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tv   [untitled]    January 19, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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all this prime minister calls for opposition. also ahead internet freedom is a question of europe as a swiss bankers found guilty of breaking banking secrecy rules for help with each exposed massive tax evasion scheme. see no need to separate us within the courts in our strength is an immunity to be. russia's commitment to the middle east peace process is something to the region. and superpowers in talks as the chinese president meets his u.s. counterpart this week washington of the growing influence on the global stage.
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this is our two years midnight here in moscow welcome watching around the world muslims kevin zero in on our top story for you the polish prime minister donald tusk has told his country's parliament that political game should not affect the pursuit for the truth the investigation into the plane crash that killed the former president this comes as the country's parliament valuating the final report into the tragedy. of a report from moscow. there's been a lot of reaction of course to the investigation into the presidential plane crash that happened in april last year just outside the russian city of smiley and a lot of outrage was initially heard from poland but today's address by the polish prime minister actually comes as the voice of reason the polish prime minister.
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mentioning to his colleagues that it is unwise to try and politicize this tragedy but the quest for truth should be more political mind games in sight and that opposition members should keep that in mind when they sensationalize the investigation has made it clear that politicizing this tragedy is not influenced benefits. government wants the truth to be complete and we realized that it would be inconvenient for many there is a complex number of causes for the crash it's convenient to blame the pilots that burn depression and others it will be convenient to blame the russians but it be the whole truth the organization that seeks the truth must not be influenced by forces in poland that wanted to be convenient for them there are more and more people specifically within poland's political elite that do believe that politicizing this tragedy should be put aside and that the truth and no matter how
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bitter will be very hard to accept for the polish side what needs to be in order for both sides to move on. to handle the difficult truth and this is a difficult truth because. things in this report which help us to shift some responsibility away from the situation in our state a nation committee will publish the entire transcript all that the entire conversation between the pilots of the polish presidential plane and the air traffic controllers on those recordings it is evident air traffic controllers did. morning pilots again for landing they did offer them to use a back up airport as was in their schedule they warn them about the life and missions let's have a listen to the recording what are the weather conditions four hundred meters visibility temperature and pressure please temperatures plus two pressure seven forty five seven for fun if there's no opportunity for landing thank you but if
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it's possible try a landing approach weather permitting if not we will proceed to the second circle when we do have enough fuel for a second circle after the landing approach yes we will making a landing approach is the captain's decision at the height of one hundred meters you have to make a decision minsk and the temps will be requested for a sidetrack have you ever made love to get a military airfield course polish one a one at one hundred meters be ready to proceed to a second circle yes or flaps and wheels down i control horizon make a second circle make a second circle make a second circle where is it make the second circle what i would call emergency crews it has been said by many of the already up figures both in russia and poland and within the international aviation committee that no air traffic controller has that authority that at the end of the day it is the pilot's decision and therefore the pilot's responsibility to make a choice about where the landing will take place and specifically of course with
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the pilot of a presidential plane and it does appear that those pilots made a decision the decision of course that ended in tragedy. comes down to give and spoke to his he's a columnist from the polish newspaper goes here to report he says it's beyond done to the polish pilots were to blame. there is not much room for debate in the world regards the main aspects of the investigation it is obvious that the primary responsibility for the crash lies with the polish pilots who should not have landed or the finding of the intrastate commission the polish government certainly does not contest that polish public opinion is divided almost equally in three groups those who accept the responsibility of the polish pilots those who believe that russian air control was responsible and those who are not sure there is a small minority who still believes in a cover up and mysterious reasons but this is not an important segment people is
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public opinion obviously it is difficult to accept that the responsibility resides with polish pilots hopefully there will be room for more negotiations between the governments. to produce full rendering of all the relevant circumstances. from constantly given a columnist from the polish newspaper has yet to be bought. as first bank has been found guilty of breaking the country's strict banking secrecy rules after he handed to wiki leaks data about tax evaders a judge as you recalled sentence rudolf elmer to a fine of over six thousand dollars but investigative journalist tony goes looking believes the trial was an attempt to prevent further revelations about the scale of the bank's illegal dealings. the reason is to try to make sure that any bankers who are thinking of leaking information whether to investigative journalists or wiki leaks on the internet anywhere have
