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tv   [untitled]    January 20, 2011 2:30am-3:00am EST

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it's time for the headlines not pressure week uniques revelation show russia's opposition leaders begged washington for help against the current leadership who were turned down. by a cabal oppressions his chinese counterpart to death beijing's currency that's facing crease among americans and missed an economic heavyweights grammy night. and israel's ollie's and it is on the east report on one of the world's largest spying facilities capable of intercepting every phone call and an entire hemisphere
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. well britain's inquiry into why it went to war in iraq won't get to see the prophet correspondence between former prime minister tony for american president george w. bush it's thought it might shed light on exactly why the u.k. got dragged into the invasion when one of the politicians whose party was in power at the time now gives his insight to r.t. . today i'm in london with jeremy corbyn who's a member of parliament with the labor party and also an antiwar campaigner we are here as tony blair appears before the chilcote inquiry for the second time jeremy cotton thanks very much for talking to r.t. now this as i've said is not the first time that blair is appearing before the iraq inquiry can you just remind us what happened last time while he was very nervous to begin with came into the room and was asked some questions of
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a moderately robust way about the evidence leading up to his decision to recommend the power might we know very few to rock and then the latter part of. it turned into the sort of tony blair lecture in defense of his policies on some what he calls humanitarian intervention and then went on to warn the whole world about what he perceived to be this danger from iran and i thought the whole thing was a travesty because this is meant to be an inquiry looking into the absolute finite details of the decision to go to war with iraq and it turned into from tony to force and i'm quite pleased that he's been recalled to the inquiry and i hope this time the inquiry shows its mettle and goes through again with tony blair. the legal advice he was given why he sought a second u.n. resolution if he thought the first one was efficient to authorize an invasion and
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why he then recommended to parliament that there was an overwhelming case of danger of weapons of mass destruction and why we should go to war and i think he's got a great deal to answer what are we expecting this time around do you think the questioning is going to be more robust i hope so and i think so because the chilcot inquiry feel quite nervous about public perceptions of their role and their effectiveness and. activity so i think this time around it probably will be quite tough and blair is really their key witness he must be he's absolutely essential to the whole process because he's the only one that was involved in every single one of the decisions in every single one of the meetings he's the one that saw the attorney general's apparently informal advice he's the one who decided what from the attorney general would be put in front of the cabinet he's the one who discussed with jack straw and with jeremy greenstock what went before the un security council and he's the one that decided what he was going to say to parliament and what he didn't say to parliament so yes he's absolutely central to
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it but this is in a sense the last chance saloon for british public inquiries because we had the foreign office for the first committee inquiry we had the parliamentary process and then gordon brown agreed that this inquiry would be set up and indeed it has been set up if we're to have any reasonable standing as an effective democracy then this inquiry has got to go into some fairly serious detail about it and recommendations about what's going to happen next no it's not a judicial inquiry which many of us wanted but i get the feeling that a legal process could emanate as a result of the evidence that's going to come out and how impressed are you with the inquiry safer are you do you think it's depth and usefulness has been what you hoped it would be i have mixed feelings about it. i don't. denigrate it i think they have tried quite hard in many ways they have spoken to families they have
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taken a great deal of evidence families of soldiers who tragically lost their lives in iraq and they're now taking evidence would turn in coming back but i remain in the judgment slightly skeptical that it isn't going to just say there has to be improvements in the processes of government and law has to be better recording of meeting regional what sort of things probably yes. may bring that's not the is you the issue is this country involved itself in what i believe to be an illegal invasion of another country we've lost a considerable number of british soldiers a much larger number of american soldiers and others have died and tens of thousands of iraqis probably half a million iraqis have died as a result of this and is the world a safer place no is the threat of terrorism there is no is this a good way forward for world international law no you mention that a legal process might result from the chill cos inquiry. do you think that if tony
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blair was prosecuted for war crimes as many people want that would result in the world in fact being a safe place i think if a european politician former head of government in the case of tony blair was actually brought before the. international court in the hague and investigated the rest the world would have far more respect for the international process because the moment the most prominent people who have come before it have been. the attempts at arresting the president of sudan the current trial that's going on charles taylor from liberia and the past process on milosevic and the situation in yugoslavia but the perpetrators of this war. iraq war are in the united states and in in europe and i think it would do an awful lot for
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the standing of this because there is a bit of a feeling around that ok you go off to big guys in small countries you won't go after big guys in big countries what do you think blair's legacy is and how do you think it will impact position of the u.k. in terms of the rest of the world well in politics it's quite possible to go from hero to zero and back again. blair became leader of the labor party in the one nine hundred ninety s. change the whole structure of the labor party and had a very easy with the local party because just because we were desperate with a ninety seven election his government really had sort of three strange directions to it and they were actually sort of rather different he was always and remains a market politician he believes in a market economy he's not a socialist in the sense of any kind of economic transformation yet his government
