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tv   [untitled]    January 20, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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a russian born woman voted norwegian of the year faces deportation from the scandinavian country after she publishes a critical book about the country's immigration system having lived there openly but illegally for years by contrast some on a un terrill a start be given asylum in the world. newly released wiki leaks files so show russian opposition groups regularly seek u.s. help but often get turned away secret diplomatic cables suggest the u.s. embassy staff in moscow have grown tired of frequent visits looking for cash and political way. and that a meeting in washington chinese president hu jintao tells american business leaders
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that his country is ready to help them out of the deepest financial crisis in decades despite continuing differences with the u.s. beijing's growing global influence is encouraging some in the u.s. to look east to make for months. up next as president obama marks the end of his second year at the top the alona show takes a look at his achievements in u.s. domestic and foreign policy and she looks at america's relationship with china all that and more coming your way next. well can they learn a show where they get the real headlines with none of the mercy or can you live out of washington d.c. now it is president obama's second anniversary as the president so we're going to have a panel discussion on everything that's happened while he's been the commander in chief will cover the spectrum on everything from domestic issues to u.s.
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foreign policy and while obama is hosting china's president hu jintao many were questioning the far east country should we categorize them as a threat or as a country to emulate we're going to talk china with lawyer michael barnes next we'll ask is ten percent unemployment the new norm some say that we should get used to this number because this percentage is here to stay but how does america deal with a tenth of its population without work matthew mitchell will give us his thoughts on the statistic and also did you know the police are now able to a lot of police search your phone if you're arrested without a search warrant pretty scary right well i thought so so we had ryan ready a do it join us to find out if there are ways to protect your private information from the cops that's at the end of the show now let's move on to our top story. it's officially been two years since barack obama was sworn in as president the united states he was surrounded by americans who are filled with hope looking for change following positive messages as
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a means to turn this country around but is that hope still alive artie's kalen for takes a look at how washington thinks about the president two years later. two years ago today washington welcome to barack obama to the white house was. it two years later the streets of washington tell a different story was like a man knowing frustration at broken promises like closing guantanamo bay we are here to force him to confront him to say president obama you said this at one point in time you knew that it was important to the american people and you need to recommit to do it in despair from the middle class over the struggling economy and lack of jobs in one of your middle class americans and quite frankly i'm exhausted . defending you defending your administration defending the mantle of change that i voted for and deeply disappointed where we are right now this illusion meant from
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us with obama's failure to change the system just the fact that i am going to college down the street from the white house and can't pay for it so i have to move home that's a big thing. and two blocks from the white house obama ties hats mugs and t. shirts aren't moving quite as fast as they used to back when there was obama mania expecting something magic and i think that people didn't get the magic so they're kind of like dude i voted for you going on with my magic the magic was certainly here at ben's chili bowl on inauguration day two years ago. the line wrapped around the block in historically black you street neighborhood. remembers the segregated. washington where blacks couldn't eat in restaurants downtown to go from that to an african-american president was very special for us for all of america for you st and the fact that he came here to ben's chili bowl ten days before his inauguration
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you know just says it all just incredible president obama hunkered down at ben's counter for one of its famous chili half smoke served up by jade hardy he came in here and i'm like the best day of my life and i went all the way home to north carolina but today she's frustrated i thought that we were going to get more jobs like that but it was then and you know the economy was there to get better some of ben said they're not surprised obama mania has et he didn't get the message out people expect everything and sometimes you got to really work to educate the public what you're doing on health care and tax reform. but for all the ongoing disappointments and frustrations the ongoing war in afghanistan a sluggish job growth and still reforms president obama still remains on the short list of people who are free here at beds feeling for the artsy washington d.c. . well two years in i think that it's pretty safe to say it's been a bit of
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a roller coaster emotions running high then low then high and low get and just in time for his two year anniversary obama's approval rating did jump up another eight points to fifty three percent under his watch the hundred eleventh congress had one of the most successful legislative records in terms of getting things passed but then in the recent gallup poll seventy percent of americans say that obama hasn't brought about enough change and his party took quite the shellacking last november the point is that being the president is a tough job but the people chose obama to do it so that they choose wisely joining me to discuss it is lawrence wilkerson former chief of staff to colin powell jake brewer open government strategist and advocate and anthony rand director of economic research for the reason foundation gentlemen thank you all for being here and you know what we're going to do today is we're going to kind of segment our discussion about obama and his performance so we're going to start off with the
