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tv   [untitled]    January 19, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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all prime minister calls for opposition to end the blame game over the investigation of the problem. also in the program internet freedoms question in europe as the swiss banker is found guilty of breaking banking secrecy rules after he helped wiki leaks expose massive tax evasion scheme. looking. out for a sign. on it. talks to the chinese president meets his u.s. counterpart anxiety sweeps washington over the growing influence on the global
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stage. this is our fear on wednesday night well if you just joined. in and out top story this hour the polish prime minister donald tusk told his country's parliament that political game should not affect the pursuit for the truth in the investigation into the plane crash that killed the former president this comes as the country's parliament savelli waiting the final report into the tragedy of his capture a country has more from moscow. there's been a lot of reaction of course to the investigation into the presidential plane crash that happened in april last year just outside the russian city of smiley and a lot of outrage was initially heard from poland but today's address by the polish prime minister actually comes as the voice of reason the polish prime minister was
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mentioning to his colleagues that it is unwise to try and politicize this tragedy but the quest for truth shouldn't be mourned with political mind games in sight and that opposition members should keep that in mind when they sensationalize the investigation on the first he made it clear that politicizing this tragedy is not in the headlines benefit. the truth to be complete and we realize that it will be inconvenient for many there is a complex number of causes for the crash so it's convenient to blame the pilots that are in depression and others it will be convenient again the russians but it be the whole truth the organization that seeks the truth must not be influenced by forces in poland that wanted to be cozying up to them there are more and more people specifically within poland's political elite that do believe that politicizing this tragedy should be put aside and that the truth and no matter how
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bitter will be very hard to accept for the polish side what needs to be in order for both sides to move on. to handle a difficult three and this is a difficult truth if. things in this group which is to shift some responsibility away from the situation in our state a nation committee would publish the entire transcript all that the entire conversation between the pilots of the polish presidential plane and the air traffic controllers from those recordings it is evident air traffic controllers did . morning pilots again for landing they did offer them to use a back up airport as was in their schedule they warn them about the white conditions let's have a listen to the recording what are the weather conditions fog four hundred metres visibility temperature and pressure please temperatures plus two pressure seven forty five seven for fun if there's no opportunity for landing thank you but if
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it's possible try a landing approach weather permitting if not we will proceed to the second circle one a one when you have enough fuel for a second circle after the landing approach yes we will making a landing approach is the captain's decision at the height of one hundred meters you have to make a decision minsk and vitebsk will be requested for a sidetrack have you ever made to get a military airfield of course polish one a one at one hundred meters be ready to proceed to a second circle yes or flaps and wheels down high control horizon make a second circle make a second circle make a second circle where is it make the second circle what i would call emergency crews it has been said by many authority of figures both in russia and poland and within the international aviation committee that no air traffic controller has that authority that at the end of the day it is the pilot's decision and therefore the pilot's responsibility to make
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a choice about where the landing will take place and specifically of course with the pilot of a presidential plane and it does appear that those pilots made a decision a decision of course that ended in tragedy. well as talk more about this now we're joined live in the studio by fred where he is the moscow bureau chief for the christian science monitor hi there fred well we're looking very closely haven't we at the transcripts of what's being said we've seen of again it all seems pretty clear it seems pretty clear that the air traffic controllers were making those warnings until the very very last second or why is there some confusion about this in some elements in the public in poland well there are confusing moments in these conversations and it would be strange if it were otherwise and you and i aren't aviation specialists can't really judge it. but we could have said well in advance is that this report would be fraught with heavy political consequences and
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the one criticism i can make. from my own expertise is that the russian government probably should have shown more foresight i don't think they presented the report in the best possible way that they didn't anticipate this and. whatever the technical conclusions the political presentation was was not the best and it has allowed this political storm to unfold in poland. so it's unfortunate because it has done a lot of good will that was present after the tragedy. but having said that i think the polish prime minister is right that he himself finds himself under attack for having let the russians do the investigation for his opening in warming . trend in relations with russia so it is very much a polish story. well even him tonight calling on the opposition to stop the blame
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game of trying to cool the flames as much as possible does this suggest that poland is no closer though to accepting the findings of the investigation. i. i think he is anyway and that it probably it probably says that the report is solid and indeed one most russian experts i've talked to say yes it's the best possible analysis of the data and it has all been translated into english i have the entire two hundred pages which i downloaded i think from remembers website so anybody who wants to you know avail themselves of all this it were information can do so and that level of transparency in a report like that is almost unprecedented in russia so it suggests that the russian aviation authorities are confident. in their findings. the majority of
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aviation experts i spoke to as well very well respected said they really couldn't in fact all of them said it couldn't have been any clearer than it was it was a clear clear enough case to think beyond the russian carbon has been played here and given these very clear findings how much further come out on the russian card be used surely there is no argument here is that we're talking about polish russian relations it can it can go on for a long time and it can become worse but yes it is definitely it comes from that place of long standing actually russian feeling in poland but again the one thing we can see is that the russian government might have anticipated this they might have taken steps they would have consulted before releasing that report it could have been some polish experts present when they made the presentation there were a lot of things in hindsight they might have done to ease this before it before it hit ok fred we thank them so much coming. swiss bank has been found guilty of