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at the same time did introduce quite important social legislation national minimum wage sure start children's centers and the human rights act it didn't quite good things on that and quite libertarian in the sense of age of consent and issues like that then in foreign policy starting out from an ethical foreign policy on the robin cook we've rapidly descended into being a total poodle of the bush administration in the usa and blair's legacy what ever else he says or does in his life is always going to be iraq was labeled bush's spoilt puppy by the british media do you think that the u.k. is relationship with the us has changed at all since he left power blair associate himself totally with bush and the strange thing was after nine eleven which was a dreadful event like absolute condemn what happened on nine eleven everybody else condemned it but blair when. first you made a very strange speech about we have to pay the blood price for the relationship of the usa it's went to war with afghanistan he associate himself with bush more than
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anybody else and i do remember at one parliamentary labor party meeting i asked him said well where's the benefits of our special relationship with the usa how much influence do you really have of the bush and his reply was votes hold you that the inputs would form which is not an egoless is going to cause a lot of people blair is a politician who has very high regard for his own ability as has very limited respect for international law hence he would not have promulgated this idea of humanitarian intervention instead he would have worked through the un and international law i think that's his legacy the other thing is his behavior since he ceased to be a prime minister is an obsessive touring around the world collecting very large fees for speaking engagements it's reported in the press last week that he's made twelve million pounds since he ceased to be prime minister some awful tamale. made
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it clear that he wouldn't allow iran to develop nuclear weapons do you think if he were still in charge we'd already be at war with iran he seemed to me to be building up a case for action against iran from very early on and i think we have to recognise there's a terrible danger in all of this i absolutely condemn human rights abuses anywhere in the world are condemned under saddam hussein i condemn them what's going on in the present for the purpose of intervention in iran is not about human rights and the whole thing is about iran's position in the world iran is a powerful country has a great deal of oil it has a great deal of military it also has a great sense of position the persian empire the to the tube socket they also have a sense of grievance against the west for the coup in one nine hundred fifty two for the. protection of the oil for the imposition of the shah and also the behavior towards the islamic republic and so i think we have to have
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a dialogue with iran they don't have nuclear weapons at the moment they are signatories to nuclear nonproliferation treaty they have withdrawn from the voluntary supplementary protocol i think we should be upping in gauge with iran rather than the sanctions policy and the isolation of iran engagement is likely to bring about improvements in human rights engagement is light bring about the prospects of iran working with the rest of the world and engaging would actually strengthen the hands of civil society in iran as well thank you very much you're very welcome thank you. wealthy british science.
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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser reports on our. very first verses of the bible that all human beings are created but settlement of came in god's image and it doesn't say just jews or dodgers. sixty to seventy percent of what i did as a combat soldier in the occupied territories was to do with deterrence doing what we call making our presence felt to go out should somebody so they are not going to be door swung to the other corner invade another house religion and nationalism not just judaism have been a part of the problem they've been part of what leads to. if you can one. thousand four hundred people in
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a month and you want to expect that this will have no effect until a feat if you have to be either extremely naive or extremely stupid to hear a religious jew calling another joe on not not the way they really times that amount. the world to. bring you the latest in science and technology from around the world . we've got the future covered. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to operation today.
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if it. would be soon which brighten if you knew it was soon from found stuporous shoots. his friend starts on t.v. dot com. it's .
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fresh weakening seven ations show rushes opposition leaders beg to washington for help against the current leadership but what turned out. for uk obama pressures his chinese counterpart to that beijing's currency rides spills increase among americans over easter the climate heavyweights growing might. and israel's eyes and ears on the east who have foretold one of the world's largest spying facilities capable of intercepting every phone call on the thai hemisphere. coming up next it's a sports update with richard. it's
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good to have you with us lines. so i can see that as one of the all. day for. the full book and. the rally when is. home triumphant welcome to the. time. russia still has one representative in the men's you know open up to me call usually the blogs. are gruelling five things seem to be going well for the time see . leave however as slovenia opponent him back to send a month into the side managed to hold his no. meeting with. problems yet again for
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a. while number one bumping ryan sweeting just four games. from each place in the. great news for russia's women. losing out. in straight sets. things that installed something cosmologist patrol using the disposed of a home favorite for. junior champion. and straight second seed to beat as one of the all given a scare and. eventually prevailed and. has just won. it was a good day at melbourne park for russia's women. day free and spent
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a lot of president salva maria sharapova but their places in the third round falling straight sets big trees over two thousand a champion sharapova started slowly against the geneva rosano for managing. the time very very much much easier in the second place georges in the run. looking back obviously you want you want to play faster matches an easier scoreline be great but it's also really good to have these types of matches where you're put in a tough situation and you have to find find yourself and your game and find a way to win especially when your opponent's playing really good as well and i think that's something that i'm happy with today. there's a new name here to look out for in the future a russian want to see how well he's ranked one hundred forty six and a wall that still toppled learning. needed to be as also more familiar with fellow russians with. she's proved. in the next