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economy because this is the number one thing on many americans' minds they want the economy to get back on track but they want to get their jobs back so first i'd like all of you to write down the grade that you believe obama deserves when it comes to how he's handled the economy and you can all just flip him up and show the cameras . are. playing this film from i'd rather. very wily of you guys as an easy it were just a way off the richter scale and a d. who wants to star anthony that's really really low that's bad fail true well i mean what what did we want from the economy when the present time is right in there in trivia who want to jobs back on economic growth want to the president coming in obama coming in talking about mismanagement of the bush administration so what do we have. unemployment up. four trillion dollars added to the deficit we've got
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economic growth going nowhere it's the jobless recovery. you can point to the fact that maybe you know we don't have fifteen percent unemployment you could call that a success perhaps but that's sort of a kind of factual the fact is where you're going to think hundred percent unemployment you know you if you want to if you want to take all your measure absolutely. where the economy stands right now i think is obama's fault sure things coming in he inherited a lot of bush's mistakes but the stimulus didn't help. the things that they did about housing hamp and the first time homebuyers credit cash for clunkers everything they tried to do and particularly when the federal reserve that they tried to do to help the economy has made it worse given that. jake i'm assuming that you know they want us all to think you're getting this right. i'm going to give them an a for effort because i think it's i don't think it's and i think it's a little too early to get to a great employee and i'll give you a reason in as you're taught as
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a campaign strategist that all politics is local. and i'll tell you personally that i'm paying lower taxes right now as somebody who started a business in the last year it's been great to do that in this market buying a house in the last year has been possible for me as a first time home buyer something that we can do. with lower rates and those those incentives have actually made those types of things easier but also point to my home town i come from a small town in tennessee which is very directly and hardly hit by the economic collapse a lot of manufacturing base in fact the saturn and general motors plants were closed down there and my father was one of those people affected by that and so here's somebody who would have lost their entire pension you know in the wake of closing motors actually going bankrupt so the way that the government actually handled that and pushed through the automotive industry of those types of things actually saved certain areas like that now my father runs a job training center in middle tennessee where people are being put back to work and you know today i was actually one of the overlooked stories has been that the automotive. sector is one of the places actually growing in jobs for the first time
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in five years we're actually starting to see some of those growth those companies are coming back and i think you know a year and a half is too short a time to judge anyone on how fast they can turn around the economy gloria i mean you gave your judgment you gave him a d. why is that well i gave him a d. bison f. because it's kind of academic in the sense that it's a midterm exam and i want to encourage him to let you know how badly i think he's doing i'm inclined to think it's going to be an f. at the end i hope change my mind and i let me refer to some of the comments of already made there are two issues that i think dominate this one they're both very important but ones more conceptual and ones more in your good the in your good is jobs if you can give the american people at least the hope if not the reality of having a job and being secure in that job and i think real employment country right now is
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about twenty percent in some places it's as high as twenty five percent then you're you're lost i mean and he has not made significant progress and that the other issue the conceptual issue is the whole way we got here the wall street issue the bank issue the central bank issue the investment bankers issue he's done a little bit of work on that but it's mostly cosmetic i think we're looking at returning to the status quo in other words we're going back to the world that created this problem in the first place and in the process we have transferred the most huge amount of wealth in our history maybe in human history from middle class taxpayers to bankers and that is being perceived across the country and it's very damaging i want to i want to move on to our next topic which we have to material quicker and we're calling this war is and that's a very bribes dave in the meantime you know. you know it's clear that often give your new grave what this means in terms of you know the things the bronco bamma
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promised residue from our wars things like want things like obama's war perhaps on civil liberties here in america things like the war on blowers and so when it comes to civil liberties these issues what grade do you think that obama deserves. i wish i had a little tick tock tick tock tick tock. d.v.d. now do you think you seem to be the only optimistic one here i don't know i mean are you still living with that mobius behind all everything is wonderful you know look i i certainly don't have the kind of experience that larry did i did attend the united states naval academy in the one thing you do learn on day one of military strategy is that no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy right and that is that is absolutely rule number one and i think obama came in knowing that trying to get out of a war in eighteen months would be near impossible logistical elements of that are just extraordinary almost insurmountable getting out of you know a multi-trillion dollar war and so you know i think the effort to get out of there
