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tv   [untitled]    January 24, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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welcome back you're watching are to live from moscow these are the top stories turkey slams israel's report into the raid on the gaza aid flotilla word nine turkish activists were killed and her says the findings are not credible and telling his military action was illegal israel claims its response was in accordance with international law. after a number of high profile shooting sprees in the united states there are more calls for the government to reform gun control laws this comes after a government shot a u.s. congresswoman in the head killing six people and injuring thirteen others. moscow and washington's nuclear arms treaty is getting a final debate in russia as
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a parliament appears to vote on its ratification of the deal was signed by both presidents last year and was ratified by the u.s. senate in december. and talks between world powers and iran over the country's nuclear program failed to reach agreement last week in a stamboul international concerns remain over to iran's atomic ambitions are she spoke to russia's deputy foreign minister sergei recall about his views on the ongoing negotiations and more. the latest meeting of the six nations which include russia the united states germany france great britain and china with iran over its nuclear program has failed to move the dispute out of deadlock neither were the sides able to set the next date for negotiations for more on this i'm now joined by the deputy foreign minister of russia and the head of russia's delegation in the group of six sygate of course thank you very much for joining me thank you all sides said very ready
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for cooperation and mutual discussion nevertheless the general feeling is that the talks have failed what went wrong i would say i am encouraged by the outcome but to put it that i am squarely disappointed would be in the words statement of course we are in a difficult situation but this is this is diplomacy this is a difficult set of issues and we have mostly prepared as russia has three plus three group will together to continue to search for eventual solution of this issue iran says productive dialogue is only possible when there are common interests and ideas and uses the six nations of not sharing these interests has to iran specified exactly what it wants you know wanted to continue negotiations when dr jolie had of the reunion delegation arrived. at geneva talks last year
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one of the strong points and his position position was that these discussions should lead us to a common ground the search for common ground is something that they stake in place now and it is exactly in the spirit that. used to move around was conducted by all parties. you ask me whether this common ground is in place my answer to you is a straightforward one. not yet it's not yet there but we have pro ching a better understanding of the whole situation and i do really believe that after this round the iranian party room also have something to bear just upon to consider and draw some conclusions what would the six nations like to see iran do to get the situation out of deadlock we laid out a number of specific concrete proposals and they dia's for consideration on the part of the iranians that comprise two clusters of issues number one
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is all that relates to the so-called nuclear fuel exchange scheme for the children research that reactor second cluster of our ideas relates to the issues of transparency transparency is essential for confidence building as real can imagine given the character of the situation and the level of general trust between iran and three plus three is extremely low so we need to start somewhere and just to show some transparency on the issues which are not resolved in so far i think would be a good move on the part of the uranium friends with her iran has refused to hold bilateral talks with the united states how does this affect the negotiations the issue of bilateral meetings on the margins of whatever international conference on
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whatever round of multilateral negotiations is not as important as many perceive parts of the international atomic energy agency's offer to enrich iran's uranium abroad is that it may be sent to russia is this offer still on the table we all know that it has been all along our proposal to. dispatch low in retreat uranium from iran. to russia for different purposes now last year the iranians agreed while talking to the turks and brazilians on something different they opted for turkey as eventual said country for transfer of these early you. relieve what is important here is to. forge the framework and agree
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upon practical technical and legal implications of the scheme and. what's the country of destination in this respect i think it's a secondary question tegra is accusing the six nations of scrutinizing its nuclear program whilst according to the iranian representative there are around two hundred nuclear facilities in europe alone which nobody pays much attention to just to explain to our viewers why is there so much attention from the i.e.e.e. on iraq no one tries to deprive the inherent rights over iran for peaceful. nuclear energy it is very consistent with the n.p.t. requirements. what is needed to bear in mind and what is inseparably linked to this proposition is the obvious fact that there are
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still unresolved questions and the number of concerns. that relate to the current iranian nuclear program. it's not for nothing that the international community and un security council adopted a set of resolutions on this particular issues and what is need. good to remove sources for this concern on which i'm talking i think is perfectly clear bulls for radians and for everyone else. issues on how. international community treats situation with other countries you know other countries or wherever you might. you know point to i think it's a separate one since each and every country has its own record in this area and history is very different in all these situations so i would be very
