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he's available in that region see. tonight afghanistan will be left to struggle along with western forces leave russia out of president karzai to help his country recover from. also in the program as russian businessman victim food places a pretrial hearing in the u.s. the ledge mounted media campaign has convicted him before he's even stepped foot in court. always immigration paradox a russian born woman crowned as a model citizen facing being. a un wanted iraqi terrorist is allowed to stay. also tonight a family slaughtered in a home in southern russia eight dived at least one infant is found alive. police despite the rival criminal gangs can't be behind we'll have the latest on that story.
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you're watching r.t. coming to live from moscow a very good evening chief you just joined us is now ten pm moscow time. our top story russia is promising to support afghanistan after western forces withdraw from the troubled region in three years president medvedev pledge came of talks with karzai and moscow the leaders also promise to clamp down on the vast flow of drugs from which russia suffers the most. as the details of this high level meeting. on the first official visit of an afghan leader to moscow in two decades russia promises to lend a hand after western forces leave the war torn country. russia would like to see afghanistan as an independent and prosperous state with an effective government
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that's able to provide the development of afghanistan for decades to come. u.s. led coalition forces have been in the country since two thousand and one and are planning to withdraw combat forces in three years leaving afghanistan on its own russia has been watching us operations very closely from a far more providing necessary transit routes for supplies and plan to continue support once the pullout is complete there is both the ability to russia and the the need for russian afghanistan to engage with. not only in the manner of helping afghanistan rebuild itself and re re develop its u two schilke capacity but also by way of trade by you if investment by interaction between or businesses which is very strong the two countries signed a trade and business cooperation deal over the past few years russian afghan trade turnover has increased more than four fold and is now half a billion u.s.
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dollars president carter as i mentioned his country's developing economic relationship with the united states but the relationship with russia is developing at a larger scale again we should come back to a history more than one hundred four to enterprises were built by the soviet union driven karzai agreed to prioritize the fight against narcotics since russia bears the brunt of afghanistan's fast drugs production industry russia hope that international forces could crush extremism in afghanistan and russian officials hope that maybe they could be able to stop the influx of drugs common for us but now is see if the americans and their european allies let's. say it clearly has failed in fighting extremism in afghanistan so now of course russian officials have to deal with the problem of talking directly to the leaders organise them with the
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two main threats coming out of afghanistan drugs and terrorism no one feels that hit closer to home more than russia was pledging to help develop support for the war torn country without ever having a russian soldier stepped foot on afghan soil and he's now a r.t. moscow. i just let you know the afghan leader gave us of our exclusive interview during his visit to the russian capital and we'll bring you that midnight moscow time it's also available any time you want to see it streaming online on our web site r t v dot com. in the next couple of hours russian business one of the alleged arms dealer victor boots will appear in a u.s. court in a pretrial hearing is facing charges of conspiring to kill americans and supplying weapons to terrorists while boot maintains his innocence the media continues to label him the merchant of death but he's in this to see a reports. you. are one of three. true to form hollywood and most of the us love
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a great villain in the film lord of war nicolas cage please have your was officials celebrate his arrest the so-called merchant of death is now a federal inmate who is this merchant of death and why is he getting all of this attention as both of us over a course of eighteen is cultivated this image of an even mastermind apparently they have no other problems nowadays there is only big to boot there is now some of bin ladin no al qaeda no problems in afghanistan no problems in iraq there is only a victim boot the. boot is a russian cargo dealing businessman chased by the u.s. for a decade upon the request of america he was arrested in thailand two years ago after thai courts twice found him not guilty of any crimes he was still extradited to the u.s. this november to face one conspiring to kill united states nationals to conspiring to kill united states officers and employees three conspiring to use an acquire
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anti-aircraft missiles and for conspiring to provide material support to the far already dubbed an international arms trafficker by the u.s. victor boot is being held in a new york prison even though the two boots trial date has not even been set yet the man has spent almost two months in this jail in downtown manhattan in solitary confinement his only contact with the outside world consists of meetings with his defense team as well as once a week check ups from the russian consulate having arrived to the u.s. to support their relative the family has already received a far from warm welcome in the states his wife paula was held at the airport for almost three hours with them gratian off me if i knew my husband was a terrorist well accusations are flying. case legally remains in thailand. according to boots thai and russian lawyers his case to this moment remains in