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breaking the country's strict banking secrecy rules after he handed to wiki leaks data about tax evaders a judge as the record sentence rudolf elmer to a fine of over six thousand dollars while british investigative journalist tony goldwyn believes this trial was an attempt to prevent further revelations about the scale of the bank's illegal dealings the reason is to try to make sure that any bankers who are thinking of leaking information whether to investigative journalists or wiki leaks on the internet anywhere have a second thought and that's the whole point of this case i think this case is going to send shock waves across the swiss banking system because this chap rudolf has come up with some incredible information it looks like we have forty politicians and many other business people around the world who have literally been hiding large amounts of their assets in the swiss bank accounts i mean this is something that they've been getting away with for decades and he is really the first person
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you will ever come in and leak this information out to the public i don't think it's much much doubt here that there's massive tax evasion been going on and the swiss authorities have been too relaxed on it for far too long and now they're going to get their comeuppance and just tip you off about an upcoming news event on thursday the revelations are set to continue wiki leaks is to shed new light on u.s. russia relations you can be the first to find out what these diplomatic cables are will be covering the story in full here on this channel r.t. from moscow. russia is a co-sponsor of the middle east peace process will continue its efforts to settle the conflict president dmitri medvedev reiterated russia's position of the meeting with the king of jordan as he wraps up his tour of the region artie's catarina groucho was following the visit for. of course jordan for russia is more than just a mid-list partner in this region they have a very close very special relationship
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a visit is part of major proportions for the russian jordan economic summit which is due to take place in march this year and the two leaders will see them talk how they're going to both strike anomic ties their cooperation and added just fear today they also discussed plans for the construction of a nuclear power plant in jordan which several countries are bidding to build and russia among those countries but of course all of that was on the sidelines of talks on the major on the top priority subject regional developments in the middle east and the israeli palestinian conflict. within the. strength there's a new unity only in this way can we try to find a compromise which will satisfy both sides. israelis literally bet if it has reiterated one in palestine or russia's position on the conflict which actually hasn't changed since nine hundred eighty one ben soviet union recognize palestine as an independent state today dmitry medvedev was looking for
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a month from the middle east peace process is obviously stalled at the three other members of the middle east quartet washington brussels and the united nations have so far been unable to persuade israel to make any form of concessions and russia is very keen to get engaged in talks with israel and palestine and palestinian president mahmoud abbas in an exclusive interview to set that russia had very good chances to become a key. peace negotiator. really recognize palestine in one thousand nine hundred eight it was also recognized by ninety other countries what do we expect from russia now there are two things the first concerns the middle east quartet it's necessary to do everything possible to boost its activity so that it's similar to the role of the european union we would like russia to convince the u. . yes because it's the only country that's against the final statement containing new conclusions it will help us to have
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a better substantiated discussion with israel promoting the peace process russia could also insist on its position in stopping the settlement activity in its relationship with the u.s. and israel and on getting back to the negotiations table i think that russia is ready for that that's what president medvedev has reaffirmed during this visit. also the visit out the russian president to jordan coins so it's we'll be all set oaks church celebrations of it before any of this is one of the twelve major holy days and this side forty kilometers outside of amman the capital of jordan where we are now is the place where thousands of christians flogging every year because it is believed to be the site where john baptized jesus christ this is the first stand to make from a very of is making a pilgrimage to this size as an orthodox christian is known to celebrate all those with all the days and he's always very keen on visiting holy christian sites across the. country which over reporting for us this is the r t news channel coming up in
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a few minutes time a holy i still in the russian waters. they put their heart liberal admission that the russian winter sounds good right there it is a. sincerely exhilarated right now. see our fearless reporter plunge into freezing waters for a wholly different one with thousands of russians marking the fifth. one is before the chinese president hu jintao is in the united states for a four day state visit with bilateral talks having started over economics trade and human rights some say the u.s. president obama is under pressure to clarify whether the countries are partners or rivals foreign affairs columnist simon tisdall says u.s. officials won't shy away from challenging china. i think barack obama has a lot to do to persuade the american public and the american congress that he is sticking up to china he was accused when he went to beijing in two thousand and
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nine tarring it was a bit unfair but he didn't get very much achieved and he's had his whole succession of administration officials in the past week for being trotting out a whole shopping list of demands or requests or wish lists for trying new direction and a whole range of areas as you mentioned to go into them on the economy on security and on human rights and other issues which are which seem to matter more to obama than they do to present the flu american press reports supporters fishel say that obama's going to be much tougher this time in on a very diverse reception from as to who is behind the scenes of the much tougher push in some of these issues to directly trade practices access to the chinese market and so on but whether he will get anything substantive out of it in the short term is i think questionable thoughts there are foreign affairs columnist simon tisdall from london and you can also have your say of course but what you think of the u.s. china relations and what might their future be on our website r.t.
