousands of haitians he had spent nearly twenty five years in exile before a surprise return which he claims was to help the cause of the amounts of earthquake. also lost the christians are marking a painfully one of their most important religious holidays decision is these many
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people braved ice cold water as they had to wash away their sins well geez these are all of our packed his swimming trunks and parts of the cars to have a cell. in the tradition of the church here in russia the nineteenth of january is the date of the epiphany now what that means to people who worship the orthodox church is that was the date that jesus was baptized into the christian faith now to celebrate the jump into the freezing cold rivers of russia now here in moscow at least could a hole in the ice on the mosque of all river to make sure that people can jump into the river and celebrate the feast day. no it's not just a religious thing this is now become something of a health kick if you will the people that want to come into the water believe that the the icy temperatures can have some health properties for you can make you feel better in yourself the way it works in the religious sense is that it will see you
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again it will cleanse you of your sins and it will set you up for the new year after the placing of the ice crew by your priesthood it essentially into a form a simulation all the. room to it getting in the world that's it's about money miss fifteen here the air temperature in moscow. apparently the temperature of the world is so i guess it's going to be a little bit with nothing left to do now but. we'll see how this goes. through. the first day. so the russian winter. there exists and.
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i can tell you sincerely exhilarated right now. on the way now with. how come to business good to have you with me the recent deal between b.p. and ross that could spark in best interest in other state assets and from president markov which under the agreement the two companies will carry out exploration and russia's arctic self. would keep you here since two thousand and six we've been saying that we are interested in the international exchange of assets in the oil and gas sector and we've been following this strategy so i think the deal goes along perfectly with the whole campaign from a financial point of view this is a very attractive deal in the global investment market and we welcome more agreement like this you know. b.p.
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also says it will be looking at new areas. to develop together with ross and after . what we'll do is look at opportunities outside of russia offshore with some of the same challenges we face in the arctic so that we can begin to work together and develop some of the technology and know how it will meet in russia later out other stories negotiations for russia's entry to the world trade organization could be completed this april that optimism comes from head of the country's delegation to the talks. there could be progress some companies because it's true that speciation. conditions really would be churlish to respect so we influence the marketplace but it's. to prepare for. this new situation is in no way home to bed help system for many years to do that
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he said because. our stock of the markets european stock markets are mixed after starting the day on a positive note could see it's late in the red while the dax is still trading higher technology stocks are in focus after apple and i.b.m. reported results on tuesday shares of pearson jumped five point four percent in london after lifting its outlook and russia stocks continue to slide retreating from the third time in four sessions the r.t.s. is still in the black op margin league but denies x. has slipped into the red energy majors are helping the indices though ross net is still the biggest gainer after striking a deal with b.p. on the arctic drilling look oil and gas palm are in positive territory as well while ross telecom is losing over a percent so it's about that. now the volume of trade on the russian stock exchange r.t.s. outstripped the country's g.d.p. in two thousand and ten the stock's turnover grew ninety four percent over the previous year to one point fifty five trillion dollars that's over two hundred
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billion more than russia's preliminary g.d.p. volume for two thousand and ten the r.c.s. suit of the success of the r.t.s. has continued to grow in the new year with the bourse and big spreading past the one thousand eight hundred mark for the first time in over two years. that's all we have this hour but you can always find all stories if you log on to our website i t dot com slash business and the team.
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is he. good to. see. most of the. bringing you the latest in science and technology from the realms of russia. we've got the future covered. very first verses of the bible that all human beings are created but sentimental came in god's image and it doesn't say just jews or non jews. sixty to seventy percent of
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what i did as a combat soldier not to buy territory was to do with the turds doing what we call making our presence felt you go out should some bozo they hear a knock on some doors. religion and nationalism not as judaism as a part of the problem they've been part of what leads to. bloodshed a few more. thousand four hundred people in a month and you want to expect that this will have no effect and. you have to be either extremely naive or it's truth we don't need not to hear of your religious jew calling another joe i'm not cut out of the way they really are that i'm not. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get
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