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a thai court meaning there was no official decision of an extradition this has been reason the question of whether the u.s. broke laws in whisking him away onto its soil. has not committed any criminal activity and has not been found guilty neither in the us nor in any other country victor boot has said he is the victim of a propaganda war launched in america this is the lord of war the merchant of death . and you've got him in your hands spread he's in custody it's a great feeling whoops wife believes the case against her husband was fabricated and calls what happened to him a kidnapping the false guy i can accept the possibility that victor might have some information that might be of interest to someone why is it that some other states down to just think to themselves that there is someone who has some interesting information and why don't those governments just drag them with people onto their territory technical pretrial hearings for victor boot kickoff in manhattan this
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week but legal experts say it will be months until the start of the trial if found guilty by the u.s. federal courts bitter blood could face up to a life sentence behind bars and. new york bring into the equation a mother's well verse of this long running story investigative journalist daniel estulin is joining us from madrid. thanks for being with r.t. well the u.s. has been cultivated this image of victim voters the devil incarnate almost for years even if there is a case to be heard how possible is a fair hearing in a country and what she as we've already seen is already being vilified. well it's absolutely ridiculous to think of it to boot is actually going to get a fair hearing in the united states because again the american government has been after big trouble since about midnight tonight is they finally got him in thailand where he spent the last two and a half years fighting the extradition of these in the united states where he's going to be put on trial after all this of almost fifteen or twenty years of actually going after who traveled to think for
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a second that picture of what is actually going to go home after proving his innocence in the your chord is absolutely ridiculous he's not going to get a fair trial he's going to get a life sentence the only question remains is just how hard the defense team is going to actually make the prosecutor's wark to actually prove because again there is very little if any proof whatsoever as i showed in my book the shadow that was half of the book deals with the case of the troubled now i know there's been well documented before but it's very worth mentioning back in tallinn boot was found not guilty twice yet he was still extradited no showed his defense team can use to their favor what seems like to be a contradiction there. well you know victor wood won the first case in the. in occur in a court of first instance back in two thousand and nine then he lost the second case in the court of appeal because the extradition cases for foreigners drug go to the supreme court on fortunately this is where it ended and unfortunately for victor the second case of the court of appeal had a lot more precedence
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a lot more power of a weight than the court of force is the soul of the picture on the first case he did lose the second that's why he was extradited it is a relevant at this point in time where the extradition was legal or illegal. it's obviously absolutely illegal because there is not one person in thailand who's actually signed a document war stays the victim who is to be extradited to the united states but at this point in time i think it's all b.s. the united states government with everything of they have done illegally over the past decade of the war in iraq in the war in afghanistan missing weapons of mass destruction obviously there are going to hand big trouble back to the thai authorities and recognize their mistakes so we just have to deal with victor bill being in new york and having to deal with him having to fight the united states government you tell you picking up on something you mentioned the wife and lawyer say there's no trace of extradition paperwork and if this is they say boot was effectively kidnapped then by the u.s. kind of trial even take place under international law can you clarify that well you
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know american government is the u.s. you know it's unfortunate the world's most powerful nation is not more powerful in the rest than the rest of the world but at this point in time i can see the united states president smirking and saying yes we kidnap him so what are you going to do about it. let's stand back a minute boot was rushed out of thailand he's held in solitary confinement is families face out of intense questioning the u.s. is avoiding answering as far as we know the russian consulate questions if the u.s. is so convinced of boots supposed guilt while the need then for this lack of openness which most of the u.s. trials are afforded well the problem in the united states' case against dr wood is there is absolutely not one shred of evidence as again as i have demonstrated in my book on big trouble there is nothing on victor board at all he was never an arms merchant he was not a merchant of death what he is is a transporter who actually remained in africa after being a translator and muslim become stayed where the soviet union basically fell apart and disappeared into oblivion and he remained there becoming