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dot com this is what you are telling us so far tonight online as it were about to see here we go on this graphic at the results a constantly changing every hour almost half of you this hour it's come to forty six percent now a choose the least serious option to china alone one half of america's territory thanks for that vote none of you believed it last hour that certainly jumped up a lot twenty three percent of you predicted a fragile alliance between the two countries nineteen percent of you picked the most pessimistic of nuclear world war and only twelve percent compared with half of your last i think the u.s. will freeze its debts to china their results so far if you want to change that you want to change the look you want to have your say r.t. dot com is the place to be.
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next media freedom in the european union is in decline that's the finding of an international organization defending the rights of journalists its annual review suggests that in some e.u. countries reporters are under pressure from their governments and are often forced to reveal their sources once the country is latvia and artie's alexia's yes q had some journalists in the baltic state. with professional persistence latvian t.v. reporter. interviews a local politician in twenty years as a journalist she has done hundreds but one of them got her in serious trouble an expose on a security breach in latvia state revenue body and that with police in her apartment was forced they opened their doors and went into my flat and then they showed that they had a security search they had a search warrant one say took my computer and information i had i got they also acquired information all of them my information sources which by a law i am allowed to protect and that was the biggest problem for me as
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a journalist because i could not protect my information sources use a story shocked many in law to be a country used to press scrutiny just a couple of years ago allowed to be a boast that one of the highest freedom of press ratings in all of europe being placed seventh on the annual reporters without borders index but for one reason or another in twenty ten this country is down on the very same list this incident is far from an isolated case say experts this one received a lot of public attention but it is not the only one a skull of from the first fills cars school and economists was charged but the secret police and she was actually arrested for two days for disseminating alternative opinions of all to the future of the local currency. devaluation a lot was imminent we are losing the last. support the alternative information the liberal information. among the trust saltless in this country lotta
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love is and the other journalist who defined the insists freedom of the press is not being deliberately strangled he believes the reason is down to economics. newspapers when ben crap just to the recession he or others turn to their owners for money to survive so the owner started seeing all. handle the shift look paper's editorial policies to their own preference simply for the sake of her in a healthy dollar in their has directly. there are other theories however some believe that latvia is spearing down the freedom of the press ratings simply because the people behind the index are biased but not low believes that as long as nobody has been punished over the forceful search of her apartment concerns about pressure on the press may not be groundless. ski r.t. reporting from brega in latvia cover top world news stories for you tonight a suicide bomber driving an ambulance filled with explosives since crashed into
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a security headquarters in central iraq it's killed at least thirteen people more than sixty four others were wounded it happened in the ethnically mixed city of baquba north of the capital baghdad it's the second suicide blast in the last two days on choose day almost fifty people were killed after a bomber attacked a line of police recruits in the city of to create. haiti's former dictator as young called value has been brought before court on charges of corruption and embezzlement charges relate to his fifteen years in office until one thousand nine hundred six and judges may take up to three months to decide if there's enough evidence for a trial known as baby doc duvalier was also accused in the past of ordering tortures and killings of political enemies unexpectedly returned to the country after twenty four years in exile in france. orthodox christians are celebrating the epiphany a holiday which marks the baptism of jesus thousands of believers of plunging into frozen lakes and with temperatures plunging to minus fifteen degrees celsius it
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takes courage to brave the icy waters as a paper all over discovered. in the tradition of the orthodox church here in russia the nineteenth of january is the date of the now what that means to people who worship the orthodox church is that is the date that jesus was but now to celebrate that here the jump into the freezing cold rivers of russia now here in moscow where i am the could a hole in the ice on the mosque of our river to make sure that worship isn't people can jump into the river and celebrate dance feast day of the epiphany no it's not just a religious thing this is now become something of a health kick if you will the people that want to come into the water believe that the the icy temperatures can have some health properties for you can make you feel better in yourself the way it works in the religious sense is that it will see you again it will cleanse you of your sins and it will set you up for the new year
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after the blessing over the ice pool by your priest to turn it essentially into a front in the simulation of the season of jesus christ as. my own turn getting in the way that's it's about minus fifteen here the air temperature in moscow. apparently the temperature of the world is so i guess it's going to be a little bit warmer there's nothing left to. you know bush will get in. we'll see how this goes. through my. limited. stay even close. let's see i did work out the first day people going to have to work with me when they really diminishing the delusion when dissent girl tell you you're there existed. i could tell you i'm feeling very exhilarated right now.
