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tv   [untitled]    January 20, 2011 4:00am-4:29am EST

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gresh wiki leaks revelations show russia's opposition leaders begged washington back help against the current leadership but were turned down. for a car bomb oppressions his chinese counterpart to beijing's currency draw is a phrase increase among americans or eastern economic heavyweights growing markets . and israel's eyes and is on the east all told one of the world's largest spying facilities a point of intercepting every phone call in time especially. after the business desk here russia's central bank to sell its blocking stake in moscow's my zick stock exchange out of privatization plan ordered by the president one that in all
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business out of date in about twenty minutes. costing live from the heart of the russian capital this is out russian opposition leaders and human rights activists pleaded with top u.s. officials to support their plans for political and social change based on fresh falls' from wiki leaks russia's comes of all scott profit and newspaper reports that the groups were consistently critical of the kremlin wanted american help for reform the request was apparently given short shrift by washington he's the target of a cover. members over there a couple opposition first of all have accused the united states of turning a blind eye to the human rights violations taking place in the country one of the same time seeking help from the united states for its sixty's not just financial
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help but also ideological and while speaking to the habs over the russian department of the u.s. national security council mr maxwell that members of the opposition have asked the united states to be more critical of the violations of civil rights taking place in russia but not bushlike critical full members of their position also seem to believe that the recent reset of relations between russia and the united states have been there has been a bad influence do human rights activists especially in the north caucuses they're saying that after the murder over the police to meet or had over chechnya ramzan could have as many given given carte blanche for other murders and she would be recognized as a persona non grata by the united states where mr mark for has said that he doesn't see that happening and those are all domestic issues and there's no way that the united states is turning a blind eye to the human rights violations in the country and that if they do occur
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the u.s. does express its concerns out loud. washington should pay more attention to significant incidents related to freedom of assembly in russia to solve problems in russia civic society parties should sit down at the negotiating table both russian and u.s. governments and representatives from n.g.o.s it is up to russian activists to build up their relations with their administration with very true lying on america but the report prepared by the u.s. ambassador to russia has concluded that basically the opposition in the country is immature in his report to washington d.c. mr brierly has sat that's perhaps the united states should make its position on human rights issues. and democracy in the washer more clear to the members opposition and to explain it all the better to which extent the u.s. wants to be involved in other countries domestic issues to further improve relations between russia and the us the a bomb administration has a stance
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a bully refrain from vocal support for democratic reform civil society activists in russia are unaware of the contours of the u.s. approach to shuman right and its record of public statements and speeches russia's democrats remain in mere terminal three constant personality disputes disagreements with the kremlin differences over the viability of political activity many members of the opposition believe that surprise me mr putin running for president once again is the biggest threat for their relations between russia and the united states and that the u.s. should be involved in preventing that from happening while mr mark foley doesn't believe that the u.s. should be involved in that. kind of a cover of courting or still to come on the program a russian the fashions stepping across borders. these are the vote lengthy a centuries old russian and a friend learned that was easy enough to come by in russia fashion found in europe
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but found it much harder to get their hands on the theme meek but. somehow a traditional footwear that had peasants and saw oswald for centuries is now spreading to europe's talks. barack obama is keeping the pressure on china to that the value of its currency rise with other comments too in the chinese president's four day trip to the united states it's one of the most divisive issues between the two nations. saying that he was being kept in the british to give try to export vantage ramos says china supports many hole for the u.s. jobs says largest trading partner of mexico. it's also the largest foreign holder of u.s. debt the two leaders also discussed human rights with saying china is willing to continue talks based on true respect of the interference in their internal affairs . and so the two countries next relationship. so i went into burger king
