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we're told because it would be sure marco results were told to do so. would result michael beverly hills a potomac river here in a tone which. he told with. a town in eastern ukraine is in a state of fear a double identified terrorist. a problem even though all three million dollar rugs that morals felt that all the more balls we're covering this story. for us files on wiki leaks show how russia's opposition turns to the u.s. for help but frequently gets the cold shoulder from washington. i was shy about american leaders agree the t.v. superpowers do differ on sensitive issues beijing's growing influence in the u.s. is making people look eats. last fall is in the middle of the
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desert sand investigative journalist uncovers one of the world's largest spine bases in israel of the decades of secrecy. a very warm a welcome see this is r.t. live from moscow with me alice habits now top story panic has swept through a town in eastern ukraine which has been rocked by two applause in the morning on identifying terrorists are promising more attacks today if they don't get full life on the home million dollars or more on this story let's cross to our correspondent in ukraine he's on the phone for us like that tell us what's going on in the town now well we heard of two explosions which happened in the middle of the night in the town of mike you can you can you crazy. four hundred thousand pounds. we know
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that at the site of one of the lotion and then the load was found with a letter saying that terrorists are demanding four million euro otherwise there were a lot of bombs at five pm local time which is in about an hour from now now the city is gripped by panic it's as if these terrorists took the whole town hostage and right now it's really hard to say whether investigators have any success in finding those terrorists obviously the whole town is panicking. children are being taken away from schools and kindergarten we also heard from reports from the local authorities that they're evacuating the local administration building and interior forces along with police are being called to the town of michael the latest news we've heard from the. agency is that the if you're a for the like you are on high alert for the situation is unraveling we of course
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they're waiting to see what will happen in our whether the terrorists will keep their promise and five more bomb one can only imagine the sense of panic that's sweeping that town in eastern ukraine ok for now and many thanks for that update our correspondent alex so who we just heard from will of course to keeping us abreast any developments in the story in ukraine cities stay with us for all the latest developments on that. ok the russian political opposition has many internal squabbles but one thing that they all have in common is they frequently visit the u.s. embassy here in moscow fresh files from wiki leaks published by the newspaper comes the most part of the reveal they often request financial and political aid but washington's officials got tired of their constant pleas as artie's intel an overvote reports. well the article talks about the inability of the russian
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opposition leaders still lobby their interests on the domestic level and having to reach out to the third parties to achieve their goals in this case the third party being the united states of america now they believe that harsh criticism from the u.s. would ensure a healthy human rights ad most fear in the country but the response from one of the top ranking u.s. security officials who spoke to the opposition leaders was that it shows the incompetence of the current opposition in the country and that they have to learn to negotiate with their thirty's on their own in achieving their goals and that even though during the bush administration the u.s. has shown support to the countries opposition the situation has changed nowadays it is up to russian activists to build up their relations with their administration with very true learning on america so much has changed in the relations between russia and the united states since the bush administration of especially after the
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so-called reset it's over the relations between russia and the united states but at how do the presidential election in two thousand and twelve russia's opposition wants the united states to side with that in order to lobby their interests but the response from the u.s. ambassador to russia to that's was that it shows the fact that russia's opposition do not have the same understanding of democracy as americans do. when as the chinese that lead the u.s. the global powers can define their relations in terms of being partners or rolling balls or with china on the wrong as american officials are getting nervous about losing their grip over global affairs but thumbs they the most the u.s. can learn from china robin washington simply focusing on new using its role as a global top dog. report. i went into burger king with my son and i thought of this and it's a i think it's