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round. or she wasn't the only one needing a comeback win on the men's side of a draw there were plenty of scans of a big names first roger federer needing five cents to get past. some one of the few players on the circuit who relishes playing federer and was close to say it's time he thought back from two sets down against the defending champion with the swiss having to draw on all his experience to defeat the french when beating federer in both their previous munch is more money but she will face belgians i mean i'm elise in the next round. here you know they're in the. warm up for six months but sometimes you know it just doesn't seem to go your way as much as your believing christian do the right things you know when you get unlucky sometimes the other guy just you know. reads your. you know it is or falls into place it's not your day i don't feel. that feeling out there but i
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felt something was going my way. stream a good game to close it out and. it was quite relieved. the latest from the cage show unguarded. four two win over to him in a single point. comfortably also wins on wednesday for. the rest results on the screen. russian snowboarder. is celebrating victory of the war championships in spain getting her country's first gold in the event four years. of age is the women's part of the giant slalom on one side as. a twenty one year old from the us and the austrian veteran quality. produce
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a flawless performance regal ignore its high up the force. of russia in the best second ever wall championship gold. you continue to get shivers triumph in two thousand and seven. i'm really i'm really stowed i'm really happy well it's not the first one for russia but the second one in fact it's first first one for me so i'm really really happy and today it's like you know it's amazing. defending champions iraq have made it through to the quarter finals i will know when for them over north korea or not placing the law states. around make sure they went for his group winners for free no drubbing for the united arab emirates. news for australia by their friends of courses but some may do without their goal scoring midfielder tim cahill injured his knee in their one win over bahrain and did not train on wednesday although he made sure he killed is optimistic he'll be
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facing off to play on saturday. i'm sure. should be a. great medical stuff here and there working around the clock to make sure he's on . the. challenges and all that of course you're. well there is a compass being held at the top which was recently chosen by feature to hold the twenty twenty two woke up and one of the ambassadors for their bids in india has been explaining why he banned their campaign he was speaking at a promotional event in geneva he explained it was about time the middle east has given the chance to stage a world cup. this is quite simply because it's a region that deserved to have the world cup just like all the others in the world for the middle east i thought this was the year when you could be awarded the world cup at least that's why i did such a formal bunch tonight and started cannes and enjoy new york cosmos as the director of football team now tries to become major league soccer's twenty of team because
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most recently bore the name of the old north american soccer league team which have the likes of pele playing to the side of all kinds and the rest of the club's management are hoping to quickly build a strong academy which will be useful to the u.s. national team as well. as a mission. to help you noticed it when we woke up from the because. if one can win the work of six or seven players. come from me of course. it would be great for everybody. and wonderful food for food but what champions again with the thames valley dakar rally time is all in hand and a new bunch of records sent the commands monsta team arrived in moscow on wednesday night a flight from madrid bringing home victorious crew which managed to occupy i've been told my podium of the dakar two thousand and eleven championships in the truck category. chimed in claim the seventh time told to set the record for the most
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victories of events of the last year of a liar finished second in respectively. but if watching his teammates back in the fourth position the team's young hopeful nicholai of contrasts but his initial priority was just to make it to the finishing line. it's gaining confidence stage by stage. i did say before the really that would first aim to just complete the route although as an added that way number one of his back when you were and soon realized that piece was good enough to make it to the podium it worked. meanwhile there's been more blood sweat and tears from the top down on the second stage of australia's cycling race proving to be a painful one for kilometers left the peloton takes a sharp left hand. touching go down. angle of metal in chains. commendation the floor with lacerations to his base.
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picked himself to finish the stage will continue in the top. but up ahead there was more college near the finishing line a rider goes down at this point brings down a mass of riders. but also very painful all that was going on in the background britain's ben swift wins the stage. probably mckeown taking second place enough to give him. his jersey. and the n.b.a. the new jersey nets your pocket of save the club won't pursue you call. me any more of a star forward meanwhile scored thirty five points last night to help denver oklahoma still some clubs looking to recruit carmelo and really be playing his last game. seems to give it all for the club and he was in a shining form in the first quarter. with leading by three points oklahoma star joe
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of russell westbrook and kevin durant's with equally as sharp run scoring twenty two points westbrook adding twenty eight and the thunder were down by point at this point guard chauncey billups to crunch the stretch monoglots lead to seven point seven then she talked to oklahoma. and. then a second straight loss. coming up in. the web it's coming up next. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. repairing a broken ancient. highway construction and humanitarian aid. but as
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shady officials get the spoils of war it's the people who pay the price. profiteering here is no longer just down to drug trafficking. afghanistan the dollars. and. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from the realm of russia. we've got the future covered.
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