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with my son and i. think it's a z.h. using the choose e z h u z h u and recognize the that is chinese for seven americans the word china elicits fear recognizing china's rise means recognizing america's decline and now we are getting not our toys in our things in our little happy meals which should be banned there so dangerous. not just our toys in the bag made in china. but the image and everything else culture coming from china. or others china elicits feelings of inferiority according to the pew research center forty seven percent of americans think china is the world's leading economic power only thirty one percent think america is. that's certainly the
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opinion among students at millinocket school in maine which will welcome paying chinese students to close its budget gap next year i think the chinese are going to be total shock i think of a. way more advanced than us like ten times more money in like in a better society and then you look at a similarly poor and nuffin as hu jintao towards the u.s. capitol american officials are eager to quell fears about what a rising china could mean for the world's only superpower still some analysts say that the united states should be focusing on what it can learn from china rather than merely containing it china knows how to develop they're doing it we are expanding boring and consuming rather than saving and investing for the future a sentiment echoed by many we spoke to a lot to learn terms of productivity organizational resources and also having a culture that values hard work and i think they're trying to develop their economy and cheer some of the wealth with the folks economically politically militarily
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china is on the rise and while the u.s. put education on the chopping block this year china invested four percent of its g.d.p. in primary and secondary schools in poor rural areas chinese universities are mushroom all across the country and increasingly attracting prestigious foreign professors and even american students like philadelphia native zachary franklin it seems. just a better decision to be in the country learning about economics where so much is happening you know mike lee getting a master's in shanghai doesn't mean crippling student loans chinese students themselves you know that plane. amounts of money for an education in this country. china is also speeding ahead on high speed rail lines in massive infrastructure chinese officials say they will complete the first eco city by two thousand and twenty which will be home to three hundred fifty thousand as u.s. lawmakers squabble for years over who will foot the bill for every high speed rail
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link bridge or metro expansion america just adds dreams to rebuild the old interstate highway system where you gigantic infrastructure projects in u.s. history the city more unified as a people are moving in a positive direction and i wish we could say the same president obama has plenty to put on the table as he hosts his chinese counterpart at the first us china state dinner but will the white house be equally eager to learn from its gas and ford r t washington d.c. than to govern marshall who said globalization that this gave us his reasons why china is becoming a new g.o.p. it's complete it. the rise of china is not against the prevailing hedge amount in the world america but the rise of china is we in the hedge monic system itself what i mean by that is that globalization which is a western driven reach driven project. has facilitated the rise of china so china rises so much as the west allows it to rise by now that china is stronger and feels
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more secure they're starting to make an issue that's on the oh they're starting to try to create a consumption class within china itself to become more self-sustaining so american china has a very codependent relationship in which china finances america's debt allowing america to be militaristic around the world controlling resources america consumes chinese products which are developed cheaply benefiting both china and america so they're incredibly dependent and in terms of finance and banking they're heavily heavily integrated but there's also it's gets a frantic relationship in a sense because they're also each other's greatest competitors and this is mostly seen in the competition for global resources and this has been outlined in strategy papers in america since the early ninety's where the aim is to prevent the rise of the new power by controlling world resources. the u.s. debt holder comes under scrutiny in the kaiser report later today on r.t.
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as max and stacy reveal the destructive streak on in through the lens of wall street. this psychological profile of jamie dimon lloyd blankfein goldman sachs j.p. morgan this guy daily is that of the arsonist the arsonist likes to burn things down their pyromaniacs here on wall street you've got debt maniacs they like to destroy things with debt and they like the price of debt to be as cheap as a pack of matches if the price of debt is a cheap as a pack of matches as it is now they can continue to burn things down to destroy the economy like they're doing at this very moment and what is the obama administration doing they are giving the pyromaniacs and the arsonist more starting fluid more lighter fluid more matches whatever they need to destroy the economy so you have to ask the question is obama in the pocket of the financial terrorist yes heat is.