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a z h e uses. z h u z h u and recognize the that is chinese for seven americans the word china elicits fear recognizing china's rise means recognizing america's decline and now we are getting not our toys and our things in our little happy meals which should be banned there so dangerous. not just our toys in the bag made in china. but the image and everything else culture coming from china. or others china elicits feelings of inferiority according to the pew research center forty seven percent of americans think china is the world's leading economic power only thirty one percent think america. that's certainly the opinion among students at millinocket school in maine which will welcome paying chinese students to close its budget gap next year i think the chinese are going to be total shock i think about high tech in
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a way more advanced than us like ten times more money in like in a better society and then you look at eisenhower away poor and nothing as hu jintao towards the u.s. capitol american officials are eager to quell fears about what a rising china could mean for the world's only superpower still some analysts say that the united states should be focusing on what it can learn from china rather than merely containing it china knows how to develop they're doing it we are expanding boring and consuming rather than saving in the best thing for the future a sentiment echoed by many we spoke to a lot to learn terms of productivity organizational resources and also having a culture that values hard work or you know i think they're trying to develop their economy and share some of the wealth with the folks economically politically militarily china is on the rise. and while the u.s. put education on the chopping block this year china invested four percent of its g.d.p. in primary and secondary schools in poor rural area chinese universities are mushroom
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in all across the country and increasingly attracting prestigious foreign professors and even american students like philadelphia native zachary franklin seemed. just a better decision to be in a country learning about economics where so much is happening economically getting a master's in shanghai doesn't mean crippling student loans chinese students themselves you know not paying absorbent amounts of money for an education in this country. china is also speeding ahead on high speed rail lines in massive infrastructure chinese officials say they will complete the first eco city by two thousand and twenty which will be home to three hundred fifty thousand as u.s. lawmakers squabble for years over who will foot the bill for every high speed rail link bridge or metro expansion rather just adds sure am so we've got the whole interstate highway system we've got gigantic infrastructure projects in u.s.
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history a city more unified as a people are moving in a positive direction that i wish we could say this president obama has plenty to put on the table as he hosts his chinese counterpart at the first us china state dinner but will the white house be equally eager to learn from its gas and ford r t washington d.c. . long list gallon model so believes the u.s. and sign the codependent but have chosen to compete for global leadership the rise of china is not against the prevailing edgemont in the world america but the rise of china is we in the hedge market system itself and what i mean by that is that globalization which is a western driven driven project. has facilitated the rise of china so china rises so much as the west allows it to rise but now that china is stronger and feels more secure they're starting to you can issue gets on their own they're starting to try to create a consumption class within china itself become more self-sustaining. so american
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china has a very codependent relationship in which china finances america's debt allowing america to be militaristic around the world control the resources america consumes chinese products which are developed cheaply benefiting both china and america so they're incredibly that and in terms of finance and banking they're heavily heavily integrated but there's also it's gets a frantic relationship in a sense because there are also each other's greatest competitors and this is mostly seen in the competition for global resources and this has been outlined in strategy in america since the early ninety's where the aim is to prevent the rise of the power by controlling world resources and while sign on the west divide for the wilds results is wall street isn't fitting idle. state the hub is explain how those behind the u.s.
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financial crash of two thousand and eight to act it again and this time with government help with kaiser report is coming your way in just a the two hour time. this psychological profile of jamie dimon lloyd blankfein goldman morgan this guy daily is that of the arsonist the arsonist likes to burn things down they're pyromaniacs here on wall street you've got debt maniacs they like to destroy things with debt and they like the price of debt to be as cheap as a pack of matches if the price of debt is a chip is a pack of matches as it is now they can continue to burn things down to destroy the economy like they're doing at this very moment and what is the obama administration doing they are giving the pyromaniacs and the arsonist more starting fluid more lighter fluid more matches whatever they need to destroy the economy so you have to ask a question is obama in the pocket of the financial terrorists yes this is growing.