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has been positive we haven't been on the cyber front in particular the fact that we are talking about having been attacked and having had any catastrophic events over the last several years is actually a very positive one so i give them a lot of credit for their work on cyber security and i think the war in afghanistan i mean if anybody ever could pull it off i think the effort to put betray us in and to take the best that we haven't put all of our best chips in the pile you know if it's a gamble but i think they made the right decisions as best they could along the way and been very pragmatic about it but what about when it comes to i mean you were just on the program the other week right and we were talking about nine years since one time a bail in the first thing that obama promised to do on his first day in office less to close and somehow it's all been lost now we have people detained indefinitely now the cia is getting to cover up you know torture tapes and evidence transcripts of torture what's going on other words no longer trapped by the people who briefed . got trapped by the national security elite phrase it. i think the problem with
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a gun timer though unlike what vice president cheney said on tuesday that the worst thing ever now he wants to be that's friends that have a bomb are going to this absolutely damaging there. is is that what he was confronted with was the absolute lack of a chain of evidence the lack of any credentials as it were whatsoever for trying these people so you're caught you need to release them and some of these probably are hardcore terrorist on like many of the others who've been at one time or you keep them there forever and they've made the decision i think to treat this as if it were a real war in the sense of a traditional war and therefore you keep them you keep your prisoners of war as it were in jail forever or until the end of the conflict and that's really bothersome to me there are other aspects of the civil liberties issue that i sit on the constitution project and we recently looked at laptops and p.t.a.'s and other things being seized at the border and taken away this is
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a new dimension of intrusion into our civil liberties because you can carry your life virtually proprietary information you can carry client confidential information on your p.t.a. on your laptop and server you never been able to do that before and cross the border with they still don't have a good policy for how to deal with that and how to protect civil liberties while doing it and anthony you know in terms of your farther research civil liberties very quickly sorry because they're running out of time well i'll just say i think i graded obama on what the assignment was and he gave himself the assignment is going to shut down a lot of what he's going to end the wars and what the president said he was going to do coming into office has not been what he has done and so based on the assignment that he basically gave himself i don't think he's sort of been up to par he's encountered all these realities that i think if you look at politically you know what you're saying i think is really really fair that it's difficult to extricate yourself from these wars but based on what he said he was going to do he's not done at all right now let's move on. very lastly to overall broad foreign policy this is something that obama has been criticized
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a lot you know especially when it comes from the right wing because he's apparently trying to appease the world but he got the start treaty passed he got sanctions on iran passed the chinese president is right now here in town and everybody seems confused on how to deal with that what do you say about his foreign policy next to it. these all around so this seems to be the only area where obama is really doing all right in chief what's happening now the other side of his own country home part of part of i think the reason i give him a b. i travel outside the us of a couple months and you he gets a b. just by not being george bush and a lot of a lot of respects. now all of a sudden people you know don't want to hate me just for being in america depends where you go but what the attitude that obama has taken towards the rest of the world in many cases just speaking generally i think has been very good now i would say some of the things he's done in foreign policy haven't been great the fact that
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he has been trying to push other countries to stimulate the economy stimulate their economies while europe are saying no we need fiscal austerity i think that's troublesome and his there's been a lot of pushback on that but just in terms of and even the president's speech in cairo the start of his administration was great but there has been a lot of follow up on it there's a lot of room to grow there's a lot of things that i think that could be doing better but broadly speaking the image that president obama has given of america the rest of world i think has been much better and that's our general good to have you have thirty seconds each so please go ahead first now i would i would agree almost entirely but also remember that he won the nobel peace prize i was one of the first to raise my eyebrow at that decision from the nobel committee as well but i mean i think that was a recognition that simply by being here he did change the relationship the united states with the rest of the world and that is that is an extraordinary thing we should give him credit for. the most important account which opinion largely through secretary gates. and i agree. it's been relatively successful in the image
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of the united states the prestige of the united states has been significant restored by birth obama that's important also it seems easier to just be here for obama and rest of the world being where favorably of him better does for his own citizens but got some f. god some d's got at least a billion foreign policy but no a's yet two years in gentlemen thank you all for being here and there thank you all still to come on tonight's show and tell when we return and the president of china is still here in d.c. meeting with lawmakers after like last night's state dinner but how does the political world and the media see the u.s. relationship with china we'll get some insight from michael barnes attorney and policy advisor for the call saying just. wealthy british style it's time to cut back on. the. markets why not.