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he's been described as big is a huge facility where it's claimed phone calls and e-mails from across the middle east and beyond can be monitored for intelligence from prying eyes for decades in the desert it's become a focus for investigative journalists t's as more on who's listening in. many israelis have probably driven past year and not cast a second glance a few satellite dishes outside a little known town in the negev desert but this is no ordinary military base this is the largest or equal storing facility that i've ever seen on the earth and hagar should know he's been studying signal intelligence or electronic spying for the last twenty five years a tip off gave him access to people on the inside to know want to talk to paul or and still could be stepping up its simply to never come on the back it never been
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seen but now it's showing up all over satellite images with thirty different listening antennas directed high over the equator each targeting a different dish in the sky but the cape everything that passing over the satellite system simply doesn't discriminate ever be with. and that's a lot of listening from this hub every telephone call every email can be intercepted and according to duncan campbell summary here along the coast the water tell a very large groups of people on the typically you have large windowless what looked like just real warehouses but with massive security you are seeing many such places across the united states and several hundred people will check in in the morning start filing through checking emails looking at. listening to telephone calls but inside israel no one's talking haven't heard about a boat i don't know what's the word refers to exactly what is the reason behind the
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focus if there is a focus of this particular word is just a platform you have to understand the new comes to intelligence you need a platform in order to carry. needs you need in order to intercept but why wasn't this platform itself intercepted it was pretty well hidden until recently when hey. i got went to public on ash my first surprise was the style that they could that there was this huge spine facility which will be profoundly influencing the politics of the middle east and beyond but then the the sick and very surprise was that it's clearly been there as long as the some of the bases what's your point the brits and germany and russia and iran states and other countries and just maybe that's the point of those who need to know know exactly where it is what did. he tell of if. britain's iraq war inquiry could
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leave some feeling that an important piece of the jigsaw is missing that's because private correspondence between george w. bush and tony blair in the run up to the conflict won't be heard the commission was supposed to question military and political figures on why britain invaded british politician jeremy coleman's party was in power time itself tells r.t. that. would have more respect if it went to him in national court. judgement and it's the only one that was involved in every single one of the decisions in every single one of the meetings he's the one that saw the attorney general's. informal advice he's the one who decided what from the attorney general would be put in front of the cabinet he's the one who discussed with jack straw and with jeremy greenstock what went before the un security council and he's the one look decided what he was going to say to parliament and what he didn't say to parliament so yes he's absolutely central to it but this is in
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a sense the last chance saloon. british public inquiry is because we had the foreign office. committee inquiry we had the parliamentary process and then gordon brown agreed that this inquiry would be set up and indeed it has been set up if we're to have any reasonable standing as an effective democracy then this inquiry has got to go into some very serious detail about it and recommendations about what's going to happen next there is not a judicial inquiry which many of us wanted but i get the feeling that a legal process could emanate as a result of the evidence that's going to come out. from now for a look at some other international headlines. members of the post to these in president's family have been arrested while trying to return. crimes against the interim leader earlier promised to build up the people's revolt and avoid a total break from the past. violent demonstrations continue mccardell us to
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president supporters are using to recognize their own government in the hundred people died june of last. u.s. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is expected to be moved to a rehabilitation center of us two weeks off to her attempted murder officials say she's now able to stand with assistance that is ready to begin the next phase of her recovery giffords was shot in the head during a public event outside a grocery store in the city of tucson arizona gunman shot eighteen other people killing six and wounding twelve. more communities are being deluged in australia's floods as water surges downstream in the state of victoria the alternatives are completely cut off leaving its fourteen thousand restaurants and people in low lying areas are preparing for the worst and being told to evacuate to safety so this will bring to farmers who seem crops destroyed
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especially often during years of drought or thirty people have died in flooding so far. keeping the winter snow from freezing your feet is something russians mastered centuries ago valving keep boots are made from dams will have been worn by generations of people to protect their tires from the chills it's even suggested they may help to maintain good blood circulation and as sarah first discovered today's aware is keen to make sure that fashion isn't sacrificed function. is it. in the fast paced world of fashion these in the know like to always be one step ahead of the crowd and now you're at fashion forward looking to russia's past for their style inspiration these are the vote lengthy a centuries old style of russian bits made from lans will now also easy enough to come by in russia fashion found in europe have found it much harder to get their hands on this the meek but where if you're feeling the chill the last few winters
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they certainly been in demand while most violent you keep screwing in popularity as well as being warm and stylish they're also environmentally friendly but whilst oldest business case from strength to strength in russia she doesn't have the capabilities to meet the high demands flooding in from foreign countries that should be good still it is see the huge gap in the market well for some of the core of the following. four hundred to. four hundred thousand rubles. since the. horse who can buy them for i don't know ten euro or one of rubles. but with a big export filling key remaining rare outside russia one stylish chair however have taken advantage of the it continue to be and had huge success taking their
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billing key business to the world's fashion hog if italy. they're really popular they were a while ago no one even knew what the word valley and he meant but they to acknowledge that when it comes to filling there are still many barriers to trade the floor of that is that i thought it was a good idea russian factories that struck the operate in the way that they did fifty or sixty years ago even little things like there are no english speakers at these factories the first live really ordered arrive three months late european standards just wouldn't tolerate pace. in the past billing here do on the feet of peasants and sellers alike these days you're more likely to find them gracing the pages of fashion magazines over counts president made vader's wife amongst her customers but now is it to keep up with the times business will have to buck up. russia should come up with a concept for choosing the best producers and upgrading equipment developed the strengths in our industry and eliminate the weaknesses. fashion truly does cross
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borders now russia needs to put its best foot forward and ensure that it doesn't let its lucrative national product slip out of its hands sarafan r.t. scary. yes nice but not all of us ans are tied into the warmth of very footwear at this time yet as a reporter at all t. dot com some are doing the exact opposite of the souls cleanse that in the music waters to mock the dogs and thankfully. also one discover an unusual way to deal with moscow's call up traffic age old bells they solution the stores and at the bottom eat dog.