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a very well known and successful transport of merchandise now you have to understand the end game the end game is russia the end game is not victory would be if they didn't have a terrible day would have simply invented another tool because again if you create a new one world government a one world company limited to one of these powerful organizations above government level for control what you need to do is you need to control the nations who can actually stand in your way and there is only one nation who has the military power to withstand you know this onslaught and that is russia so everyone pettus reason is being made right now to destroy russia's credibility we seeing it right now would be seventy secret bases being built in afghanistan whose only reason of actually being built is to assad the sultan flank of russia in the case of war the drugs which are being pushed from the bagram air base in afghanistan into russia killing over thirty thousand russian youth which is genocide and of course viktor bout is just another example of the point of the big troubles cases will be able to get his hands on these alleged weapons unless
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a powerful nation still behind him in this particular case this powerful nation by process of elimination has to be russia and basically puts russia in the same pariah status as bit as a way as north korea as iran and. destroys russia's credit bill. to ensure rational level but again they've got a very difficult time getting back to work towards case proving anything whatsoever because the charges against the board actually are for the public prosecutor's august twenty sixth two thousand and nine appeal clearly stated board conspired to provide guided ballistic missiles to farquhar we're talking about is something that goes with a nuclear warhead so again equals bulled equals ballistic missiles it was a nuclear terrorism and the point is where would victor would get such components the answer is obviously russia the evil nation the evil empire will supply it to him and that's the predicament that victor would find themselves with right now but again there is zero evidence whatsoever of his guild and just to show you how
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little america has victor borge when he was arrested allegedly for trying to sell our short term missiles to the fark terrorists who are basically your da undercover agents since boots arrest in thailand too and have now almost three years ago in march of two thousand and eight american government has made no attempt whatsoever to actually find this. missiles now if you going after the merchant of death victor would wouldn't you want out proof of his actions of course you would except in this case american government knew from the very beginning victor would did not come to thailand to sell weapons of mass destruction or shorter missiles he came to sell these last two airplanes because he was spending less and broke and this is why you will see the thailand and obviously there's something they will do everything in their power to keep from public's attention danios be good to have in the program tonight no much has been said about this and i know you could talk a lot more about it as well but daniel estrin investigative journalist talking to
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us tonight from madrid but the big to boot story thank you thank you. russian born maria and the league has been calling norway her home for almost a decade she achieved academic success alongside plaudits for her social contribution to are adopted country indeed however none of those changes the fact that she's about to be deported from norway as a failed asylum seeker cases and thousands of norwegians demanding that the current immigration policy is changed and that reports from oslo tonight. are you relieved that you can stay no for one more day maria yes this was very good one day's good one more day might be all she gets for russian born maria is due to be deported from norway where she's lived since she was sixteen she speaks fluent norwegian has a degree from a norwegian university and even a norwegian boyfriend the only thing i've wanted and she is well is for her to be with me and all of you it's
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a case that touch the hearts of ordinary norwegians enough to make them turn out repeatedly to protest for an immigrant girl who's made an effort to become one of them and it's created a grotesque comparison with another failed asylum seeker one mullah krekar former leader of a kurdish terror group cracker has been declared a threat to national security and is on the u.s. and u.n. terrorist list although he's now volunteered to go back to iraq norway won't deport him to a country that carries the death penalty it's a terrible paradox for ordinary people to see. this fantastic everyone loves. this person that is not very popular to say the least constant nuisance to norwegian society is able to stay born muddiness in logic of cause i really as parents fled north etc when she was only twelve possibly as a result of a business deal gone wrong although well connected in russia closely related to the