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now it's one of the biggest of its kind but still a spying base in an israeli death and went on the latest for decades that's until an investigative journalist sponsored it on a satellite image clear half a story. many israelis have probably driven past year and not cost a second glance a few satellite dishes outside a little known town in the native desert but there is no ordinary military base this is just all just equal. and hagar should know he's been studying signal intelligence or electronic spying for the last twenty five years a tip off gave him access to people on that in science you know want to talk to or it could be so little that it simply. it had never been seen but now it's showing
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up all over satellite images with thirty different listening antennas directed high over the equator each targeting a different dish in the sky cape. everything that passing over the satellite system simply doesn't discriminate and ever be listens travelgate and that's a lot of listening from this hub every telephone call every email can be intercepted and according to duncan campbell somewhere where along the coast north or tell a very large groups of people. typically you have launch window what looked like industrial warehouses but with massive security you are seeing many such places across the united states and several hundred people who check in in the morning start filing through checking emails looking at now listening to telephone calls but inside israel no one's talking haven't heard about the boat i don't know what's the word based refers to exactly what is the reason behind the focus if
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there is a focus of this particular one it's just a platform you have to understand when you comes to intelligence you need a platform you know that to carry whatever needs you need in order to intercept but why wasn't this platform itself intercepted it was pretty well hidden until recently when hagar went to public on ash but first surprise was the scale that there could that there was this huge spine facility which will be profoundly enforcing the politics of the middle east and beyond but then the second surprise was that it's clearly been there as long as the some of the places that you're point the birth of germany and russia any of those states and other countries and just maybe that's the point those who need to know know exactly where it is what it is policy r t tel aviv. well you can always find out more about story on our website dot com
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as well as all the news i'm blogs good we have been so much more here's more from the minute. i think it's the first created smoke and then a fire now those charges that are put forward in the card against stick to boot don't relate to those accusations that the american press was talking about one in ten years find out what expects from the full coming to trial the part that he has been extradited to the u.s. for alleged deals she believes this case is simply propaganda very exclusive interview so you are seeing is all web site at www dot com. he joined a long line of the call for the eggs since drugs seized so how to attain inner peace and shake up the stress of the big city.
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the e.u. parliament is about to impose sanctions against the belorussian leadership in response to a rigged presidential election. they'll decide not only visa restrictions for officials but also economic sanctions including a free use on the international monetary fund to help become a just ahead of the inauguration of the country's president and the aim to supporting the opposition which officials say were the moral winners all of the vote the elections cave made a brutal fountains of protesters who took to the streets to protest violations kill calls. from the most gay state university of international relations for the show has finally and good both the east down the west. this is the first time. to install. equally. that he she.
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it jammed. full of coal. actually come to be. consolidated a fleet european union. to buckle for the division between russia and. now let me update you on the international headlines at this hour south korea has except for the north to hold high level military talks and offered by pyongyang earlier this month to hold discussions was rejected by seoul which criticized as cynthia tensions a bit higher korean peninsula since last november's deadly artillery exchange between the two countries also thursday still welcomes an agreement between the u.s. and chinese leaders on the need to maintain peace and stability on the peninsula.
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the prime minister of ireland has announced that he intends to dissolve the parliament and call an early general election the march it comes after four ministers resigned from the cabinet overnight bringing the total to five in just two days and leaving the government broad occur in government is seen as support for the falls and bring to an international aid package for the debt ridden country last year. to visit in the interim leaders are abandoning the full ruling party with several ministers quitting out ride the years the government intended to guide the country to further elections has been under intense criticism for retaining many of the deposed president's supporters despite the resignations protesters throughout to india are demanding the ruling coalition to do more to distance itself from the regime that was overthrown last week. while former british prime minister tony. blair is due to testify before the iraq war inquiry on friday
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but he won't reveal the details with corresponding with george w. bush in the build up to the invasion in two thousand and three the british government rejected requests from being wire you for the letters to be published because they said it was closure when damaged britain's relations with the us blair himself was reported to consider the correspondents personally their own war inquiry is investigating why the u.k. support of the un beth in the invasion british politician jeremy corbyn was with the labor party when it was in power under blair it's just over an hour in in just over an hour rather he tells us either the investigation would have more credibility if it went before an international court. if the european politicians former head of government in the case of tony blair was actually brought before the. international court in the hague and investigated the
