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tv   [untitled]    January 21, 2011 11:00am-11:30am EST

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now afghanistan won't be left to struggle alone when western forces leave russia is valid to president karzai to help his country recover from. norway's immigration for luncheon woman and crown of the malvinas this is the face is being kicked out of us don't want to be around the terrorists and the. others around and this is when we get a good face is a pretrial hearing the alleged gunman has a mounting media campaign has convicted him before we can step in court. very warm welcome to you this is live from moscow i'm honest habit russia is
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promising to support afghanistan after western forces withdraw from the troubled region in three years time president made that his pledge came at talks with comments in moscow the leaders also promise to clamp down on the balls flow of drugs from which russia south is the most and it's in the way the details of the high level meeting and the first official visit of an afghan leader to moscow in two decades russia promises to lend a hand after western forces leave the war torn country. russia would like to see afghanistan as an independent and prosperous state with an effective government that's able to provide the development over afghanistan for decades to come. u.s. led coalition forces have been in the country since two thousand and one and are planning to withdraw combat forces in three years leaving afghanistan on its own russia has been watching u.s. operations very closely from afar while providing necessary transit routes for
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supplies and plan to continue support once the pullout is complete there is both the ability to russia and the the need for russian afghanistan to engage with. not only in the manner of russia helping afghanistan rebuild itself and re re develop its institutions capacity but also by the off trade biography investment by interaction between or businesses which is very strong but you countries signed a trade in business cooperation deal over the past few years russian afghan trade turnover has increased more than four fold and it's now half a billion u.s. dollars president carter's i mentioned that his country's developing economic relationship with the united states but that the relationship with russia is developing at a larger scale again we should come back to
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a history more than one hundred forty enterprises were built by the soviet union driven karzai agreed to prioritize the fight against narcotics since russia bears the brunt of afghanistan's fast drugs production industry russia hoped that international forces could crush extremism in afghanistan and russian officials hope that maybe they could be able to stop the influx of drugs comments russia but now is see if the americans and their european allies let's. say it clearly has failed in fighting extremism in afghanistan so now of course russian officials have to deal with the problem of talking directly to the leaders of the two main threats coming out of afghanistan drugs and terrorism no one feels that hit closer to home more than russia was pledging to help develop support for the war torn country without ever having a russian soldier stepped foot on afghan soil and he's now a r.t. moscow. well the afghan leader gave r.t.
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an exclusive interview during his visit to the russian capital or bring it to you in just an hour's time or of course at the vailable right now on our website dot com. moving on now russian born maria amalie has been calling norway home for almost a decade she's achieved academic success alongside. contribution to her adopted country however none of this changes the fact that she's about to be deported from norway as a failed asylum seeker cases and thousands of norwegians demanding that the current immigration policy is changed on his door and that reports. are you relieved that you can stay now for one more day maria yes this was very good one day's good one more day might be all she gets for russian born maria is due to be deported from norway where she's lived since she was sixteen she speaks fluent norwegian has
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a degree from a norwegian university and even a norwegian boyfriend the only thing i've wanted and she is well is for her to be with me and all of you it's a case that touched the hearts of ordinary norwegians enough to make them turn out repeatedly to protest for an immigrant girl who's made an effort to become one of them and it's created a grotesque comparison with another failed asylum seeker one mullah krekar former leader of a kurdish terror group cracka has been declared a threat to national security and is on the u.s. and un terrorist list although he's now volunteered to go back to iraq norway won't deport him to a country that carries the death penalty it's a terrible paradox for ordinary people to see. this fantastic everyone loves. this person that is not very popular to say the least constant nuisance to
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norwegian society is able to born muddiness in logic of cause i really parents fled north etc when she was only twelve possibly as a result of a business deal gone wrong although well connected in russia closely related to the last defense minister of the savior union. of the family sought asylum in norway and when they were refused decided to stay on illegally reportedly learnt norwegian in a matter of weeks got a masters degree and wrote a book on the plight of illegal immigrants in norway and at the tender age of twenty five was declared norwegian of the year by an old magazine she had. an extraordinary sort of integration into norwegian society which was also react. musical festivals and literature refers to. an extremely sort of a new thing despite process the government standing firm ironically norway's recently the number of deportations in response to public criticism that treatment
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of illegal immigrants was too lenient in two thousand and ten deported thirty eight percent more foreigners than the year before and the justice ministry insists the law must apply to everyone everybody comes here and apply for asylum so. should thorough examination of that asylum application. that is the case for each and every one applies for asylum. but the point is in this case and other cases if that asylum application is rejected. those who are have to return and we prefer of course that. they do this voluntarily but if they do not return or they have to be sent to the country of origin by force but lawyer insists she hasn't had a fair hearing in fact he submitted her asylum claim to the authorities and the first he heard of it being rejected was when five police turned up to arrest her