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last defense minister of the savior union. of the family sought asylum in norway and when they were refused decided to stay on illegally and believe reportedly learnt norwegian in a matter of weeks got a master's degree and wrote a book on the plight of illegal immigrants in norway and at the tender age of twenty five was declared norwegian of the year by an old magazine she had. an extraordinary sort of integration into norwegian society. to. musical festivals and literature first of all sort of an extremely sort of active in the which new thing despite protests the government standing firm ironically norway's recently the number of deportations in response to public criticism that treatment of illegal immigrants was too lenient in two thousand and ten deported thirty eight percent more foreigners than the year before and the justice ministry insists the law must apply to everyone everybody who comes here and apply for asylum so. should
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thorough examination of that asylum application. that is the case for each and every one applies for asylum. but the point is in this case and other cases is that if that asylum application is rejected. those who are affected have to return we prefer of course that. they do this voluntarily but if they do not return or they have to be sent to their country of origin by force but lawyer insists she hasn't had a fair hearing in fact he submitted tara silent claim to be authorities and the first he heard of it being rejected was when five police turned up to arrest her after a speaking engagement political party the christian democrats samaria really is a prime example of why the lord illegals must be changed we have to remember that
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child will come to norway. here in norway you see in the. situation. room in this case show me the train. in the way we treat. children but any change in the law is unlikely to help maria really she has to report to a police station every day with a suitcase in case today's the day she has to leave her home the norwegian government's treatment really has. brought its people out onto the streets in anger and yet it would now take a humiliating state u. turn to allow her to stay in the country she grew up in and has come to call home i believe is lawyer hasn't given up but it seems for the norwegian person of the year time left in norway can now be counted in days not weeks you were at it r.t. . who were british prime minister tony blair's face the country's a rock war inquiry for the second time to explain his decisions leading up to the
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invasion it was to clarify his previous answers after witnesses questioned parts of his testimony and war protestors outside call for blair to stand trial of the hague investigative journalist chris ames told me that new documents surfacing about britain's involvement in the war of war important testimony i think to some extent the documents that are being published all the time now are giving us a picture we can always see documents more and more that say that in late two thousand and one after september the eleventh in early two thousand and two blair was looking for regime change was back in to looking to back the americans over regime change i think it's pretty conclusive that when we went to war it is the documents of the telling the story rather than mr blair especially as blair seemed rather less sure of his case towards the end he was questioned about the detail of you know why he thought that saddam wasn't complying and he talked about the inspectors not being able to have free interviews with the scientists in iraq one of the panel members pointed out that hans blix was saying towards the end that
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actually they were getting a lot of cooperation on that so blair changed tack and said well we didn't actually see a genuine change of heart from saddam but then he he he rather fudged that he said you know we can't be exactly sure whether it would have changed and you know there must be a case for saying he wouldn't change he seemed entirely sort of half hearted towards the end about what was essentially his main case his judgment call that saddam wouldn't change was the final justification for the war. eight people have been found murdered in the house instead of reporting russia south of family and two members of staff were killed in the violence which police believe was between rival criminal gangs r.t. sarah firth takes up the story. we know that eight people have been killed we've also heard the dirty children that have been found alive at the house where the attacks were carried out one an eight year old child a one one month old baby now the baby is currently in hospital and the eight year old is now being questioned by police as to what happened we've already heard they
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suspect that this is a revenge attack by rival criminal gangs in the area because the head of the family that was killed was known to be a local criminal chief and now you know along with the dead there were his wife his daughter his adopted son and his son in law and some of the household staff as well now they were found reportedly in the carriage and the eight year old child is apparently in the upper level of the house watching t.v. and police think that's possibly how that would avoid being killed in the in the attack is carried out the investigation is now obviously underway we can hear from the investigations committee now. the police have launched an investigation involving the murder of a police to two people and illegal arms trafficking criminal investigators are currently working the scene i'm not commenting on any details about the murders.