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rest of the world would have far more respect for the international process was the moment the most prominent people who've come before that have been. the attempts to rescue. the current trial that's going on charles taylor from liberia and the past process on milosevic the situation in yugoslavia but the perpetrators of this war. the iraq war are in the united states and in in europe and i think it would do an awful lot for the standing of this because there is a bit of a feeding around ok you go off to big guys in small countries you won't go after big guys in big countries. now living in one of the coldest countries in the world russians know a thing or two about keeping warm tested and proven by generations there's nothing
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quite like a gold pail vying to keep the want to chill away and is there a firth discovered that they are making something of a come back and this time it's in the wall the fashion. in the fast paced world of fashion is in the know you like to always be one step ahead of the crowd and now you're at fashion forward looking to russia's past for their style inspiration these are the vote lengthy a centuries old style of russian made from lands will now well easy enough to come by in russia fashion found in europe have found it much harder to get their hands on this the meek but if you're feeling the chill the last few winters they certainly have been in demand why in a van and you keep screwing in popularity as well as being warm and stylish they're also environmentally friendly but whilst all this business case from strength to strength in russia she doesn't have the capabilities to meet the high demands
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flooding in from foreign countries that she gets still materials see the huge gap in the market well for some of their career the following. thing you can sell off one hundred to. four hundred thousand roubles small profit. since the. wholesaler can buy them for i don't know ten euro or one of rubles there are some beautiful margins on. but with no big x. school to blink you remain ran outside russia for one stylish cheer however have taken advantage of the of christianity and had huge success taking their feeling he business to the world's fashion hog if italy. there really popular culture there were a while ago no one even knew what the word value meant but they too acknowledge that when it comes to there are still many barriers to trade the floor of that is that i thought that after the good i knew russian factories that's great in the way
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that they did fifty or sixty years ago even little things like there are no english speakers at these factories that the first live really ordered arrived three minutes late european standards just wouldn't tolerate pace or were in the past billing here doing the feats of peasants and the like these days you're more likely to find them gracing the pages of fashion magazines counts president medvedev is wife amongst her customers but now is it to keep up with the times business will have to keep. russia should come up with a concept for choosing the best produces and upgrading equipment develop the strengths in our industry and eliminate the weaknesses. fashion truly does cross borders now russia needs to put its best foot forward and ensure that it doesn't let this lucrative national product slip out of its hands sarafan r.t. scary. well that is the way the news this hour here on r.t. more of course on our website r.t.
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dot com well it has been found. hello welcome to our business program russia and belarus are looking to resolve a rout of oil prices which led to moscow halting supply to its neighbor on the first of january rushing off incest bello's must pay more due to rising global prices and an internet traffic transit track tariff increase by means prime minister vladimir putin has met with his balancing counterpart me. to try and ironed out the conflict our correspondent peter oliver joins us live meeting. hello there peter so it seems once again all prices are in dispute between two neighboring countries has there been any headway in resolving this conflict. well it's taking quite a while but it seems that they finally hammad out some sort of deal between russia and belarus over the recent oil dispute prime minister vladimir putin's been in
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talks with this better russian counterpart the few hours this afternoon we were expecting to hear from him a while ago but we've just heard that they've come to an agreement they would see russia subsidizes full point one billion dollars worth of oil still below right now they had the oil companies in russia had previously been saying that they wanted forty five dollars per ton of oil more than bellary so currently paying put that into some sort of other terms a ton of oil is exactly about seven barrels of the black still for now della reese was expecting to receive one point five million barrels of oil over that january alone they haven't received any so far this deal could see that they will start receiving more of the oil that they hyde's rigidly signed out to get this four point one billion subsidy pile being put on the table by prime minister vladimir putin well oil not the only thing that's being discussed also russia has said that
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they will credit give a loan as it would have six billion dollars to belo reese the development of nuclear energy technologies so i think if you will the the better russian prime minister now heading back to minsk you've got to feel you've done a pretty good job of as you head back with just over ten billion dollars worth of business in your pockets good president made the prime minister a very bloody putin has said that these this subsidy of four point one billion dollars will go ahead from russia and that should be able to see the production of oil flowing again from russia into bellary. you know all of our from moscow thank you very much. well let's look at the markets now we start with europe where south markets are losing ground mining stocks banks and pharmaceuticals are among the heavyweight follows britain's footsie is shedding over eight percent and a quarter and germany's dax is down over a half percent lower carmakers man and volkswagen are all those around four percent
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this hour. and russian stock markets are lower following the downswing in the international commodity an equity markets energy majors mainly gas palm oil are losing the most on the back of lower oil prices. and although both of them have the potential to show better dynamics gas problem local are down over one and a half percent but the biggest loser is come oz down over eight percent. and that's all business news for this hour but you can always find more stories on our web site that's r t dot com slash business thanks for watching.
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