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after a speaking engagement political party the christian democrats samaria really is a prime example of why the law run illegals must be changed we have to remember that. in terms of the way. here in norway you see in the. situation. the country in this case show me the train. in the way we treat. children but any change in the law is unlikely to help maria really she has to report to a police station every day with a suitcase in case today's the day she has to leave her home the norwegian government's treatment of maddy i merely have. brought its people out onto the streets in anger and yet it would now take a humiliating state u. turn to allow her to stay in the country she grew up in and has come to call home i'm a lawyer hasn't given up but it seems for the norwegian person of the year time left
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in norway can now be counted in days not weeks nor emmet r.t. . coming up later on the program not backing down ahead of new tools around think program find out why it's around remains defiant against sanctions aimed at curbing its power play. season's greetings from the head dead wrong signal would be ukrainian flag flags by getting are being moved here from the man who was once the world's most notorious. the e.u. boycotted the inauguration of balances incumbent leader alexander who as he was sworn in for his fourth all twenty seven member states refused to send representatives to the so many response to claims that the december election was rigged the result spawned divided reaction which the opposition leaders activists and journalists time my colleagues in response the e.u.
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has proposed functions including a ban on visas under freeze on bank accounts belonging to senior government officials but some analysts believe because shankly was showing the west through determination to follow his own course. the president so all the warri who is ma these little known in belarus who. clearly are sort of views assist possible successor was a very big new uses for a lot of people in the country so it probably means that the question remains that it remains defiant he wants to say that i did everything right and whether you like me or not i'm going to be here with my son or he has been in power for sixteen years so there are many people who are always who are just so much used to here that it's very difficult for them to picture their life on the someone else. basically it's clear that there are whole swaths of population which are very
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unhappy oh you know small businesses very happy. a lot of people were pulled behind bars for mine economical francis so definitely there is a lot of discontent among the population and probably the best solution would be some kind of transition period. if he is forced to step out and there can be achieved all the if russia and the you at the last differences aside. start to pressure will question go together but i don't expect any new elections until the end of your question because me and it all one do you think because. we want to read your opinion head to our website dot com and vote on our home page . now ross a businessman and alleged arms deal of the boot is set to appear in the u.s. called for a pretrial hearing he's facing charges of conspiring to kill americans and
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supplying weapons to terrorists while bood maintains his innocence the media continues to label him the merchant of death. as it is going to report. you. are one of three. true to form hollywood and most of the us love a great villain in the film lord of war nicolas cage please have your was officials celebrate his arrest the so-called merchant of death is now a federal inmate who is this merchant of death and why is he getting all of this attention with both of us over a course of eighty is cultivated this image of an even mastermind apparently they have no other problems nowadays there is only big to boot there is now some of bin ladin no al qaeda no problems in afghanistan problems in iraq there is only a victim boot the victor boot is a russian cargo dealing businessman chased by the u.s. for a decade upon the request of america he was arrested in thailand two years ago after
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thai courts twice found him not guilty of any crimes he was still extradited to the u.s. this november to face one conspiring to kill united states nationals to conspiring to kill united states officers and employees three conspiring to use an acquire anti-aircraft missiles and for conspiring to provide material support to the far already dubbed an international arms trafficker by the u.s. victor boot is being held in a new york prison even though the two boots trial date has not even been set yet the man has spent almost two months in this jail in downtown manhattan in solitary confinement his only contact with the outside world consists of meetings with his defense team as well as once a week check ups from the russian consulate having arrived to the u.s. to support their relative the family has already received a far from warm welcome in the states his wife paula was held at the airport for
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almost three hours with them gratian off on me if i knew my husband was a terrorist while accusations are flying. case legally remains in thailand he was placed according to boots thai and russian lawyers his case to this moment remains in a thai court meaning there was no official decision of an extradition this has been reason the question of whether the u.s. broke laws in whisking him away onto its soil. has not committed any criminal activity and has not been found guilty neither in the us nor in any other country victor boot has said he is the victim of a propaganda war launched in america this is the lord of war the merchant of death right and you've got him in your hands spread he's in custody it's a great feeling whoops wife believes the case against her husband was fabricated and calls what happened to him a kidnapping the full sky i can accept the possibility that victim might have some
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information that might be of interest to someone why is it that some other states down to just think to themselves that there is someone who has some interesting information and why don't those governments just drag them with people onto their territory technical pretrial hearings for victor boot kickoff in manhattan this week but legal experts say it will be months until the start of the trial if found guilty by the u.s. federal courts bitter blood could face up to a life sentence behind bars just as it sure can or forty new york. now it's around and things that will never stop enriching uranium the strong words came from around then voice of the u.s. atomic watchdog before the latest round of talks on the country's nuclear program. says his country's atomic project is now completely self-sufficient in richmond will continue even if iran comes under military attack began treaty is already in gearing up for sets of un sanctions iran is currently taking part in close talks