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also you must go. and he's been in bed ever since poor man right sports are glad the farmer twenty when it's not he's got news from the australian open where there are plenty of scares for the big names including roger federer that's come up short even tonight this business next from moscow. a welcome to our business program i'm sure on a. the recent deal between b.p. and ross naf could spark investor interest in other state assets under the agreement the two companies will carry out exploration and russia's arctic shelf artie's tom barton brings us the latest from rostov headquarters in moscow. ross just bosses are very happy the deal that's being signed they say the essentially what's going to happen now is a whole new industry is going to be poor the industry of offshore arctic drilling which didn't exist before in russia they also say that this one of the first one billion dollars of this invested will be fielded by b.p.
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and they're happy about that the people are exporters also happy because they feel that they've got the expertise on the technology to make that work and get it right later on it's called a global and arctic strategic partnership and what it really means is that exploration there's a lot of oil birds estimated is about a fifth of the world's oil reserves are under the arctic explorers here people from this deal from b.p. of course no record they might be able to start drilling in five to seven years other experts say that's a bit over confident it could be as many as twenty years before they can actually get drilling but the deal is very much of mutual benefit with both both sides rawson if needs be the project to use and specifically it's advanced drilling technology and b.p. needs rosner after its goal for all of mexico oil spill last april it needs to generate new revenue in the future. now let's take a look at the markets in the u.s.
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the markets have opened one day morning trading flat to negative the nasdaq is trading down on the day of the dow jones has pulled herself back into the black this hour called an assassin's quarterly earnings and revenue decline putting pre-market pressure on the banking giant shares. meanwhile european stocks fell on wednesday as losses for air somewhere holding weight on the technology sector in the wake of the farms results in contrast shares a six percent after the new year group lifted its guidance energy stocks were on the rise in london with a star energy up one percent after losses seen in the prior session while b.p. . rose zero point seven percent. and in russia other stocks closed mixed today the r.t.s. was up point ten percent and the my sense was down point five percent energy majors did help the indices. and russian markets are seeing some profit taking after
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the oilfield rally early in the week all because of the t.v. capital explains why wednesday's winners were the leaders again. of the view williams local and rose from half percent zero percent. see continued brutish and into commodity names out of retailers. more than three percent was a popular name here and they're losing some ground as investors for their portfolios system was also one of the names popular in a day again almost four percent. and that's all the business news for this hour but you can always find watch stories on our website that's artsy dot com slash business stay with us.
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on. this street still keeps its secrets but now it's time to
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reveal. the soviet finance house on the embankment and on the. very first verses of the bible that all human beings are created but came in god's image and it doesn't say just jews or not under. sixty to seventy percent of what i did as a common soldier in the occupied territories was to do with the turds doing what we call making our presence so you go out should some bones so they are not consumed. horse ran to the other corner and did another house religion and nationalism not as judaism have been a part of the problem they've been part of what leads to. bloodshed if you want to bomb guys and kill. a thousand four hundred people in a month and you want to expect that this will have no effect into feet you have to
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be either extremely naive or extremely stupid but we don't need to hear a religious jew calling another joe a knock down the way they really got that amount.


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