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cautious to draw all that to grow these type of parallels on a separate issue now russia's state duma is set to hold their third meeting off the strategic arms reduction treaty with the united states. what does this do for moscow's relations with washington now that ratification is as close as ever definitely it's a huge boost for. our joint efforts to establish a more stable and constructive fundaments in our relationship with the us it took a while before the u.s. senate threat to fly the resolution our parliamentarians. used the period to sara lee study the american red fish resolution they drew their conclusions three or four especially important things are. outlined in these documents by the state duma one is our
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firm belief in the separate inseparable link between the strategic offensive weapons and strategic defensive weapons secondly we definitely thing that this so-called non-nuclear. strategic offensive weapons are of growing importance they have a growing impact on the. overall strategic stability thirdly we think that. in this very situation it would be only possible for russia to stay within the parameters of the treaty if nothing happens on the part of the u.s. that infringes national security interests of russia to an extent that. we know continues implementation of the treaty becomes questionable and returning
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to iran's nuclear program tehran claims it stands for the full nuclear disarmament in the world and accuses nuclear powers of not moving in this direction while the start treaty is a direct step towards a reduction in weapons or was this also mentioned during negotiations with iran showing them look we are dissolving. i think to be hearing in part he tries to look at it in a broader context. we definitely feel that russia owners its obligations according to not least article six of the nonproliferation treaty that really has have to do with the issue of nuclear disarmament. original security issues are of growing importance and therefore russia is advocating. the full implementation of the decisions of the n.p.t.
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to be conference from last year including the decision on for example organizing a conference next year the year twenty twelve of the international into the organizing international conference on the establishment of the w m d free zone and zone free for their means of delivery in the middle east this would be. good opportunity to bring up all these issues and we would definitely encourage our iranian partners to actively participate in preparations for this major international event due next year thank you very much for your time all the best this was the deputy foreign minister of russia city gate of course.
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hotel. pagosa louis don't read this and shift it was promised but they protest protests. turned slams his world record into the raid on the gaza aid flotilla word nine turd's activists were killed ankara says the findings are not credible and television military action was illegal israel claims its response was in accordance with international law. after a number of high profile shootings reason the united states there are more calls for the government to reform gun control laws this comes after a gunman shot a u.s. congresswoman and had killing six people and injuring thirty nine others. and moscow on washington's nuclear arms treaty is getting a final debate in russia as the parliament prepares to vote on his ratification the deal was signed by both presidents last year and was ratified by the u.s. senate in december. those are the headlines here in our next all the way to sports
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news. good to have you with us this is what's today i'm you know i mean these are some of the stories we're covering this hour. putting pen to paper russian football teams he felt under go the final handing over in st petersburg of the twenty think world cup. grand plans on the murray's quest for a first major picks up pace following a grueling seven aisle ational you're going melzer in the run for. and then there were two pittsburgh and green bay qualified to meet in super bowl forty five american sports biggest and then. it heralded wall of the biggest celebrations in recent russian memory and now it's official the eyes have been dotted on the t.'s crossed handed over the rights to the twenty eight in world cup
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finals to russia in st petersburg on sunday richard funk poor fate was there for us this was before moloch see the caps almost two years of work for the russian bid committee as the country officially received the right to host the two thousand and eighteen world cup. it is a great moment for a fee for but it's also a great moment for russia when. coming together here. to put the no official signature. on did this nation taken by a good deal of committee on the second of december last year. to in the election more than a vote the election. to give the organisation of.
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twenty eighteen to the russian the football union russia of course one but votes ahead of the likes of england and spain and portugal and the president is confident of right decision was made to bring football's biggest event to eastern europe for the first time all the russian people. to have now the right the privilege but also their responsibility to organize first flagship which is world cup i'm sure that our decision was to ride to one and they're doing with us. an absolute outstanding cooperation between the future. and the russian football union and the local organizing committee to work now starts in earnest for russia as they prepare to host what will be the country's biggest ever sporting event in seven years time i'm a bit c.e.o.