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hair with all the business news there and. vestments that was acquired up to twenty percent of russia's leading antivirus provider was thought about well that's why it may help the cust pesky company that's called to expand to the u.s. market where it's not well known not more of that coming up in testament. and i would welcome to business good to have you with me russia's central bank may so it's blocking stake in moscow's mines it stock exchange commerce sunday reports in terms of selling the banks twenty nine point eight percent of shares are to be decided by june the same as part of a privatization plan ordered by president with
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a bid it is russia's leading boris worth around three billion dollars it handles about seventy percent of share transactions and russia analysts say selling the state's share in my six could make it easier to merge precious two main voices. now let's have a look at the markets and we start with europe where stock markets edge mostly lower in early trading on thursday mining stocks and banks are dragging on the indices reasons for sharing a percent of the dax is losing half a percent the sour supermarket upgrade and hold one and a half percent after reporting its fourth quarter sales budget airline easyjet is also down after warning its a loss in the first half of its financial year it was twice as large as last year. and here in russia stock markets a down day on the back of the downswing in the international commodity equity markets triggered by fears of the chinese economy overheating the r.t.s. why is it a losing over percent. energy majors are shutting losses we see gas problem look
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we're losing over one point three percent rules hydro shutting the most shutting one point eight percent. the u.s. investment firm general atlantic has acquired up to twenty percent of russia's leading antivirus provider cuss pesky deal me amount to two hundred twenty five million dollars then you cohen are a could advise kaspersky on its i.p.o. plan within the next five years says its head that. it may also help the company to expand to the u.s. market where it's not widely known. and the russian oil industry could face new tax rules as of march a draft law backed by the energy ministry would reduce export tax for crude by about seven percent while waving at for oil products the ministry wants the changes this year without any phase in period and he budget losses are expected to be covered by an increase in all export volumes experts warn the measures could be
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could mean lower amounts of light oil products on the local market and a jump in fuel prices. stay with energy gas problem and the chinese national petroleum corporation are closer to agreeing on gas deliveries to china russia's gas giant said it was ready to begin constructing the all type line in the middle of two thousand and eleven a line will link western siberia with china is estimated to cost fourteen billion dollars to side signed a memorandum in june two thousand and nine cooperate in the natural gas sector. russia's net profit capital outflow in two thousand and ten amounted to thirty eight point three billion dollars that's a drop from fifty seven billion in two thousand and nine but the figures are still too high says presidential adviser cutting about college. this confirms the conclusions made by the president and indicates that we have a very poor investment climate many actually don't see
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a future for conducting business and investment within russia although significant amounts of outflow a largely from the regions not moscow there were some inflows of course but in terms of investments we are still very far off from the pre-crisis period. that's all i have for you this hour but you do find all stories on our website that's all t dot com thanks for watching.
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very first verses of the bible that all human beings are created but sentimental came in god's image and it doesn't say just jews or not just. sixty to seventy percent of what i did as a combat soldier in the occupied territories was to do with the turds doing what we call making our presence felt to go out should some bozo they hear a knock on some doors run to the other corner invade another. religion and nationalism not just judaism have been a part of the problem they've been part of what leads to. bloodshed if you want to bomb guys and. i thousand four hundred people in a month and you want to expect that this will have no effect and to feel you have to be either extremely. before it's too stupid to hear a religious jew calling another joe i'm not proud of the way they really upset him
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or on. this history still keeps its secrets but now it's time to reveal the hidden in the soviet files house on the embankment on oxy. in moscow g.'s available in hotels for course students but under no. toto keep a promise it is congress photo east west never tell moscow sensa nova to enforce the sky bredesen s.a.'s law.


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