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find out what's really happening to the global economy because a report on. repairing a broken. highway construction and humanitarian aid. but it's a shady official look at the spoils of war it's the people who pay the price. profiteering here is no longer just down to drug trafficking. afghanistan. all right so it's time for show and tell now last time we want to know what you thought of the currency or that's brewing between the u.s. and china we ask if you think that the one might ever replace the dollar as the
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international reserve currency and here is what you had to say brendan hughes said i guess nobody remembers japan will rule the world back in the eighty's and ray mctavish is so sure that the yuan all went out he's willing to bet his pay on it he said a month's pay says that everyone will be speaking chinese within one hundred to one hundred fifty years still quite a long time now keep the weight on facebook by saying that my kids six and eight have asked for lessons in cantonese don't think it will take over all languages but in the global currency there are way more countries who would benefit from trade of the yuan versus the self inflated dollar on twitter michael stamp replied with the yuan still has hurdles in becoming international currency but the dollar will likely be displaced in the future and as always we appreciate your responses and here's our next question for you which chinese president hu jintao in town the press everybody in general is buzzing about the u.s. versus china so we want to know what you think is china a country that should be feared or and related you can respond on facebook twitter
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and you tube and who knows your response just might make it on air now continuing our discussion on china well we'll have to wait to find out what you our viewers think arties and if they see a chicken it took to the streets of new york to find out how americans feel about china and what they really know about the country. so this is the same china that makes comments that threaten our currency the chinese are acting very aggressively and once again this chinese thing is just stunning has china's rise been good or bad for america these are the messages americans hear about china times square is the heart of new york advertising companies from all over the world and no countries are fighting to get slots to show their billboards here china's ad is going to be broadcast as many as three hundred times a day until mid february but is anyone really noticing the ad and would do americans know about china let's find out do you think americans know enough about
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the country probably not what's the capital of kid china beijing how do you spell beijing. personally don't know very much about it do you think china is a threat to the united states of course can you tell me one interesting fact about china that you know an interesting fact. to have an appalling or human rights. policy in china you know that you know how do you spell beijing b. b i g q tell me one interesting fact about china that you know. if. you. i am horrible i guess i can do it here's a picture of the chinese president hu jintao is on an official visit to the united states for an entire week he of course is covering this event which means americans were bound to see him on t.v. at least once let's see if we can tell this is if i show you this picture can you
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tell me who it is. to be honest i don't know if you know the name of the chinese president. showing to say what. you know the capital of china know nothing about china can you name the chinese president. yes and no i will be forgotten. the media's negative message about china is obviously reaching the viewers one in five americans think china is the biggest threat to the us and as it turns out this appears stems from a simple lack of knowledge is that your cannot read to new york. or perhaps the a lack of knowledge amongst average americans when it comes to china stems from the lack of consensus from within our media our political class on how to really categorize the country economically militarily there are power on the rise but is that a good thing or a bad thing for america while some shine
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a spotlight on china and its successes its clean energy sector while usa today editorialized that china's smart moves only highlight the foolishness of our own actions you also have members of congress calling hu jintao everything from a dictator to a baby killer and a big red threat so does china have everyone stopped joining to discuss it as michael barnes attorney and policy advisor for d.c. be a long policy michael thanks so much for being here and happy to be here have you seen this before i mean there really is no consensus i mean normally i feel like when a foreign leader comes to town there is you know a certain line of thinking but even here the media is confused the politicians are confused just trying to have a pretty confused yes i think so and the reason is that china in and of itself is a very unique country with unique circumstances there is the economic prowess that it's demonstrating but it's also got a very authoritarian regime a significant amount of poverty human rights record that is less than optimal for sure and it doesn't respect intellectual property so combine that with the fact