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a second thought and that's the whole point of this case i think this case is going to send shock waves across the swiss banking system because this chap rudolf has come up with some incredible information it looks like we have forty politicians and many other business people around the world who have literally been hiding large amounts of their assets in the swiss bank accounts i mean this is something that they've been getting away with for decades and he is really the first person you ever come in and leak this information out to the public i don't think there's much doubt here that there's massive tax evasion been going on and the swiss authorities have been too relaxed on it for far too long and now they're going to get their comeuppance. and just let you know about a news event we're expecting later on today the revelations are set to continue wiki leaks is to shed new light bird u.s. russia relations this time but a first to find out what these diplomatic cables are we'll be covering the story in full here on our team later today. russia is
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a co-sponsor of the middle east peace process and will continue its efforts to settle the conflict president dmitri medvedev reiterated russia's position at a meeting with the king of jordan as he wrapped up his tour of the region at his job or followed that visit. of course jordan for russia is more than just a middle east partner in this region they have a very close very special relationship a visit is part of major breakthroughs for the russian jordan economic summit which is due to take place in march this here and the two leaders will see them talk how they're going to both straight konami ties their cooperation and adding just here today they also discussed plans for the construction of a nuclear power plant in jordan which several countries are beating to build and russia among those countries but of course all of that was on the sidelines of talks on the major on the top priority subject regional developments in the middle east and the israeli palestinian conflict. there's no need to separate us within
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the culture its strength is in our unity only in this way can we try to find a compromise which will satisfy both sides palestinians as well as israelis dmitri medvedev has a reason rated one in palestine russia's position on the conflict which actually hasn't changed since nine hundred eighty one than soviet union recognize palestine as an independent state today dmitry medvedev was looking for a month from the middle east peace process is obviously stalled after three other members of the middle east quartet washington brussels and the united nations have so far been unable to persuade israel to make any form of concessions and russia is very keen to get engaged in talks with israel and palestine and palestinian president mahmoud abbas in an exclusive interview to set that russia had very good chances to become a key. peace negotiator. really recognize palestine in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight it was also recognized by
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ninety other countries what do we expect from russia now there are two things the first concerns the middle east quartet it's necessary to do everything possible to boost its activity so that it's similar to the role of the european union we would like russia to convince the u. . yes because it's the only country that's against the final statement containing new conclusions it will help us to have a better substantiated discussion with israel promoting the peace process russia could also insist on its position in stopping the settlement activity in its relationship with the us and israel and on getting back to the negotiations table i think that russia is ready for that that's what president medvedev has reaffirmed during this visit. also the visit out the russian president to jordan coin sides will be orthodox church celebrations of it be funny this is one of the twelve major orthodox holy days and this side forty kilometers outside of amman the capital of jordan where we are now is the place where thousands of christians flogging every
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year because it is believed to be the site where george baptized jesus christ this is the first stand to make from a very of is making a pilgrimage to this side as an orthodox christian is known to celebrate all those with all the days and he's always very keen on visiting the holy orthodox christian sites across the world. reporting live for us the chinese president hu jintao is in the u.s. for a four day state visit talks with the u.s. president obama about economics trade and human rights have already started most believe it will help clarify whether the countries are partners or rivaled let's talk to economists anderson from the institute of policy studies in washington joining us good morning to you tensions over currency and trade between the u.s. and china have made their plans a lot lately as we witness is this visit likely to ease those headlines are they. well i think that the currency issue is very important i think it does undercut
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jobs here in the u.s. but i think the focus is too narrow here if we really want to deal with the trade balance we need to look at all the reasons why china's exports are artificially cheap and the currency manipulation issue is just one piece of it that labor repression in china is another and that hasn't been a part of these discussions yes as you said the obama administration is raising the human rights issue but in a very separate distinct way not connecting the fact that when workers in china don't have the right to form independent unions it's going to keep the costs there artificially low. we will have a broader discussion here while there's a lot of media attention. you there's a high profile visit both presidents you think generally can you find a solution to the long running currency war is one issue that is much talked about protecting the media or is it just a show for the media. well it is
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a big to do here i walk by the white house on my way to your studio and there are a lot of preparations going on for the big state dinner tonight there is also protesters outside for to and from taiwan and so this is a really big deal for washington they also had a summit today with business leaders to try to work out these trading currency issues i'm hoping that they're not only listening to the top executives here as they discuss this very difficult problem i think that the obama administration is trying to talk tough but it has tried that in the past without much of a result from the chinese side and i guess the obama administration also keeping mubarak of the head over the polls two years john as bugs have to developing countries in the world which makes china a dozen of the world's number one investment emerging economies do you think that in the future is going to mean that the developing developed world is going to look to china first in future rub of america and how important.