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with six world powers in a. photon he told r.t. that surround shouldn't be bearing any international pressure in the first place. all the sanctions imposed on us by the un illegitimate we were obliged to allow inspections of our reactors and we did the international atomic energy agency for nothing wrong with their nuclear program and the inspections were going on but then the us britain france and germany pressured the i.a.e.a. and the security council got the report he was waiting for international inspectors never found any evidence that iran is working on nuclear weapons and this means our country has not broken the law there is no legal basis for demanding we stop enriching uranium. and of course there are always war stories few available on our website. they're available any time you like it is a taste of what's online at the minute some of britain's biggest banks paying out huge bonuses to their stuff this year despite the bailout by taxpayers bank is what
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we call causing millions of pounds of those terrorist cuts continue to hit the u.k. . almost winter activities take place on solid grounds here in roster ice diving as these extreme sports fans journey beneath the surface take the plunge and head for aussie dot com all check out a you tube dot com slash today. the chinese president. today of his trip to the u.s.
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to discuss economic and security cooperation his visit comes in the same week that the bank of china opened up trading. for the first time. continuing to. the dollar many americans are hoping to cash it when a poor. city's chinatown is a go to for many things authentic meals designer knockoffs manicures massages and now money the bank of china one of the country's main estate on lenders has on locked up particular door to u.s. citizens american customers are now allowed to come to this bank and open up an account trading their u.s. dollars for the chinese we won a currency bet some experts believe is worth making a currency exchange of up to twenty thousand dollars per year and while plenty of u.s. banks try to entice new customers with special offers the bank of china might be
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offering something irresistible today growth experts say china's currency is likely to go up as the country remains a manufacturing powerhouse the chinese have been saving and over thirty five percent of their income in the united states we've been saving and investing two percent of our income we've been borrowing in consuming they've been saving and investing the world's largest export are currently coasting with an enormous trade and budget surplus while the u.s. is hardly treading way down by a crushing fourteen trillion dollars national debt so are americans ready to give benjamin franklin the push the u.s. dollar. for me it's very bold and we're interested in investing in anything you think well how come not the u.s. dollar. bill goldman sachs already owns that and instead embrace now as a dong if you find surprising that americans are swapping dollars for you know
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american currency chinese currency you know what is in the price because that's what all of the papers are trying to you know if you take over and it's doing so well blah blah blah. it's holding china's money becomes as trendy as holding the i pods it manufactures economist max wolf says the yuan may eventually become a. force to be reckoned with if wealthy people around the world or in the us begin to hold their money in chinese currency renminbi guan and they associate it with wealth and they associate with a good investment it legitimizes and jacks up the usage in the acceptance of the chinese currency. as with any gamble banking on the you won does have its risks us private consumer takes one side of the bet the bank of china takes the other side of the bet fair the only thing is the bank of china makes a decision on how valuable do you want this. so as more americans flock to china town some may be looking to satisfy an appetite for such one pork or peking duck others possibly seeking economic security in
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a foreign currency marina porton i am r.t. new york. ok now at some of the walls of the main stories this hour and former british prime minister tony blair has been questioned in london for a second time obey his role in the run up to the war the inquiry was investigating among all the issues why the u.k. supported the u.s. led invasion blair says he discussed regime change with then president bush and image of ignoring advice to the war was illegal when he was asked to clarify also as he gave to the panel members in january last year. so korea's military has a free all twenty one a crew members held on a kong a ship by pirates off the coast of somalia navy commandos stormed the vessel killing eight pirates and capturing five others the chemical transporter was hijacked at the weekend while on its way to sri lanka from the united arab emirates
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. into new zealand thousands of people have gathered near the interior ministry demanding the dissolution of the new interim government it gave them made a national day of mourning for those who died during the month long uprising that overthrew president ben ali and he says seventy eight people were killed during the wave of violence security forces are patrolling the streets trying to restore law and order and that kail some lives here in the capital tunis. australia is considering spending cuts in a special times to help offset the massive economic impact of widespread flooding in the country experts say that the devastation in queens than to victoria will cost about three billion dollars in lost production the reconstruction of roads and homes completely washed away by the deluge is a top priority for the government at least thirty people have died since december do you think severe flooding on the east coast. now the people of hong kong
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in ukraine. getting season's greetings from an infamous and dead drug lord this week probably as good as been wishing the happy new year his face beaming our from a poster in town for several days the colombian was shot dead in one nine hundred ninety three and was at one point but was most prolific cocaine baron officials say they've no idea who's behind the bizarre billboard which apparently cost the anonymous poster over twenty five thousand dollars but before anyone could figure out why it was that police took it down. now in just a few minutes crosstalk blogs of the uprising and to ask whether it's a wake up call to tell america that democracies can be fought for without interference but the business of the first.