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aleksey said all kin of the russian delegation will meet with fifa soon but the first steps will be taken to get everything up and running we are finishing up the formation with the organizers meeting next week a delegation. of future organizers will be in three four to find the specifics of the next steps that need to be taken. parameters. for the future world cup putting the organization aspects marketing sponsorship for. security finance everything. once we get back into the service of having said all these people will stop start work immediately like were promised to see their been a lot of concerns about racism in the hooliganism in russia after a number of high profile incidents recently vitaly mccaw who is one of the fief executive committee members says this problem will be tackled crises more the police to the minutes in their lives when racism and nationalism don't have a nationality the thing is that there should be some tolerance and we can use the
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world cup for this sport in general helps cultivate tolan's and country it is and i think it's unique because when an athlete win something for his country nobody pays attention to his nationality people just forget about nationality and a proud of his victory and of course the support him and his achievements after the signing ceremony blatter attended the final of the c.i.s. cup which pitted azerbaijan's enter again checked for bella ruse was thankfully played indoors given that outside the temperature was minus fifteen the formalities have been completed and now russia can get on with the task of preparing to host the two thousand and eighteen world cup seven years there is no easy task as numerous stadiums have to be built all the country's infrastructure has to be completely upgraded bridges are both laid out in some pretty. ok let's stay with football but move to the club game where real madrid have cut the barcelona to four points at the top of the premier league they collected far from all the way i can
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see your point though the islanders making the running in the first half this just want to be full of chances but really should have left reality trailing but. mark their home side struck. the cold for the first time in three games firing home. and a victory which keeps juicing with a new side in shouting distance very much in form. i. climbed up to seventh in english premier league following a buckling to nil when home to west brom and monday's only fixture reasonably well the first half was truly four minutes from the break when west brom defender gives real time os headed into his own net from a david jones cross the baggies wolves were then compounded moments after halftime when david let's stay home final score said just outside the. west just above the relegation zone. leader on monday chelsea will seek to
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make a premier league wins in a row with. bolton stand in their way but history is on the blue side having not lost at the reebok stadium in thirteen years chelsea currently set forth to mess with bolton or not. has become the first russian to qualify for the quarterfinals obvious trillian open the world number two dominating. in straight sets may have started somewhat slowly but overcame in style to wrap up comfortable six four six one victory in just seventy eight minutes better news for. the twenty fifth seed fighting back from a set to knock out flavia pennetta in the final the morning session plus twelve to see. how tough. i paying but survived this to make it into the last eight. on the murray meanwhile seems determined to go one better than last year in the men's side of action the scot who was beaten in the twenty ten find the melbourne
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park blitzing his way into the last eight on monday no nonsense display from the world number five against eleven seed you're going melzer marie composure personified through a six three first set win was quickly followed by a six one scoreline. ruthless display sealing the twenty three year old place in the quarterfinals will take on surprise party to alexander. ukrainians to pull off with the shock of the damn self knocking on fourth seed twice french open finest robin so darling after a mom of five said her no such worries for david for earth were number seven c three into the quarters at the expense of canadian milosz round match. let's talk golf nonis being a weekend to remember for jonathan ross the venice willing clinching his first p.g.a. tour victory following a neil biting finale at the bob hope classic in california after five tough runs
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could have wrapped up the win on the with this putt but the miss meant the off fellow overnight leader would land on bill haas also finished off on twenty seven on. us was eliminated on the first extra hole on the pressure seem to get the world learned on the second half seizing the initiative with. thirty three put country first when i think the us. and we know know who will be slugging it out for super bowl honors this year the green bay packers and the pittsburgh steelers tench in the n.f.c. and a.f.c. titles respectively on sunday events of course he refused how the night unfolded. but. that piece of. his. test. for. the defense of captain.
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tackling the imposing linebacker. terms of. the free. intercepting the ball. downfield. that proved to be the final. back ask. the back or something.
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the first half to forget for the. break. sanchez visibly shaken. the. second half. first half hamstring injury scored twenty four in ninety eight that was the final difference however as antonio brown made a crucial first down catch. to the clock so another lamar hunt trophy for the a.f.c. steelers and a chance now to win their third super bowl in six years if. archie.
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and i were weathers coming up in just. hungry for the full stop. the biggest issues. face to face with. my.
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