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well there's a real realignment politically in the circles you see at the g. twenty the u.s. absolutely does not call the shots at the global stage anymore china has often prevailed in. the g twenty level and so it's fascinating to see these shifting dynamics china also rebounded from the crisis much more quickly than the us has largely because of their very aggressive industrial policy the size of their stimulus was much larger than the u.s. in terms of percentage of g.d.p. and they put it a lot into infrastructure that will have long term benefits for that economy so china is clearly on the rise obama today in a speech said he thought that was a positive thing for the world but it's certainly shaking things up here in washington despite the. economic ties a strong come with. a really cool bed of them is all yours this is good as we're going to get. well we're it we're just seeing such different approaches now
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with the chinese being very aggressive in their industrial policy putting a lot into this subsidizing what they see as strategic factors and that is included the renewable energy sector and i think there are some pieces of the chinese model that the u.s. could be trying to learn from and and have better relations on and yet we're seeing a different approach there obama administration has actually taken a complaint against china to that over their support for these green technologies i think that with bad decision i think those are the kind of things from the chinese model that we should be applauding and trying to duplicate here in the u.s. and yet we're seeing these this real disconnect in our approaches ok so anderson from institute for policy studies in washington thanks for being on the line without me tonight. from that we're asking for your input as well you can say tell us what you think about current u.s.
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china relations where you think they go and what you think of how they've been in the past look at our website because that is the question we're asking because your report about this whole story this is what you told us so far tonight we put it into a charge to make it easier to take apart some of the chart showing this less than half of you forty three percent chose the let's be serious about this it is the least serious option that china will own half of america's territory but thanks for voting if you did twenty five percent of you have a did predict a fragile alliance between the two countries is a slight increase meantime with a number of those of you twenty two percent know picking the most pessimistic nuclear world war only eleven percent of you think the u.s. will freeze its debts to china it's been good to hear what you say you could change the graph you can change his results by putting yourself at r.t. dot com.
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world news in brief a suicide bomber driving an ambulance filled with explosives has crashed into a security headquarters in central iraq it's left more than thirteen people dead more than sixty four others were wounded it happened in the ethnically mixed city of baquba north of the capital baghdad it is the second suicide blast in the last two days on choose they almost fifty people were killed after a bomber attacked a line of police recruits in the city of to create. haiti's former dictator claude duvalier has been brought before court on charges of corruption and embezzlement the charges relate to his fifteen years in office until one thousand eight hundred six and judges may take up to three months to decide if there's enough evidence for a trial known as baby doc duvalier has also been accused in the past of ordering torches and killings of political enemies he had expected to return to the country after twenty four years in exile in france. orthodox christians are celebrating
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a pit phonier holy day which marks the baptism of christ thousands of believers been plunging into icy waters but at temperatures of around minus fifty degrees centigrade it takes some courage as our very own peter oliver. in the tradition of the orthodox church here in russia the nineteenth of january is the date of the pit fanie know what that means to people who worship the orthodox church is that was the date that jesus was but now to celebrate that here they jump into the freezing cold rivers of russia now here in moscow where i am could a hole in the ice on the mosque of our river to make sure that bush has and people can jump into the river and celebrate the feast day of the epiphany no it's not just a religious thing this is now become something of a health kick if you will for people that want to come into the water to believe that the the icy temperatures can have some health properties for you can make you feel better in yourself the way it works in the religious sense is that it will see
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you again it will cleanse you of your sins and it will set you up for the new year rule of the blessing over the ice pool by your priesthood it essentially into a film and it is simulation of the season of chase's crisis this is. my own turn getting in the world to see it's about minus fifteen here the air temperature in moscow plus for apparently the temperature of the world is so i guess it's going to be a little bit warmer there's nothing left to do now but we'll get him. we'll see how this goes. through. let's see how did that the first day pull that howard robertson what a way to mission the russian winter sun clearly you're there exists and. i can tell
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you i'm feeling very exhilarated right now. the chairs are asking moscow. you know does the i'm a great believer in just dipping your toe in first next. one of america's leading civil rights activist the reverend jesse jackson explains why his country's on the verge of moral and spiritual bankruptcy and what needs to be done as he sees it to save it.