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hello welcome to the business news i'm sure iraqian russian banks have gotten rid of two thirds of their non core assets most of them were either willingly accumulated during the crisis the banks now hold an estimated twenty three billion dollars worth of non core assets richard haynsworth general director at russ rating says the central bank is thinking about implementing measures to speed up the sell there aren't very many people who want to offer a good price for new enterprises. there isn't the capital available so in two or three years time there will be more capital and these enterprises will be worth more to the banks therefore bunch want to hold them and so they can sell them later the russian central bank. will know you should get rid of the assets generate cash them to new borrowers who can. then groet. price growth is speeding up in russia presidential aide our college of our college forecasts inflation may
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top two percent in january earlier the economic development ministry said it may even climb to two point three percent compared to one point six percent last year the first deputy chairman of russia's central bank admitted that if prices keep growing at such a rate this year's inflation will surpass the target of six to seven percent and could reach double figures. well let's take a look at the markets in the u.s. the dow jones is up nearly a half percent in the nasdaq is up close to a quarter percent bank of america is up marginally despite reporting a two and a quarter billion dollar fourth quarter loss and google is up over one and a half percent after posted a twenty nine percent rise in fourth quarter profits to two point five four billion dollars. and european stocks trade mostly higher led by the banking sector topping the footsie is royal bank of scotland that's gaining over six and a half percent on news that might exit the government's bad asset protection plan
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and astra zeneca jumps on optimism over its blood thinning drug meanwhile trading of british airways shares has been suspended with the announcement of the airline's merger with spain's iberia. and russia's bourses closed trading up on the day the r.t.s. in my sex were both over three quarter percent lukoil and ross enough for both up close to two percent bucking the trend was gazprom shedding over three and a quarter percent. and this week the russian markets were mainly dominated by oil companies it all started on monday on news that b.p. and ross enough will together develop the russian arctic continental shelf says director of equity sales at. investment bank michael stein. the markets were exceptionally active this week triggered by monday's very substantial news in alliance between british petroleum and rosneft the news sparked
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a big rally in rosneft which was up by three or four percent at one point and the other oil companies also been a couple likewise this week we also saw substantial progress on. government will sector tax changes and in specific the market has been very optimistic that the government's going to cut the export duty on crude oil so those two developments underpin a lot of the buying that we saw in the market in lukoil gas problem to a lesser extent and rosneft. and russia's biggest truck maker com os has boosted its sales by almost a quarter in two thousand and ten it sold more than thirty two thousand vehicles including four thousand through exports on wednesday come last year as grew by more than twenty one percent a company record some analysts attribute the jump to come oz's dakar rally winning team and the company's placer set up a joint venture with diamond to manufacture truck assholes. and that's your business update for now but you can always find more stories on our web site that's
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r t dot com slash business stay with us. sure is that so much different and there's a huge music history on the market events from tunisia have inspired similar demonstrations elsewhere in the region often at the recent violent crackdown. wealthy british style. but on the rise.
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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into the report on our. close up team has been to the home stranger to the land developed by cossacks in ancient times. now wattie goes to the center of russian defense production. with christianity and shamanism existed side by side for centuries. people in remote villages a cut off from the basics we take for granted welcome to the city and.


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