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three months ago and they found again in the south of russia twelve people were murdered at a party and again an attack that was thought to be carried out as a revenge killing by a criminal gauri now in that instance the investigation actually looked at the police and their actions as the locals had been said to have complained about the great terrorizing there and cry after that happens number of the police officers and prosecutors were laid off and the jokes in a currently under investigation for possible links with that criminal career and again now with this case although the two on links are certainly going to be questions asked as to whether there is any way that this attack could have been prevented. furthur correspond across that story for us tonight let's take a look at r.t. dot com now and then there tonight depending on whether you're a banker or not of course the story that you may have some very strong views about some of britain's biggest banks are paying a huge bonuses this staff issue despite the bailout by taxpayers bankers will be
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pocketing billions of pounds a stare at the cuts continue to hit the u.k. you can have a say on that story if you'd like to comment but probably stories. and most winter activities take place on solid ground what we have here well it's russian ice diving really extreme cold sports got fans dearly beneath the surface want to find out more about that so you can take the plunge to talk on. talk of the which will support coming up soon andrew will be here in twenty minutes time for some shock results among the ladies at the australian open before that let's get the nice business though from moscow sharon is here next. hello welcome to our business program i'm sure. price growth is speeding up in russia presidential aide our cottage our coverage forecast inflation may top two percent in january earlier the economic development ministry said it may even conduct two point three percent compared to one point six percent last year the
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first deputy chairman of russia's central bank admitted that if prices keep growing at such rates this year's inflation will surpass the target of six to seven percent and could reach double figures earlier i was joined by of getting a dog chief strategist at jones langley to tell us what could be the main drivers for inflation this year i would say that in the nearest term to the end of the first half of two thousand and eleven it's very likely that foodstuff inflation will be the major driver of price cruel for the overall inflation in russia that will be the same not only for russia as i have already told for maybe many countries worldwide and this will be a great week for not only monitor but for. interest of riches because. so connectivity is to be undertaken and it's definitely very likely that we may see two double digit inflation. by the end of first water two thousand and eleven it depends. how events will be developing but it's sort of like that
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within this two three months when we return to double digit inflation closer to the end of the year it's very likely to become one digit nine point five that's what i expect by the year two thousand and eleven you know what do you think needs to be done to curb this kind of runaway inflation do you think we'll ever see western levels here. ok you for the u.s. for example is go in to push inflation higher and higher with another round of quantitative easing or your inflationary approach our levels but it's very likely that the russian official will not go that low as for example current u.s. inflation it's. very unlikely we will see two three percent of the news here is if we speak about russia it's more likely that here is inflation to approach double digit levels if. these are but you just have to speak the truth it's very likely that took place in a very little can be done simply because that information mostly comes from the. front from the shop
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a chill through which is seen in certain segments and expectations have already been formed the moment when they have been curved has already been lost unfortunately. but look at the russian markets today they closed trading up on the day the r.t.s. and my sex were both up over three quarter percent. look oil and ross enough for both up close to two percent bucking the trend was gasp on setting over three four percent. and this week the russian markets were mainly dominated by all companies it all started on monday on news that b.p. and ross therefore together develop the russian arctic cause a natural shelf that's according to director of equity sales at investment bank michael style the markets were exceptionally active this week triggered by monday's very substantial news in the lines between british petroleum and rosneft going to spark a big rally in rosneft which was up three or four percent at one point among the
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other oil companies also benefit one likewise one this week we also saw substantial progress in. government will sector tax changes and in specific the market has been very optimistic that the government's going to cut the export duty on crude oil so those two developments underpin a lot of the buying we saw in the market in lukoil gas from to a lesser extent rise now. and that's all the business news for now but you can always find more stories on our website that's r t dot com slash business thanks for watching.
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close up team has been to the homes to return to the land developed by cossacks in ancient times. now wattie goes to the center of russian defense production. with christianity and shamanism existed side by side for centuries. with people in remote villages a cut off from the basics we take for granted the completely and republic russia close up on r.t. . will. bring you the latest in some.


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