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that we're very introspective now and to try to rethink what we need to do in order to improve ourselves and so we're feeling threatened by our own weakness and that causes us to compare ourselves to china or china definitely is you know quite a paradox it has so many contradictions like you know like you said when there are seven hundred million people that are living in poverty in this country at the same time. economically we see them as a rising power in the you know i look at shanghai look at what they're doing you know with their technology green energy sector people are saying that maybe we should emulate them in certain respects but is that just natural for a rising power to have so many contradictions within its own little bubble i mean look at america like this we have our own contradictions for sure but there i think that china has really put a heavy focus on its economy and less so on the other areas of importance to us we're fortunate in that we as a nation can focus on more than just one thing at once and where we have the resources in the capabilities of ensuring that we have the rule of law ensuring that we have civil rights and human rights that we have private property rights as
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well china might be working on these things for example in two thousand and four i believe it implemented a new constitution that had property rights and civil liberties in it but it hasn't implemented yet because it has been focused on its economy most about focus is actually very urban because as you mentioned in the years some three hundred million to seven hundred million people live on under a dollar twenty five per day per year rather per year that's even more drastic yeah so you and i right in fact after a year what do you think that anyone really understands even you know barack obama even our own president do they really understand how the chinese system functions who really who is in charge is that hu jintao does he have so much control or you know who the other players are it's really mysterious it is and we should hope that our government understands how the chinese government functions as far as i'm aware we look to a three word answer and that's the chinese communist party and that the the party really dictates what goes on in the government of china and the government
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implements the dictates of the party to the extent that there is any sort of congress or state council that might take anything that's pre-approved as a policy from the party and then would perhaps behind closed doors debate and make some minor nuance changes but nothing significant at all is looking to what the party says must be policy now we see you know china's military. building up as well and a lot of people were saying that when defense secretary robert gates was there and they had a test flight of their new stealth jet that even hu jintao the president seemed kind of a little bit shocked like he wasn't prepared for that so do you think that they have a growing military sector that's becoming kind of like our pentagon you know that has a lot of power within itself i actually think the. notion that the president wasn't aware that that was going to appear on the headline he was going to live abrogated i mean i think that is a very well controlled country and i would be very shocked if the president was not planning for that to occur just like yesterday we saw in the newspapers that there
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was a headline on the communist party's top daily of what's going to what's going to be like when china is number one. on the day that the president arrives in washington d.c. so i really think that china knows what it's doing it's on a really aggressive public relations offensive in that comes at its aim at a time when a lot of people recognize that the u.s. is feeling weak internally also do you think that china is a threat to us or china is a country that perhaps in some ways we should emulate well we know that china is the u.s. is greatest foreign creditor and to the extent that that does give it some sort of authority some sort of power over the united states economically yes we should feel threatened but anything else related to our national defense compared with their national military i don't think that we're there yet we obviously want to focus so that we can be the best that we can be this sort of talk about china enables us really to look internally and try to make our own improvements but the threat does
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not exist quite yet beyond just the fact that we have a major national debt that we need to get under control and once china is no longer giving us so much of our money that we spend on a daily basis will be much better off and china is feeling very confident right now we are talking you know just before the interview that they also are very wily they know when to play the word developing nation card you know places like copenhagen. at the climate change summit don't blame it on us at the same time they know when to really come out and say look at us were in charge so interesting developments michael thanks so much for being here next well still to come tonight a possible candidate for president in two thousand and twelve questions president obama's stance on abortion because he's black so he's going through tonight's told time when or how with the unemployment rate here in the u.s. hovering near ten percent some are asking if this is really really more more than a look into that possibility that millions of americans could be out of work for years and years to come.


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