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so my first question to you is about the wall street projects economic summit what is the main goal of this gathering what are you looking to do and who do you hope this message will reach in the quest for economic justice and racial justice. are those policies we bail out the banks who when tool prices because. the cost of greed because i'm like oh. so the bill out there is all this home foreclosures on the rise result is to the loan that where the credit card and so was she being accountable is a big deal it's been over two years now that the economic crisis really reached its peak really seems that no one was quite held accountable in this time do you think it's something that's still likely to happen well not like that because it seems as if we made the decision to bail out the makes now they all washington capital they
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were said to be too big to fail and so they have been protected by too big to fail as a nation community banks have been put out of business we have a. helped bill. and without the public options another effort the man made american house without health insurance and the fees of insurance companies continue to rise economic polarization from the very wealthy and the second most class and the poor continues to grow there must be some restructuring of our economy as that gap continues to grow and we know that the official unemployment numbers have been at over nine point five percent for over a year numbers you cite is forty nine percent of americans living in poverty while we continue to hear that the country has recovered because those loans so poverty have not been addressed in the right way to what it is in the mountains of apple a show rural alabama in america we have some notion that if you bail out the top it
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will lift all boats. some people cannot even get in the boat to be allowed plus as a disconnect between the yucks been allowed to hold the top in the bush took to the bottom in the first place when you come by. and you'll advise war in iraq and afghanistan a war of choice without justification but would for another expenditure and these differential deals with the banks and insurance companies then them on the social uplift and to sustain employment is being denied the king said when you keep going out. of the country and unless there was police in the world and subset of the wealthiest without money for social uplift you approach your moral and spiritual bank reps and that's where we are today and i think about for them to without health insurance it means that many if not tell us the rate is high and life expect this to show up to all the crippling disease as people just don't have the money
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for them even without in poverty when the homeless shelter about a month ago and everybody in the had a job. or couldn't afford to pay rent for the one million in the. food stamps that number is growing there must be some direct intervention to address zones of need if we talk a little bit more about money if we consider the billions of dollars that the united states pumps into its wars. doesn't that mean that there is this money to be pumped into whatever the u.s. government deems necessary and why is it that this money is not being pumped into common americans who need it the wrong way is the great hype about the sense of security we will lead by president george bush into iraq in the old saying. on the wrong target with a war of choice we cannot recall the money spent we cannot recall the lives lost my even get an apology at the make and. the mistakes that led to the war and into
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afghanistan and while we have this expanded. budget going for iraq afghanistan that the pakistan given these huge tax cuts to the wealthiest americans we're still bleeding williams of homes and foreclosures millions of able to those who cannot afford a student loan to graduate that's guaranteed bit. about a guaranteed job i want to ask you about african-american unemployment in the united states which is over over fifteen percent right now what do you make of this as a protracted patterns of race tribulation and employment we remain number one in from one talent that number one in a short life expectancy a more than high unemployment number one. in home foreclosures and number one in pop and that in the prisms of our country. half the nation's prisoners and
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across the south you look at the relationship is taking away the franchise let me say this alabama twin the six percent black prison center five percent black. mississippi in the thirty percent like prison service. it was like you took them in the blacks and put them in prison you take with all them and take with their vote your loyalty access to a job a little bit critical or so it's a kind of antacid right swing and the pop of one of just as much to an active in the process to us of this rather blatant padam of racial injustice what about the president because many people are beginning to say that considering this is the first african-american president in the united states he should be putting in place more targeted policies towards african-americans to help out with this situation do you do you agree with that was to target those zones of need if you have. left is just him playing you know if you will address the right hand good rest of
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the foot and the left foot being addressed not meaningful there that zones of pain in the in the black latino white and you lay off teachers and trash workers with a lot of people out of these ghettos and barrios there must be some focus on job training. on access to jobs and transformation there must be some talk that focus only on education how much time do you think it will take for the united states to fully recover from the economic crisis for a difficult because we keep digging the hole i mean more expenditure of those in iraq and afghanistan where the military budget is that is a step in there on the wrexham giving deference to the wealthiest americans thinking they were reinvest but they will not leave bail out the banks but they have not mending them not reinvesting them not creating manufacturing so i don't know how long it will take but i do know that we all have a shared interest in in
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a new. paradigm for balanced economic growth. her. body. her. turn comes. this history still keeps its secrets but now it's time to reveal the hidden in the
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soviet files house on the embankment on oxy. wealthy british style stock. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cons or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report. in the czech republic and he's available in a hotel assayas central hotel prima vera most trigger pull stuff. which i'm a taste in bosnia and herzegovina available in. me and the children of each. of. which you.


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